The Announcer adjusts his sunglasses, and stands up, putting a finger to his lips for silence until the crowd settles down. He then intones, "Welcome to the 237th match of the Tokyo City Tournament... "In the east corner, we have a pair of familiar faces - Deus Ito Fukata from Kyoto, and angel Yuki! Fighting for the values of tradition, they use a straightforward but pure fighting style." He pauses, biting his lip for a moment as if holding back emotion. "...And in the west corner... Deus, Akata Kenjiro. Angel, Hanzo. Although this is his first tournament, Akata seems to see the spirit of tomorrow in his glasses! His angel uses a blend of modern techniques and ancient Ninjutsu..." He pauses, holding perfectly motionless for a few moments, then raises his head, spreading his arms. "Who will come out on top in this struggle between the spirit of the past and the future!?"

Stepping into the arena for the fourth time in the last 2 days, and with a measured smile on his face, glancing up to the crowd before he continues towards the layer's chair. He seats himself quickly and reaches for the layer's headset, this match was a lot less important to him than his last - and for more reasons than because any hope of winning the tournament went away when his angel fell for the last time. He looks across to the yet empty seat across from himself.

Kenjiro steps into the arena once more with a smile on his face, "Man that announcer is funny." He looks into the crowd giving them a thumbs up as he leaps into the chair opposite of Fukata. This match has a lot in it for Kenjiro he hasn't won one match yet though he could care less as his only here to measure his skills to see if his ready to dismantle /Those Two/ who humiliated him weeks before. As he sits into his seat he gives Fukata a thumbs up as well, it seems Kenjiro's outlook on angel battles has changed over the course of the tournaments. "So what's up." he says cheerily.

The Announcer pauses for a moment to let the Deuses get into their seats, make thumbs-up signs to the crowd, and all that good stuff. He then makes a sweeping arm gesture. "Angels... fallin!" The layer glows for a moment as it activates, then blinks from scenery to scenery. Finally, it settles on a rope stretched over a bed of nails.

Fukata nods to Kenjiro in greeting, and says "Ossu, Kenjiro-kun." Fukata has seen Kenjiro's win record, and this makes him feel a little confident, but he's not fool enough to underestimate his opponents twice, after all Keichi surprised him in the second round. Reaching for his angel, Fukata closes his eyes while he recites his fallin phrase, holding his angel to his chest "Even in the impossible, let us not accept defeat. Ikke, Yuki!" and he tosses her to the layer.

Yuki flies through the air, and as she reaches the barrier she opens her eyes, taking in the difficult scenery and adjusting her fall - her arms extend and she slows - grabbing onto the rope and swinging up onto it and balancing with her hands by her side - the picture of calm, with a gentle smile..

Kenjiro nods as he slides on the visors, as his opponent opposing angel makes it's entrance he follows up with the same as he tosses Hanzo onto the layer. "Burn to ashes like the eternal phoenix!" shouts Kenjiro as Hanzo touches down on the layer he becomes engulf in a blaze of fire. As the fire begins to die down the flame wielding ninjitsu angel. Who seemingly balances himself on the layer rope the ninja's eyes examines his battleground and nods as his been here before and realizes how to maneuver on the rope. "Let's make this a show that the crowd will never forget!"

As the announcer announces the start of the fight Hanzo blazes into action dashing towards his opponent with intent to attack him viciously. He makes his way across the tightrope carefully trying his best not to fall, with one swift leap he takes to the air with intentions of delivering a quick kick, to get the battle heated up for the crowd.

On the layer, Yuki ducks and dashes under Hanzo, trading places with him, she spins around on the rope to face him as he lands and moves to make her retort, she moves into range and snaps out a sharp kick at the other angel's knees - it's not likely to send him falling to the spikes below, but losing his footing even a little could give her some momentum in the battle.

On the layer, Hanzo flies over Yuki with his kick passing by harmlessly he quickly tucks into a flip. Upon coming down he extends one of his free hands and grips the rope spinning around while dodging Yuki's attack. As he begins to come up he extends his legs once more in and attempt to deliver a fast upward flying kick with hopes it'll make her lose her footing.

On the layer, Yuki sways backwards just an inch or two, and she feels the air behind the kick as it passes by her. She flips backwards, putting some distance between herself and the ninja, trying to draw him towards her with a slightly taunting 'come here' gesture, she waits for his offense.

On the layer, Hanzo easily falls for the taunt as he continues his rush towards Yuki. He wasted energy from his previous assault and now has to be extra careful at what he launches. His attack of choice is a quick horizontal slash which is simple and effective at the most, as he traverses the tightrope.

On the layer, Yuki seems to stand still as he approaches and she makes no move to defend, but as his punch connects and she reels backwards, her form turns ghostlike and fades from view. The sounds of rushing air alerts Hanzo to the fact that she is no longer in front, but rather above him, and descending at high speed feet first and directly towards him.

On the layer, Hanzo eyes widen as he flies through his opponent an exclaimation mark would appear on his head if this was the anime or video game. He lands back on the tightrope and begins searching for his missing opponent who comes crashing down from above. Though instead of striking Hanzo Yuki strikes a piece of wood! Yes the legendary Body replacement Jutsu was put into action. A few feet from Yuki Hanzo can be seen examining his opponent who seems to be just as skilled as he.

On the layer, Yuki smirks, taking note of the other angel's tiredness - she thinks this match is moving into the end game. She moves in towards him as the wooden implement drops to the spikes below, splintering loudly as it is impaled. She advances slowly at first, then with a quick burst of speed, she is upon Hanzo reaching up for his head with one hand, pulling back her knee and balancing with the other arm - it's clear what's supposed to happen here.

On the layer, Hanzo makes a dash to block the attack, but isn't fast enough with his level of fatigue and the quickness of the kick. He takes the blow to the head full force with his head snapping back, at the same time he seems to retaliate by kicking forward at Yuki in an attempt to knock the angel off balance.

On the layer, Yuki drops backwards, seeming to fall off of the rope and only catching at the edge of her arm's length, she whips back up around the rope and lets go, flying high enough into the air to let out a few kicks at head height while she rolls in the air and reaches out to catch herself on the way down.

On the layer, Hanzo takes the blunt of the kicks to the face which sends him flying off the rope. Luckily he had some spunk and fight left in him to grab the rope and whip back around. He grips his face rubbing it slowly as he eyes his opponent before lunging in to execute a powerful yet severely slow vertical slash with his wrist blades.

On the layer, Yuki twists and ducks under the blades, standing straight and snatching out at tired ninja Hanzo's black tabi, she raises her elbow up against his cheek slowly - her fist clenched as she tenses all the muscles in her arm, and then with a sudden movement, snaps it back brings it in towards his face. A simple sharp blow may well finish this angel off, but if she can hold onto him he might not end up on the spikes below.

On the layer, Hanzo mouth begins squirting red hydraulic fluid all over the place as Yuki's attack connects giving it a realistic look. The upward force of the blow sends him high into the air and spiraling downard for you guessed it the lethal spikes of doom. The happens to be the second time that the amateur deus Kenjiro and his angel hanzo has met this brutal end while playing in the tournament. It must be his unlucky day for such a thing to happen twice.

The buzzer sounds the end of the match as Hanzo lies upon the spikes, and she looks down, wincing that he slipped from her grasp.

Fukata smiles a little, and beckons his angel to return to him. She first turns to Kenjiro himself, and bows deeply, before turning into a run and throwing herself out of the layer - and he snatches her out of the air. Fukata waits for the seats to descend to the arena floor.

Kenjiro hand reaches into the layer slowly removing his damaged angel from the battlezone. He shakes his head at the damage as his chair begins to descend. He gives Fukata a thumbs up as the battle has inspired him more to get stronger to defeat /Those Two/. "Good Match, pal." he says as the crowd begins cheering madly for Fukata's victory with Kenjiro being less of a crowd favorite though he does manage to gain a few cheers from some of the fans.

Taking a moment for once to actually look at the people cheering for him, Fukata still isn't used to the number of people - but he makes the effort to grin at the crowd and makes a V sign. Walking across the arena towards Kenjiro, he replies, "You did good yourself, Kenjiro-kun." he waits on Kenjiro to walk with him out of the arena.

Kenjiro follows Fukata out of the arena as he walks beside him, "Thanks I always put my best effort into all my matches, but now i'm starting to learn." he pockets his damaged angel after wiping it clean from the leaky fluid while giving the remaining people in the crowd a final wave.