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The following are logs from the 2006 Tokyo City Tournament. This tournament held qualifying games for the Kanto tournament (regionals). This tournament took place in the summer of 2007 (game-time is one year behind real time).

Round 1:

Miina vs. Mikage Winner: Mikage
Seishiro vs. Raien Winner: Raien
Hama vs. Kukai Winner: Hama
Kyousuke vs. Anzai Winner: Anzai
Keiichi vs. Ranmaru Winner: Ranmaru
Tomoe vs. Fukata Winner: Tomoe

Round 2:

Ranmaru vs. Raien Winner: Ranmaru
Kyousuke vs. Miina Winner: Miina
Hama vs. Tomoe Winner: Tomoe
Fukata vs. Keiichi Winner: Keiichi
Anzai vs. Mikage Winner: Mikage
Seishiro vs. Kukai Winner: Kukai

Round 3:

Keiichi vs. Anzai Winner: Keiichi
Hama vs. Fukata Winner: Fukata
Kukai vs. Ranmaru Winner: Ranmaru
Mikage vs. Tomoe Winner: Mikage
Kyousuke vs. Seishiro Winner: Kyousuke
Raien vs. Miina Winner: Miina

Round 4:

Kyousuke vs. Hama Winner: Hama
Ranmaru vs. Mikage Winner: Mikage
Seishiro vs. Ryou* Winner: Ryou
Tomoe vs. Keiichi Winner: Keiichi
Fukata vs. Raien Winner: Raien
Kukai vs. Miina Winner: Kukai
*Ryou replaces Anzai for Round 4.

Round 5:

Ranmaru vs. Ryou Winner: Ryou
Mikage vs. Raien Winner: Mikage
Kyousuke vs. Tomoe Winner: Tomoe
Hama vs. Keiichi Winner: Keiichi
Miina vs. Ryou Winner: Ryou
Fukata vs. Kukai Winner: Fukata
*Ryou replaces Anzai and Seishiro for Round 5.