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Welcome to Angelic Layer Mush
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Theme - Layer Basics:

The Angelic Layer game is, essentially, a framework to unite the roleplaying
within the setting of a modern anime school under a common umbrella. There is very little you have to know about the series itself to make a successful
character, and all you really need to know is listed below:

When taken by itself, Angelic Layer is essentially a fighting game with a lot
of special twists to it:

  • The ones fighting are not virtual figures of some sort, but small robots. They have no internal power source and require a special table, a 'layer', to move. They are assisted with holography for special effects and ingeniously setup magnetic effects allow them to float above the surface of the layer.

  • The dolls are controlled with a brainwave sensing headset system,
    essentially, telepathically. What you can imagine well enough, they can do. This is probably the reason that while the dolls are called 'Angels' the player is called a 'Deus'. No other applications of this technology currently exist, save for very recently introduced mentally controlled prostheses which are just out of clinical testing.

The game is played a lot by kids, teenagers and even adults. Despite the
amazing feats of technology on the Layer, the world has yet to change
significantly - just like several walking and dancing robots demonstrated or
even sold to the public in our reality have yet to become the robots so much
talked about in science fiction. Competition on the Layer brings out the best
and worst in people, and since just about anyone can compete, the game is
somewhat akin to a very exciting, spectacular game of chess, with the major
difference being that analytical skills and high intellect don't run the game
here - the passion does.