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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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First and foremost, one thing that we want you to keep in mind while coming
here. Roleplaying is _not_ 'just a game', and a MUSH has nothing to do with a
modern computer RPG - or even things like Everquest. Scientifically speaking,
it's an extension of reality which bears gamelike qualities. Each of us comes
here for different reasons, to get something we can't get elsewhere. Some seek
to enjoy the story they love. Some seek to hone their acting skills. Some seek
selfexpression. Some seek excitement and adventure. Some seek compassion. Some seek therapy. You may or may not accept some of these reasons, but you
have to be aware and respect all of them.

Probably the best words to describe what roleplaying is are 'interactive storytelling' or 'improvisational theater'. We're here to craft a good story we could be proud of, to enjoy doing it, not to get more points or kill more baddies. Roleplaying is something people put their heart in, or should not be allowed to do. People with an attitude of
killing baddies soon become a problem and eventually are expelled. Even if
this world is virtual, this doesn't make the people before each terminal any
less real, and this doesn't make them feel differently about each other either.
Everything said above is just words. But here, words make our reality.