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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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Present day. Present time.
Tokyo, Japan, Earth

In the year 1998, a new game was released that swept the country, and soon enough - the world. Angelic Layer became very popular, very quickly, among girls and boys, young and old. It took a special, very expensive device to move the amazing dolls called Angels, but the sight of a doll coming alive and moving to your thoughts was well worth it. Not only could the Angels move, but they could be made to fight battles against one another. These battles developed into tournaments which spanned from local level to natonal games where the best of the best played. Everything from merchandising to television was touched in some way by Angelic Layer.


  • Based on the manga and anime series by CLAMP
  • Unique code, including a collectible card game modelling Layer fights!
  • Extensive Pueblo graphical client support
  • High quality (if not quantity) of RP
  • A setting that combines the modern day with the wonders of anime!
  • High school friendships, Tokyo shopping, and the intense competition of the Layer!