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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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Care has been taken to ensure this MUSH remains comfortably playable on anything that can display 78 or more characters sideways and has separate command input and output display areas - that includes obscure handheld computers, ancient tube terminals and Java clients run from a web browser. We don't recommend raw telnet, but it's barely bearable too. You can play here with nothing but a WAP-capable cellphone, and this has been done - on a dare, but well, it works. At the same time, a lot of effort went into making best use of the capabilities provided by the HTML-capable clients. This effort mostly consisted of working around various bugs and misfeatures, both of the clients and the server. But the result works, the majority of our players use a HTML-capable client. Currently, three commonclients are known to have some Pueblo protocol support:

  • Pueblo/UE - The original client which was there first. Is free and has
    proper picture support. Good enough to actually use but not stellar.
  • MUSHClient - A better client overall, but shareware and can't use the more
    advanced features like extra windows and inline images.
  • zMUD - new to the Pueblo business, is still buggy, and currently least tuned for in our code.

There are also a variety of other clients available, but many of them will miss out on the Pueblo support built into the game, such as pictures and clickable commands.

  • SimpleMu - A decent all-around client, but lacking Pueblo support.
  • MuckClient - A compact client, good for those with low hard-drive space
    or those connecting from shared computers.
  • Savitar - A Mac client that no one on the staff has ever used. Maybe you
    know of a better one and can let us know.