Chiharu puts his foot onto the bench and buckles up his spats and laces up his boots tight. He already talked to the sound technicians to play the song from the CD he gave them and set up how his entrance should go. He hasn't won any matches and it's not too likely he will in the future of this tournament, but at least he'll start making a name for himself through his own style of dueling and his own entrance and promos.

Ryou on the other side was a bit timid today, sitting at the nearest seat to the exit. "..." No words came out of the normally quite... audible boy... he just sat there with his eyes aimed at his angel: laying in his lap. His both hands surrounded Misakichi, covering her up. He was looking into it's eyes with his own. And he simply waited: something that was soon answered as a lady came in with a clipboard. "The next round will be over soon, please wait and watch the screen?" She asked.

Chiharu glances up as he does up his other spat and laces up his boots and then nods to the woman, "Thanks... I'm ready...", as he looks over at the timid boy and quirks a smile, "Hey, don't be so worried... Think of it as just another match, you'd do fine...", as he checks Darius's gear to make sure he's ready for this match.

The suddenly puts his head up, blinking for a moment and staring at the wallmonitor. "I am okay, I just... look at that." His hand moved up and he pointed at the wallmonitor: "I have nowhere near that power, I just tend to get really lucky." The boy suddenly started to scratch the back of his head. "Don't mind me."

Chiharu shrugs, "Hey, luck's sometimes the great equalizer, so don't worry about it. Them? They've been doing this for years so their skills are at the top of their game."

"Alright, come up to the entrance please." A lady comments, just as Fukata had made his way back into the waitingroom. Ryou had not answered Chiharu's comments and simply had gotten up. He too had played for a long time, but never really had gotten all that great at it. Sure, he had named his angel, but without Icchan giving him any more hints: and having quite bad luck at finding his own answer...

So the boy just got up and made his way past Fukata, bowing at him as he went past. The guy probably never noticed.

The Announcer pauses to take a breath and wipe the sweat from his brow as he says, "Wow! What a match we just had... and we're not even CLOSE to being done yet...", he glances at the entrances where the next two competitors are waiting for their turn to enter and he says, "In our next match, coming out of the West Corner with a record in this tournament of 1 and 0... MISAKICHI under the direction of MISAKI RYOU!!!!!!!" The spotlight then shines on the West Corner entrance, illuminating it.

Ryou throws a hand up into the air and immediatly starts waving at the crowd. From the timid moment in the waiting room, to the cheerful boy he had suddenly appeared to be. He walked up to the chair with a proud stride, his head aimed up into the sky as well: even as he sat down he kept waving at the crowd... waiting to be taken up to the layer.

Then the lights go dark in the arena as the speakers begin to blare the opening strains of "Sexy Boy" as red, white and purple fireworks explode from the East entrance and Chiharu leaps out of the tunnel, into a waiting red spotlight, wearing his full costume that is a lifesized replica of his angel Darius's. He poses for some of the young women in the crowd, spinning ballet style and holding out his hand to show off his soccer jersey that is form fitting and show that he's quite fit. The announcer speaks then, "And fighting out of the East Corner, with a win/loss record in this tournament of 0 and 2. He's the one, the only, "HEARTBREAK KID" Chiharu Takehashi and his angel DARIUS!!!!" Chiharu holds up Darius as he stops near the layer and around it, sparklers of red, black and white explode in a circular sequence around the stage. He then steps to his chair and slowly takes off his cowboy spats and hangs them over his seat, and then his hat which he tosses to the stands for some lucky person. Once he plugs himself into the layer, the lights come back up and everything's normal once again.

The Announcer then says once the two are in position, "This is a third round match with a time limit of 7 minutes. An angel will lose if either it is knocked out, falls out of the layer, or the Dues submits. If in case of a time out, the angel with the least hit points will lose the match.... Angels... FALL IN!!!!"

Having taken up his position at the layer now, Ryou lowered his hand and took his angel to his chest. "MIsakichi, show us our will to go on!" He had no layerin quote that he would always repeat. He just made something up every time. The boy thew his angel into the white light and waiting for it to activate.

Soon after, his angel stood on the layer, facing the opponent: and ready to go.

Chiharu tosses Darius high into the air and somewhere, imaginary speakers blare out the American band Megadeth's "Crush 'Em" and somewhere imaginary strobe lights flare turning the layer hall into an arena and Darius is given a pro-wrestler-like entrance complete with fireworks, themesong and lights. Chiharu says in loud voice,

"Protector of dreams, vision of my imagination, give me the strength to carry me to VICTORY!"

As Darius enters the layer, imaginary fireworks go off as he spins acrobatically in the air and lands on one knee. He slowly stands up, a cocky look on the angel's face before turning around and doing a Randy Orton ballet-turn showing off his body before turning to face his opponent..

"Quite the show you put up there." Ryo comments a littlebt unnerved. "But I never heard of you though..." He continues and smiles a little. "Even if I had, with two losses... in this tournament.." His head shook. "Guess you are just for show then... alright then! Misakichi! Let's beat him!" He laughed, showing his thumb down before his face.

On the layes, his angel sped forth immediatly as it was called by the announcer: 'Angelic Fight!': rushing with one hand back and ready to punch.

Chiharu simply raises an eyebrow at Ryou as he says that and says, "Really now? I'll make sure you eat those words...", as Darius waits for the attack, simply ducking to let the attack sail harmlessly over his head. He then springs into action, launching his knee directly at Misakichi, hoping to surprise her with it.

"We'll let our angels speak for us, shall we not?" Ryou answered as his angel too got out of the way with a quick sidestep. "Careful with my angel's attire please, I just got her new clothing." he stated, letting his angel rush forth at Darius with another punch: aimed at driving it into it's head.

Darius ducks back and then simply turns and attempts to plant the heel of his boot into the face of the opposing angel. Chiharu simply says, "Worry too much about your angel's attire and you're going to get yourself into trouble...", is his advice.

"I won't need any advice, thank you." The boy replied. "But we'll see." Ryou then finished talking apparently, as he started waving towards the crowd whilst his angel: Misakichi, once more stepping away from the opponent and /diving/ forth to try and topple over Darius!

Chiharu simply smirks and shakes his head and says, "You got a lot to learn about playing up to the crowd...", as Darius simply puts his hand on Misakichi's back and does the splits as he jumps up, leapfrogging over her, letting her faceplant on the ground. He then turns and plays to the crowd a bit by posing while Misakichi gets up from her attempt at tackling him. He then waits for her to attack him again, a small smile on both the angel and Dues's face as both are having fun in this duel.

From her lowered position, MIsakichi immediatly rolls backwards into the direction of the opposing angel, faster and faster, until his angel would get close enough to push herself off of the ground and do a screwdrive kick: aimed at the opponent. "Careful Misakichi..."

Darius this time does the splits on the ground as the kick passes harmlessly overhead. He then slowly stands up, posing once more as he slaps his leg and then stops on the ground 3 or 4 times, attempting to fake out Misakichi. No matter whether or not he fakes her out Darius then launches a powerful side thrust kick as Chiharu yells out, "Let's see if you can handle some SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!"

Ryou had learned by now how to read an opponent's moves, and thus was able to let Misakichi slip right past Chiharu's angel as it struck it's second blow: already having backed off from the feint. "Get him." And quickly the angel: from her close position, started a small barrage of kicks aimed at Darius.

Chiharu smirks as Ryou says that and he shakes his head, as Darius begins to act a lot like Mohammed Ali, ducking, dodging, bobbing, weaving as Chiharu grins, "Float like a butterfly..." Darius then focuses all his attention on Misakichi's midsection and launches at her headfirst in what is known in pro-wrestling and football as a head spear.

"Huh?" Ryou just blinked as Chiharu tried to quote something and instead just got his angel to move right towards his opponent and slit past it's right side, quickly lifting a knee with the purpose of planting it straight into the opponent's chest. "What bees? What are you talking about?" The boy commented in a confused way.

Chiharu just smiles and says, "This....", as Darius braces himself and takes the kick before he quickly leans in and launches his forearm up into Misakichi, in a move known in pro-wrestling circles as a European uppercut.

And as beautifully as said European Uppercut was performed, with the same grace: Misakichi stepped aside and backwards: allowing for Darius to close in on her position to do a rather regular Judo move: stepping forth to knock the enemy off balance, trying to bring one hand around to stop them from getting away and stepping at the side opposing to said arm to ram Darius onto the floor. Of course this was not performed with the abilities of a Judo student, it was something he copied from TV, but he was sure that he could pull it off...

Well, Darius isn't going to go for that one neither as he simply flips himself over and moves out of range for now.

Misakichi however does not let her opponent go and immediatly chases after Darius. A leaping blow follows, aggresively chucking a punch into it's direction. Ryou, being the Deus, has a good view on the match and ends up making a quick comment. "Thank you for leaving her attire intact."

Darius is knocked back a few feet by that punch, but recovers and then attempts to slam his head into Misakichi's own. Chiharu simply says, "Like I said, worrying about your attire's stupid... if you're that worried about clothes, don't fight."

"You are taking it too seriously, Chiharu-kun." Ryou claimed all of the sudden, using Chiharu's first name quite friendly. "I am merely joking." He then followed up before turning his attention back at the layer. There, Misakichi simply rolled to the side and unleashed a sideswipe with her right foot.

Darius again gets hit hard with that attack, and in desperation he rushes Misakichi and attempts to grab onto her to prevent her from taking another shot at him and when it is dodged Chiharu says, "I concede that you'll win this match, but Angelic fights are NO JOKE", he looks up and glares at the boy, "Either take it seriously or get out... our angels are extensions of our souls, if you don't respect it, then you don't deserve your angel."

Announcer: "A concede has been filed! Misakichi Win!"

Ryou blinked for a moment. "I respect my angel. I was just trying to make a joke on the fact that she is build for speed." His angel gracefully stepped away from Darius and jumped into her Deus' hand. "See you another time." He then claims as he is taken down by the crane and starts waving at the crowd again as the winer: walking away to the waiting room.

Chiharu takes Darius from the layer and also waves to the crowd, now more pissed off then ever as he heads back to the waiting room.