The crowd mulls and makes their usual noise between rounds, conversing over the last rounds, speculating over the next to come. Just about everyone here has enjoyed quite the show from our competitors, and they're ready for some more! The sound is cut by the noise of a microphone when it gets too close to something, you all know it. This is then followed up by the Announcer's voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience throughout these periods between rounds! The second match of round five is about to begin!" The applause and cheers crash over the stadium with a cacaphonous thunder, but the Announcer manages to edge his voice out over it. "First up in the West corner, a young man who has been doing well in these games and has only shown defeat once at the hands of the Goddess of the layer, the Jade Ninja and his angel Makynzie!" The roar of the crowd amplifies and echoes across the arena, the Announcer waiting for it to die a bit before continuing on. "And his opponent for this match, a boy who has had a run of bad luck but has fought valiantly through every match! In the East corner, Maeno Juro and his angel, Rino!" Despite the boys bad luck, the crowd liked to watch Rino battle still and called out their cheers of admiration!

Kino comes walking out of the stands, kind of sad that this will be the final round of this tournament. He has come here to prove himself and he feels that he did his job...but it is not over just yet. He has one more match...and it is against one of Makynzi's favorite opponents...Rino. The clown's rings are quite fun to fight against. So, with a smile, he comes into the Arena and takes his seat, "Good luck Juro-san! This will be fun..."

Juro makes his way in surprised slightly by the amount of sound he is getting as he smiles and bows his head a little. His angel held in his palm as he makes his way to the seat and slides himself back. "I will try and give you a worthy match" his body giving a slight bow as he smiles a little tense but, looking like he is having a fun time none the less. His hand slowly pulling his headset out and slipping it on before the time for him to fall in can be called.

After the two dueses are set in place and ready to go, the layer's scenery began flashing and changing at a rapid pace. The Announcers voice picked up once more, "Now, where will these two Angel's battle it out today?" There is a beeping sound as the layer scenery flashes to a halt, the long pillared hallways of a temple to some unknown god coming into being on the surface. "It looks like the Temple of the Unknown God! Now then, Angel fall-in!"

Kino throws out his angel and yells out, "The earth is your element, know it well Makynzi!" The little Jade Ninja flips and then lands standing fully upright. He looks across to Juro and dusts some dirt off his shoulder. He's been in this temple before. Meanwhile, Kino calls out, "It will be exceptionally fun I am sure. Rino is always a worthy duel."

Juro takes a deep breath trying to ready his mind for once. "This stage is yours for the taking, Give your show to the fans, Rino take to your stage!" His arm throwing his angel forward as Rino hits the air she starts to flip and turn in a unorder like way. The moment she hits the energy that all changes as she jumps to life. Her bells ring in a slight tune of her movements as she flips and turns and the moment she lands in the layer she skids having to take a moment to stop all the spinning leaving a funnel of dust around her after the landing.

After both angels enter the layer and make their descent to the ground below, the lights flash and spin about before settling upon the layer once more. The crowd had come to a dull roar at this point, letting things take their proper course, and finally the Announcer calls out, "Angelic Fight-o!" With those words the cacaphony of noise coarsed through the arena to drown out anything any single person might be saying, leaving concentration on the fight the only thing left for the two opponents.

Kino and Makynzi nod, ready to fight. It seems that the ninja is going to attack first because he runs forward and throws out a quick slash of his gloved hands. Instead of thrusting, he's swinging his'll make it harder for Rino to use those rings of hers to make his own hands hit him. He's learned.

Let's face it a trick gets old if people figure it out so of course Rino isn't about to pull her rings out to play. As the punch comes in from the faster angel she simply leans to the side and brings her arm up. Her hand opens with the palm facing the blow as she catches the impact and stops it in the simplest motion she can think of. Her hand still holding on to his holds tighter as the other hand is free to reach in her hipbag. She pulls something new out and it looks like a sword hilt.... She makes the sparks of power from that arm as the sword jumps to life out of the hilt snapping metal linking and clicking out in a quick swoosh noise. The blade looking very nice like linked scales to make a blade as she holds tight with her hand on Rino and swings under her own arm toward Rino with the blade.

Kino watches as Makynzi's hand is caught. There is a split second that the ninja is stuck there that allows him to think of what to do next...and so as the attack from Rino comes, he knows what to do and moves. The ninja flips, allowing the socket in his shoulder to slide as it bends unnaturally. Ninjas are known to be multi-jointed...but even that looked like it might have been painful. The ninja jumps up and over Rino...and attempts to free himself from her hands by pushing off her head with his feet and gaining some distance.

It seems like the most simple plan always seems to work. As the blow comes she ducks and the kick misses but, she lets go of his hand in the process. Her other hand free now reaches in to the pack as she pulls out a second hilt like the first. The blade swings and springs out and to life as Rino turns and stands back up. The blades each have a color to them one blue and one red but, as they gleam in the light they seem to leave a trail of light as they swing. Her legs kicking forward as she starts to run forward and makes one stab with the red left blade toward the ninja's heart.

Not having anything to kick off...he angel just slides down to the layer floor. Man, that really wasn't so smooth...but it worked anyway...only very quickly does Rino move to attack him. He decides the best option is just to fall into the layer and disappear for a moment. Kino comments on those rings, "Ooh, pretty...does she do tricks?" He isn't mocking though...he's serious. Makynzi pops up from the ground right underneath Rino and attempts to push her over as he does so.

In the audience, you hear a female voice shouting, "Maki-ku~n!"

The comment goes unanswered for the moment as the angel comes again to attack. Her blades seem to moving in a well practiced grace as she uses them to make every little movement. Her dues leans forward and as the attack comes from below it happens in a flash. She starts to fall but, as she does her blade slashes out with a practiced slash across the Ninja's face. Her body rolling the moment she touches ground again and rushes forward crossing the blades to use them like scissors as she tries to cut a little more then just hair off the ninja's top.

Kino grins, "As you said, when you use a tactic multiple can be defeated...and so I see you have been learning as well." The ninja has been slashed...but he is still not done. He begins spinning like a top and throws his hands out. He's a jade toy...spinning in a slow methodical pattern...attempting to draw Rino into those arms that allow him to spin using centrifugal motion.

"I guess that is very true for both of us. " His eyes watching the layer as the ninja starts to spin faster and faster. His own angel taking as step back as she puts both blades to each other. The hilts both click in to place as she makes one large double blade staff as the hilts pop making more space in the middle. Juro sure knows how to make things it seems at least as Rino spins the new gadget and jumps back. Her blade spins making a simple fan of sorts that goes faster and faster the two colors of the blades mixing to make a purple solid mass as she spins and uses the blade as a shield. The large purple space as the blades spin doesn't stop as she takes a step back getting ready for the next move after ruining that attack.

Kino grunts as his attacks are not having much affect. He knows he is down...but he has faith in Makynzi. That last attack didn't really have any affect, but he hopes that this next one will. Makynzi rushes in and tries doing something that is not brute force. Instead, it's a technique...beautiful if performed properly. Makynzi's hand reaches out to try and touch Rino in a sensitive spot.

Even as the blade slows down a little as she tries to jump backward and out of strike range. The blade sudden tries to flip forward as suddenly the touch gets a nerve motion on her neck. Her whole body seems to freeze up if only for a second but, that was all it takes to lose your movements in battle.

With the damage done, the little ninja backs away. It seems he is showing Rino some mercy...or perhaps he just wants to make this an interesting match. Kino smiles at the duel and states, "You guard types hate that move hmm?" He chuckles.

The second ticks past and Rino is fine as the other angel backs off as if to give her a second chance. Juro glances at his opponent as he chuckles a little. "Well we are a rare breed it seems these days. " His angel flipping the blades in her wrist as she starts to rush forward again. Her arm swings inwards as she gives a second simple swing a moment later in a one two swing motion.

Kino smiles, "A rare breed, but still a nuisance to my fragile little angel." He chuckels. That was just a compliment it seems. The ninja dodges the swinging motion from Rino as it comes however...but decides to hold back for just a moment longer. He continues to think about what to do.

The blades move in the air leaving a wake of air a moment as she flips the hilts again as they snap free of each other. The clown like angel taking a step backwards as she starts to get some distance. Her arms holding the blades downwards not unlike a ninja might as she looks very ready for anything that might happen.

Rino better be ready for what is coming, because the little ninja has had enough of waiting. He gets ready to start his attack. Makynzi strides forward and attempts to sweep out the feet of that clown...again, swinging the leg...not thrust...harder for her to use her 'magic' that way.

Rino didn't need her magic really as first and for-most she was a blocker at heart. her whole body seems to tense and as the swing of the leg comes in it hits her leg and rebounds. The blow making her body jerk slightly but, not what he wanted it seems. Her eyes watching the other angel showing her own mis-matched eyes a moment as she takes a step back and readys again as if waiting, for what we can't tell.

Makynzi continues her attack. He runs after the waiting clown and goes into a lunge just before her. When he shoots back upwards, he does so with both hands. It isn't quite the same as when he came out of the ground, but it is similar. He figures that maybe his opponent won't expect the same attack...especially after the talk they had about it.

What no one seems to notice is lots of things seem to be going on. The clown angel steps back as the attack comes but, again she flips slightly turning her body backwards and dodging the blow mostly. Her whole body landing again as she flips the blades as if toying with them as she stands at the ready and staring with those eyes. Why is she waiting....

Makynzi allows the angel to continue waiting. If something is getting ready, he doesn't seem to notice...nor care. The little angel suddenly goes into a frenzy of speed...leading little after images here and there. He then bounds forward and attempts to tap Rino again...gently, but still harshly.

It seems Juro doesn't seem surprised at all as the attack comes again. This time her body turning and moving to only take the blow as lightly as she can but, it still connects. Her vision somewhat lost a moment as her eyes flash showing she just lost connection as she starts to slump forward again giving that moment every angel wants, a open spot.

Kino nods to Makynzi, telling him to continue attacking now...even while Rino is out. Therefore, the ninja jumps up into the air and comes down upon Rino viciously, using his hands as hammers. The ninja almost looks like he could be slamming a hammer to make the ball hit the bell at some circus game. It fits with the clown ne?

It all seems to come down around Rino as the attack comes sailing down. The whole crowd in the stands seems to hush watching as the moment almost seems to be in slow motion. The clown angel was about to get hit while she was down and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The attack comes down with such force that she looks as if she was about to be turned to scrap. The sudden flash from the layer comes from Rino's eyes as she jumps to life both blades cross as she holds them above her head as a block. The impact sending a wave that brushes the dust away from her in a circle from the impact. "Sorry close, so close." His eyes watching as his angel throws the blades upwards tossing the ninja back to get distance again. Her face drawing back in a smile as again she does nothing like a wall.

Kino laughs lightly..."True, so true...but I think...this might do something for me." He chuckles and smiles to Makynzi. The angel raises a fist into the air...and then slams it down towards the temple floor. Makynzi then stands and brings his hands up. As he runs towards Rino...she might start to get the feeling that there is something vibrating just under her feet. The temple ground is moving....and as Makynzi strides to strike her with a knife-like hand...the ground crumbles open, large jagged rocks poking up to hurt her show through.

It all seems to start to shake the whole temple rocked by the coming attack. Rino smiles as she takes this all rather well. As she suddenly jumps backwards and looks on a moment and slams her swords both in to the ground as she lands. "Final act start!" her voice rings out as a line of energy flows off the swords in to the ground the whole arena goes silent as the temple stills and everything seems to stop. Her blades slowly getting pulled out as she flicks them removing the stone dust from them as she smiles and looks toward her opponent.

Kino grumbles as the attack seems to fizzle out at the last minute....he just blinks...and then begins to smile. "My are learning from Ikuhara-san I believe." He chuckles and just nods. The ninja gets ready to try and get a few more attacks in. He brings that hand up again and attempts to slam it down to the he pulls his hand up, the vines around the temple move in to try and strangle Rino. Makynzi leaps in to kick the ringed creature.

The vines all spring to life and Rino drops the blades and lets the vines take her. The vines pile higher and higher on to her body soon covering her from head to toe in vines. In fact you can't see any of her body as she is held tightly in place. The coming kick hits home and the vines fold inwards as the crowd gasp as the vines fall away after the kick showing....nothing....

It is a very long moment as someone points in the lights of the temple near the alter a sudden flash is let out. Rino stands atop the alter in all her glory as she poses for the crowd getting a round of applause and screams for her lovely magic! She makes no move to attack and instead only waves as if ignoring her opponent for a moment.

Kino shakes his head and has Makynzi continue to is all he can do...even though he knows that his blinding combo fizzling out was the end of him. The angel throws out a hard jab...but it is a bit slow.

In the moment of the crowd it doesn't seem like it will ever end. Her body making a bow as the blow comes her way. Her attention quickly pulled back to the fight at hand as she jumps and flips away from the attack. Her feet touching down on the layer not to far from where she was before her little trick. Her feet move as she kicks up the swords she dropped only moments before to catch each with one in a hand. Her hands flipping the blades again as she rushes forward and starts to make a swing toward the other angel's side with the red blade arch.

Kino watches as that red blade manages to not only make contact...but causes Makynzi to get thrown off the layer and onto the floor below. Kino sits there stunned for a moment. "Well then...that is that. Congratulations Juro-san." He chuckles and jovially lowers his seat to grab Makynzi from the floor.

It take a moment for the crowd to figure out what happened. The action was only a single moment long but, it seems like the timer stops seconds before the match would have ended. The clown like angel slowly raising the blades as they click sliding to nothing but, hilts again as she puts them away. Her body giving a slight bow as she looks proud of herself for once in a long time. Her dues sits up as he smiles and nods a little. "Thanks, that was a match to remember and I think everyone agrees."

The crowds all roar as the match ends making it clear they loved every moment of it.

Juro slowly leans forward as his chair moves over the layer letting him get his angel out of the layer. The match over he waves to the crowd more then ready to guide the chair down so he can walk and get something to eat after such a stomach churning performance.