The roar of the crowd. The spotlight suddenly centers on a lone figure holding a microphone. He smiles mysteriously. "...Welcome to the 156th match of the Tokyo City Tournament! We're getting on towards the last matches here, but that only means that the excitement is nearing it's climax!"

He pauses dramatically, then looks towards the east corner. "In the east corner, Misaka Keiichi, who has fought with the best and come out even! An impressive start to this youngster's career!"

Suddenly, he reverses his gaze. "And in the west corner, Maeno Juro, a Tokyo native! So far he hasn't won a match, but his fighting spirit has been impressive! Will this match be his miracle turnaround!?"

Keiichi makes his way out into the arena, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. He still wasn't used to the large crowd and flashy lights all over the place, and was a little shaken. His eyes focused upon the chair designated for him, where he made his cautious trek. He slipped into the seat quietly and without much fanfare, trying t drown out all of the noise around him. His eyes closed as his head lowered, and there he remained quiet and still until the announcer calls for the angel fallin.

As the crowd roars higher Juro makes his way in to the area his eyes watching as people make such a noise it was hard to get used to it. He had been having rather horrible luck with his last matches but, he wasn't going to let it get him down. He was having a good time and his angel would be with him so he makes no sign of being down at all. His face wearing a grin a moment later as he waves making his way to his chair that he slips in to moving his angel to his lap letting everyone look at his odd angel again like they had done so many times before.

The Announcer pauses for a moment to let the Deuses get into their seats, then makes a sweeping arm gesture. "Angels... fallin!" The layer glows for a moment as it activates, then blinks from scenery to scenery, quickly changing from depth of space to a boxing ring to the gears of a clock. Finally, as the gears grind out of existance, it settles on a litterbox.

Keiichi takes another deep breath and looks over towards Juro, offering a nod his way. Then his eyes focused on the litterbox layer below. His chair having raised up already, he takes in the scenery and shakes his head with a small chuckle. "Interesting."

Keiichi then lifted Zankoku up to look over him a moment. "Here we go Zankoku, don't give up on me and I won't give up on you." The boy smiled to himself and lifted the angel up a bit, followed by a quick toss towards the layer while calling out "Reach beyond the bounds of death and fight with everything you have, Zankoku!"

Zankoku spiraled his way past the barrier, his form becoming enshrouded in dark electrical tendrils of energy. "Angel, fall-in!" and down he went towards the layer's surface, landing heavily upon the littery sand that had taken form there, the impact kicking up a small cloud of the dust around his form. Both fists were holding him up while croucned on one knee, and slowly the zombie's eyes opened with a brilliant flash of red. Steady and slow he rose to his feet as those dark tendrils of energy seeped into his form, no longer visible. Normally the zombie stood slightly hunched over, but for some reason he seemed different today, more confident perhaps..

Juro leans forward in his chair slightly as it lurches upwards to get him on level with the large higher up layer of the stadium. His eyes watching the large layer switch from scene to scene before it slows and flashes as it fixes on a new scene of a litterbox.... Well that was a new one and he guesses he would just have to grin and take it. "well ok then...." His voice low enough so no one could hear as he shakes his head and slowly brings his angel up higher to get ready.

"Show everyone a good show, Take to the your stage Rino!" his arm throwing forward as his angel is sent flying toward the layer. Her mismatched blue and red eyes jumping to life as she pushes through the barrier of energy in to the larger layer. Her body spinning once with grace as she takes to a natural spin and soon lands like so many times before on her hands. Her body bending like a bow as she slowly flicks and sends herself backwards and flipping once before she lands on her feet with a happy smile an sway. Her lips drawn back in to a grin as she bows toward the other angel at the ready.

The Announcer raises his right hand for a moment, then slams it down on the table in front of him. "ANGELIC FIGHTO!"

The match starts off with a scream of cheers as the two angels only seem to get a moment to savor the start before Juro leans forward and pumps his fist. "Go Rino start your show!" His angel starting to flip forward and handstand before flipping again and again in a rolling movement of flip after flip toward the other angel. The sand getting thrown up each time as she gets closer and closer and starts things off by pressing with her arms so she aims her heels toward the other angel's neck in a attempt to grab and flip again pulling the other angel along for the ride.

On the layer, Zankoku tilts his head slightly as Rino makes her way in for the attack, and it seemed like it might actually work due to his lack of movement. In the last second before it connected though, the attacking angel would find her foot being deflected away by an invisible force. There was still a bit of a tear on Zankoku's cloak, and he didn't escape completely unscathed, but the field of energy took out most of the force behind the blow. It was then that the zombies lips twisted into a strange grin of sorts, following through after the deflection with a twist of his form, following through with the spin was a kick aimed at Rino's form whatever part of it happened to be facing him.

There is the sound of a bang as the kick connects with Rino's side and helps to send her toward the layer to leave a trail of kitty litter in the air as she lands and spits to her feet. The kick must have felt like it was hitting a brick wall as Rino stands up sporting a small scuff on her side but, looking fine. Her hands slowly popping as she starts to hold her fist toward her side and runs forward in this odd stance. "And now the display.." That comment was odd but, as she starts to jump it looks like a dance as she acts if she is fighting with her hands tied as the kick comes sideways like a show it seems.

On the layer, Zankoku shifts his foot back a bit, leaving a small trail in the litter below. His expression never changed from that odd grin he carried, and he seemed as if he was going to take the attack headon once again. He spun out of the way though and hopped back a few steps away from Rino, avoiding the blow entirely. He remained where he was this time though, watching the other angel warily, guaging how best to proceed with his attacks.

The black and white angel lands from her kick as she turns and starts to spin on one foot again. Her body starting to hop using this same spinning motion as she jumps again sending a kick not unlike the other one toward the zombie like angel's face.

On the layer, Zankoku slides his left foot out behind him as Rino moves in to attack once again, and at the last moment spins just out of reach of the kick. This time he did not pause though, continuing through with the spinning motion his leg came around to snap a kick out towards her knee as the attacking leg passed by. The zombie's grin remained all the while, and Keiichi seemed to finally drown the crowd out and get into the fight.

As the kick comes toward the back of Rino's body she can do very little but, take it. The kick making that heavy thunk as it hits her back sending her skidding forward as she somehow slides but, doesn't fall. Let's face it you don't want to fall here. Her legs planted firmly as she starts to turn around and face her opponent again giving a grin as a mark on the back is again all she has to show the zombie's trouble.

On the layer, Zankoku tilts his head slightly as Rino slides away, barely scratched for all his effort. He didn't waste much time in following her though, and he closed the small distance quickly. Shifting his body into a spin he hopped up, aiming a kick towards her head that would just barely miss. His spinning motion continued as he landed and crouched low, sending a sweep kick at her legs. She may not want to fall, but Zankoku decided he'd like to see that happen if he could manage it.

The scene before everyone made everyone stare as the move came in. The kick sweeping low as Rino makes no move at all it seems. Her feet planted under the layer of litter as suddenly the sweep hit her leg and never touches the other. The bang was like all the others as if he had just kicked a steel pole inside the earth! She remains standing looking down at the kick and smirking a little and slowly picking her legs out of the litter as she swings a fist under her body and forward toward the Zombie's face as if to prove she is again fine. There has to be a trick to this right?

On the layer, Zankoku made no noise, and his expression remained unchanged as his kick stopped short. His eyes shifted upwards in time to see the fist coming in, and he rolled backwards along the litter's surface to avoid the blow. He rolled to his feet and hopped in to gain proper attacking distance before lifting his leg in a kicking motion, twisting his hips into it. At the last moment the foot was extended out towards Rino's head, in an attempt to land it right along her jaw.

As if the crowd could be anymore stunned again Rino makes no move to dodge as the blow comes toward her head this time. The same sick thunk as wind from the kick even makes Rino's bells jingle but, his foot is stopped by the steel wall of a head as she smiles again. Juro smiles and leans forward on his seat slightly. "Going to have to hit harder you know." His angel suddenly pushes forward as she tries to flip the other angel using his foot that is still stuck at her neck from the kick a second before.

On the layer, Zankoku is flipped quite easily, but rolls along the ground coming away from the attack unscathed. Popping up to his feet he rushes in again, slipping around to the side of Rino. He only grinned as a quick kick was sent towards the side of her knee, and he knew quite well it'd barely scratch her. But every little bit helped right? Keiichi meanwhile chuckles and nods, "Oh I know... we'll get to that in a bit though."

Juro smiles from his seat as he nods a little. "Most of them do come later I know." His eyes going back to the match as again the impact makes the same sick sound of metal thunking as the attack gets no where. The whole of Rino looking marked up but, unhurt as she starts to turn wanting to attack again. Her body starting to thump her feet in to the litter with heavy steps as she rushes forward trying to do a very simple move of grabbing at the zombie's neck and try and toss him again in a simple catch and release as it where.

On the layer, Zankoku shifts his form and dodges just barely out of the way of Rino's grab. He ducked a bit, dark energy swirling about his arm and into his hand. As it did he struck out towards a hopefully weaker area of the steel-like angel, in an attempt to interrput her power flow by briefly severing the current in her circuitry. The attack wasn't meant to hurt really, more like stall for time. The zombie's grin never fades though, as those red eyes flash slightly while peering up at her.

It wasn't surprising to see Rino miss again but, what is surprising is again the actions from the angel herself. As the nerve like cutting strike moves toward her side she suddenly isn't there. It is like someone flipped a switch to blink her out as she appears a few inches forward out of reach of the attack as she spins and again starts to run toward the other angel. Her hand coming up palm open as she pushes forward trying to push her palm into the other angel's face aiming to squeeze his face so hard it pops.

On the layer, Zankoku surely wasn't expecting this particular angel to disappear like that, though he'd gone up against a few that made such tricks a regularity. As a result he wasn't as off-guard as one might think, and an arm lifted to block the incoming palm with a resounding thwack. There was a small indendtation in the litter below from the force of the attack, but it appeared to mostly be harmless. The zombies eyes flared with their red glow once again, that dark energy appearing along his arm again coalescing into an orb within the palm of his hand. Shifting his arm aside to move Rino's out of the way, he slammed his palm towards her chest in an attempt to infuse a bit of negative energy into her form.

It seems no matter what hits this black and white angel it was almost impossible to knock her down. Her body again takes the impact and steps forward almost not wanting to have to give in or show any weakness as she stares a moment. Her whole body seems marked up but again she stands tall but, she seems to cring as a black energy seeps in to her body starting to do some damage inside and she can't protect herself from that.

On the layer, Zankoku doesn't let up on his assault, shifting around to Rino's side. Once there he levels off a harsh kick towards her side, hoping it would at least leave a bigger mark than the previous attacks had. The zombie's grin never waivered though, and he never spoke as was his way. He simply continued the fight, enjoying the brief moments of life he was offered.

Rino makes a winch as the blow hits her side making a dent for once as she takes a few steps back from the blow. Her body still giving a even bigger cring as parts inside her start to misfire from other outside influxes. The angel starting to stand back up taller trying to look as tough as she can as she holds her arms at her sides ready and waiting for the next move to come no matter what ever it may be and when it comes she would be ready.

On the layer, Zankoku continues moving, and slips around behind Rino's form. That dark energy pooling upon the ground below him and snaking up along his body and into his hands once more. That wicked grin as he closed in, two blades of black energy forming along the ridges of his knuckles. Coming in from behind both arms pulled back and out to the side, then slammed forward towards her back. This attack was stronger than the other's he'd let out through the course of this fight, and it appeared Keiichi's previous words were quite true.

It seems the match was starting to turn south like so many before as the big blows do start to come out. Juro winches as he watches his angel take a hit solidly to the back and is send flying forward. Her back having a huge dent in it now as she starts to fly in th eair a moment before she lands and skids almost falling to her face before she stands up a little more. Her eyes slowly turning around to watch a moment her body seems to be slowing down as she rushes forward trying to throw a punch at the other angel's middle.

On the layer, Zankoku shifts his body to the side as the attack comes in, scraping along his torso with a little force though not enough to be effective. As he shifted about he brought an elbow up and around towards the back of Rino's head, hoping to catch her off guard. The dark energies that had surrounded his form seemed to fade away as this attack came in though, as it was not amplified by its power.

The whole of Rino seems to be going wrong again as the next impact does more then just dent but, crumples in on her a little more. Sparks start to slowly spark from the back of her head as she falls forward catching herself at the last second as she starts to run forward trying to scramble forward wanting to give a last ditch effort to do some damage to ram her body at the zombie.

On the layer, Zankoku leaps into the air, twisting his form into a flip above Rino as she rushed down below him and missed. Since when did the zombie know how to move like that? It must have been all that experience fighting those speedy angels. His spin came about and dark energy swirled around him again, focusing in his knees this time as they came about to face downwards. And down he went, attempting to land and plant both knees into the other angel's back as she passed below him.

It is almost over in a matter of seconds as she starts to fall forward as the attack leaves a mark. The mark is a large hole in her chest leaving a nice big spot for littler to fill up as she falls forward in to the cat litter. Her whole body no longer moving as Juro lets out a slight sigh thinking that would take a bit of time to fix to say the least.

On the layer, Zankoku rises to his feet slowly, peering down at Rino's fallen form. The grin slowly faded away as the realization that the fun was over came to him. The zombie took on a stoic expression, and then slowly made its way towards the edge of the layer where Keiichi was.

The buzzer sounded the end of the fight as the damage calculations came through, and the announcer seemed to shake from his daze, calling out. "Zankoku wins! This was a long match folks, and in the beginning it seemed like Rino's defenses were flawless. It seems however that Zankoku was able to find a hole and punch his way through to victory!"

Keiichi lifted his head, offering a smile towards Juro and a thumbs up. "That was a good match Juro! Thanks for giving it your all!" The chair lowered towards the layer, where he scooped Zankoku up and set him away in a pocket, then lowering to the ground where he hopped out and took a deep breath.

Juro slowly sighs as he nods a little letting his hand reach in to the layer as his chair covered closer. His hand slowly pulling his angel to his lap as the floating chair started to slowly make it's way down to the ground where he could step out giving a large wave toward the others in the crowd. His face wearing a smile even after losing a third time in a long row of fights.

Keiichi makes his way over towards Juro, offering a hand to the boy for a handshake. He smiled brightly towards him and gave a small nod, "I always enjoy watching Rino on the layer, Maeno-san. I'm glad to have had a chance to face her on the layer."

Juro smiles and offers his hand as well as he gives a little shake. "Thanks, it was a fun duel and I hope to do it again sometime." His face wearing a grin as he slowly gives the shake before he slowly lets go and takes a step back starting to make his way toward the exit needing to many things before the next round rolled around.

Keiichi smiles and then makes his way out the way he come in, he had some minor repairs to make as well before the next round begins. There were also more matches to watch and learn from as well.