Announcer: "Welcome to this fine evening Angelic Layer fans! Tonight promises to be another good fight as two people face off on the layers!"
Announcer: "East~o corner! Known as the White Storm, Aogiri Mikage!"
Announcer: "West~o corner! A newcommer to this year's tournament, and he has yet to lose: Kuo Kaijie!

There is a small pauze in between as the both people take their seats and are moved up to the height of the layers.

Announcer: "And now! Entry Angel!"

"Kaijie gives a nonchalant, debonair wave to the masses, but it's obvious who the cheering's for. Mikage, the Goddess of the Layer. There's a weak chant in the background, overpowered and overwhelmed by the cries of 'Mikage': 'KANGA, KANGA, KANGA!' With a smile and a nod, Kaijie turns to Mikage before tipping his head down. "We meet again," he calls across the layer. "I'll give it my best shot," he promises. Whatever that means. Sliding into the egg-shaped chair, he readies his angel. As the call 'Entry Angel' is heard, Kuo Kaijie throws his kangaroo into the layer.

"Fight like a samurai, die like a samurai! Kangaryu, fallin!" as it pierces the barrier into the layer, the angel does a little flip before dropping to the ground, shadowboxing with fervor.

The pale girl seems to tune out most of the cheers going on around her, giving only a smile and a momentary wave that seems more required and practiced than natural. She lets out a breath and turns towards the layer, blinking just once behind her headset's blueish colored visor. "Spirit, heart, emotion... that which binds souls together. Be my wings! Rei!" The gargoyle creature is tossed towards the layer, giving a little flip before landing softly in the lighter gravity of the moon's surface. Only after her angel is within the layer does Mikage look up, nodding her head to Kaijie. "Good luck to you." And then... her concentration falls completely to the creature and the layer below.

The layer scenery shifts for a moment from flat to something else... it comes out as a greyish area of stone and huge puttholes.
Announcer: "Tonight our contestants will be fighting on the moon!"
Announcer: Angelic... FIGHT~O!"

"Time to test her defenses, Kangaryu," Kaijie mutters to himself, shaking his head in amusement. This... isn't going to be good or fun or whatever they call it. This is going to be dangerous, this is going to hurt, this is going to... sting. But Kangaryu looks fairly arrogant in the face of things. "Kanga going to kick your /butt/!" With a little hop forward and a dazzling grin from that dragon mask of his, the kangaroo leaps into the air and...

Fakes? He dives back down and hovers there in the air, before doing a backflip... promptly, he presses his boxing gloves together and wonders.

There is wisdom sometimes in not rushing into battle. Instead, Rei watches, her tail flicking and her clothes swaying softly in the lunar wind. Her hands are raised in a defensive stance, her head tilting slightly to the side as her nose twitches in this foreign environment. Still, she is at the ready, so when the fake comes, she just gives a little chitter under her breath and then steps to the side. What an inexperienced deus might not catch is the subtle switch of her horns as she lowers her head. As Kangaryu ponders, she lowers her head and dives forward, using the lessened gravity to aim a blow towards the little 'roo's chest.

Moving into the horned rush and then flickering to the side, Kangaryu dodges the move... just barely. Inside and beside, the kangaroo smirks as he takes a step forth."Opening... FOUND!" He grins viciously as he dishes out the Ole One-Two. A jab and an uppercut, the move is inside and would be devastating were it not for Rei's remarkable defense. Or speed, for that matter. Whether hit or dodge, this is the opening move of the day for Kangaryu.

It doesn't seem as if Rei has much interest in dodging this first attack. Perhaps she simply thinks that it is not worth her time to bother with. In either case, she scrunches herself down, taking the full impact without more than a small cosmetic scratch on her armorments. Still, she doesn't move after the impact, and there is a bit of a sound as her armor resonates from the force of the blow. She gives just a little growl and raises her head, squinting, but not moving.

"Signature attack-u!"

The announcer booms. "Here comes the combination kick we've all been waiting for! How will the stunned White Storm deal with the devastating move they call Kangaroo Kick? Extremely fast, powerful and hard-hitting, this move is known for its crushing force," the announcer declares.

Jumping into the air, Kangaryu soars, flying higher and higher. Will he touch the ceiling? It appears not as he descends again... is this going to be an accidental layer out for the over-jumped kangaroo!? With a twirl of his tail, he zooms down with a meteorite's force, amazingly large foot down and directed at the scrunched up Rei. "HIYA!"

Even if she may have been immobilised by the initial attack, Rei is not out of the running quite yet. Beneath the creature's feet, a blaze of power begins to well up, reaching like tendrils from the ground as the planet gives it's power onto her. The lights flicker in color, giving a blue aura around her legs as she leaps backwards towards the edge of the layer, seeming to go faster than most would imagine possible. Then, she raises up her hands and roars outwards, that power flaring up onto her hands and spreading out into a large blade-like crescent. This grows and grows until it is nearly as wide as the layer itself, giving little room to dodge as she points towards Kangaryu. The wave of energy flows from her fingers and makes it's way towards her opponent, her own eyes blazing white with fury.

"OMPHF!" That's /gotta/ hurt. Kangaryu slides back almost an entire foot - that's a lot on the layer - and then rushes forward for his charging tackle. Not only is his charging tackle remarkably strong, it's led by the fact that he has his fists out, turning into little flaming blurs. "AIEEEE!" The battle cry of the samurai has comenced.

*poing* *poing* *poing* Each of the Kangaroo's attacks seems to hit off something invisible in the air, making the ones that come next just a little slower. Even so, small dents do appear in the shoulder pauldron of the gargoyle angel. Not enough to be of serious concern, but enough to s how that the attack is not avoided unscathed. With a small snarl, she tries to duck underneath any further attacks, swinging her tail out towards her opponent's large feet.

Kangaryu looks like he's on his last feet, really. That single hit took it all out of him. Devastated and hurt, he stumbles back a few steps before lumbering towards the enemy again, spraying forth weak punches, punches that can't possibly do enough damage to subdue or even slow the gargoyle. This is a one sided match, folks, it was since the beginning.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Ikke! Mikage-chaaan!"

Something seems to flare on the layer, and also in the eyes of the pale deus. Her head lifts, and for one very rare second, the feral nature of her angel reflects in those generally kind eyes. Perhaps it was hearing a voices from the stands, perhaps it was something more internal than even that. All of a sudden, the layer flickers and for a split second, one could visualize two blue orbs hanging above the surface. Familiar, this event may be to some, but certainly not something often seen in use by this particular deus. It seems as if Rei is about to take the force of the punches aimed at her, but then...

'Nya!' The sound resounds through the layer, causing many even in the crowds to look confused. All of a sudden a shadow flickers onto the layer, scooping up the gargoyle angel and placing her down lightly out of harm's way. This angel, is recognisable as Kamui, but how exactly is he able to save her at this moment? The little cat angel turns around and pats his rear end towards Kangaryu tauntingly, then turns again and pulls down one eye, sticking out his tongue in a rasberry. Then, he just disappears. Rei seems somewhat unphased by all of this, but she does place a hand over her heart and point somewhere out in the stands before turning her attention back towards her opponent.

Kaijie looks like he's already given up. He gives a flick of his hand and points to the other angel, looking decidedly worn out. "Kangaryu, give her what you got and give it all to her," he states, sitting back in his egg-shaped chair. He doesn't have the heart to continue this and it looks like Kangaryu's just begging to get off the layer and stop embarassing himself. He's phased by the move, the odd appearance of Kamui, and even starts to object to the presence of other angels on the layer. "That can't be legal!", he yelps.

And with that, he charges down the aisle, swinging his fist furiously at the enemy.

It seems as if Rei and her deus will simply oblige this wish for an end to the match. The gargoyle steps to the side from the angry attack, letting the kangaroo step off the edge of the layer that they were both so close to. Just as this happens, the announcer comes back. "Ladies and gentlemen, the organizers of the tournament have ruled that the previous defensive move -is- legal. No other angels actually entered the layer's surface. So let's get back to the match at..." He pauses, hears the buzzer go off, adjusts his sunglasses and clears his throat. "As I was saying... Rei Win!" The pale deus says nothing, only collecting her angel from the layer, giving a wave and a special look into the audience, and then walks off. "That was certainly one of the quickest tournament matches thus far! Although it doesn't come near breaking previous records. So, let's see who is up next..."