Piffle Princess is packed tight today, with the tournament going on, and deuses shuffle back and forth through the noise and bodies. "Changed at the last minute, eh...wonder what that's about?" Fukata asks himself, walking up to the layer when his name is finally called out, along with the name of his opponent, Akaki Miina. He steps up to the layer where they are to battle, and pauses at the edge of the seat, looking for his opponent before he seats himself at the layer. He looks thoughtful for a moment as he tries to remember if he and this other deus have played together, or not. "Akaki-san, sounds familiar somehow." he says to himself, his quiet words lost in the noise.

The little girl with the rabbit-eared angel seems more than a bit surprised as her name is called out, as well. She had thought she wasn't supposed to have a match until the next round, but...it's lucky she's here. Miina makes her way to the appointed layer, and tilts her head a little at her opponent. She doesn't recognize him immediately, though that isn't really surprising. Miina isn't really known for her outstanding memory. Still, she smiles brightly and offers a wave before climbing into her own chair. "Hello," she greets. "I guess I get to play with you today." She holds up her tiny bunny angel and smiles a little more. "This is Chibi Usagi-tan.

Fukata smiles and gives his opponent a slight bow in greeting before he climbs into his chair, "Nice to meet you, Akaki-san." He says, reaching for his own angel from his shirt pocket, "This is Yuki." he says, holding her in the palm of his hand. "Ganbaru, ne?" smiling again as the buzzer on the layer signals the deus's to fall in. Fukata holds his angel to his chest, with his eyes close, and calls out "Even in the impossible, let us never accept defeat. Ikke! Yuki!" and with that, he looses his angel towards the layer scenery, a gritty sandbox with blue boundaries, Yuki's eyes open as she crosses into the layer, and she flips into a graceful fall, landing into a crouch from which she slowly stands, gazing up at where Miina sits..

Miina returns the bow with one of her own, then spends a moment trying to pull on the visor. After all the times she's been here playing, one would think she'd be used to it by now...but apparently not. When she finishes, she shifts a little in the seat to get more comfortable before holding up her angel above her head. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan!" she calls out, grinning as she sees the layer scenery. "Let's show 'em how we play!" With that, she tosses her angel, spinning and flipping through the barrier. The bunny lands on her feet in a puff of dust, and shakes a little as the buzzer sounds to signal the start of the match. Since she doesn't yet know what her opponent is capable of, she decides to charge right in and find out. Without hesitating, she bounds across the layer, kicking up dust and sand with each leap, and quickly closes the distance. Once within reach, she makes a quick upward swipe of her carrot at Yuki's chin.

On the layer, Yuki waits for her opponent to attack, measuring the rabbit-angel's ability as she rushes forwards, and her style from the attack. At the last moment - Yuki dashes to the side, evading the carrot attack, and the angel gives Usagi-tan an odd look, "What a weird weapon." She comments, taking a step backwards, and planting her foot firmly in the grit for leverage. Yuki lunges towards Usagi-tan suddenly, dashing into close range and thrusting out an arm, palm open to the rabbit's chest.

The tiny rabbit hops back out of the reach of Yuki's arm, kicking up still more dust, before she takes the time to reply to the other angel's comment. She can be quick at times, but no one's ever really called her graceful. Usagi-tan simply grins at Yuki as she speaks. "I know...appropriate though, dontcha think?" She backs off a little more, opening up a bit of distance as she thinks about what to do next. Her opponent is obviously much quicker than she is...but it's not the first time she's been against someone fast.

With a smile and a laugh, Yuki agrees, "Maybe so." she says, advancing towards the rabbit at a walk, seeming to be in no hurry to attack, and keeping her innocent smile which might put some off guard. Suddenly, she leaps at the other angel, a low leap covering the remaining distance in an instant , Yuki twists in midair to let out a roundhouse kick to the head, the other hand reaching for the ground to get enough leverage to evade the likely counterattack.

Usagi-tan drops low, a simple thing for one so tiny. She watches the kick soar far overhead and waits until the momentum would carry Yuki around so that her back is exposed. At that point she jumps up, slamming forward with her elbow and trying for a kidney shot. Simple...though perhaps not as effective as it might have been if Yuki wasn't already preparing for something of the sort.

With a subtly swift motion, Yuki cartwheels over Usagi, landing softly on the other side of the rabbit angel. Yuki says, "It's nice to face another angel who can talk, so many quiet people... It's nice to meet you Usagi-tan" She says, taking a moment to bow to the other angel. Then she re-enters her combat pose and twists her waist, snapping out a quick kick to the side.

Usagi-tan might not be quite as acrobatic as Yuki, but she can get out of the way when she needs to. She slips to the side, letting the kick pass her by before she smirks just a little. "Better be careful, Yuki-san. You might not get me to shut up," she replies, then giggles and darts off across the layer, leaving a trail of dust as she hops and leaps.

With a sharp movement, Yuki begins persuit - tossing up thick grains of grit behind her, she kicks off of the ground, leaping into the air to land in front of Usagi with a thud and a spray in all directions, Then Yuki steps into a quick snapping punch to the stomach.

This time, the little rabbit doesn't bother trying to get out of the way. After all, she's seen Yuki's speed, but not her strength. This might be a good test to see what she's up against. Usagi-tan raises her weapon to block, catching Yuki's fist with the leaden carrot. She gets pushed back a bit, but not enough to make her worry at all. She grins then. "This will be fun, I think."

On the layer, Yuki nods, "You're playing this very defensively, surely you're going to attack back sometime soon, ne?" Yuki asks, taking the opportunity of this closeness to pull back a fist and drive it towards the rabbit at high speed - such a clumsy attack might even hit at this range, if she's fast enough.

With such a build as Usagi-tan has, sometimes it's necessary to be defensive. Of course...she's also a very flighty little angel who only plays for fun, so it's anyone's guess what she's thinking at any given moment. Either way, she spins to the side and out of the way of the quick strike, retaliating with one of her own. She lashes out with her weapon's tip, trying to hit Yuki's shoulder. "If you want me to, sure!"

"It's more fun that way," Yuki laughs quietly, dropping into a crouch and under the carrot-attack "if you put all of your enthusiasm into the fight." She pulls back a fist and lets out a sharp punch to the gut from under the carrot, then unleashes a barracge of similar, fast blows, and finally, she leaps upwards with a jumping uppercut, if Usagi's chin's still there to be swung at.

Usagi-tan spends a bit of time and effort dodging out of the way of the quick strikes, until she realizes how little strength there is behind any of them when one gets through. At that point, she begins blocking them instead, even blocking the last uppercut with that leaden carrot. "Don't hurt your hands," the silly rabbit cautions. She steps forward then and launches a powerful kick at Yuki's gut, though she doesn't really expect it to connect.

On the layer, Yuki moves backwards just in time, letting the kick come close enough that Usagi has to commit to it, then Yuki takes on a transparent appearance, and her afterimage fades as the kick passes through it. Yuki appears a slight distance away, in a ready pose. Suddenly the grit in a straight line between the two explodes upwards, as though something had travelled across it at high speed, the only warning Usagi recieves about the impending attack, while Yuki appears to simply stand still, at the other end of the layer.

Since Usagi had never expected her kick to connect in the first place, she doesn't have anything to commit to. It also doesn't take a genius to figure out that you need to get out of the way of something coming that fast, even if you can't see what it is. The rabbit jumps to the side and out of the way, watching the dust and grit fly beside and underneath of her. As long as all of that weirdness is going on, this is one little bunny who's just going to keep her distance.

On the layer, Yuki frowns as her attack misses, and gives a look of focus, while her form begins to blur - then with only a rush of air accompanying her, Yuki moves in an instant to just in front of the rabbit-angel, before concentrating her speed and power into a single, lightning speed punch upwards into the gut - it's a long distance to the edge of the layer from here - but Yuki's going to give it a shot.

Perhaps the bunny landed too hard after her last leap, because Usagi-tan seems to be caught in the sand, unable to quite get out of the way of the strike. She braces as best she can, but still gets sent flying from the force of the blow. Still, she manages to twist in the air to come down on her feet, though it's obviously taken a lot out of her.

On the layer, Yuki isn't letting up though, even if she has lost the speed she used just moments ago, Yuki can still keep up a decent pace - she rushes after her, tossing up sand in her wake, and as she is just short of the other angel, she stops suddenly, throwing up a veil of grit into the air through which Yuki fires off a series of weak punches, in the hope that one will get through, because of the difficulty in preparing for the attacks.

Still, Usagi-tan just can't quite seem to keep up with the attacks. Despite this, she doesn't fall, even though her health drops way down. It wavers a little, but doesn't quite make it down to zero. The instant that Yuki's assault lets up, Usagi-tan turns slowly to face her and grins, a crazy sort of grin. That wild, seemingly ceaseless attack is turned back on her, even faster than her own had been and infinitely more powerful, though certainly not well controlled. The massive, heavy metal carrot smacks and jabs, swings and stabs, with its wielder stepping slowly closer and closer to Yuki in an attempt at forcing her back.

Weaving in and out of the furious attacks, Yuki gives ground to Usagi - but never letting the weapon come too close to touching her. She backflips as the last swipe comes in and lands gently a few steps away. "See you another time, Usagi-san." Yuki says, recognising the strain of one who is on their last legs. She rushes for Usagi, and - depending on Usagi's reaction, either makes a light last attack, or simply catches the other angel.

As Yuki expects, Usagi-tan's attacks gradually die down until she finally collapses, still holding that massive weapon at first. For the first few seconds after the buzzer sounds, the tiny rabbit would seem too incredibly heavy for Yuki to hold...that is, until the carrot slips from her grasp. Then, the little bunny weighs much closer to what her appearance would suggest...next to nothing.

Yuki holds on tight to the other angel, picking up the cute bunny-angel's legs, and hopping over to the edge of the layer where Miina sits, offering the angel to her deus. Yuki gives a deep bow to Miina and politely says, "Thank you for the match, Akaki-sama and Usagi-san" and waits there.

...Sama? That's new. She's never been given that title before. The little girl blushes a little and carefully takes Usagi-tan from the other angel. "Thank you, too, Yuki-san and...anou..." Miina flushes a little more and lowers her head a bit, once again not remembering the opposing deus's name. Angels she's fine with...but people's names just don't stay with her at all.

With a chuckle at her inability to remember his name, Fukata assists, "Ito Fukata." He pauses for a moment for his angel to leap from the layer into his waiting hand. As she moves to do so, he says to her, "Well done, Yuki." and then he turns to face Miina again, placing his angel back in her place in his shirt pocket. "That was a fun match, Akaki-san. And your angel is cute." he adds with a grin.

Miina nods a little at the reminder of his name, repeating just to try and make it stick a little better. "Ito-san," she says and nods. "It was fun, yes. And Yuki is cute, too! I always like it much better when the matches are fun. I don't like it when everyone is so serious all the time." She grins as she pulls off her visor, then begins quickly looking over her angel. Nothing appears to be too out of place on first glance, but she'll have to check better later.