The arena is packed. The crowds are quiet. Who is this... Kenjiro? Who is this Kaijie?

"OH MY GOD, KAIJIE, I LOOOOVE YOU!" A loud, girlish shriek interrupts the otherwise hushed murmuring as people try to decide just who will win. The Chinese gaijin glances up and flashes a grin and a peace sign to the masses - the girl who cheered him on apparently is an Eriol Gakuen student who recognizes him for what he is - the soccer team captain. If anything, his local fame is in dribbling a ball crazily, rather than being an Angelic Layer player. Kaijie takes a seat in the egg-shaped chair, and it elevates him. He holds his angel in his lap, quietly staring across the layer, resolved.

"From ERIOL GAKUEN ACADEMY! Comes Chinese soccer superstar Kuo Kaijie, midfielder and captain of the Eriol Gakuen team. With a one to one win ratio, he's no stranger to official Angelic layer matches, but this is his first time in a tournament. How /will/ he fare?"

As Kenjiro enters the arena continues to be engulf in screams and apparently love for Kaijie. Kenjiro chuckles as he hears the comment towards Kaijie. It seems like his own popularity isn't on par with his opponent though he is confident in his skills as a deus. He adjusts his glasses as he finally reaches the egg shaped chair opposite of Kaijie. As he takes a seat it elevates him as well slowly he removes Hanzo from his pocket and sits the angel on his lap. The announcer can be heard bellowing out, "Also from ERIOL GAKUEN ACADEMY THE MECHANICAL GENIUS AKATA KENJIROOOOOOOOO! With 5 wins and 7 loses this young man is an upcoming deus. Who devestates his opponent with Hanzoooooooo the Red Ninja!" Kenjiro smiles as his name along with Hanzo's echo's throughout the arena. "Oy there." he says to Kaijie.

"Hey. Haven't seen you around before," Kaijie comments coolly, saluting his opponent. Snapping on his visor, he settles into his chair, cool as ice, calm as frozen waters, clear as day. And then, here it comes. "ENTRY ANGEL!"

Grabbing the angel in his lap, a kangaroo decked out in full battle regalia - dragon skin armor with a big mask and muzzle as well as tiny studded boxing gloves -, Kuo Kaijie makes for his entry message. "Fight like a samurai..." His voice echoes-echoes-echoes... "Die like a samurai. Kangaryu! Fallin!" He tosses his kangaroo with athletic ease, and the kangaroo piroulettes and spirals through the air, landing gracefully on one hind leg, with the other hind leg kicked back, as if he were a ice skater, cruising the rink.

"Okay let's show em' what your capable of Hanzo!" shouts Kenjiro upon hearing the announcer shouting entry angel quickly snapping on the visor. He tosses Hanzo onto the layer as the angel touches the layer his body is engulf in an amazing burning aura of flames, "Burn your opponent to ashes Hanzo the Red ninja!" shouts the young deus it's not as catchy as most deus fallin poses, but it gets the job done. Soon the flames dies down and Hanzo can be seen staring at the opposing angel with burning eyes of determination. Hanzo is decked out in his normal ninjitsu gear as always with the wrist blades, spiked gloves and ripped sleeves looking nothing like a red ninja at hard. With his angel fallin onto the layer he glances over at Kaijie, "Same here though I recognize you from a few of the soccer games." he says with a cool demanor yup Kenjiro is one of those Eriol Gakuen students who seems to remain in the background.

"Angel's Fight!" shouts the announcer and quickly Hanzo revs into action zipping over towards the Kangaroo angel. Nearing his opponent he quickly begins circling the opposing angel quickly examining him for strengths and weaknesses as he gives him the run around literally. The crowd isnt amazed by this as they were expecting a great opening attack from Kenjiro though what more can be expected from someone who calculates and plans his attacks?

"Kangaryu! Show them what you got," Kaijie calls airily, happily, in amusement. This should be fun. Right? Right. In a whirling, spinning motion, Kangaryu thrusts outwards and delivers a powerful kick, aimed at stopping Hanzo in his tracks. "Stop teasin', silly ninja!" The powerful kick is... well, it flames up. Meet fire with fire, as Kangaryu dishes out a second kick just for good measure. Both kicks turn to fire - it seems that Kaijie has trained his angel hard to perform powerful attacks, focusing on offense rather than defense.

Rose petals can be seen flying everywhere as the ninja quickly leaps backwards twice making sure he dodges both of the oncoming kicks which he does. His scarf flutters with each and every one of his movements as he gathers his balance once more facing his opponent. Though not long before he dashes forward with his wrist blades extended horizontally in front of him as he runs past Kangaryu in hopes of slashing the kangaroo. "Not bad Kaijie, though you gotta come harder than that." the crowd seems to be amping up a little from the battle as it heats up.

Kangaryu practically blurs as he gets out of the way, grinning cheekily when he does. This is a happy kangaroo. This is a confident kangaroo. This is... Wha? He's not going to counterstrike? No, he's going to hop to the other end of the rose bushes on his big feet, crushing each flower with ethereal ease, as the juice of the red flower stains his soles. Those big feet /must/ be used for something sinister. And with that said, he relaxes just a hint and takes a breather at the other end of the layer.

Amazed at his opponent abilities Hanzo delivers a slight grin as does Kenjiro. Though what could be expected from the kangaroo considering they are naturall swift creatures. Hanzo watches his opponent as if looking for a decent opening one that'll give him an advantage as he rushes towards his opponent. Not intending on giving the angel any room to breath his wrist blades begins to glow with a flaming aura before he whips the blades forward as if punching at someone. The whipping motion none the less releases two small burning circular disks that flies right for Kangaryu. Hanzo brings himself to a halt resulting in him sliding the roses with his scarf swinging wildly. Even a few of the roses seems to get unearth from the layer though they quickly regenerates.

Kangaryu is... directly charging for the disks? Just as it seems as if they're about to hit, he ducks and slides through the roses, before grinning. "Opening... FOUND!" And whammo, here comes the signature attack. Those little studded boxing gloves turn on the heat, as they blaze into fire and attempt to riddle the enemy with damaging blows. This is the fury of the fight, this is the flurry of punches from hell, this is a skewering charge that few deal with very well.

Kaijie and Kangaryu is apparently skilled as they catch Hanzo with an opening that leaves him vulnerable. The outcome is them taking advantage of it punching Hanzo left and right beating him like a rag doll as he goes sliding backwards through the roses. A small drip of red hydraulic fluid leaks from his mouth as he wipes it away from his face grinning once more amazed at the boxer. As he beginning taunting the boxer by dancing around the layer like Muhammad Ali the worlds greatest boxer ever. Kenjiro begins chanting, "Move like a butterfly sting like a bee not body can overcome Hanzo the greatest who'll ever be." even the crowd gets hooked to the catchy phrase even though he is on the losing end of the battle for the moment.

"IT'S SMASHING TIME!" Kangaryu grins cheekily as he hops on one foot and then the other, before absolutely /racing/ for the enemy, bringing his fists up in rage. "Kanga, kanga, kangaroo, what's he gonna dooooo?" Whoosh! Kangaryu snaps into play and moves directly for the enemy, angrily and aggressively. It's the kind of move that you think is going to make or break a fighter. He brings it to you, live, up close and personal, painful and certainly not pretty. The single kick that he delivers breaks the sound barrier, and with one of those big feet, it's hard to tell whether or not it's the feet or just an afterimage of the foot. This is going to /hurt/, ladies and gentlemen, if it hits.

BAM! It really does hurt people as Hanzo is sent flying across the layer his scarf continues to flutter as he hits the ground skipping soundly before coming to a halt. He struggles to stand as that one left a mark on him he frowns as he eyes his opponent. You can say that dancing around like Muhammad Ali wasnt a sound tactic especially against a boxer. In retaliation the ninja dashes forward towards Kangaryu leaping into the air to deliver a swift kick of his own intended at the most to put the kangaroo on the defensive end of the battle. "Wow, didnt know you had that kinda of strength." applauds Kenjiro as the battle progresses.

"Nuh-uh! I got /more/ for you!" Kangaryu starts bouncing towards the red-clad ninja again and...

"We are about to witness what they say is Kangaryu's SIGNATURE ATTACK! In this attack, his tail extends outwards, longer than believed possible and catches the enemy in a deadly embrace, before squeezing them and bashing them across the layer!" And It's just that. Kangaryu snaps his tail out and it flies towards the ninja, attempting to catch him offguard. It's a sneaky attack, for those with extra appendages, but it's definitely lethal. He even gets closer to bring the dish home.

Hanzo wasnt prepared to let that one strike him nimbly he leaps out of harms way. The battle was taking it's toll on Hanzo as he begins to move slower than compared to when the match first started. Red hydraulic fluid leaps from his mouth once more as he wipes it clean away. A strategy was needed if the ninja was gonna overcome this opponent who is much more skilled and powerful. Hanzo slowly walks backwards while eyeing his opponent plotting for his next move. As he moves backwards through the roses he comes to a halt waiting for his opponents next move.

"Time to finish this," Kaijie says.

The Deus is awfully calm for someone who's pursuing their quarry ruthlessly. Time to snap out a lethal kick and just... you know, finish this. Where Hanzo is leaking hydraulic fluid, Kangaryu is leaking arrogance, confidence and pride. "Haha! Kanga /ALMOST/ got yer conker! But he got you good!" Pointing at the enemy and laughing, the big kangaroo bounces on his feet and then flies forward to deliver a quick and brutal kick, snapped out with less power than before, but nonetheless, impressive power anyhows.

Hanzo leaps out of harms way as the kick whizzes by, he grips his chest as he begins fighting on sheer willpower. If his going out his going out in style which is apparent as he begins to rushing his opponent head on with his blades extended once more. Sparks can be seen generating form the battle damage angels as he moves at his top speed pushing his limits to the max. After reaching his opponents proximity he spins around before slashing wildly screaming various karate sounds for extra effect. If you can't win at least you can give the audience a decent show.

"That was Hanzo's SPEEDING STAR signature move! He strikes like a meteorite, moving faster than could be possible! AND IT'S GOING TO H..."

No it's not going to hit, Mr. Announcer Man. Kangaryu practically blurs as the blow lands... just inches away from him. Those big jaws smirk into a grin as he shakes his head just as Hanzo sails past him in a blinding flurry of random punches, kicks and throws. He shakes his head, tsking. "Opening... FOUND!"

And with that, he begins to beat on Hanzo like a savage rag doll, dealing more damage than he has ever done since the duel began. SMASH! SMASH! BAM! Ooh, that knee to the groin must've... SMACK! BOOM! BASH!

Hanzo's signature move fails leaving him wide open for an attack the outcome is brutal. His smacked around hit with a jab hit with a hook followed by an uppercut that sends him into the air. Though not for long as his grabbed by the leg headbutted and then struck by a knee to the groin. The crowd once again wince from the brutality of Kangaryu though theres a few in the crowd he records the brutallity and even laughs at it (probably bootleggers). With the final blow dealt Hanzo is dropped to the layer limped and covered in red hydraulic fluid, man was that a brutal battle.

Kenjiro removes the egg shaped helmet as the announcer does his job once more, "And the winner of this match is Kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijieeeeeeeeeeee! Who wins with style and brutality." As Kenjiro's egg shaped chair begins to come back he applaudes Kaijie like a true sportsman should, "Good match Kaijie I look forward to challenging you after the tournament is over." he says with earnestly.

"Same to you... same to you." Kaijie tips his head down in a bow and places his hands together, as if praying. His moment of meditation secured, he clears his throat and glances at the layer where Kangaryu is bouncing up and down happily. "KANGARYU KANGARYU KANGARYU WIN! KANGARYU KANGARYU KANGARYU WIN!" Waving for the kangaroo to leap through the barrier, Kaijie waits as it does... and lands promptly in his arms. "No damage. You were a good opponent. Had me going there. I tried to figure out your weakness - my, your Angel is fast."

But he leaves out the implied clause. But not fast enough. Smiling coolly and nonchalantly, Kaijie steps off the egg-shaped chair, gripping his kangaroo as he raises it to the crowds. Momentous chairs wrack the arena. Everyone starts chanting, "KANGA, KANGA, KANGA!" It is a wonderful day for Kaijie.