The crowd's cheering continues on as the next match was about to begin. The announcer's voice kicks up over the PA system calling for the next two competitors, which would happen to be Kenjiro and Keiichi.

Following the call, Keiichi makes his way out of the waiting room and into the Arena floor where the giant layer awaited. Taking a deep breath to calm himself he mumbled quietly, "Just one more match and we're all done Zankoku, I know you can do it." Following that he hopped into his chair and closed his eyes, attempting to drown out the noise abound.

Kenjiro makes his way from the waiting room as well with a smile on his face even though his lost every match his competed in with Hanzo held in his hand. As he makes his way into the arena he waves to the crowd as they cheer him on even though his probably not a favorite with his current win loss record. He hops into his chair which elevates as he takes a seat, he waves to Keiichi "Oy there let's give the crowd something they'll love." he seems absorbed within all the noise and attention from the crowd.

The crowd dulls out a little bit as the Announcer picks up again, "This is the fifth match of the fifth round! In the West corner, we have a new deus to these games who has done pretty well in his matches, Misaka Keiichi and his angel, Zankoku!" The crowd gives their cheers and calls, and the Announcer continues on, "And in the East corner, a dues who hasn't had much luck in this tournament but has given us a fine show regardless, Akata Kenjiro and his angel, Hanzo!" The crowd continues to cheer as the layer begins flashing through various scenery, "Where will our Angel's battle it out today?" The layer scenery halts at the boxing ring and the crowd erupts in cheer! "It's the boxing ring! Everyone should know that if either angel is knocked out of the ring it will be considered a layer out! And now, entry angels!"

With the announcement made from the dull announcer Kenjiro slides on the goggles and slings Hanzo onto the layer. As the ninja angel flies through the barrier and into the ring he bursts into a ball of flame. "Burn to ashes like the eternal Phoenix! Hanzo the burning ninja!" once again he needs to work on this line, but eh it gets the job done and the crowd seems to buy it every time. As the flames around Hanzo begins to die down he can be seen standing in the eastern corner of the ring with his back turnt to Keiichi slowly looking back. His wrist blades glisten in the lighting as he turns around to bow to Keiichi, while awaiting for his opponents entry.

Keiichi sighs and lifts his head to peer towards Kenjiro with a friendly smile, "Hai! We'll give them a good show, one they deserve!" With that he took another deep breath and then lifted Zankoku up and tossed him towards the layer, while calling out "Reach beyond the bounds of death and fight with everything you have, Zankoku!"

Zankoku spiraled his way past the barrier, his form becoming enshrouded in dark electrical tendrils of energy. "Angel, fall-in!" and down he went towards the layer's surface, landing heavily withing the boxing ring below, sending a shaking reverberation through it. Both fists were holding him up while croucned on one knee, and slowly the zombie's eyes opened with a brilliant flash of red. Steady and slow he rose to his feet as those dark tendrils of energy seeped into his form, no longer visible. Normally the zombie stood slightly hunched over, but at the moment he stood straight, the red glow in his eyes flaring as he observed his opponent. Slowly a twisted grin formed on his features, and he settled into a stance getting ready to fight..

On the layer, Zankoku shifts slightly in his offensive stance to a more defensive one, that grin remaining present as his arm lifted towards the opposing angel. His hand was outstretched with the palm facing upwards, fingers wiggling up and down in a beckoning motion. It appeared he wanted Hanzo to make the first move.+lcard/draw-m

On the layer, Hanzo leaps towards Zankoku as the match begins quickly zig zaging around. Soon he bounces against one of the ropes giving him a speed boost that propels him towards the zombie with one of his legs extended to deliver a painful kick.

On the layer, Zankoku shifts his stance slightly and slides his right foot out behind him. As the kick comes in to connect he shifts out of the way just barely, and hops back a bit to take up another defensive position. His grin never faded, but he didn't expect that much speed from the angel. He'd need to think up a strategy for him and quick.

On the layer, Hanzo would continue his assualt as his previous attack proved useless as the zombie dodged it. He slows his tempo and begins circling the zombie with a watchful eye trying his best to figure what the creature is up too as it hasn't pull one punch yet.

On the layer, Zankoku just grins as Hanzo circles him, and then takes up a counter circle to keep his distance for the moment. Those red eyes flashed briefly while he watched, and then he moved in. His right arm came back with a twist of his hips and then shot forward towards the ninja's form with an arc that would send the zombie into a bit of a spin. While in that spinning movement he went down low and snapped a kick up towards Hanzo's form in an attempt to trick him somewhat. A feint if you will.

On the layer, Hanzo avoids the attack with a swift side step and begins running in a circle around the ring. What's the point of this? Well he begins to sling flaming discs from his wrist blades towards the zombie with hopes the myths about the undead being vulnerable to fire are true.

On the layer, Zankoku grinned and weaved between the discs, knocking one aside with his hand. Unfortunately Zombies weren't quite as flamable as one might think, though it did sting just a bit. He moved in once again, this time dark electrical energy coarsing down his arm and into his fist to form a blade of sorts. As he closed he sent a jab towards Hanzo's face with the other hand, and then sent the energy encased one towards the torso of the ninja.

On the layer, Hanzo performs a swift backflip avoiding harms way. Upon coming back up he lunges forward towards the zombie only to disappear to the far right corner of the left leaning back against the corner. It seems the ninja is taking a breather and restrategizing a way to beat the tough zombie.

On the layer, Zankoku brings up an arm to block the potential blow Hanzo would deliver, but he seeemed to disappear to elsewhere. Taking the moment of respite the zombie hunkers into a defensive stance while shifting his attention Hanzo's way, that grin remaining present.

On the layer, Hanzo leaps ontop of the turnbuckle and quickly leaps towards Zankoku executing a flying elbow with one of his wirst blades extending outward for extra damage.

On the layer, Zankoku watches carefully as Hanzo comes flying in, and twists out of the way just in time. Using the momentum of the twist he continues through the motion, and brings up a leg for a roundhouse kick of sorts towards his landing foe.

On the layer, Hanzo lands as his attack misses though not to a happy landing, but a vicious roundhouse that sends him flying against the ropes. He balls up into a cannonball with his wristblades sticking out in a weird fashion. As he bounces against the ropes he goes flying right for the zombie at highspeeds.

On the layer, Zankoku doesn't seem to get out of the way of the speedy blade wielding ball of death, until the very last second where he falls to the ground. Once there, he shoots a quick frontal kick upwards towards the spinning death ball ninja in an attempt to halt his progression into the ropes again.

On the layer, Hanzo's cannonball attack was futile and pointless as he seems to miss. Before he could reach the ropes again for another pass he is kicked which seems him sliding across the ring. He leaps back to his feet and mad dashes towards the zombie. Quickly bringing himself a wild slide with his wristblade extended to slash the zombie as he goes by him followed by a series of rapid slashes.

On the layer, Zankoku shows an amazing amount of speed for a zombie, bobbing and weaving and dodging as each blade comes in to strike at him. This speed was picked up from his many matches with Makynzie, where he needed to be faster or he'd die quicker. While the zombies body moved in ways that a living person would find uncomfortable, dark tendrils of energy surged around his form and into his hand forming a small sphere. As the last blade attack comes in, the zombie shifts just out of the way and attempts to slam the black energy ball into the ninja's form. It was a nasty looking attack too, one probably wanted to avoid it if they could.

On the layer, Hanzo leaps into the air evading the zombies attempt to jab a dark ball of energy into his being. the ninja's scarf goes fluttering in the wind produce by the leap and as he comes down so does one of his wristblades as it is extended downward right for the zombies head.

On the layer, Zankoku watches Hanzo's movement's carefully and his eyes flash bright red for a moment while an arm came up to block the blade's blow. It bit down into his arm, and it looked like it might have caused a bit of pain but the zombie doesn't seem to notice. His grin remained ever present as the dark energy chanelled around his arm again, encasing the entirety of his arm that hadn't been blocking. The blocking arm shifted to the side to move the blade aside and open up the way for the energy encased one to shoot forward in what could be a devastating strike.

On the layer, Hanzo flips out of harms way once more as he noticed the zombies retaliation attack. He comes a few feet from the zombie and suddenly begins a number of strange hand seals. As he continues the hand seals flames begins to rise from the ninja's body and take form of a large phoenix in front of him. The layer begins to mirage from the increasing of the heat in seconds Hanzo pushes his hands forward sending the large phoenix after the zombie.

On the layer, Zankoku again seems to stand still as another attack comes his way, and it connects! Well, it connects with his cloak, singing and burning it a bit. The wiley zombie wasn't within though, and had somehow manage to get around behind the ninja. He pushed himself into the ropes to get some momentum before coming in at Hanzo's back, launching a punch his way in an attempt to catch him off guard.

On the layer, Zankoku just as quickly disappears from view as he'd arrived, appearing off in one of the corners. There he remained for a moment, plotting out how to proceed next. The speedy one was pretty tough, and he required a little more thought that one might think. Shifting a bit he leaned back in the corner to take a small rest.

On the layer, Hanzo watches his opponent vanish and drops into a defensive stance as he is now fulling the effects of fatigue which were slowly eatting at him. As his opponent reappears he runs towards the angel to deliver him a knuckle sandwhich.

On the layer, Zankoku tilts his head to the side slightly, and lifts his left arm up placing the palm directly in the path of the blow. It snapped into his hand and caused his elbow to shift back some from the impact, surely that hurt. The zombie's grin remained though and his eyes flashed red as dark energies pooled and swirled around his feet, tendrils of black electricity snaking up his legs and about his torso, then his arms and head as well. The ring began shaking from the negative energy flux taking place upon the surface, the turnbuckles rattling and ropes shaking violently. The zombie drew back an arm, fingers extended outwards and outlined with black energy. THat hand was then snapped forwards towards a vital spot on the quick ninja's form in an attempt to interrupt the powerflow, and potentially end the battle as well. Whether hit or miss once the zombies arm is fully exntended there's a large flash of energy and a boom on the boxing ring. As the layer clears, the ropes along the edge and poles on the corners seem to have been blown away and the boxing ring itself is in rough shape. It seems it wasn't very sturdy to the dark energies the zombie used.

On the layer, Hanzo shivers as his body is pierced by the zombies fingers as it interrupts his flow of energy. His body falls to what remains of the layer's boxing ring in a limp and unconscious fashion. The crowd cheers for the victor Kenjiro's chair descends as he removes Hanzo from the layer and takes off his goggles. "Good match."

The buzzer sounds as Hanzo falls to the ground, and the crowd does indeed cheer. They cheer for both of them though, given a nice and flashy show like they wanted. There was only one more match to go before the end, and then they would all have to wait for another tournament. The announcer picks up and calls out, "Zankoku Wins!" as he's supposed to, he's been very bland in inattentive throughout the fight though... oh well.

On the layer, Zankoku stands up fully, and inclines his head slightly towards the fallen Hanzo before he's retrieved, then makes his way over to the side of the layer where Keiichi would be picking him up.

Keiichi's chair descends and he retrieves the zombie-angel before sliding off the headset and offering a friendly smile Kenjiro's way. "That was a good match! Hanzo is pretty cool to watch I must say, and I had a great deal of fun." They boy had seemed to drown out the crowd, not really wanting to realize its actually there.

Kenjiro nods, "Zankoku is pretty interesting to watch as well. I must say you two are very interesting." Kenjiro watches the crowd and grins he loves the spotlight a little more than others even if he is on the losing end of things. He gets up from his seat and begins to walk out though seemingly waiting for Keiichi to walk with him in a show of sportmanship.

Keiichi smiles at the praise, and offers a bow before he makes his way over. "Thank you, I appreciate that." And then when Kenjiro starts moving towards the exit, Keiichi moves along with him. Thankfully out fo the limelight and into the safety of the waiting room.