There's a hushed murmur as the spotlights blare on to focus down to the large layer in the center of the olympic stadium arena. The crane on which the Announcer sits lowers into the upper layers of the arena, carrying the blonde male that's been hosting these events. "Attention ladies and gentlemen...can we have your quiet attention so that the next Second Round match may begin?" The crowd is a smart one because they were already getting themselves organized and quiet...apparently the pocky dealers need to do a better job and get this crowd more chaotic on sugar! Two of the spot lights trained on the layer swerve away from it and point to the Deus entrance hallways. At that point, the Announcer shouts out, "In the West Corner, Angel Vasques and Deus Yamada Toko! This Deus has participated in several of the past Kanto regional qualifying tournaments." The crowd goes into an uproar. The Announcer takes a deep breath and then goes on to shout, "And in the East corner, Angel Rino and Deus Maeno Juro, a rookie to these tournaments." Again, the crowd goes crazy for the Deuses as they step out.

A stern, prudish expression lingers on the bulky deus's face as she stomps out towards the arena hall. Still, even this one has some fans in the audience, one particular yells out 'Marry me Yamada-san!', to which she just waves a hand and flops ungracefully into her chair. She pulls on her headset, and shoots a stern look across towards her young opponent. "I hope you're better than the last kid I faced... Vasques sent his angel home in little pieces." She folds her arms over her chest and yawns.

Even as the crowd seems happy to see him Juro can only wonder why sometimes but, this was a second chance to try again. He had a rather noble lose but, hey that is life. Juro slowly makes his way on to the area as he makes his way in to the odd chair slowly leaning back as he gets a grimace from his opponent. "I will try not to disappoint you or the crowd of course." yes, why let any large girl get under your skin right? He slowly put son the headset leaning back as he gets comfortable his angel already in his lap and at the ready as she looked just as ready as her dues.

The Announcer looks from Deus to Deus as the two settle into their seats and get ready to fallin. As soon as they look all set, he calls out, "And now to see what scenery these two Deuses will be dueling on this match!" The layer shimmers and suddenly the layer becomes...a huge christmas tree with two toy trains running around the base of its trunk. "For those in the stands, this is the Train Scenery! How exquisite!" The Announcer grins at the trash talk and just states, "As always, this duel will be decided on the Deuses...Entry Angel!"

Yamada looks down at Vasques for a moment, then raises the large, powerful Angel. "Resistance is futile. Annihilate them! Vasques!" Yamada yells out as she flings the Angel at the Layer with a quick overhand. Upon becoming active, Vasques twists and executes several forward flips, showing a surprising amount of agility. The heavy Angel lands firmly on one of the trains, going to one knee and placing her right hand on the metal surface to help absorb the impact. After a brief pause, she smoothly rises, staring ahead levelly.

Juro smiles not minding at all as the layer changes in to something new and what is sure to be a good show. His body leaning forward in the chair as he takes his angel and slowly flicks his own angel in his hand once. "Let's show all the crowd a show, Rino take to your stage!" His hand suddenly flicking again and this time sending his angel forward as Rino flies with a twisting turn motion. Her whole body makes one massive motion as she pushes in to the layer energy wall. Her eyes opens open to show the one red and one blue eyes that stare as she turns in the air again and slowly lands with a large metal thunk on the other train. Her hands being what she lands on as she flips and then gets on to her feet after her little bound and getting ready as she seems lucky to be on the second train.

Now that both angels have fallin in and the crowd is yelling for the duel to begin, the Announcer does as he is told, "ANGELIC FIGHT!" The crane rises to let the spotlight focus on the two angels and the layer.

The trains move on and on but, toward each other as if never able to pull away, again there on tracks of course. Rino smiles and gives a slow bow to the larger angel as she starts to move forward quickly. Her body making a steady beat as she jumps from top to top as she runs forward on her train toward the other train that is coming toward her at the same time side by side. Her whole body starting to tense as she jumps and uses the speed of two objects going toward each other plus her force in a simple swing of her leg sideways to try and knee the other angel's face.

The bulky angel narrows her eyes as this smaller opponent comes closer, moving to the side to avoid the first blow with far more speed than most would suspect out of her. "Is that all you can do?" Yamada asks, propping her head on her hand. Vasques, on the other hand, swings down along the side of one of the trains before using the power in her arms to shove herself back upwards, sending a powerful kick aimed towards Rino's midsection.

As the much larger angel starts to show just how much she can do Rino leans back slightly starting to get ready and the moment the kick comes out she seems to do more then just lean back. Her body bending back like a limbo dancer as she falls backwards using this fall backwards to dodge as she reaches in to her hip bag on her way down. As the leg is still above her while she is still falling she proves how fast she can be as she uses what she grabbed out of her back and throws up a loop of fabric. It looks like the long line of cloths a magician would pull out of there sleeve on and on and for that matter it doesn't seem to have a end as the other end seems to almost look like it is coming out of her hand. A magic trick maybe? As she hits the train she rolls backwards and braces her feet as she comes back up and in that movement back up pulls tightly trying to snag the other angel's leg and use this new connection to pull and swing this other angel off the train. Juro on the other hand smiles even if this person was mean you can't hate a other player of the layer. "No, Let me show you I won't disappoint you."

"What is this, parlor tricks?" The hard-faced dues asks as she sits up more fully in the chair. She seems uncomfortable in the narrow area, so she leans over in the other direction even as her angel just looks down towards the attempt at tripping her up or swinging her off the train. She just stands there, an unmovable force and turns her eyes towards Rino. "Get out of my face!" She first tries to step down onto the fabric, and then step forward to send a powerful knee-kick at her opponent. "This is my train, get off!" She continues to move forward like a predator, intent on driving her opponent back.

As the large angel shows how much, well 'weight' she has Rino finds her pulls getting no where as the fabric is held down then a kick comes her way. Her hands coming up to block but, instead of blocking her hands touch on the other angel's foot and as the kick pushes forward Rino jumps keeping herself stiff as all she gets is thrown in the air instead of being hurt.

Juro watches a moment as his angel starts to fly in the air before gravity starts to pull again and Rino comes down quickly as she aims both her feet down like a knife trying to stab those heels in to the other angel's face. If the other angel tries to move she will find the fabric somehow is now on her ankle of the other foot that just kicked, when did Rino do that?!? Yep, slight of hand!

Vasques doesn't seem remotely interested in dodging the attack, speed not being her true skill. Instead, she shifts her body weight slightly so the force of the downward blow hits not against her face, but against a hard, extended punch. As the two techniques clash against one another, it seems as if Vasques comes out the better. A tiny smirk shows on the deus's face, "Pathetic..." The blow is seconded by another attack as she steps forward, kicking out with her fabric-tied leg, seeming to pay it very little mind.

The whole layer seems to be alight as the two attacks meet sending Rino back in to the air a moment before she lands on the train on her back again. Her body seems a little damage as her outfit seems to be taking a bit of damage but, Rino does not stay down and instead quickly starts to get up just in time to see a kick coming at her again. Both arms come up again but, this time she plants her feet firmly the kick finding two palms holding on to it as she skids backwards leaving a rut of marks from her feet on the train as she slides backwards by the kick but for the most part unhurt. "Sorry, I guess you are a magic hater."

"Magic is for children. This is war. War is no place for kids." Yamada grunts and leans forward, propping herself with her elbows as she narrows her eyes at the deus across the layer. "Don't give him any openings, Vasques!" She yells to her angel, who only gives a curt nod and steps forward, switching stances as she sends out a powerful thrusting side kick aimed at the little magician angel. "If you don't fight seriously, you'll loose." Yamada taunts.

Juro watches and shakes his head as he lets himself lean forward. His arms motion toward the crowds as he speaks up. "I don't think everyone would agree with you!" His face wearing a smile as he is truly loving this moment it seems. "Rino show everyone your magic!"

Rino gives a nod having almost no more time left as the next blow comes her way. Her hand reaching in her bag of tricks and quickly pulling out a big red silk cloth that could act as a angel sized table cover with ease. The cloth getting thrown forward slightly as she jumps in to it wrapping herself up a second before the kick slams in to her and the cloth around her. The sick crunch of something break is heard as the cloth goes limp and falls on to the train. It sits still a moment as it slowly deflates like it lost the air holding the shape as Rino is no where to be seen.....

It only takes a second before Rino falls from above and she is swinging her leg inward to try and drop kick the other angel on her way back on the scene!

Like before, the bulky angel just continues to stand there like some unmoving rock. Even the force of the powerful blow does not seem to phase her. "It would be magic for you to win." Yamada says in a bored voice, her angel stepping back and mimicing her deus by folding her arms. "Let's see what you can do. Free shot. Come at me with everything you have. Unless you're too scared..." Yamada laughs and taps her fingers on her cheek, a sardonic grin forming her face.

It was almost stunning how mean this person was and how powerful that angel was of hers. It wasn't all the angel of course but, man you can't fake stuff like this. Juro make like tricks but when it came down to it his angel was designed for more and rarely does it ever show it. Rino gives a returned smirk as she lands and the moment she is asked to do such she rushes forward. Juro didn't take time to think this could be a trap, it was life and he was going to hit as hard as he could at this chance. Rino plants her foot as she presses forward and swings her fist forward trying to smack that other angel right on the chin!

"Not enough!" Yamada calls out as she leans forward, her angel responding by ducking quickly underneath her opponent. It is amazing how quickly this angel can move at times. Still, this is her fourth trip to these games, one can't expect her to be an easy opponent, for all her attitude. "Let's see how you handle this!" The angel turns and swings a powerful arcing kick towards Rino, moving so fast that it leaves afterimages in it's wake.

"Seems someone doesn't like to hold to there own word." Juro makes the remark with a smile. It is about that time that the larger of the two angel's hits his angel hard sending a sicking blow that flings her backwards. Juro doesn't even look down as he doesn't seem surprised for the moment. Rino on the other hand is sent flying backwards and skids never falling down instead her legs stay holding her up as the blow sends her backwards a good few feet before she skids to a stop just short of falling off the train. Her body starting to stand back up fully again making pops as she got herself back to normal. "Well I guess that means no more party tricks?" The angel having a soft voice as she pops her neck and starts to run making up the distance between the two again as he swings inwards and suddenly sends out a solid kick as her whole body seems to push in to it.

"All is fair in war. Take it as a lesson learned, boy." Yamada replies as her angel manages just barely to avoid the incoming kick. Still, she seems winded, as if the last of her built up speed had finally left. There is no waver in her onslaught, though. Forward, she steps and throws a powerful, swinging punch, perhaps attempting to take off Rino's head with sheer force of the attack.

Juro sits up a little and waves his hand a little. "yeah I get that from you but, I am no boy. You may be here longer but, looking down on others will only get you hurt in the end." Juro isn't one to get mad but, he holds himself back watching as he wills Juro down as she ducks just in time to let the blow swing making her bells jingle from the wind of the blow. Her eyes set forward as she comes up from her duck sending out her knee to aim a blow of her knee toward the other angel's chin wanting to prove something to this angel even if she and her dues lost.

"You should respect your elders." Yamada responds with a sneer, her angel stepping backwards and raising her hands up in an 'x' infront of her as she wards off most of the damage from the attack. The angel staggers backwards, perhaps because of her distracted deus, and doesn't counterattack. "Big words. Let's see if you can back them up." The angel drops into a more defensive posture, seeming to wait for an opportunity to present itself.

Rino watches as the other angel staggers backwards if only a little. Her body tensing and the moment she touches to the train again she jumps forward again. A movement of her middle swings her body as she jumps sending out a steel hard kick sideways trying to clip this angel while she can in a single sweeping kick.

Once more, the military-styled angel stands there and takes the power of the kick full-on. The force causes her to take a step backwards, a grimace showing on her face as she pulls herself to a full stance once more. The train rumbles over the tracks, causing her to shift her balance as she dives forward towards Rino, attempting to use her body weight behind a strait-forward punch. It seems she intends on driving her opponent backwards towards the end of the train.

As the next strong punch comes forward Juro winches and closes his eyes and somehow his angel still dodges it by sidestepping the blow. Juro opens his eyes looking rather pleased as again he as putting on a show for a crowd, win or lose it was fun. His hand giving a little tap on his chair as he smiles. "I admit I might not win but, never giving up is part of training, tricks, and angelic layer!" His angel taking a step back as she gets ready for the coming blow making sure to keep herself aware of the train movements under her.

"Well, at least that is something we agree on." For once, Yamada sits up fully in her chair and seems to pay real attention to the match. The damage displays show injuries on both angels, and it was far enough down in the match where one move could make all the difference. "So, let's give them a good show, then." The angel cracks her knuckles, but remains on the defensive, motioning for Rino to attack, or perhaps trying to taunt her into doing so.

And, for the first time in this match, Vasques drops below her opponent on the life-bar. The angel, even in a defensive position, takes significant damage, being driven forwards by the attack. She rolls slightly and comes up again, swinging a low kick towards Rino when the angel comes to land. It has to land sometime right?

Well it was true Rino had to land but, where seems to be the issue. As she lands the kick comes out toward her and she makes a slight little jump. Her arms reaching down as she tries to catch the kick doing a handstand on the leg so she can press forward using her free legs to use this moment to give a kick toward the other angel's head. It was hard to see as the moment seems to blur as it all goes in one full second or two.

That kick strikes hard against the head of Vasques, causing her to stagger backwards once more. The angel groans, followed by a similar sound from her deus. Then, the two seem to shift their attention, both sets of eyes glaring at Rino. With a yell, Vasques charges forward, seeming not to care much about what effect it might have on her, instead she charges full force and starts to lash out blows to the left and right. Not pretty, but perhaps she might manage to land one powerful blow on the elusive angel.

The moment only seems to get worse as suddenly the blows seem to land on Rino. Her body unable to dodge them all as her side starts to slowly crumple up slightly as she tries to keep moving backwards a little more as she finds herself in a world of hurt. Her body falling backwards as she skids backwards as it looks like it will take a moment get ready but, that is all it takes is a moment to lose.

And Vasques does not give Rino that moment to recover. Instead, she continues to press the assault, throwing yet another powerful blow right towards Rino's face. "Your angel is slowing down." Yamada comments with a sneer, seeming to grow bored once more with this sort of lackluster ending to things.

It starts to become clear this battle is going downhill for the showmen of a angel. Her body taking a second strong hit in seconds as she falls backwards a huge dent in her other side. It seems like she is starting to fall to her last legs her body starting to spark in some spots as she tries to keep standing for the moment. Juro doesn't say anything but, he can tell this isn't going to end well for sure. His angel moving even faster and forward as she tries to give punch toward the other angel's face.

Vasques takes the punch strait in the face, causing some damage visible there as her head snaps backwards. She reaches a hand up and re-arranges her nose to where it belongs on her face. "It looks like it will come right down to the end, hrm?" Yamada says, still with her head propped up. Her angel drops back once more, defensively, and seems to wait for the timer to run down.

Even this last strike is taken full force, the angel twisting just slightly so not to cause more damage to her already broken face. "You've had your time, and now it's time to fall." Yamada says in a dark voice, sitting up further and pointing at the layer. "Resistance is futile. Vasques, finish him off!" She calls out, and the angel responds by shifting her stance into one more suitable for attack. And, in the last moment, she draws her arm back and sends an agressive punch strait towards Rino's chest, trying to use that last momentum to knock her off of the layer.

Juro has almost no time to say anything as suddenly it comes down to the last second and in one move his angel makes a sound no one wants to hear. The sick crunch of a angel being bent in half by a blow as she is sent in to the air. Rino doesn't look anything like herself as she gets flown backwards her body looking very much like a bent in half paper dool. She flies backwards and goes flying out of the layer, even if she hadn't she would be broken and unable to move.

"Vasques Win!" The announcer calls out from above, followed by cheers from all sides. "What an amazing match, right down to the wire, folks! Let's give both our combatants a great round of applause!" Yamada simply takes off her headset, holds one hand out, and receives her angel as it jumps out of the layer to be caught in her hands. She glances across towards Juro, and then nods her head. "You fought to the end. I respect that. Good luck to you in the rest of the tournament." And then, she lowers her chair towards the floor, and makes her way off out of the arena.

Juro smiles and slowly starts to start to slowly move down as the chair comes down. He slowly walks over and picks up his angel as he starts to pick up the parts and his angel. He smiles thinking making that person admit he did all right at least was something to be proud of. He slowly starts to pick up his angel knowing it would take some time to get it ready for the next match to be sure.