The first round of the God of the Layer tournament's rookie division was underway, and it seemed that it was now time for Eisaku to find the assigned layer for his bracket. His first opponent would be Mitsunaka Hama, someone he's played with before and didn't do so well against. Hopefully he could turn the tables this time around. Pushing those thoughts away, the boy makes his way towards layer number 4, having received that assignment a little while ago. He gives a friendly smile and wave to the attendant as she greets and verifies who he is, and he is then ushered into one of the seats. Once there he began setting up his headset, peering about to see if his opponent was there yet or not. Seraph was withdrawn from where he was kept and the boy peered at the angel, "Hm. Hope we can do well today, Seraph. . ."

Hama comes rushing in, looking a little flustered. She waves to the attendants, walking over to the one checking the contestants in, fixing her hair as she walks. "Mitsunaka Hama, I'm in the rookie division for the tournament." The attendant nods, marking her down. "Head over to layer four. Your opponent has already arrived." Hama nods and walks over, pulling Hogosha out of her duffel bag as she walks. She hops up into the chair, smiling across at her battling partner. "Hope you haven't been waiting long, my alarm didn't wake me up so I had to rush to get here. I'll be ready in just a moment."

Eisaku sets Seraph down in his lap as Hama arrives, and looks over to the girl with a smile. "Ah, hello there Mitsunaka-san. No I haven't been waiting long, just sat down a moment ago." A few adjustments later and he finishes getting things ready on his end before picking Seraph back up and nodding towards Hama. At this point he was just waiting on her and the attendant to indicate it was time to fall the angels in. "I'm sure it'll be a fun match."

Hama smiles and nods, getting her visor on and everything set up to start. "I really hope so. Boring matches don't make either person, or anyone watching very happy. So I'm going to have to make sure Hogosha is awake and ready." She nods once, looking down at the large angel in her lap before peering over at the attendant. "I think we're about ready now, sir."

The attendant nods and leans down to press the random scenery generation button, causing the sceneries to shift through quickly and finally materializes a fiery pit of lava, with a myraid of rocks poking out to provide places to step. It doesn't appear there are many particularly safe places to stand though, only a few larger rocks about for such things. The attendant then nods, "You may begin now, have fun and good luck."

Eisaku watches curiously as the sceneries shift and finally land on the fiery pit of searing lava. He smiles and nods as he's indicated to fall in and proceeds to toss Seraph towards the layer, "Unleash the fury of the Heavens, Seraph." The angel tumbles through the air and flexes to life after passing through the energy barrier. All six wings flex out to catch the updraft from the heat below, allowing him to glide down slowly and find a decent place to perch to await his opponent. After his landing he makes sure the straps for his shield are secure, and everything is situated.

Hama watches the graceful entry of the other angel, clapping lightly once he's landed. "That was a really pretty entry." She sits up in the chair, smiling a little and taking hold of Hogosha. "Show your strength and solidarity before the fearsome attacks of your foe, Hogosha." And with that she sends the large angel flying through the barrier. He rights himself before falling and landing solidly on one of the larger stones, sending a small spray of lava flying up around it. He turns his blind gaze towards the foe, watching the angelic angel and waiting for the match to start.

Eisaku watches as Hogosha falls and sends lava spraying about with an amused look, "Oh. He's quite heavy isn't he? This is going to be tough, so be careful Seraph." On the layer, Seraphs wings fold back and then pull down as he keeps his perch. He draws his blade, the red glow of the lava below reflecting off the polished but blunt blade. He doesn't approach Hogosha as of yet, simply waiting while plotting out how best to go about attacking this opponent. His last encounter did not end in victory as he recalls, so this time around a little more care should be taken. He offers a nod, "Well then, let's see."

Hama giggles a little bit. "He's very heavy indeed. I blame how large he is." She takes a deep breath and looks back down at the layer, examining the other angel. "Alright Hogosha, let's get ready cause this isn't going to be easy for us either." Hogosha doesn't move save for letting it's arms unwrap, the blind gaze following the angel as he moves, expecting something, but not willing to attack... at least not yet.

Eisaku leans back in his chair and watches Hogosha carefully as the arms unwrap, ready to move Seraph out of the way if needed. It proved to be not necesary though, as no attack was coming. "Well, at least you know he'll be hard to knock out of the layer." The boy grins as Seraph begins to move, shifting from rock to rock and unfurling his wings to help him keep balance as he makes an approach. It's slow and careful though, attempting to close into striking range but not attacking just yet. Sure the beginning was a little slow so far, but they were fighting on a pool of lava and nobody really wanted to fall into it.

Hama glances up at Eisaku, nodding a little. "That was a part of what I had in mind when I made him, yes." Hogosha was watching Seraph closely, waiting for something it seemed. But what ever he was waiting for apparently came fairly quickly as one of those arms flashes out like a whip, trying to smack the angel down into the lava mid-jump.

Eisaku smiles as he settles into his seat, watching the angels both carefully enough. When Hogosha's arm whips out to strike at Seraph, the armored angel lifts his shield to block the strike easily enough. In response he takes a swipe at the arm with his blunted blade, not expecting to do much but it was the easiest target available at the moment.

The blade, as expected, tinks pretty much harmlessly against the heavily armored arm. This however does make Hogosha retract it's arm, anticipating a stronger attack after the weak one. The fact that another attack isn't immediately following doesn't ease the suspicion any and it stays there, waiting to see what the angel tries next.

Seraph doesn't immediately attack after swiping at the arm, mostly becasue he anticipates an attack as well and is being careful. When one isn't forthcoming his wings arch up and then pull down to carry him up with one of the updrafts of warm air. His descent carries him down towards the closest rock to where Hogosha is, and while moving in that direction he gives a hefty swipe of his blade at what he assumes is the gargoyle's head.

Hogosha was paying extra close attention to the other angel, so a straight forward attack like this wasn't actually all that troublesome, at least not now. It raises an arm, deflecting the blade to the side while his other fist comes up, letting the speed of the incoming angel do the work. Almost as if trying to add insult to injury, a brief aura appears and the claws pop out, trying to catch the other angel on them as it goes past.

Seraph was being cautious even with such a straight forward attack on his part. Unfortunately his armor wasn't enough to absorb the majority of the damage initiated by the rather powerful counter. The claw rips through his defenses easily enough and it causes him to go back a few steps, putting a little distance between them while he recovers. He wasn't about to press the attack again just yet since that rather hurt.

The stone doesn't follow the retreating angel, preferring to stay on its rock, the claws melting away like liquid. He smiles a little bit, watching with interest now. Waiting to see what the other angel does after that. Curtesy maybe? But that's a little odd for Hogosha. Perhaps he's learning manners for once?

Seraph notes no attack is coming and quickly reverses his movement, closing back in with the rock. He moves off to the side though, taking a different path along the rocks since they were moving with the flow, be it slowly. This time as he closes he sends a swift swipe of his blade at what would appear to be a shoulder of sorts, though he wasn't quite sure. Even if he wasn't managing to do a lot of damage, he wouldn't win if he didn't do any at all.

Hogosha brings its hand up, letting the attack bounce off the armored stone. It starts waving about, only to stop shortly, trying only to make the angel back off for the moment, but not actually trying to attack it. He does use his arms to leave the stone he's on in favor of one that's a little less warm, it was starting to sink further into the lava than was comfortable for the large stone. Melting was /not/ on its to do list.

Seraph's blade bounces off, not doing a whole lot as expected. When Hogosha's arm begins flailing, the angel moves his shield in a manner to keep the arm away from him while keeping close. He takes another swipe, this time at the other shoulder area. Somehow, somewhere he had to find a weakness in the defense, because he wasn't doing a whole lot with his weapon.

Seeing as how Seraph wasn't going to back away as was wanted, Hogosha decides a little spinning is in order. The attempted attack on its shoulder meets the guard, losing most of the force across a wider area. Hogosha however takes this as the perfect chance to backhand the pesky flier. Trying to see to line up the attack is a little troublesome, but it manages to get in the general area it was trying to attack at. But will the angel be caught unaware?

Seraph's blade skitters across Hogosha's stony surface as it spins, barely doing anything to the large rocky monster. It does clue him in that he needs to get away though, because any sort of hit backed by that much torque would be bad news. He leaps back, using his wings to catch a small updraft and avoid the blow before it would strike home. His wings then fold down and he falls back onto a rock heavily, sending a bit of the lava splashing at his opponent since his sword wasn't doing much and he already knew from experience that smashing into the beast with his shield was ill advised. He wasn't heavier than the gargoyle.

Once again the brick uses the slightly better armored arms to block, this time since it was molten hotness it was blocking there ended up being some very nice marks from where it was sprayed. This doesn't keep him from attacking however as one of the arms rockets out towards the angel, fist aimed to catch it right in the chest.

Seraph lifts his shield up as he shifts to the side, blocking the arm decently but causing his foot to slide into the lava briefly. He grimaces a bit while flapping his wings down to hop up and attempt to land on Hogosha's arm, where if successful he will use his wings to balance and approach the rocky thing, trying to plant a nice punting kick to the creature's head. Hopefully he can keep his balance!

That angel is quick. Hogosha wasn't quite fast enough to keep from getting kicked, but he was fast enough to keep from getting kicked hard. A little ringing of the ears possibly, but little in the way of real damage. Hogosha looks at this as a personal insult however and makes it a goal to stick those white wings into the lava. He starts off his simple plan with nothing more than a volleyball style spike right at a nice open place.

Seraph lifts his shield and braces it with his other arm, it's enough to take the steam out of the attack but the force does send sliding back and force a wingtip to singe in the pool of liquid heat. The angel quickly recovers though and slinks back a few stones to keep some distance. It was time to take a moment and plan, yet again.

Hogosha wasn't about to let the winged one go so easily after nearly getting it in the lava, but it's out of reach. So Hogosha uses it's arms to launch itself from the rock it's on over to one of the closer ones, bringing it's fists down at the foe as it lands. The goal of this attack is fairly simple, either squish the foe, or send them flying. Simple.

Seraph watches Hogosha's sort of leap into the air with interest, and grins as he brings his shield up to bear. He braces himself heavily as the monsterous gargoyle descends, a faint white glow eminating from his metal wall. Upon impact there is a flash of light as his protection absorbs the brunt of the blow. He then shoves forward with his shield, lifting up while his other arm comes free and thrusts the sword forward in a stabbing motion. Probably not the best of attacks against a rock, but what can you do?

Thrusting attacks are fairly easily negated with spinning, so that's exactly what Hogosha does. The attack hits, then gets deflected to the side causing little more than a scratch. Hogosha takes advantage of this spin to try and bash the other angel with it's fist once more.

Seraph's attack is easily knocked aside by Hogosha's spinning, but since he was moving with a forward motion he too is sent stumbling off to the side a bit. He just barely avoids the fist while managing to keep his footing on the rocks without slipping, mainly due to his wings. Continuing with the movement, keeping the motions fluid he comes around from behind and strikes at the rock with an overhand slash of the blade. This angle should make it a little more difficult for spinning to deflect it. Hopefully.

Hogosha is used to people trying to attack from all sides. No one ever attacks the same place twice it seems, so he's right there with a nice solid block of the arm at that strike, retaliating with a quick lash of his whip like arm.

Seraph brings his shield to bear again, that faint white glow springing up about it as the blow impacts. Of course very little damage passes through, and the angel uses the force of the blow to gain some good momentum backwards. Wings flex out and take hold of flowing hot air to carry Seraph up higher. "Okay, no more playing around. Your armor is tough, but let's see if it can handle this." His eyes begin to glow with a golden-white light as his head tips backwards to send his gaze skyward. His mouth moves in silent prayer as the skies above darken even further, the sound of rolling thunder resounding throguh the area. Flashes of various colored lightning flit across the clouds, which were all swirling together into a larger mass. Seraph's arm lifts upwards, holding the sword vertically and each rune engraved in the center of the blade begins to light up with the same glow as his eyes. As if it were a timer of sorts, counting down to something. Something most likely bad.

Seeing the hasty retreat of the foe puts a scowl on Hogosha's face. If he gave chase now there was a slight chance he could get there before he get's done charging. But seeing as how that's a big maybe, he takes the next most logical course of action. He reaches down, picks up one of the medium sized rocks floating in the magma, and chucks it at the angel as hard as he can. Even if the rock doesn't succeed in interrupting the attack, it still wouldn't be fun to be hit by.

Seraph remains motionlessly floating in the sky, the golden-white glow growing brighter as his attack charges. The runes on the sword are nearly filled when the smoldering rock comes flying in at the angel, but some unseen force seems to take the kick out of it, causing it to bounce off of his armor. It still registers some damage of coures, but it's negligable. The final rune on the blade lights up, as the clouds, thunder and lightning above reach a frenzy of action. His head tilts down, glowing eyes settling upon the gargoyle as a smile curls his lips. "Now, Hogosha. Prepare to feel the wrath of Heaven!" With that his arm falls, pointing the tip of his blade at his foe, and the fury that is inthe sky comes raining down. Smoldering boulders of fire, blasts of lightning, and everything else that would come with the potential end of the world strike down. The target area appears to be the whole layer, making it difficult to avoid all of it, though somehow everything seems to avoid the one who unleashed it.

Flame, lighting, water, whatever. Hogosha's hit with it all, but the worst of it seems to have effected his arms and back, leaving them black and cracked in some places. Despite this Hogosha doesn't seem all that worried. Perhaps it's that mentality of always wanting to come out on top that's driving it like this. No matter what it is the angel launches itself into the air, flinging its whole body at the angel, the dark blood like aura quickly gathering over its body, a grin creeping across its mangled face. Even as it reaches Seraph the aura is tingling, reaching out to catch the angel as the spikes explode from it, trying to ensnare the foe in a thorny embrace.

After devastation is unleashed upon the layer, Seraph floats down towards the ground. The glow was still eminating from his body, and when he touched down it seemed Hogosha was there to meet him with another nasty attack. A bearhug of spikes was the order of the day, but somehow Seraph manages to brace his shield between him and the energy spikes. This doesn't stop the effect completely, but they don't puncture as deeply as they might have otherwise, keeping him safe for now. The layer was no longer a pit of lava, but a desolate wasteland. A satisfying smile appears on the angel's lips as he looks over the shield towards the gargoyle. "I have you now, Hogosha. This is the end." Energy crackles about his form, shielding him from one final blast of lightning that tears through the sky and strikes down upon Seraph's opponent. Both Eisaku and Seraph hoped it would be the last blow of the game, because they weren't sure if they could sustain another attack.

Hogosha just kinda blinks for a second as the lightning bolt strikes him. He doesn't go down at first, just kind of sitting there and looking about. It takes a little bit for it to get where it needs and down he goes... sorta. It doesn't exactly fall down so much as go limp, but either way it was that last attack that finally made the beast fall.

As Hogosha goes innert, Seraph jumps back and away and after landing and satisfied with the results he snaps to attention and offers a salute with his sword towards his defeated foe. "Well fought, Hogosha. You were a worthy opponent." The buzzer sounds to indicate the end of the match, and the layer scenery fades away to leave a the flat white disc in its place. Eisaku lifts his gaze from the layer to the girl across the way and smiles to her, "Well done Mitsunaka-san. Hogosha is as tough as I remember him to be, it was qutie fun!" The boy slips the headset from his head after powering it down, forcing Seraph to fall limp as well. "I'm somewhat surprised at the results though."

Hama sits in the chair, watching the damage gauge on her visor as the lightning effectively turns him off from the inside out. She pouts a little bit but nods, sitting up in the chair and looking over at Eisaku. "That was a very well played match. Very close there at the end." She stands and bows to him, reaching onto the layer to scoop up Hogosha, examining him briefly to assess exactly how bad the damage really was before walking to the other side and offering him her hand. "Have fun with the rest of the tournament, alright Ienari-san?" she says with a smile.

Hm, Hama brought up a good point. There was more tournament to go now, which he hadn't actually planned on since he thought he would lose in the first place. Oh well, time to change around some plans. He smiles again as he reaches out to take Hama's offered hand, giving it a firm shake. "I had altered my strategy a bit, since our last match together, it seems to have paid off. Thank you for the well wishes, I just wish that my winning didn't result in knocking you out of tournament." The statement was said sincerely as he bows his head slightly, "But there is always next time I suppose, right?"

Hama nods and smiles. "I'll make sure to be ready, and then we can have another amazing battle." She dusts some of the black off of Hogosha and slips him back into her bag. "Just make sure you fight well in the rest and show them just how strong you and Seraph can be."

Eisaku rises from his seat finally, offering a nod to Hama as he does. "We'll do our best." He then reaches in and picks Seraph up, looking him over briefly. His next match would probably be as soon as the rest of the first round ended, so there was time to make minor adjustments that were needed. "Thank you for playing with me, Mitsunaka-san. I look forward to playing again." He nods again, and the attendant sort of ushers him away from the layer for the next match players.