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The following are logs from the 2007 God of the Layer tournament. This is a local tournament organized by a player-character named Asayama. The tournament had two levels, Rookie and Veteran, and two champions. This tournament took place in-game in early 2008, as game-time is generally one year behind reality.

Round 1:

Mikage vs Ranmaru Winner: Mikage
Raien vs Kyousuke Winner: Kyousuke
Fukata vs Miina Winner: Fukata
Tomoe vs Keiichi Winner: Tomoe
Hama vs Eisaku Winner: Eisaku

Round 2:

Mikage vs Kyousuke Winner: Mikage
Fukata vs Tomoe Winner: Fukata
Konosuke vs Yumako Winner: Konosuke
Kanji vs Takaya Winner: Kanji
Asayama vs Reiji Winner: Asayama
Chiharu vs Eisaku Winner: Eisaku

Round 3:

Mikage vs Fukata Winner: Mikage (Champion)
Konosuke vs Kanji Winner: Konosuke
Asayama vs Eisaku Winner: Eisaku

Round 4:

Eisaku vs Konosuke Winner: Konosuke (Champion)

Special Round:

Konosuke vs Ringo Winner: Ringo
Mikage vs Hatoko Winner: Unknown