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Since the first Angel Egg, the cute egg-shaped box that stores a bare Angel
doll in a protective fluid, was sold, four national tournaments were held,
first three won by an anonymous woman going under the name 'Shuu'. In the
tournament of 2001, Suzuhara "The miracle rookie" Misaki, who managed to climb
the tournament ladder with no prior training straight to the top, took over
the champion's title - from a woman who turned out to be her own mother. Soon
after the tournament, Angelic Layer Inc., the company that makes and sells the
Angels, announced that it will soon be releasing the first non-game product
based on Angel Technology - the artifical legs moved through the power of
mental control. Other devices are said to be on the way.

In 2002, Angelic Layer Inc. announced the release of the New Layer Control System, based on an entirely different method of picking up brainwaves. The system would be used for all official torunaments from then on. This was not the first time they radically changed the technology; the introduction of holographic Layer scenery during the opening ceremony of the 2001 Kanto tournament was just as unexpected.

While the change did require everyone to learn moving Angels anew, it allows the players to experience tactile feedback, literally feeling what their Angels touch. It also allows much more precise control over the Angels' motions than before, and makes Angels that speak, fly, or have active tails possible - something that the previous Layer hardware allowed only with a lot of strain, when used in an unexpected way. The announcement caused much excitement among the fans, because it essentially leveled the playing field for everybody, including the old champions.