The only sound that seems to come from the waiting room is by far a sound that has to have been heard so many times before. The soft tap of someone with a leg that won't stay still no matter what he tries. Juro is sitting on one of the benches holding his angel as he looks her over making sure he didn't forget something before the match. His leg making the same tap tap again and again as it bounces up and down over his nerves. He was a showman he would be fine once he got out in front of people but, no great stage man ever could keep himself or herself from having jitters before a show right?

On the exact opposite side was a man apparenly not all that comfortable with being in the spotlights: or at least not much of a showman. Not tapping his feet, but just sitting there with a blank stare on his face. Or at least, it probably was a blank stare: not that one could see past the half mask. Coloured completely in white and with some black stripes on it to create a face on it like a mask. Dressed completely in black, the man just seems to be staring into nowhere with that one eye that was visable. His hands were hidden under the black cloak he wore, and the black hair did not really give much away about this person. The only thing that really was noticable was that this person was both as straight as well as as /long/ as a pole. He was quite the giant for Japanese people's doing, so most people had already asumed that he came from Europe instead from Japan. "..." Not a word was spilled into the room where the tension could almost be tasted... but then, with all the sweat: you could most surely smell it!

Then finally a lady comes around the corner from the Arena's side, walking in with a white clipboard on her arm and a neat Angelic Layer Staff uniform. "Layer Phantom and Maeno Juro? You are up. Mister Phantom, west corner. Mister Juro, east corner." The lady doublechecked her clipboard and nodded, looking back up to see who would move.

Movement then indeed came, from the man in the cloaked robes. The person nodded silently at the woman and stared around quickly to see who his opponent was. There was nobody in the waitingroom whom he had recognized. "Hmm." A hum then escaped his lips from underneath the half mask as he started to walk forth towards the Arena area.

Juro feels his leg stop as someone comes in and lets him take his mind off things again. His eyes drawn to the lady a moment as he nods as he finds out he has the east. He slowly starts to stand up as he notices his opponent as his nerves finally are taken care of. His eyes watching the tall person a moment thinking odd he is fighting someone he has no idea about but, then again you didn't needs to know names or faces in a duel. It was the angels that did the hard parts so there dues only served there own part. "Thank you." He notices the only sound from Mister Phantom a moment as he starts to make his way toward the way out to his side of the larger layer.

A resounding beep echoes through the arena, giving a quick alert of the impending match even before the egg-shaped chair lowers the announcer down towards the layer from somewhere above. "Sorry for the delay, ladies and gentlemen!" He says as he tucks a microphone up behind his sunglasses. "The next match of the Tokyo City Tournament is a match between first-timers. Neither have played in a major touranment before!" The spotlight swings over to shine on the Eastern corner of the arena floor. "East corner: A boy known for magic, illusions and slight-of-hand. Will his magic lead him to victory here today? I present to you, Maeno Juro! Magic Juro!" The crowd cheers, a couple of people whistle, and a few of those who had seen some of Juro's street magic start to nudge each other and point. "West corner: A young man, known throughout Tokyo for the strange and spooky things that seem to happen on the layer when he plays." The announcer wiggles his fingers, and the audience gives a resounding, spooky sounding 'ooooo'. "I present to you, Oi Ranmaru! The Layer Phantom!" A second spotlight swings over towards the Western corner of the arena floor. "Let's give them both a great welcome." Clapping, shouts, and cheers follow for both of the duelists.

The Layer Phantom, a name given him by people he barely knew, but a name he had taken on and was now even reflecting by the clothing he wore. Perhaps found silly by some, but at least this way he did not have to see all those people he was just able to hear. Slowly his feet took him forth into the direction of the egg formed chairs. He always wondered who designed those things, because they were a hell on your back. Yes, silly things to think about: keeping his mind off of the real things that he needed to worry about.

As he found himself before the chair, his fingers spread out and he seemed to feel over the fabric on which he would plant his body. It seemed different from the ones at the piffle princess. Apparenly appeased by this, he settled down quickly, moving one hand to move his cloak upwards before he sat down: for a moment allowing people to see his pale hands: his arms hidden by a black long sleeved shirt. "Hmmm." Another hum escaped his lips as his butt came down upon the fabric and settled there most comfortable. His angels was nowhere in sight as of yet... He just waited for the crane to take him up to the height of the layer.

As Juro gets some cheers it surprises himself slightly as he wasn't expecting that but, he does notice some of the people he had done tricks for standing in the stands. His face drawing back in to a smile as he slowly makes his way to his own seat. His eyes always seem to be going over each person in the crowd as he takes it all in. His angel resting in a little pouch at his hip as he turns and sits down in the chair. His body leaning back as he holds on tightly having a feeling the movements to come might be a little odd to say the least. His eyes watching his opponent a moment as he starts to think he has heard that name before but, that was one odd outfit to be wearing even if it was for a duel.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your duelists for this match!" The announcer repeats once both of the young men have taken their places. "And now... the layer this duel will be played on is..." There is a dramatic pause as the layer begins to flicker betwee sceneries. One after another, they blurr by until finally it settles onto a small grove and a fountain. "It's the Fountain of Youth!" There is some clapping from the crowd, and then things settle down as the announcer raises his hand. "You all know what comes next! Entry Angel!"

Entry angel... right. A little shock was felt as the pneumatic system activated and took his seat up into the air and settled him right in front of the huge layer. "..." His mind went: wow. The layer was huge compared to the ones at the piffle princess and at his own home. "Hmm." Another hum fled his lips as his one visable eye touched down upon Juro's presence. His opponent of tonight. Something inside of him wished to make this battle as fast as possible, away from these people who were all cheering without truly knowing him. It all felt so impersonal, yet at the same time quite flattering. "Entry angel... right." He whispered to himself. There seemed to be some movement underneath the cloak as he took hold of Kamui: an action quite invisable to others. His fingers wrapped around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth..

It's head first as it touched the bright light of the layer, immediatly forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffled violently by the speed it had been thrown! It's limbs seemed to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashed violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocked slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel, it was directed at Juro himself. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, it was almost demonic: if not, at least feral.

As the order to fallin in Juro stops looking around and puts his attention back on the here and now. His hands moving to his little bag as he pulls out his angel and smiles. His eyes watching the other angel fallin and start to take a rather moving pose as his eyes stare right back. His face wearing a slight smile as his heart started to beat faster telling him of his need for this moment. He leans forward a little as the seat had finished moving upwards making his stomach lurch a moment. "I guess we should start as well." He takes his hand holding his angel moving the black and white angel a little to show her toward the layer. "Time to put on show, take the stage Rino, Fallin!" His arm tossing forward to send his angel flipping head over heels toward the layer.

The angel flings in one turn after the next waiting for that moment of the layer taking her. Her mismatched eyes of blue and red open with a snap as she is feed energy from the layer. Her body spinning as she pulls her arms inwards turning in a spiral as she uses the movement to help her body turn one last time as she hits the layer skidding on her feet a moment before she gives a final bow with a huge grin of her own. Her final movement making the bells on her outfit jingle one time before she comes back up glancing around the layer a moment.

Well, there is at least one voice out in the crowd that is not solely impersonal. It isn't exactly a 'voice' either. What comes is a whistle that carries among the cheers in a familiar tune. Then, with both angels having taken their place on the layer, the announcer raises his hand up towards the scoreboard and yells, "Angelic Fight!" And from that moment, the timer begins, and the outcome of the match is solely up to the two combatants and their angels.

On the layer, Kamui slowly lowers it's gaze upon the angel before him. Black and white in color, it was easily standing out amidst this grass field clearing. It's eyes slowly shift towards the fountain. "Nya..." It let out a meow, a quite satisfied one at that before aiming it's eyes back at Rino. "Nya!" It let out a meow once more, this time a bit more pressing towards a growl. And then... the angel disappeared. The only thing that proved that Kamui had indeed been standing there on the grass were some scorchmarks.

It was from above that the angel suddenly appeared. Slowing down as it had to shift it's direction to try and hit Rino. "Nyaaa~!" it let out a battlecry of some sorts, claws extended and apparently aiming it's attack at Rino's head. It's legs had been used to jump up, so were straight after it's body, making the angel look as if it was still standing up. No horizontal stance here. This was no lunge, this was just attacking from above!

Ranmaru in turn started looking away from the layer, staring at the direction of a whistle which he had heard. It had sounded familiar and heartwarming, something he had recognized for sure. "Mikage... ai." He spoke softly. "She is cheering for me." He finished the sentence and aimed his head back to the layer. "Let's do this."

It seems Juro is enjoying the moment as he leans forward in his seat watching the layer as the other angel vanishes in a single drawn out moment. His eyes having to keep on his angel as his heart is pounding so fast he fears he will lose in seconds. His angel starting to move again the moment that the feline vanishes only to reappear coming down toward her. The black and white seems like a flash as she puts both arms up and does something new catching the coming attack by it's wrist as she spins using her turn to deflect his blow to give a slight mark on her shoulder but, nothing else.

"Guess we need to put on a show proper, Rino show him you ring trick. " The angel reaching down in to the bag at her hip as she pulls out two small metal rings that click and expand to a larger size. There metal rims gleam in the light as she starts to spin one on each wrist as she starts to rush forward and swings her arm around using the sharp edge of the ring as simple slash.

On the layer, Kamui jumped away from the opposing angel the moment it had hit and been let go off.

'Weapons?' Ranmaru seemed to frown behind his mask as the opposing angel presented two cirlcle-formed blades and started comming forth with them. His own angel, after just having gotten away from the 'clown' the angel found itself facing said blades quite closely though, as Rino started waving them around. However, it seemed that Kamui was quite apt at ignoring these blades as it used the fact that he was so close to the angel to: when the situation occurred, suddenly shoot forth one arm. It's claws were found to be shining a bright light for some reason. And to the crowd it was quite clear, if they were watching the scoreboard, that it suddenly seemed to show white noise before setting it's status for both angels to 'calculating damage' for some reason. A green aura had shown itself between Kamui and Rino for a moment, as apparently Kamui had hit the opposing angel...

The Layer Phantom in turn shifted it's eyes as he looked over the Deus' visors, trying to make sense of it all. "Hmm." Apparently he recognized it however, as a little smirk appeared on the non masked side of his lips...

The layer leaving the flash would make more then a few people gasp as the attack almost seemed to fast to see what happened. The layer letting people see again as it seems damage was done but, not nearly a lot. A small spark flies off of Rino's cheek as a small cut is shown on the left cheek but, not a single mark other then that. It was slightly odd but, this angel was something odd all by herself.

The angel starts to move quickly not letting this moment pass by as her arms swing the blades around. Her body turning as she starts to flick the rings a new glint taken in them as she throws one then the other in a quick one two throw of the blades as they spin and whirl toward the opponent.

On the layer, Kamui once again made distance between itself and Rino, jumping twice back and finding itself at the fountain. What followed was quite... basic and silly. The angel jumped all the way onto the fountain and turned around towards the opponent. It's chest turned into a horizontal position and it's head shifted to look at Rino, who was quite some inches away from Kamui. "Nya nya nya nya nyaaaa." It taunted, patting it's but with one paw, tail twitching: whilst the other at it's eye. As if Kamui was sticking out it's tongue and pulling down the skin at his right eye.

Ranmaru's hand came up to his mouth and he seemed to chuckle as this occurred, finding it quite amusing apparently. "Baka neko." He then spoke for the very first time, that was: at an audible volume. His head shook as he chuckled again.

On the layer, Kamui by then jumped down the fountain once more and made it so that Rino was on the exact opposite side of the fountain at all times.

The magic boy rolls his eyes and chuckle as the neko makes it clear he is much faster this this other angel. Rino does her best as she makes a jerk motion backwards with her arms as the faint light shows off two twin wires that are attached to the rings so as she jerks they stop movement forward and fly backwards where she catches them. She throws her arms outwards and starts to bounce the two rings off the fountain trying to get a attack to get at just the right angle to make it around the stone fountain and hit at the neko.

When the blades shoot out, a grin appeared on the Layer Phantom's face. A grin, he could have sworn also appeared on Kamui's. The angel suddenly jumped to the right after a couple of attacks had hit the fountaint and actually caught the wire, using the pull back to fling itself straight at Rino. It's claws set forth, a sudden violent blue aura appears around the angelic catboy. An aura that shone quite brightly, more brightly than the layer itself at least. It was quite undescribable to most, but recognizable by others. One of Rei's signature moves, the Spirit Force. A bond between Deus and angel, forged to such strong ends that they were able to assist eachother beyond the normal bounds of control.

It's speed was insane as it was, but with the momentum of using the opponent's attack, Kamui seemed to be like a blue meteor rampaging forth at Rino. It's claws seemed to be brilliantly lit up: the diamonds creating a rainbow which displayed in the air above the layer because of the light filtering through it. At the last moment said rainbow shot forth... aimed at Rino as well.

The whole thing seems to be going a mile a moment as each blow comes off only to lead to the next one. Rino has no time as her blades come back as the opponent times his own attack to time with her moment of error. The wires going tight as she flicks her wrist trying to pull them back as the other angel starts to fling those claws forward again. The single swing of her arms sideways pulling the rings in at the last seconds as Kamui's attack leaves a mask of sparks as diamond claws cut in to the steel rings marking in to the metal as Rino shows why it is said what she does is magic sometimes.

With the way things where going Juro couldn't let even a second pass before the next movement of this dance moved forward. The angel moves slightly using the marked rings as she grips them from the inside tightly to swing her arms trying to flick one ring around his neck as the other slides in under it like a odd trick to try and hold him and slice him at the neck in a single fluid motion.

On the layer, Kamui found himself hitting metal instead of the fleshy substance that marked the angels so distincly. The angel immediatly pushed itself away, only to find out that it had been caught... though because of his rapid movements, one right had come onto his right arm which he had moved upwards to give him more momentum in his jump upwards. The angel ended up falling to the ground like a kitty using something humans have never heard of before... kitty gravity! That's right, the nice little landing on four paws. The ring was then quickly undone with it's other hands before it settled down on all fours, lowering itself as far as possible to the ground and started a staringcontest with the clown. Or at least, it was trying to do so.

It was hard to think that the cat like angel could move so quickly or well but, it was showing that Rino was at a real disadvantage to this faster angel. Her rings now both still on wire but, she makes no move jerk the wires back and instead does something a little more simple. She leaves them where they are as she starts to rush forward and tries to make this staring contest end by making what looks like a foot ball punt kick trying to use a kitty head as a ball.

The hell the angel was going to just stick around and wait right there to be kicked, right? It seemed as if it was waiting though. Rino comming closer and closer... it waited. Kamui waited until Rino actually moved one feet back before he suddenly attacked! A magnificent attack! A murderous move! A... pounce? Yes, that's right, Kamui had wiggled it's behind and leaped at Rino to try and pounce the clown over onto the floor. No intentions of damage, just putting all of it's weight onto this clown. "Nya!" It let out a satisfied meow as it did so.

Ranmaru in turn started chuckling once more, nodding at Kogi. "I hope you are having as much fun as I am." He spoke, trying to start a conversation. "Don't mind Kamui's odd antics, he's just weird sometimes. But then, you can't blame him. He is as unpredictable as a cat." The boy was talking about the angel as if it was a completely differentl being.

The other boy sitting in the high up chair chuckles as he shakes his head. "OF course I am having fun, it is hard not to be having a blast right? " His hands making little motions as his angel is held down showing slightly little bumps from the fall but, nothing else. "I have to admit your angel is something else."

The angel under the feline starts to move again giving no warning as she flicks her wrist and the wire goes tight and one of the rings rings as it starts to roll down the layer in a long drawn out sliding cut. Her hand trained to catch it touches the inside that isn't sharp and turns the ring with a flick to try and cut the feline again.

In turn the angel just... jumps. It jumps over the wire as if it were nothing and then suddenly chased it! It were mere seconds as the angel chased the metal circle and suddenly shot it's paws forth to... cut the wire. That's right, Ranmaru was a man who knew science quite well. And with his instinctive feeling he had sent out his angel to cut the wire at just the moment so that the circle would change directions and fling at Rino. Having hit or not, Kamui quickly got out of the way after that and settled at the fountain once more, only to sit in the waterfountain and to start to clean itself. That's right, a cleaning cat. Apparently the angel was having trouble keeping itself clean with all this fighting and running, and was under the impression that this was the moment to go and groom his fur. Ranmaru seemed to raise an eyebrow for a moment, apparently confused by this behavior: as if he had not ordered the angel to do this at all. But a shrug followed. "I am indeed having a blast." He answered at a monotone voice. "I really am." He tried to make himself sound enthusiastic, but it just would not come out that way.

There is something you don't see every day a angel that would rather cut a wire then clean itself instead of really attacking. That isn't the point at all it seems as Rino finds the ring coming back to her but, not controlled like before. Her body having only enough time to get up and try to move before the ring makes a gash in her side as it flies past in a single go before falling to the layer with a clatter.

The other arm jerks pulling her last ring toward herself and without a moment to spare she swings her arm forward tossing the ring sideways to make a slice in the air toward the fountain and the cleaning cat.

Okay, there are a couple of things you do not do with a cat. One... wake it up whilst it is sleeping. Two... not feeding it in time. Three... bother it whilst it is cleaning. And guess what Rino just did! He just broke the most important rule of all. Number three! He attacked a cat whilst it was grooming itself. A little reflection formed a star-like expression on the side of it's eye as Kamui caught sight of the metal object. "..." It did not even say anything. It seemed as if it was not even dodging. Well, it also seemed like Kamui had never been on that fountain! Just like the very first attack he had pulled off, the angel had simply disappeared into nowhere. The layer even seemed to dim for a moment, as if it did not even register Kamui on the layer anymore!

"He's still there." Ranmaru suddenly voiced. "Right there."

Yes indeed, the layersystems had found Kamui indeed, and at what a place it did! The angel had found itself placed right behind Rino. It had seemed as if he walked out of an invisable door. As if the holographic projection of the system had hid Kamui from sight! "Nya! Hiss! Meow hisss! Meow kill! Meow hiss! Meow MURDER!" Was it using Japanese words now all of the sudden? The angel's claws were both extended, the paws set above the clown... ready to let the impending doom befal Rino. "NYA!" And down came the claws in a frenzy of attacks. Trying to claw on anything it could find, anything it could possibly get it's claws on was quite likely to be torn to shreds. Those were real life diamonds it used as weaponry, and Ranmaru had only recently let new ones be cut to make sure that they were nice and sharp. Kamui's eyes were a violent and bright crimson red now, as if it was going berserk!

It is hard to know the rules that should never be broken if you don't own a cat yourself. It was hard to think anything could move that fast but, it meant very little what anyone thought. The sound of ripping and grinding parts can be heard loud and clear as each slash and move started to cut in to and rip large gashes in to Rino's back. The angel falling forward almost unable to get away as the bar on the display for health drops like a rock. Rino wasn't one to give up but man that hurt.

The moment seems to last a whole hour pressed in to a few seconds as Rino starts to jump backwards in time to turn and tries to swing her arm in a simple punch running out of energy for show it seems.

"You have already lost, mister Juro. As much as people like magic... the show is over. There is no more need for it to go on. Kamui... finish it." On the layer, Kamui just steps aside as Rino tried to punch at him. "Nya...?" The angel seemed to turn towards Ranmaru quickly, to see if it was 'okay'. The Layer Phantom nodded gently with a smile... and Kamui turned back towards the opposing angel. It too showed a little nod before it started shining in a bright blue light once more. The same light that had been shown before. The layer suddenly illuminates in a beautiful whitish light, and two objects suddenly seem to appear at the top of the layer. A beautiful image of two blue orbs, floating towards eachother and combining into one. Kamui lights up more fiercely. It's almost as if the angel were on fire! "It was fun." Ranmaru commented gently, giving a most gentle smile at Juro. "Thank you." And suddenly the layer itself becomes as bright as the sun itself. Well, okay, not that bright, but it was bright enough to blind anyone for a few seconds who was not looking away!

The only real noises that seem to come from the blinding bright layer are the sounds of ripping and something that sounds like a heavy hit. The whole thing sounds really great to bad not a single person can see what is going on but, as the light is still held even higher the angel comes flying out. Not under her own power the dead look in her eyes making that clear to anyone that can see that as she flies out of the layer and lands with a heavy thunk on the ground far down. It was hard to say what exactly happened but by the look of the angel it looks as if someone had taken a dagger to her body again and again then slammed her chest inward like crumpling paper.

"I guess that is it then.." he shrugs slightly not looking at all that sad as he sighs and waits for the seat to lower so that he can retrieve his angel from her landing spot on the ground.

The Layer Phantom takes hold of his angel as it jumped towards him, and allowed the crane to take him down to the ground. With a quick movement with his cloak he got up and turned around, walking away from the layer at a steady pace. His eyes however seeking over the stands, in search of the albino girl he loved. But he could not find her because of his bad eyesight.

And as he finally stepped into the doorway that took him away from the arena, he took off his mask to bind his blindfold back over his head before putting it back on... going out of the waitingroom to wait for anybody who wanted to maybe talk to him.