"Welcome to the third round of matches in the Kantou QUALIFIERS!" The announcer is dressed all in purple, with spiky blonde hair and a grin the size of Manahatta. The descending, rugged scale of 'Welcome to the Jungle' starts playing as Kaijie steps in on his side, smiling faintly as he strides towards the egg-shaped chair. He holds his hand up and salutes the crowds, before taking a seat and snapping on a visor. "IN THE WEST CORNER! Kuo Kaijie, star soccer team captain and midfielder for the Eriol Gakuen Gladiators! Please welcome him and his angel, Kangaryu! With a 2-1 win-loss ratio, he's in good shape for the finals." 

"... And in the East Corner! With two wins: Misaki Ryou with his speedy angel, Misakichi! Based off the Champion herself! Entry Angel!" 

"Ikke, Misakichi!" Having seated into the east corner Ryou had just chucked his angel into the layer: which then quickly activated as it hit the white layer-light, and dropped onto the layer. "Hey, I like this song." The Japanese boy commented for a moment, rocking left and right for a moment as his angel started dancing in the snow to the song. 

"Fight like a samurai, die like a samurai! Kangaryu, fall in!" 

With a toss and a click of his visor, Kaijie sends the big kangaroo spiralling into the middle of the layer, before plopping onto both hind legs, throwing a series of quick, brutal shadow-punches aimed at nothing in particular. He grins lightly as the layer suddenly flickers into view. A glacier comes into view. 

"Will the angels slide into the freezing waters below? Combat is fast as it is furious, murderous here on the glacier scenario. Wish our two competitors the best of luck!" With a roar, the people cheer. “Angelic! Fight!”  

On the layer, Misakichi shoots forth suddenly as the announcer commented on the start of the game and covered quite a lot of ground before actually pushing a fist forth! 

"HAHA! YA MISS, YA MISS!" Kangaryu bounds out of the way as the reverse punch comes flying at him, and he responds with an equally quick jump into the air, springing up with full force on both his feet. He goes flying... and when he comes down, it's hell to pay, apparently. Flying down, he turns into a blazing meteorite and sends his fists down at Misakichi. 

"Whoopsie-do!" Kangaryu plops out of the way, bouncing like Tigger on his tail, skidding onto the ice. As he gets up, he lifts his fist and responds with an equally brutal uppercut. This has /got/ to hurt, boys and girls. 

Sure it would have hurt! If it would actually have hit of course. But as speedy as speedy angels can speedy their way out of situations that require the speed to dodge... So yes, basically Misakichi got out of the way. She had done so by making a quick backroll, then immediatly attacking by settling her feet into the snow and forcing her forth at the opposing angel. 

Apparently, Kangaryu isn't going to like this. He isn't going to like this one bit. Snapping back from the hit, he holds his arms out to block it, apparently on the ropes... or against the ice, more appropriately. 

And from her position, still so very close by the kangaryu, the angel kept going at it! Throwing punches left and right, trying to corner the kangaryu to fall off of the cliff that they were quite close to. "Fall already." Ryou commented with a chuckle. 

"You first." 

Kangaryu spins into play with a lash of his tail and then... WHAM! He gets inside and moves for a vicious jab and an uppercut. This is absolutely brutal. If it hits, that is. 

And she got hit alright! Apparently not prepared for such a quick counter, Misakichi ends up falling down the cliff, into the lake... and lays there: quickly getting a nice piece of ice worked around her that disallowed her from moving. 

"Haha! Kanga got yer conker!" The kangaroo looks over the edge, points, and absolutely /laughs/. This is his time to shine, ladies and gentlemen, and he's doubled over on his little patch of ice, amused that he actually /hit/ the guy. "Suckah!" He braces himself, raising himself to his full height, before folding his arms across his chest, strutting like a general. 

Comming from the ice! It's the frickin ice-queen! Shooting from her previous position, all of the sudden shards of ice flew straight at the Kangaryu! Standing behind him to make sure he would not be walking away, Misakichi stood... throwing some punches to discourage movement! That's some speedy angel! 

"Nonono!" Kangaryu isn't a happy camper at this time and when the ice scatters up to him, he raises his hand to block. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... whirl like a top? This is an unconventional boxing skill-set, but he's doing it alright! And as he does so, he lashes out a /wild/ kick at the enemy, intended to bring Misakichi down a couple of notches. 

Having a little foresight, and an assload of luck: Misakichi did the unsuspected... she fell. Yep, it's that easy. She fell down and started gliding downwards as well: and fast for some reason. If the Kangaryu did not get out of the way: he was going to get dragged along!! 

Kangaryu slides to the side just a bit and then wham! He flicks out his tail to attempt to grab onto the diminuitive little speed angel. He's inside, he's close, and he's ready to unload a load of butt-whooping... that is, if Misakichi stays in the same place. "I gon' getchoo!", the kangaroo exclaims with gusty bravado, before closing the distance some more. 

"Catch~you Catch~you ..." Ryou started humming to a famous Anime's themesong, taunting Kaijie as his angel dodged out of the way by disappearing and reappearing behind him "Misakichi-KICK!" He then continued, trying to show that he too had some signature moves. But it was not really the truth, as what came was just a normal kick in the back... if it would hit. 

And it doesn't hit. Kangaryu's simply not there, leaping off the ice and frantically getting out of the way. He responds with a whirling kick of his own, flying down from the skies like the Red Baron himself. He certainly /looks/ the part, given his red dragon armor and whatnot. He fights on valiantly. 

The angel named Misakichi, using the fact that when something comes down from the air has less ability to change direction, quickly tried to move away. However, as there was just a bit too much snow where she was, she ended up getting hit just on the edge of the shoulder: causing her to shoot forth to the near edge of the layer by the mere momentum of the attack. 

"Oh, I'm in over my head," Kaijie complains lightly, shaking his head at the layer. He abruptly gestures at the field and then points at Misakichi. "Do what you will, Kangaryu." And Kangaryu does just that, raising his fists and charging straight at the enemy with a punch in mind for just one time. 

"Just fight with your heart, Icchan said so." Ryou replies, pushing Misakichi to even faster speeds as she rushes left and right: dodging anything the opposing angel was throwing at her, and in return throwing counter-punches! 

"Geeze. That was..." Kaijie slaps his forehead. 

Game over. Game over man, we're screwed. Kangaryu doesn't seem to register this fact and he keeps fighting. He takes the counter punches admirably, but not very solidly as he tries to get out of the way... and, wham. It comes and comes and comes. Bam, bam, boom, owh, that hurt. But he continues and in fact, responds with his own vicious little snap kick. 

And Misakichi kept going at the opponent, dodging every blow thrown at her. "Having fun yet?" Ryou asked with a kind voice: his eyes aimed at Kaijie. "I am." 

And holy... Kangaryu can't take it no more. He goes flying out of the ring, stumbling back with a sudden trounce. 

LAYER OUT! It's over. It's all over. Kaijie looks on, blinking twice. "... How in the...?" He gives a nod across the layer, saluting Ryou. "Good fight. I was expecting a little less resistance from you, actually," Kaijie nonchalantly commits, before giving a little sigh and shaking his head. "I haven't been doing too well lately." 

And with that, amidst cheers for Ryou, Kaijie departs and slides out of his seat, looking disgruntled.