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The following are logs from the 2005 Tokyo City Tournament. This tournament held qualifying games for the Kanto tournament (regionals). This tournament took place in the summer of 2006 (game-time is one year behind real time).

Round 1:

Kaijie vs. Kenjiro
Kino vs. Keiichi
Ranmaru vs. Juro
Chiharu vs. Mikage
Saneko vs. Kisato

Round 2:

Fukata vs. Keiichi
Kaijie vs. Mikage
Ranmaru vs. Kino
Yamada vs. Juro
Chiharu vs. Saneko

Round 3:

Nanako vs. Kenjiro
Ranmaru vs. Saneko
Keiichi vs. Juro
Mikage vs. Fukata
Ryou vs. Chiharu

Round 4:

Kino vs. Mikage
Keiichi vs. Saneko
Kenjiro vs. Fukata
Nanako vs. Juro
Ranmaru vs. Yamada
Kaijie vs. Ryou

Round 5:

Mikage vs. Saneko
Keiichi vs. Kenjiro
Ranmaru vs. Kaijie
Juro vs. Kino