Spotlights sweep down onto both Deus as they enter from the waiting room and go their separate ways towards the seats that will carry them to the Layer. "In the east corner, an Eriol student and magician on the streets of Ebisu, Maeno Juro. Juro and his angel Rino have had a lukewarm streak so far, making a strong showing but so far unable to overcome his opponents. Will his luck change?" Nanako wanders to her own chair, slipping on her visor as the seats rise towards the light. "In west corner, Eriol graduate and Toudai physics student Sadate Nanako. Nanako has had a rough start as well, but a surprising reversal in the last round netted her first win of the tournament. Both Deuses, get ready for... Angel in!"

Juro slowly makes his way to the seat he would be using as he waves at the crowd. It was right he was having a bad run in the matches but, then again it was just a honor to play right? He takes his eat and slowly lets the chair lift in to the air putting him on the right level to see the layer for all it was. His hand slowly taking his angel out as the black and white colored angel gets a good look over before he puts her on his palm and gets ready to throw her in.

"Lets give them all a show worthy of the stage, Rino take to the stage!" His hand giving a simple flipping motion as his angel flips in to the air sent flying with this simple move. The moment she starts to push through the energy of the layer her eyes opens showing her mismatched blue and red eyes at the ready. Her body making a simple twist as she flips and moves her spin to not only hit to the layer but, flips again and again to make a round about way to land before landing with a slow skid. Rino's body comes back up at the ready as she smiles giving a little bow toward the opponent for this match.

"NANAKO-CHAN!" Kaijie pumps his fist in the front row, hollering. He never hollers, man. And he's doing it now. Apparently, he has the seat on the virtue of being one of the competitors, and he has a great line of sight on the layer. "Good luck, NANAKO-CHAN!" He blows a kiss, even, and pumps his fist as he does so. Nanako would be /so/ embarassed. Nevertheless, Kaijie has that happy-go-lucky grin on his face. "Let's go, Mitsurogi!" He claps his hands over his head and whistles shrilly, before settling back down into his seat.

Nanako looks decidedly worn out as the seats rise up into the light and the Layer crackles to life- she rubs her eyes and drums her fingers on Mitsurogi in her lap; maybe Juro will have an easy time. Plucking up the featureless grey Angel, Nanako prepares to fallin Mitsurogi when Kaijie gives his outburst. She furrows her brow and stares out into the stands, her expression initially one of apparently paranoid terror than shame- she looks about to duck for cover- though enraged embarassment does take over. "Baka!" she calls in the direction of her cheerleader, and tosses Mitsurogi impatiently at the Layer. "All right, let's do this."

No sooner do the two get on to the layer then it becomes clear the first move is coming from Juro and his angel. The black and white makes a slight mark as she starts to run forward as fast as she can. The layer didn't need any details to make this match a fight to see to be sure as Juro jumps upwards and swings her leg outward in a simple high sweep kick toward her opponent's face.

On the layer, Mitsurogi stirs to life as Juro rises to her feet. It staggers forward, not quite gracefully, but marches with a stiff resolution towards its adversary. It skids to a steady stop as Juro takes the battle to it, raising both arms to bat the kick away and continue its relentless advance, starting to lay down punches as it backs Juro away.

The same angel Juro had faced before had taught him not to let a slow moving gray angel ever make you think you will win. His angel took this as a sigh as well as she turns her body as the blows start to come in. Each attack hits but, slides off with her movements as she spins a little faster and doesn't stop the motions under the assault. Her leg kicks out trying to sweep the other angel off his feet.

On the layer, Mitsurogi doesn't seem especially original- in fact, its movements have a stereotyped, robotic flavor as it almost identically plants its heels, swats Juro's leg away, and clinches with the spinning angel to aim a chain of jabs at her abdomen.

It seems as if time can take forever when your trying to win and the seconds tick past. The movements from before only serve to make Juro cringe as she gets nothing but, a stopped foot and a little pain for her trouble as she starts to feel blows hitting in to her chest. Her legs kicking off as she jumps backwards starting to move backwards trying to get away and back and think things over as Juro leans forwar din his seat.

On the layer, Mitsurogi stands limply still as Juro backs off- seems Nanako is something of a 'gentleman' in the ring. Mitsurogi assumes its stereotyped boxer's guard, ill-defined green eyes aimed vaguely in Juro's direction as it waits for her to collect herself.

The whole ring seems to stand silent for a moment as both angels take a breather. The only one that seems to have any color rushes forward. Her eyes fixed tightly at the opponent as she jumps in to the air and smiles spinning and pressing downward with her punch trying to knock a little sense in to this gray and unfluid angel.

On the layer, Mitsurogi stirs to life in harmony with Juro. As she takes to the air once again, Mitsurogi backpedals efficiently, and takes to one knee to drive a short but focused uppercut to greet Juro upon her return to the snowy ground.

It was a hard thing to dodge a blow as you are falling but, somehow Rino does it. Her legs swing down first and as she comes down and the blow comes up she jumps again slightly only just enough to let the blow skid her chin as she falls backwards in to the snow and rolling backwards and out of the attack range of the generic angel. The angel getting back up in the same long simple motion as she slides herself up she makes a slight move reaching in her pouch as if looking for something.

On the layer, Mitsurogi stirs to life as Rino seems to be plotting something- all courtesy aside, its easygoing approach has clearly bought the nimble Angel enough time to get complacent- letting its head sag forward, Mitsurogi lumbers forward in a deceptively sudden burst of speed, aiming a powerful hook at Rino's head.

Rino smiles as she watches the attack coming and her arm comes up holding in it a simple cloth. The arm holding it out as the punch comes right in to the fabric and seems to well just stop. It seems to be the oddest thing to be seen for a moment as she turns and with a flick of the cloth a arm that looks very much like her opponents comes flying out in a punch in a mimic of the blow it had just blocked.

On the layer, Mitsurogi rather counterintuitively leans INTO Rino's clever counterattack- closing in on the punch before Rino's arm is at full extension, Mitsurogi drives its brow across Rino's fist, deflecting much of the impact; it uses the momentum to scramble past its opponent, stopping short a few steps away in the snow and assuming its typical defensive stance.

The attack seems to only get Rino a little break for a moment but, she can't let it pass. Her arm throwing the cloth around her other arm as she runs back forward and starts to push forward in a simple next attack. Her arm throwing out as she starts to slowly throw a simple punch to try and hit rather hard if she can help it.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seems to have slowed down again; maybe its the cold. Letting its fists fall, Mitsurogi stands dumbly while Rino enthusiastically presses her advantage and slams it right in the face. Its head snaps back and rolls, as though its neck were broken, but Mitsurogi looks relatively nonplussed, taking a casual half-step backwards and lifting its fists again as if to becon Rino forward once more.

It was these small moments that Juro could enjoy but, it couldn't always go this way. No he had to use what little time he had to push forward and smack in to this wall. His angel leans forward starting to jump in to the air as she swings and spins out her next blow with her knee as she tries to give a large and simple blow in to Mitsurogi's neck again as if to break even more away from this angel.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seems to have a bout of impatience; closing in tight again, it pivots its hip to one side to narrowly evade Juro's knee kick, and brings two fingers forward in a precise spearhand strike up into the Angel's throat.

It all seems to come a sudden head as the Mitsurogi moves in a blow toward Rino's throat. The attack hits home but, it was meant to it seems as Rino uses that exact moment to kick outwards and slam a blow in to Mitsurogi's belly. The rain of blows only seems to have a single second before Rino reaches forward trying to slam a palm in to the other angel's face to slam him back.

On the layer, Mitsurogi begins to switch up its strategies, scrambling backwards as Rino's close-in punches are hurled at its face and abdomen. Clearing out to about two arms' lengths of purchase, Mitsurogi then darts in with a surprising burst of enthusiasm, dropping low to lend leverage to a mean uppercut.

The creature that is Mitsurogi comes at her again as she finds a swift blow on her chin knocking her in to the air. Her legs trying to get a simple counter attack again as she uses her feet like hooks trying to pull Mitsurogi along with her own falling back motion.

On the layer, Mitsurogi skips up over Rino's leg twist, hopping gingerly clear of the entangling attack. Sent skittering to the side, it brakes on its heel, pivoting in the snow to face Juro a few steps clear. In a half-crouch, it steadies itself with one hand on the earth while the other holds a loose guard, taking a moment to collect its balance.

Rino finds her attack gets her nothing but, a impact on her back again. Her body starting to jump upwards again as she starts to make a simple run motion again. She tries to make a attack again as she swings a chop motion at Mitsurogi's neck with a swing motion to bring it back just in case for a second swipe.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seems intent on clinching with Rino no matter what the cost- it charges in just as she does, and the two Angels collide with violent force. With a crunch of bodies, Mitsurogi deflects the blow with a stern chop of its forearm and hurls Rino over its shoulder, sending her sliding through the underbrush a good distance away.

The next thing Rino knows she is sent flying again. Her body leaving a sick crack as she feels the inside get a rather harsh blow. Her body leaving a long line in the snow as she slides backwards leaving her own mark on the layer as she works to stand back up. Again she was starting to lose but, she wasn't here to win right? No her dues wanted to train and get some nice moves but, then again losing was just starting to suck. Juro leans forward watching through the headset as Rino again rushes forward and jumps forward trying to swing a uppercut of her own in to the other angel.

On the layer, Mitsurogi has clearly become impatient; no sooner is Rino sent tumbling through the snow-covered bushes than Mitsurogi lurches towards it, shoulders sagging forward to lend it some forward momentum even if it gives a corpse-like lack of grace to its posture. Dangling its arms supine, it lifts off on one foot to meet Rino in the air and swipe a claw-hand strike across her body.

The grace of things was coming to a half as suddenly Rino gets hit across the chest with claws. Her body left open with a huge gash as she tries to move a little more. Her whole body moving a little as it becomes clear she is on her last legs as she tries to stand up a moment later and starts to push forward again still holding the gash on her middle as she swings out a kick.

On the layer, Mitsurogi slows down dramatically, and seems almost gentle as Rino feebly lashes out with her leg; crouching fully, it scoops at the incoming kick, catching it under the knee, and simply levers to push Rino onto her back with a hard shove to the shoulder.

Juro lets out a slow steady sigh as he can see what is about to happen. His angel doesn't even have the energy to move forward as the shove pushes her down plain and simple. The wound in her stomach sparks and leaves a trail of wires as she can do nothing anymore. It was simply over and Juro was not one to say it was anything else as he slowly let his chair swing in so he can pick up his angel without a word.

Nanako slips the Layer visor off her head and gathers Mitsurogi off the Layer as the seats gradually lower both Deus to earth. She's already shrugging on her jacket as the spotlights illuminate them. "Mitsurogi WIN!" the announcer cheers. "Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in her career, Sadate Nanako appears to be on a winning -streak!- Join us tomorrow as both Deus face off with their next opponents in Round 5!"

The black and white angel is slowly pulled in to Juro's lap as the chair starts to come down. He slowly stands up giving a little wave as he starts to walk his way out of the tournament area. His luck was doing horrible but, he wasn't the type to ever let it get him down no, he was just going to push forward.