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Theme - Eriol Basics :

While you may have a character going to any school imaginable in Tokyo City,we strongly advise against this, since you would miss out on most of the
school roleplaying. Eriol Gakuen, the focus of our roleplaying on Angelic
Layer MUSH, is the only school that is actually built in the IC world and that
is meant to stay that way. As far as we know, this fine establishment has no
prototype in our reality - not like this ever stopped anyone.

Eriol Gakuen is an old and large public school in the Shibuya district of
central Tokyo. It is considered a prestigious school, if not outright an elite
one. It is also located in one of the richer parts of the city, and as such,
populated mostly by kids from well-off and rich families.

'Eriol Gakuen' means, literally, 'Eriol Academy'. The word 'Academy' is used
in this particular case because Eriol Gakuen is a so-called elevator school,
handling all levels of education from kindergarten to high school inclusive.
While the school may, naturally, be joined along the way, even the
kindergarten demands an entrance exam, which maintains it's prestigious
status. The origins of the name 'Eriol' are lost to the sands of time, dating
at least to before the second World War, or at least, not widely publicised.
Legend passing back and forth among the students and faculty says that it was
the name of the founder, but 'Eriol' is certainly not a name in any well-known

Notable past students of Eriol Gakuen include Mihara Ichirou, commonly
credited as the creator of the Angelic Layer game, as well as several
statesmen, diplomats, lawyers and prominent scientists. While the school is
definitely superior academically, it does not quite excel in sports, and most
sports teams are in a rather sorry state. If Angelic Layer would be officially
considered a sport rather than a game, which it is moving towards, Eriol
Gakuen's position would very much improve because the current national
champion, Suzuhara Misaki, is a student of Eriol.

One unusual aspect of Eriol Gakuen is it's rather unique uniform design. It's
not sexier or cuter than most of them, but unlike common practice in most
schools in Japan, Eriol Gakuen uniforms do not visibly change with season,
i.e. the winter uniform looks exactly like the summer one. No change in
uniforms occurs between elementary, middle and high school, either. Preschool kids in Eriol Gakuen wear a uniform with a different color pattern and a slightly different cut. Here are some character designs you can use for

Eriol Gakuen Male Highschool Uniform
Eriol Gakuen Female Highschool Uniform
Eriol Gakuken Female Pre-School Uniform

Like a good many such schools in Japan, it is in effect run by the Principal,
with only nominal attention from the Board of Trustees. Between the teachers
and the students stands the Student Council, ('seitokai') ran by the elected
Student Council President ('seitokaichou') and composed from the elected Class Presidents or Representatives ('inchou'). Like in many other schools, it runs everything that the teachers don't want to do, like collecting funds for field trips, distributing budget between the school clubs, et caetera, et caetera.
Beside the annoying chores, like distributing homework assignments to absent
and tardy classmates, there's a lot of real power in this, and even in the
generally peaceful Eriol Gakuen the positions on the Student Council are at
times contested

As a side note, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a Headmaster or a
Teaching Assistant in a Japanese school. There is, however, a Vice-Principal,
who also commonly teaches a class.

Major clubs you would see and be able to sign up for in Eriol Gakuen, include:

  • Angelic Layer Club: The new club that sucked the blood dry out of every other one. Everyone and their mother is a member, and since the clubs don't usually deliberately try to make their meeting schedules coexist, it frequently prevents membership in other clubs. It's popularity is frequently attributed to the fact that it can get bulk discounts on layer rental for the members.

  • Computer club: Precisely what you'd expect, they are the people who get to hog all the school's computers in the evening.

  • Basketball, soccer, baseball, gymnasitcs, track teams: Eriol Gakuen has a long, if not particularily famous, athletic tradition, and these clubs
    retained their popularity since time immemorial.

  • Tea ceremony club: Widely considered to be snobs. Most people who do think they are didn't ever talk to them though.

  • School paper: A small, tightly knit but influential club, they weekly
    release a real four-page newspaper in about a couple thousand copies. Usually there isn't any left for back-issues.