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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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Theme - Secrets :

This place has about as many secrets per area as your average Final Fantasy

Remember this: Not all player characters are created equal and the people who create them are their players. The decisions you make while generating your RPG statistics directly affect the way you will see the game world, sometimes obviously, sometimes subtly. The decisions you make while roleplaying and the topics you pursue directly affect what you may discover.

In some rooms, some exits are only visible if you pass the check that the room makes for you when you come in. You can't pass in some places unless you make an appropriate physical check. Sitting on some 'places' in a room may reveal things otherwise unseen and unknown. The way you roleplay and act affects many things you cannot directly observe. Like the rest of this mush, its secrets are constantly evolving.

Just like in the real world, where the universe you see is not totally
identical to the universe seen by any other person, if only by the virtue of
seeing it from different viewpoints, on this mush, the world you see and
interact with depends mostly on what you pay attention to.

And some of it may change the way the MUSH theme looks for you rather