The lights fade and come back up once or twice to show that the next match is about to start. Spectators slowly make their way back to their seats, talking excitedly about the matches they have seen and in anticipation of the match to come. After a moment, a spotlight comes down onto the announcer as he places a microphone back underneath his sunglasses. "Please take your seats as we start the next match of Round Three." He gives a few moments, and then the music begins, showing images of angels and duels on the overhead display. A light shines down onto the Eastern corner. "Let me introduce the combatants for this match! East Corner: A graduate of Eriol Gakuen, now attending Tokyo University. An experienced dues who is no stranger to these games. Sadete Nanako and her angel Mitsurogi!" Cheers go up from the crowd as they give welcome, even as the another light shines across towards the Western end of the layer. "West Corner: A skilled mechanic and robot lover, Akata Kenjiro and his angel Hanzo!" Another round of cheering goes up, along with some whistles and a roar from the crowd. "Deuses, please take your seats!"

Nanako steps into the Arena; she's left her helmet in the waiting room, but she keeps her motorcycle jacket slung over one shoulder as she enters- she's sure she saw a few other players eyeing it when she left it behind last time. Gone also is the near-ubiquitous briefcase she's carried lately; Mitsurogi is held in an almost careless grasp in one hand as she heads for her seat. She nods vaguely at Kenjiro, though she creases her brow as they face off across the Layer. "Don't try to grab my ass or anything this time, or this duel will be the least of your problems" she drawls.

Kenjiro walks slowly into the arena with a grin on his face to display a happy look for the fans. As they scream wildly at the commencing of the duel he takes his seat within the chair and slides the visor over his head. The chair soon elevates in height for the duel. Kenjiro removes Hanzo from his pockets and tosses the angel onto the layer. Strange that he isn't saying much this time only waving at his opponent from his end of the layer. As Hanzo touches down only the layer he blazes into a whirl of fire. "Burn your opponent to ashes Hanzo the red ninja!" it's not so catchy but everybody would get his drift. As the flames dies down Hanzo can be seen standing in an offensive stance waiting for his opponent to commence. The eyes of the angel displays the resolve of his deus which is quite strong as he has learn plenty from his previous matches. He makes a surprised expression at what Nanako says which is quit strange, "Huh!? Grab your ass? I've never attempted to grab you before i'm not even sure we've met."

"Let's give one more big round of applause for both of our contestants here today! Both have the same record here in the tournament, so this should be an interesting match-up!" The announcer looks at both sides of the layer for a moment, and then down onto the layer surface. "And the scenery for this match is...." The scenery begins to flicker from one to another. First a jungle and then a mountain, a boiling pit of lava, and a clock, finally settling on a long rope that hovers over the center of the layer. "I've been told to remind both opponents and the audience that falling off the rope will be considered a layer-out. And now... Entry Angel!"

Nanako wipes her eyes and shakes her head. "Gomen," she mutters. "You look like my neighbor. I haven't been getting much sleep lately." Settling into her seat and slipping on her visor, she holds Mitsurogi aloft in a few fingers. "All right, let's do this," she announces, the halfhearted proclamation having apparently become her fallin. The featureless grey Angel is tossed towards the Layer, stirring stiffly to life as it passes within the energy field, and takes a knee as it lands. Rising jerkily, it assumes a vague streetfighter's stance, fists raised..

After both angels have entered the layer, the announcer points up to the scoreboard as the angel health displays appear. "Angelic Fight!"
Kenjiro nods as the battle slowly begins his eyes examines the opposing angel with intrest. "Interesting." he mutters as he watches his opponent. "A case of mistaken identity I guess." he says with a shrug as he begins the match upon the announcers words. Hanzo quickly dashes towards Mitsurogi and avoiding the rope putting it as a priority for the moment. Leaping into the air he glides down towards Mitsurogi with his blades extending attempting to slash him on his way down pass him in a dramatic fashion.

On the layer, Mitsurogi shambles forward, its head sagging slightly forward as Nanako mutters vaguely to Kenjiro from beneath her visor. "Yeah. It's been one of those weeks," she replies as Mitsorogi gives a drunken-looking lean away from Hanzo's leaping attack, batting at the blades with its forearms. As the speedy angel returns to his feet, Mitsurogi is ready, its posture becoming rather more precise as it lashes out a fast, focused double-punch.
On the layer. Upon returning to his feet Hanzo is struck pretty hard by a swift double punch. He doesn't retaliate at first he seemingly backflips a few feet away while watching the angel. He didn't expect the opponent to have such a reaction time, now it's time for a change in strategy.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seizes on the advantage as Hanzo stumbles away; it trundles towards its opponent, its near lifeless-looking shamble seeming precarious on the tightrope, and crouches low to root itself while aiming a lunge-punch at Hanzo's abdomen.
On the layer, Hanzo leaps into the air but not too high considering the rope and all to avoid the attack. Upon coming back down he initiates a swift falling ax kick aimed right for Mitsurogi's head.

On the layer, Mitsurogi remains where it is, lowering down even further to take a knee on the rope to further center itself. It lifts its arms high to catch Hanzo's kick at the ankle and promptly counters, scissoring its hands at the Angel's hips and groin.
Keep Alive

On the layer, Hanzo twists in the air as his grabbed by the ankles to narrowly escaping the grasps and being hit in the hips and groins. As he falls to the ground he executes a series of rapidly kicks and slashes with his wristblades aimmed for Mitsurogi's various weakpoints.

On the layer, Mitsurogi backs away as Hanzao advances on it with vicious slashes and kicks, arms furtively batting at its attacks. When the assault finally stops, it backpedals further, taking a moment to regain its footing.

On the layer, Hanzo continues his onslaught as he rushes towards Mitsurogi. Quickly leaping into the air and mimicing one of Liu Kang moves from the Mortal Kombat games Oh Noez! the patented Bicycle kick!

On the layer, Mitsurogi doesn't appear excited by the air-kicking that Hanzo hurls its way; it leans forward, allowing the kicking feet to glance off the ridge of its brow, and gazes mutely at Hanzo as it throws a hard, linear spear-hand strick.

On the layer, Hanzo's attack may have missed leaving him vulnerable or so one would think. Twisting his body once more he manages to evade harm with catlike grace. He steps in quickly and delivers a combo of rapid kicks at his opponent in hopes it'll push him back.

On the layer, Mitsurogi closes hastily with Hanzo, much as before, to position itself inside the effective range of the ninja's kicks. While it pushes away much of the kinetic impact of the graceful attacks with its forehead and shoulders, it scrambles back on the tightrope to return to an effective attack posture, buying Hanzo a little extra time.
On the layer, Hanzo falls back once more from his quarry who is pretty tough. It'll take alot to break through a defense like this with his meager strength. And he has just the trick that might help he maintains his position as his opponent isn't attacking him for the moment. Quickly he performs a number of hand seals, which leads up to the development of a large flaming phoenix that appears in front of him. He pushes forward sending the flaming bird in the direction of Mitsurogi in hopes it'll catch him off guard.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seems nonplussed as the enormous magical effect hurtles towards it, its head lolling forward as though broken at an unpleasant angle. With its hands up as though pushing its way through cobwebs or thorns it proceeds to march through the phoenix-shaped wall of fire, emerging before its opponent covered in smouldering flames, the dull surface of its skin charred in parts. Still flickering with smoke and fire, it closes to melee range as though all were well, and lunges out at Hanzo with a hook.

On the layer, Hanzo watches as Mitsurogi endures the attack like some sort of monster! He is amazed at the defense of his opponent as if entrance nearly leading to him catching a hook to the face. He manages to duck the attack just in time, though it causes him to wobble side to side abit on the tightrope. As he stands he tires to kick Mitsurogi in the chest hoping the angel would fall off.

On the layer, Mitsurogi sways listlessly, its burnt skin still flaking and smouldering here and there,and follows Hanzo's cue to duck down, though the bulkier Angel takes a knee rather than attempting to evade. Rooted more securely on the now wobbling rope, it raises its forearms in a wall, leaning into Hanzo's kick to avoid unbalancing itself, and uses the momentum of rising to its feet to fuel an uppercut.

On the layer, hanzo wasn't fast enough to dodge the incoming uppercut, the outcome is him falling off the rope. In a last ditch effort he manages to grab ahold of the rope and swing himself back on. He takes a few steps back as he recollects himself from the close call while watching his opponent.

On the layer, Mitsurogi rises to its feet fully and steadies itself. Nanako does have a reputation for being something of a 'gentleman' fighter, at least off the Layer, and it seems some things hold true. Mitsurogi stands clear as Hanzo scrambles back onto the rope, its hands raised in a loose guard, and waits for the Angel to collect himself.

On the layer, Hanzo can't believe Mitsurogi gave him time to recollect which is impressive considering most opponents fights dirty. He rushes quickly for Mitsurogi with a high flying knee.

On the layer, Mitsurogi is, however, well-prepared for Hanzo's approach as the Angel recovers and charges at it. When the speedy ninja chooses to take to the air again, Mitsurogi ducks down below, letting Hanzo land on the other side of it, though it aims a punch up at the Angel on his way past.

On the layer, Hanzo flips in midair directing his head downward at Misurogi punch using one of his hands to spring off of the clenched fist behind the angel. Wasting no time he quickly follows up with a lightning fast kick.

On the layer, Mitsurogi seems invigorated by its opponent's series of enthusiastic, close-in attacks; it opts to dodge again, twisting at the ankle and wobbling precariously to one side on the rope. When the kick finally passes, it uses the momentum of its lean to lend weight to a hard right hook to Hanzo's jaw, leaning forward as though to body-check the Angel as it does so.

On the layer, Hanzo wasn't fast enough it seems to avoid the right hook which catches him right in the Kisser! He goes flying off the rope into the nails below kinda like one of them Mortal Kombat fatalities. Off the layer, Kenjiro can't say much but you can bet his yelling at himself in his own head for not thinking fast enough, and no his not crazy.

It takes barely a moment between Hanzo landing on the spiked bottom of the layer and the layer scoreboard's response, dropping the angel's health down to nothing. This end seems to surprise the announcer, who jolts back to reality, tucking the little microphone up behind his sunglasses before stuttering, "Mit...Mitsurogi Win!" The crowd echos this announcement with a humungous cheer. "In a surprising late match move, Mitsurogi overpowers the quick-footed Hanzo to win the match. Congratulations to Sadete Nanako and her angel!"

Nanako rises from her seat as the dust settles, shrugging on her motorcycle jacket and already fishing a keyring out of her pocket. She grabs Mitsurogi from the Layer's edge, absently stuffing the Angel in her jacket pocket as she circles around the arena's edge to approach Kenjiro, bow, and extend a hand to him. "Hey. Good match," she murmurs. "That was actually kinda fun. Sorry about before. You did look a lot like my neighbor."