The announcer booms. "Welcome to the fifth and last set of rounds for the KANTO REGIONAL QUALIFIERS!"

A dramatic pause.

"May I welcome... on the west corner... the speed angel menace, the cat Angel with the craaaazeh velocity... KAMUI!" Another dramatic pause. "... Under the angel by the Layer Phantom: Oi Ranmaru!" The roar that extends from the background is deafening. It absolutely overwhelms the little cries from the Eriol Gakuen section screaming, 'Keiji, Keiji, KeijiKAN-GAH!', a catchy little chant emanating from the upper stands. "On the east corner!" The standing ovation for Ranmaru dies down as the little war cry, the echoing of 'Keiji, Keiji, Keiji-KANGA!' continues in the background like a buzz.

"High school star athlete, captain of the soccer team that beat the Kamakura All-Stars... KUO KAIJIE! And let's hear some noise for his angel, KANGARYU!"

Walking out from the tunnel, Ranmaru finds himself walking into the arena for the last time in this long period of events. "The last time here...let's make a nice show, Kamui." The boy had heard of this Kaijie person, but not much. Just that he had a lot of cheering going for him every single time he played. "Hmm." A hum came from the boy as he walked up to the seat and set one of his hands down upon it. "Alright then." One hand moved up into the air, and he waved at the crowd, making a full circle before actually sitting down and waiting for the chair to lift him up to the layer.

Rising to the layer (and the occasion), Kaijie holds up his hand in a fist as a song plays in the background. The beginning notes strumming down to 'Welcome to the Jungle'. It echoes through the vast stadium, sending chills down everyone's spine. Cupping the powerful, compact and as of yet, limp, Kangaryu in his hands, he stares on with a smile and tips his head towards Oi Ranmaru. "Zero, we meet again," he comments dryly, saluting the other side of the layer.

"ENTRY ANGEL!" The announcer's voice echoes through the arena, as Kaijie readies his own angel. He holds it up and smiles faintly as 'Welcome to the Jungle' dies down in the background. Sending the angel spiraling through the air, it lands with a neat little step on the floor and prepares itself, shadowboxing an invisible enemy with incredible fervor. His Deus smiles faintly, before clapping his hands together. In the background, the chanting has transformed to 'KANGA, KANGA, KANGA!'.

"Fight like a samurai, die like a samurai. Kangaryu, fallin!"

There seemed to be some movement underneath the cloak as he took hold of Kamui: an action quite invisable to others. His fingers wrapped around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth..

It's head first as it touched the bright light of the layer, immediatly forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffled violently by the speed it had been thrown! It's limbs seemed to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashed violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocked slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel, it was directed at Kaijie. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, it was almost demonic: if not, at least feral.


The moment the words touch the announcer's lips, the sea of rye that manifested itself is already parting way as Kangaryu zips through the wild wheat just like a kangaroo would do in the outback, blasting through at phenomenal speeds. Speed matches with speed and this is one angry little bugger. Dashing forth, he flies forth with both feet out, determined to deliver a powerful kick with both his feet.

Make a show out of it? Sure, Kamui could do that! The feline angel ducks away as Kaijie's angel gets too near and hides away in the Rye field, only to appear behind it with some strange blue aura surrounding it. "Nya nya~nya nya-nyaaaa." The angel taunted, butt-wiggling at Kaijie and putting one clawed finger at his eye. "Hehe." Ranmaru let out a chuckle. And paired with that chuckle came Kamui's rush at the Kangaryu, mowing it's claws around like mad: slashing right through the Rye as if it was butter!

What? Is... he's bracing himself for the next attack? Indeed, Kangaryu skids across the rye field, and comes to a stop atop trampled rye, swiveling to face Kamui with a stare that's positively angry. "Bring it," it growls deep underneath its breath. The top screens reveal that big red dragon mask revealing a jagged smile across its face, ready to take on the next hit readily. Easily. Happily. This is Kangaryu on the defensive, and a Kangaryu on the defensive is never a good thing. Flexing briefly, it smiles Again. Evilly. Deadly. Powerfully.

And Kamui... does not attack. It's not that he is afraid or anything, it is too busy mowing down Rye as if it was the most fun thing to do. He mowed and ran through it without paying attention to Kangaryu at all... until slowly people started noticing what was going on! And a laugh breaks out of the crowd! With his sharp claws and Ranmaru's directing, Kamui had drawn a smiley!

"Inside! Get inside!"

Huh? Where'd Kangaryu go? With an explosion of rye, the little kangaroo appears behind Kamui, or in the general direction behind Kamui, springing to his feet. He closes in with a vicious uppercut, something that blazes up and starts sizzling and popping the rye around him. "Kangaryu Rampage!"

Kamui ends up stepping aside from the attack just at the right moment. One could almost see it as a feint. "Nya!" Apparently the popping had been warning enough for the angel, and as it had came close enough, it had dropped to the ground and rolled aside. "Nya!" And another meow followed, as the angel shot up: aimed at the opposing angel's legs. It was trying to pin him down as to scratch madly on the armor of the opponent.

"So... who are you again?" Ranmaru suddenly comments, staring at the opposing Deus. "I mean, apparently you are from Eriol..." He scratched his head. "But I've never really heard of you until a little while ago."

When the uber-attack strikes, Kangaryu has to send himself - with much energy spent - straight into the sky, propelled by those remarkably large feet. This isn't a happy kangaroo, this is... a taunting kangaroo? "HAHA! MISS ME, MISS ME, NOW YOU GOTTA KISS ME!" As he hits the top arc of his spiral, he grunts and zooms down, pointing his feet down. Stomping remarkably fast, he tries to take down the enemy with some murderous kicking.

Hey, it hits too! And what a hit it was! It send Kamui flying through the Rye, creating a nice straight line through the previously marked smiley. "Nyaaa!" A long drawn and painful meow was voiced along with this, until the angel finally crashed onto one of the outer edges of the layer: near Kaijie's side. "Nnn.." Even Ranmaru looked a bit suprised. However, this seemed not to stop this speedy angel at all! As it just stood up straight and pointed at the Kangaryu... then suddenly shot forth like a raging tempest, claws extended... apparently wanting to do some serious damage to 'pay back' Kangaryu for his lovely pain.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... and yes, whirl like a top! That's one of the boxer's best defenses! Whirl like a top! Apparently, Kangaryu doesn't have that many cards up his sleeves or he isn't prepped to do so. He takes the hit glancingly yet it staggers him as he shakes his head. "Owh. I... dizzeh!" And with that, he throws a series of flying punches that might or might not hit. Who knows. So far, he's on the ropes and not doing much better than futile resistance. He's obviously trying.

"Keep going," Kaijie mutters as he considers 'Zero Tion'.

Kamui this time seems to be lucky enough to have his Deus on his side, who apparently is paying more attention now that a hit had landed. Since his main attack had already failed, he seemed to have begun to worry! But no matter, he pushed his angel forth to strike at the opposing angel with a... *gasp* punch! Now in this entire Tournament, every time that Kamui had attacked, it had been with it's claws extended, but this was just a regular punch aimed at the opposing angel's skull.

The chant grows higher-pitched, more desperate, more needy. Kangaryu takes the punch admirably, both hands up to attempt to block but... really, there's no hope for the kangaroo to withstand such a hard-hitting hit. Kangaryu staggers back a step... and then another step. "... Awh. Owh!" The response is nothing short of stunning. He charges forward and with a flying hop, lashes out a vicious kick.

What ends up happening is... well, for some far off reason, the angel does not hit Kamui. The feline angel is just sitting there in an open spot looking... nothing short of cute! Licking it's paw and rubbing it against it's cheeks. A heavy sound comes from the audience, mainly girls, saying "awwwww" or making a random swooning sound. "Kamui... quit playing around and kick his ass?" Ranmaru commented, shaking his head lightly and pointing at the opposing angel. "Fetch."

On the layer, Kamui looks up at Kangaryu, who apparently had not hit him, and started grinning. "Gggg." A strange sound escaped from Kamui, before it shot forth at Kaijie's angel: claws set forth.

"Stop him!"

A futile cry, of course. But Kangaryu darts inside the offense and with both fists up, tries to get in a good strike, whatever that might take. It's a brutal smash, a punch directed at the enemy's gut, something that screams, 'This, my friends, is a power angel'. With the studded boxing glove, Kangaryu ducks out again, readying itself to brace the next attack. He swaggers and sways left to right, looking weakened.

Kaijie clears his throat and rubs his chin as he glances across the layer. "Impressive, Zero," he nods solemnly, completely resolved.

"Layer Phantom, or Oi Ranmaru... I have not gone under the name of Zero Tion for a while now." The deus explained as his angel disappeared from the layer, or at least: that's what it looked like. "And this, Ladies and Gentleman, is an evil cat!" Ranmaru then follows up on Kaijie. "Beware of the claws." He actually reveals one of his hands from underneath his cloak again and fakes pawing at Kaijie. "Nya~nya. Hiss hiss." And that's basically exactly what happends on the layer as Kamui appears from out of nowhere: comming from above Kangaryu. "Death from..." Ranmaru started. And his angel finished the sentence with a rough meowing voice: "ABOVE!" Claws stretched downwards, ready to scratch mad.

Kangaryu just charges into the enemy, ready to lock arms when... MEOOOWWW! Smacked in the face with claws the length of his tail. That may be creative license on the part of Kaijie, but that certainly did /hurt/. Kaijie blinks as he stares at Ranmaru's decidedly weird scratch-scratch-paw-paw move... so much that he doesn't even bother dodging the hit. Kangaroo staggers back two steps and falls to the layer ground, concealed by the rye fields.


Kaijie silently salutes Ranmaru and gives a nod... of approval? Of defeat? Who knows. He offers a little smile and as Kangaryu is retrieved, he gives a wave to the crowds, before stepping off.

The cries of 'Kanga, Kanga, Kanga' have died with his two-loss streak.

Ranmaru nodded gently at Kaijie and took Kamui off of the layer. "I had fun." He stated, smiling lightly and letting the machine lower him to the floor. "Hope to see you again when you grow stronger." And with that, Ranmaru too left the area.