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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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Angelic Layer Mush has an extensive rules system which covers everything from basic behavior to guides on Japanese society and schooling. While this page will give you a basic overview of our policy rules, you should take the time to look over the rules system, including the full policy, once on the game.

  • Intentionally trying to damage the MUSH database, server, or site, subverting any MUSHCoded system will result in @nuking, site-banning, and contacting your ISP. Doing the same to another MUSH is subject to the same consequences.

  • Lying to a staffer on the matters concerning MUSH events and the database is a punishable offense.

  • Threats of any kind towards the players or staff made by other players, (as opposed to the threats towards the characters made by other characters) including threats of legal action, subpoenas, etc. etc. are grounds for immediate refusal of the use of MUSH facilities to the perpetrator. If you threaten someone with real-life violence, we will be happy to assist authorities in locating you.

  • The staff wields supreme rulership over any events within the game continuity. This is universal practice on story-oriented roleplaying MUSHes, and while the staff rarely executes this power to its full extent, you should be well aware that it exists.

  • Spying on players using puppets or coded objects while they are out of character is prohibited.

  • Antisocial behaviour while out of character, inappropriate usage of channels, spamming, flaming over channels or publicly, sexual or non-sexual harrasment of ANY form including unrestrained glomping of unwilling individuals, etc. will not be tolerated.

  • Spoofing another player without their prior consent is prohibited.

  • OOC information must NOT be applied whilst IC. You can use IC information only if you obtained it through IC means or if all those involved agree with you using it.

  • All player character objects who did not complete character approval process will be destroyed after 15 days of inactivity. All player character objects which did complete character approval may be destroyed after 60 (up to 300) days of inactivity unless their absence is in some manner adequately explained. The players shall be emailed upon nearing or passing this boundary. If your email address bounces due to permanent fatal errors, your character will be destroyed right there - so keep it current if you don't want this to happen.

  • To conclude, we consider an act 'unwelcome' if we don't welcome it, or if other players of good faith are offended or distressed by it. There are many things not listed here that constitute being a jerk. Don't be one. Yes, we can take a joke, but usually no more than once. Use your common sense, lest we get to use ours on you.