"Players, enter the arena!"

There is a thudding boom as the stands start to do what could only be the Japan-ized version of 'We Will Rock You'. Stamp, stamp, clap! Stamp, stamp, clap! And in the background, they're actually playing that famous Queen song, without the lyrics, of course. "Today! An epic match! The two yet to be defeated players, Aogiri Mikage the /White/ /Storm/ and Kato Kino the /Jade/ /Ninja/, today they are prepared to fight to see who will come out for dominance in the Kanto regional qualifiers!" Cheers erupt from all over the stands, both sides of the arena drowning out the other. An entire section of the audience wears white robes to denote their purity to the cause - Mikage, of course - while another section, also fanatically devoted, wears neon green shirts, shining brightly in the light.

On any normal day, the arena for these games was not something to surprise Mikage that much, but certainly today is one of those days that makes her hover near the hallway as she is introduced. "I think... they've gone a little too far this time, ne Rei?" She asks of her angel, looking down at the lifeless form in her hands. A small, nervous shiver runs through her, something that hasn't happened in a long time. Still, people were never Miki's strong point. The pale girl reaches over and pulls up her headset, putting on the black headgear with its red visor and extending both the demonic white wing and feathered black one. Best to go out this way. She takes a breath, and then steps forward into the cheering and light.

To say that things were overwhelming would be an understatement. Miki squints and raises a hand up, giving a practiced smile as she turns towards each part of the arena to greet the audience. She can't see them, of course, but at least she can be polite and acknowledge their cheering. Then, she makes her way over towards the egg-shaped chair, settling into it gracefully before laying Rei onto her arm. The chair moves slowly upwards over the arena floor and then locks into place with a small stutter. Only then does she reach forward and plug in her headset, pulling down a little microphone from the side and giving a nervous chuckle across the layer to Kino. "You'd think someone told them we were coming..."

Kino doesn't get nervous...nope...he's just clutching Makynzi that tightly because he luvs his angel that much...yup, that's it. Hopefully the little delicate angel won't get crushed before he can make it to the layers. Kino's heart thumps loudly in his chest...not so much because of the loud cheering fans wearing his name's sake color...but because he's going up against the Goddess. Surely, there will be more matches, but this, for Kino, is the finals. This is what will tell him the most about his love for Makynzi.

The young boy walks out into the stands and holds up his free hand for a wave. It isn't a practiced gesture, so it comes off a little shakey, but who can tell right? Only everyone that is watching the monitors since he's on the big screen. Great! Kino manages to get across to the egg chairs as well and seats himself, placing his visor on his head to get some peace for a moment. His mind will focus on going through those mechanics...grabbing the visor...placing it on his head...good good...now find the button to turn it on. It takes a moment as he stares out over his cheering section and actually manages to see a few small signs. Not that he can read them...but they love him, they really really love him! He smiles shyly and then blinks as Mikage speaks ot him, "Hmm...hai!" He chuckles, "I am just surprised to see a streak of green in the crowd of white. I feel like my followers are blasphemous. You are the Goddess and they should be cheering for you." He smiles lightly.

"On the West Corner, we have Aogiri Mikage, Goddess of the Layer, the White Storm, standing champion of the area!" The announcer's voice rumbles with each syllable, carrying the effect out to those even in the nosebleed seats. "Having triumphed her enemies with Rei, the balanced guard gargoyle, Mikage moves on to another match..." A dramatic pause. "But is this match just another match? Kato Kino is a local favorite, given his speedy Makynzi's amazing ninjutsu and crazy tactics, it's hard to tell where he's going to strike next! He is the Jade Ninja, harnessing powers of the earth to bring an end to his enemies!"

The announcer swivels his chair towards the layer, when suddenly the hologram flicker into view, revealing two trains traveling in circles and in opposite directions. "The background happens to be our train scenario, where two trains going around in circles provide cover or danger, depending on how they're used. Will our angels be run over by an awry car? Only time will tell on this dangerous layer," the announcer states.

"Ooooooohhhh." The crowd stares at the moving train in fascination.

"ENTRY ANGEL!" The announcer swings his arm down in an aikido judo-chop like motion, indicating the start of what might be brutal hostilities.
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Ikke! Mikage and Rei!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Do your best! Kino and Makynzi"

"You're silly, Kino-kun." Mikage's voice softly replies through the headsets. She isn't one to yell across the layers like some combatants, and probably couldn't if she wanted to. "I've heard from Ranmaru that you're going to be staying with us." There is a hint of amusement in her voice. "Let's see if you can earn your place with us, ne?" Perhaps she is adding a little bit of challenge to the match. "Goodluck, my friend."

A spotlight shines its way down onto the pale girl and the angel resting on her outstretched arm. For a moment, Rei seems like any child's doll, loved and kept with the utmost of care. Who could imagine that within that serene, calm exterior, lay the creature so many feared on the layer. Mikage's eyes seem to focus no further than the heads-up display of her visor, showing a customized readout of everything a normal deus would be able to see just by looking at the scoreboard or down onto the layer.

Mikage glances at the scenery, and then nods her head just once before tapping the side of her headset, flipping the microphone from local area to arena announce. "Spirit of my heart, will of my dreams, bring our souls together. Be my wings. Rei!" One might notice that each of her fall-ins are slightly different, although along the same theme. With a flick of her arm, Miki sends the gargoyle-angel falling into the layer. It almost seems as if she will crash head-first into the huge tree, but her wings flare out, flapping twice as emerald eyes shine onto the layer, turning quickly to descend towards the ground. Finally, with two great back-wings, she settles into the snow, giving herself a shake like a canine getting rid of water after a particularly enjoyable swim. She then turns her eyes towards Kino, bowing towards him and then settling herself into a ready stance, only glancing over her shoulder once to check on her deus.

Kino bows his head. "Hai!" he resounds in response to being silly. His eyes cross slightly and he sticks out his tongue playfully...before becoming very serious. "I am honored that you would let me live with you Goddess. Thank you with all of our heart." He holds Makynzi up. "I shall do my best to not hold back. I am sure that it will be a good fight for the crowd." He smiles brightly and gets ready to throw his angel in.

Before he does, he stares at Makynzi one last time....and chucks the angel towards the layer. As Makynzi flies through the layer's barrier, Kino shouts out, "The earth is your element, know it well Makynzi!" The little jade ninja lands on one of those trains and stands, dusting some dirt off his gui's shoulder pads. The little ninja is ready to do battle, bringing up both of his hands. For all his Deus's sillyness, the angel is here with a purpose. To prove himself. As the train the ninja is riding on passes the gargoyle in the snow below, he bows his head in greetings...and then woosh, the train is back behind the large tree and Rei is lost from sight. Kino chuckles and then nods. He too...is ready.

From her place on the ground below, Rei watches as the train disappears behind the tree. Sooner or later, she'll have to move up to join the ninja, but at the moment she seems to be using the advantage of the low ground and the cover of white snow which blends easily with most of her hide. Her tail flicks, sending splatters of snow to the left and right. She blinks snowflakes from her eyelashes, even as her deus settles back, seemingly allowing her opponent to make the first move. A tactical decision, or a mistake that will come back to haunt her against this speedy angel?

"Angelic FIGHT!" The announcer is pithy with his announcement, but what's there to say except 'fight'? Let's do this, boys and girls.

The jade ninja comes back around on the train set once more, this time having hopped from the train going one direction...onto the train going in the other direction. He's already started being sneaky. He's coming back around the tree from the same way he went behind the tree. Luckily for Rei, the tree is a darker shade of green then the ninja...so he stands out as he allows the train's momentum to catapult him towards Rei. He leads with a very simple hook punch...just trying to test Rei's reflexes today perhaps.

The gargoyle's reflexes seem quite adept today, along with many of her other senses. It is her ears that twitch first, hearing the approach of the ninja even in his most stealthy of approaches. Her nose twitches next, but all she seems to do is step back and raise her arms infront of her. This is not an unusual gesture to be seen from this creature. No, light glimmers for just a moment across an invisible barrier which repells back the vast majority of the jade ninja's attack, leaving barely a scratch on the little creature as she sneezes, blowing up a little puff of snow. Distracted by all of this snow falling, she shakes her head out and seems to make an effort at focusing, driving forward and then spinning into a powerful tail-snap towards Makynzi's legs. Trailing behind that powerful tail, though, is a faint aura of red, drawn forth from the earth below her while no one was looking, it seems.

Kino is watching the match intently, knowing that it will be a hard fought duel whether he wins or loses. He's here to win...but he's still going to have fun. When that shimmer goes up as his angel's punch connects, Kino's face brightens..."Thought that would happen," he comments lightly. It is the next move that causes Kino to grunt. He had miscalculated the gargoyle's accuracy with that long hard tail of hers...and it actually managed to thwap the jade ninja is the back. The Announcer shouts, "Waaah, this is the first time anyone has touched Makynzi this tournament! What a move by Rei-san!" Kino smiles and nods, though his attention is focused just mili-seconds after the blow connected. He and Makynzi bring up a gloved fist for an uppercut. Kino chucles as he mimes the action, "Give it to her Makynzi!"

By this point, Mikage seems to have tuned out much of the outside world. The cheering and the announcer seem like something happening around another person in another world rather than being something part of the here and now. All of her attention is solely on her angel. She knows well enough that one small strike is not enough to end the danger of Makynzi for this match. Rei is quick to duck below the uppercut that comes, giving a faint hiss of sound as if warning off further attack. It is unlikely to actually have the intended outcome, but she isn't human afterall, you can't expect her to understand the human need for such violence. But, where violence is given, violence is returned. The gargoyle draws back a little bit, scooping up a handful of snow and trying to send it into the ninja's face, perhaps to give herself enough time to put some distance between herself and her opponent.

Whether it was that hiss or something else, the little ninja goes poof into a dark black cloud. He's gone almost as soon as the punch comes for him. Was he scared? Whatever it was, the ninja stays hidden for a good long time. The time gives Kino some space to think without needing to concentrate on not being hit. Wherever the little angel is...and even Kino doesn't know where Makynzi goes during such times...he eventually comes back. A spark of black smoke erupts right at the tip of the tree...where Makynzi chooses to sit and wave at Rei from.

Well, with Makynzi giving her the well wanted space, Rei backs off and hops up onto one of the trains, beginning it's slow circle around the layer. She crouches like some animal watching her prey, unsure of exactly what it might be planning. Her tail twitches, but she takes the time given to her to do her own sort of strategizing, sharpening her talons slightly on the train car below her, which causes a couple of little holographic people to scream and go fleeing to other cars.

Yes, just what is that wily ninja planning? Well...he's got something in mind alright. As the sparks begin to fly from the train below...due to Rei's claws of course...Makynzi jumps. The speed with which he falls /has/ to be faster than the terminal velocity...but maybe that's just an optical illusion. Either way, when he lands...there's a loud *crack* on the layer floor. No sooner does the crack resound, than Makynzi leaps straight for Rei. If it were any other angel, that crack would probably mean that a 'bone' broke from the land...but instead, the crack was from the layer itself. A small fault line opened up and caused the train tracks to come unhinged...and the train that Rei was swipping at...quickly moves to fall over onto her. As the train, and scared individuals inside, perform an Amtrak impersonation, Makynzi tries to simply...push Rei out of the way...the hero? No, it's a very focused strike designed to actually keep Rei in the path of the falling train...a stunning maneuver to be exact.

Luckily for Rei, she seems to see this attack coming, and thus is prepared for it. She has not seen this strange earth shattering technique before, but she has seen many things from many angels in attempts at causing her harm. So, rather than being on the ground where all the danger seems to be, she backflips and then flaps her wings, taking to the air before starting to circle around the large tree. Her talons flex slightly, as if they were craving action. She roars out, backwinging and slashing those talons through the air, creating red arcs where they go. Those red arcs extend outward, collecting snow and moisture from the air as they go, racing down towards Makynzi and the derailed train. Poor hologrpahic people, hope they have good medical insurance.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Gooooo! Mikage-chaaaan!"

Bah, Rei was too fast for the speedy attack. Not only was she too fast to hit, but she was too fast to strike back. This causes Makynzi to be caught off-guard. He does dodge the attacks just fine by moving around...however, that poor train takes the brunt of the onslaught and explodes. Hm...this seems to have gone slightly violent as a few of the holographic forms die in flame as they run out and fall into the snow. It was that little extra explosion that causes Makynzi to have to fall into the snow himself...though he actually falls through the snow. When he comes back out, he's farther away...and waiting. Kino's brow furrows as he thinks of what to do.

From her high vantage point, this seems like a good time for Rei to follow up her previous attack by calling upon the powers that be. The dark clouds already glittering snow down onto the layer begin to swirl like some great vortex of power readying itself above. The temperature drops even more as the gargoyle's voice begins to chant in a strange, gutteral language, the very winds seeming to rise to her command. They swirl below her, keeping her aloft, whipping up the snow already on the ground and making the entire layer floor seem like a blizzard has decended. But those who know this power know that this is only the begining. The real power of this technique is yet to come...

Kino smiles heavily as the wind begins whipping all over the place. It's definitely like a blizzard on the layer right now...and Kino knows just what's coming. Oh yes, he's ready for it though. Makynzi heads for shelter by jumping into the tree branches. It certainly doesn't help /that/ much as there's bits and pieces of things flying around in there, but it's better than nothing as if he were in the open out there.

There is a moment in time when all hell breaks loose on the layer. The snow almost blinds everything out of existance as thunder rolls. Flashes of lightning flicker and strike against the tall tree, sending branches raining down. Hail falls in huge chunks from the air above, littering the once peaceful layer that has now turned into this battleground. A roar echos at last as the full force of this blizzard takes hold, actually whiping the one loose train off of it's moorings and into the layer's edge where it crackles just once and then settles, half of it vanished where the holographic systems can't keep up.

Kino watches the destruction reining in and comes up with a plan. Makynzi throws his, now well-known, smoke bomb through the branches of the trees. It lands by the trunk and explodes open, sending billowing smoke all across the layer. The only problem...the wind from the storm takes it and causes it to become...not a white out as it was with the blizzard, not a black out as it would have been with the smoke, but a light grey out. If the fans in the stands couldn't see Rei before, now they can't see /anything/ inside the layer except that thrashing storm and fog. The occasional lightnight strike can be seen, but it is as if through a far off cloud. The plan? Makynzi knows that the safest place to be...is right by Rei...so he leaps from his branches and hurtles himself towards the gargoyle...getting in nice and close. He throws out a kick...trying to hook himself onto her if at all possible.

It is true enough that the safest place in a storm is in the eye, the center, the source. The area around Rei seems almost as if it has no such wind or bluster whatsoever, but the smoke is enough to get to her. The little angel's ears fold down as she coughs and holds up a hand infront of her nose. Nasty stuff for sensitive sniffers! She hacks and coughs and wobbles before dropping a little in the air to land on the tree to support herself. Second hand smoking is bad for you, you know... Still, even with her eyesight and vision obscured, she somehow is still able to sense the impending attack and tucks herself up so that only her armored shoulder shows. *clang* Something she can't see hits off the metal, but she has no time to worry about that for now, as she goes back to coughing some more.

Well, in some bizzare anime style punch, that attack resounded with enough force to cause the little ninja to be propelled upwards. Then again, maybe it was just the drag on his gui from all the swirling wind. Whatever the case, Makynzi goes up a little, then comes back down. This time, as he passes, he throws out a hook punch. He doesn't care if he falls back down to the layer this time because he knows soon that everything will be slowing down by the time he gets there...hopefully at least. Kino watches Mikage for a second and shouts out, "I don't think I've ever seen such a violent duel before. This is truly exciting."

As this second attack comes down onto her, Rei seems ready. That shoulder pauldron remains aimed outwards, most of her body shielded by the tree's bulk. Still, when the blow comes, it doesn't hit directly against her armor. Instead, it bounces off another of those invisible shields, which flicker in the air and removes some of the smoke from directly around her. In the slight flash between being struck and the smoke closing in again, Rei lashes out with her arm, attempting to knock into Makynzi's legs. Of course, she has more up her sleeve than that, literally. As her arm draws close, a long metal blade extends from the armored part of her arm, the cutting surface quite dangerous to those who draw too close. Mikage seems to raise her head slightly, although most of her attention is still on the layer. Her microphone is still at her lips as she gives a faint little laugh. "Those who fight with all their hearts... this is what comes of it. Something everyone will remember."

That blade is most disheartening to see for Makynzi as he heads downwards. He just barely manages to escape it when the smoke starts dissipating...and perhaps so too does the blizzard like conditions. Either way, the little ninja hunkers down into the snowy ground and gets ready to leap back up at Rei. He propels himself forward, using his whole body like a missile aimed for the gargoyle.

Rei is still too quick, not seeming to have extinguished all her speed even this late in the battle. She's still quite quick for such a guard oriented angel. Such balance comes from practice and skill. She gives a little yowl as she twists to avoid the full body blow from the ninja, leaping up to grab onto a branch and pull herself one level higher as she tilts her head quizzically. Well, when in christmas village, do as the drunken elves do... She reaches up and grabs onto a big ornament and tries to smash the glass orb down onto Maknynzi.

The glass orb is dodged...and it goes off to shatter on the ground, leaving little pieces of red glass splattered all over the white snow. Hmm, it looks like something died down there now. Makynzi meanwhile rushes over to the tree and begins kicking it's trunk with all his might, hopeing to get Rei to either fall, or get thwacked by swaying branches.

Rather than trying to get out of the way of the many swaying branches, Rei simply curls up like a possum and wraps her wings around herself, taking the brunt of the blows against the tough hide. She peeks one emerald eye out to make sure it is okay before dropping herself down towards the ground, landing in a crouch. Her legs stretch out behind her, kicking like a cat who just woke up from a nice nap. Feral eyes follow towards the green ninja as she moves forward on all-fours. It seems she is trying to bait him backwards, but wait! At the last moment, she reaches up and knocks on the tree with her hand, sending a big pack of snow down from one of the branches right towards Makynzi! Lookout below!

The little ninja is indeed baited...but the large mass of snow falling his way is heralded by a few small snowflakes first. This gives him ample time to get out of the way and to a safe distance. Shaking his head, he begins spinning, made all the easier by the slick snowy surface. His hands come up, making him appear like a top as he spins. The top slowly starts to wind itself towards Rei, the centrifigal forces of his arms making a blow from this spinning Makynzi rather powerful...but very slow as well.

This duel between two small angels seems to have gotten quite exiting, the audience cheering and the layer looking in shambles of what it once was. And, as this spinning top of a ninja comes towards Rei, she ducks below the outstretched arm and tries to snap her tail towards his twirling legs. It seems she's trying to trip him up and make him into one giant blender in the snow. Ninja slushies!

Rei would have felt a cool breeze from those arms as she ducks under them. He's almost like a fan from where she is..and even the sleeves of his gui would give off that soft hum. Luckily, the ninja has some extra-sensory perceptions or something because he knows that the tail is coming even as he spins oh-so-quickly. The wind from the fan picks up as the ninja pushes it into a higher gear....picking up off the ground entirely. He's floating there for a few seconds, the tail going right under him, and then he's back down on the floor, coming to a stop. With her still close by, he reaches out one hand and attempts to touch Rei in a sensitive spot again. It almost looks as if the ninja could be reaching over to pick a grey flower from the snow....albeit a large grey flower.

Well, this particular flower isn't about to be plucked. Besides, don't you know it's rude to touch the flowers of girls you don't know. Naughty ninja. Pervert, ecchi, hentai! *cough* Rei seems to know that something is coming, although exactly what she can't be certain. Still, she reads Makynzi's moves and rolls herself backwards, barely escaping the strange blow from the ninja. Once more, she hisses a warning, as if trying to tell him not to draw close again. The timer is ticking down and she knows every little bit of health could be to her advantage. Then, knowing that she can't just let him rest either, Rei draws an arm up and holds it palm-outwards. She starts to draw in electricity, mostly from broken wires from the christmas lights, and focus it in her hand. There is a roll of thunder, and then a flash of light and sound waves propell themselves across the layer towards Makynzi.

Makynzi is getting tired....too tired perhaps, and Kino realizes this, but he doesn't care. This has been a duel too hard fought to give up now. He calls out to Makynzi, "Keep attacking Makynzi, you can do it!" Yes, he still believes in his angel, even though he's now starting to run out of steam. The rolling and clapping of thunder causes his heightened senses to fry a little, but he manages to still dodge the light blasted his way. Makynzi attempts to refocus himself and heads in to throw out a sidekick...only which Rei of the two should he be hitting?

Rei simply stands perfectly still and looks slightly confused as Makynzi seems to strike out at nothing. "Urr?" She makes a questioning sound, the closest thing this angel will do to talking on the layer. Then, she just shrugs and scratches at her hair while glancing up momentarily at her deus as if looking for confirmation on something. Mikage, perfectly calm in her seat, bobs her head up and down just once. So, with a deep breath, Rei charges forward at the flash-dazed Makynzi and lashes out an arching punch. That blade comes out of her arm once more, sweeping low towards his legs in an attempt to slow him up for the final moments of the match.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Rei! You can do it!"

Things are starting to draw to a close here...and that last sweep brings Makynzi down. He's down, but still not out. From his prostrated position, an arm gets cocked backwards, like a pump-action riffle barrel. When the arm is released, it springs forward like a snake, hand forced tightly into a knife-like edge. This is one of the ninja's last ditch efforts to push Rei away.

In his exhausted state, Makynzi is somewhat easy to read, and that makes it easy to defend against his attack. Rather than being pushed back, Rei stands strong and takes the hit through the hard armored part of her shoulder, denting the metal as she steps backwards. Still, it isn't Rei who speaks, but Mikage, raising her head from the layer. "You've grown so much, Kino-kun. I'm proud to be able to fight like this with you. But we both know it will be over soon. So let's fight hard until the end." Her voice trails away, carried only through the headset speakers and not yelled for all to hear. Rei draws her hand back again, preparing herself for one more attack with that powerful burst of light and sound. This time, her roar echos with it.

Kino shakes his head, "You are the Goddess and so I will respect you...but it is not over until I will it to be or till the clock ticks out...and I do not will it to be so." He pauses and disappears into the layer scenery as again, the attack comes his way. It misses of course...and the little ninja angel flashes back into existence right behind Rei. He leans back and throws out a kick...slightly blinded. He'll kick her yet!

No, it seems fate has determined that Makynzi will not strike Rei again before the end of this match. The timer clicks down, but something even stranger begins to happen. Some who have seen previous matches may have glimpsed this, but above the layer... two blue orbs momentarily appear, and then vanish once more. There is a strange sound from the tree above, a cat-like 'Nya!' and then a ghostly form appears, a form familiar to Makynzi, surely, as one of his former opponents, Kamui. The neko-angel grabs hold of Rei by the waist, pulling her backwards and out of the way of the kick, the blow passing right through his etherial body. He turns around, looks at the ninja, and then pulls down one eyelid and rasberries at him before turning around, waggling his butt, and hopping back up into the air, disappearing in a puff of smoke.

While all of this may be distracting, Rei seems quite used to her savior appearing now and again to come to her aid. While Kamui is distracting the ninja with his display, Rei starts to summon up her wind blades from the small bits of wind power still left in her this late in the match. By the time that the cat disappears, three wind blades circle around the gargoyle, waiting, watching for their target. Then, she points a hand towards Makynzi, the blades flying in his direction.

Makynzi blinks as he sees Kamui appear out of nowhere. Kino just lets out a laugh. "Well...I'll be." He looks out into the stands, this being the first time he actually notes the crowd it appears....Ranmaru must be there somewhere. As he looks back, the attack comes. The pair have given it their all...and there is simply nothing more that the ninja can do. He attempts to dodge, but Rei summoned too many...he goes down just as the buzzer rings. The ninja is apparently not fully out though...he's struggling under his own weight...but his fragile bones just won't get him up again. It is a knock down for sure...he's crippled and unable to fight...but he's still alive and moving, trying to do something...because Kino is willing him to. There are times though, where the body is a cage for the mind...just look at Misaki's mother. Makynzi brings the seat down to the layer and retrieves Makynzi, sighing heavily. "We did our best...and against the Goddess, that is all that can be done." He smiles lightly and removes the angel and visor, cuddling Makynzi to his chest. It'll all be fixed soon enough.

"Rei Win!" The announcer calls out, followed by a cheer. Of course, all of this is just backdrop to what goes on on the layer itself. As Kino comes down to retrieve his angel, Rei slowly bows down to him, showing honor to him as her opponent. Mikage's chair docks near the layer shortly there-after, her angel slowly sitting down on the layer to wait for her master. Miki removes her headset, setting it to the side before walking onto the layer to pick up Rei. Then, she gives a smile towards Kino. "They cheer for you. You've done so well, Kino-kun. Everyone knows how much heart you and Makynzi put into your fighting. A heart most welcome in our home." She holds out a hand to the boy, her other hand holding the slightly damaged Rei even as the crowd continues to cheer on both combatants.

Kino is smiling...and even possibly...a tear? Yes, as she offers him her hand...he goes and just hugs the Miki. It's soft granted, so as not to hurt her, but...if he's going to be in her home, she deserves more than just a hand shake. It is a big offer to give a troubled youth. Makynzi doesn't comment on the other part...the cheering. He simply states, "Thank you Goddess. I look forward to meeting you...back home...once I have straightened everything else out." He grins happily and then heads out to the waiting room.

Mikage looks a bit surprised at the sudden hug, but accepts it with a little laugh. Her pale eyes follow the boy as he leaves the layer arena. As the last one to go, she raises her hand up and waves to the crowd, collecting her headset and then descending the ramp down to the exit hallways. The crowd continues to cheer for both of them even as the announcer tries to get them all to calm down for the announcement of the next match.