It is a somewhat quiet Friday evening, where the weekend has come for both those who attend school and those who work. A sign was posted earlier in the week announcing a special guest who would be hosting an Angelic Fantasy session this evening, but the notice has gone somewhat unnoticed by many who are more concerned with their duels. At a reserved layer, the pale form of Mikage sits at a chair, setting up a few things as she circles the layer. She draws hair back from her eyes, and then nods her head before settling down, flipping a switch to activate the layer. "This should be an interesting night." She muses, and then dons her headset, closing her eyes as the layer flickers, showing a scene where once was only light.

On the layer, a dark mansion appears. At the entrance to this mansion is a rusty railed gate with spider webs hanging from between the spires. Mismatched stones that appear to be graves line both sides of the entryway leading up to an oaken front door that seems as if it has been scratched by huge talons. The sky is dark and the layer has a certain spooky feeling to it.

Always one willing to try out things that seem particularly interesting and out of the ordinary, least for some people, Miyazuki isn't about to miss this new way to have a good time. He makes sure to show up right at the designated time, walking through the people crowding the building slowly, Benisato perched on his shoulder as he looks around carefully, trying to spot the layer that this would be played out. He completely forgot to write down the place when taking down the info for this, and now he had to make a guess by keeping a close eye on the layers.

Kyousuke is one of the people that took note of the sign that had been posted about the event, and after a quick enquiry as to what Angelic Fantasy was, the samurai obsessed boy decides to join in on it. After all, it's a good excuse for him, or rather Kensei, to actually act like a samurai and not look too strange in doing so. Fortunately, the kendoist has a good memory for random things, and so he ends up approaching the reserved layer with no problems.

What better to do during such a day than to join one's fiance to the event she is organizing? It appears that Ranmaru is dressed in clothing from his Eriol Gakuen years to not look too much out of place. He is seated to the right of Mikage and has his angel sitting on his lap right along with his visors. His eyes are closed, though nobody would really be able to notice as they are obscured from sight by two fancy pairs of sunglasses. Why someone would wear those during the oncoming heart of winter is anyone's guess.

It does not take long for people to start arriving, and Ranmaru greets every single one of them with a kind nod and a slight wave of his hand which was sitting at the rim of the layer. He waits patiently for them to sit down, playing a littlebit with his angel using his free hand.

Miina also had seen the sign, but the really impressive part is that she actually remembered what day was posted, and even managed to remember what time. Shocking! So the little girl arrives with her bunny eared angel, and takes a quick look around the layers to find the right one. Seeing the people already gathered, Miina grins happily and darts toward the layer. Kyousuke and Kenju get smiles and waves, but the one who catches Miina's eye is Mikage. After all, she's only ever seen her at tournaments, so this could be fun! "Aogiri-san! You're here!" she calls happily, going quickly to the older girl's side.

With a smile, Mikage looks up and greets the arrivals one by one, giving an especially large smile to Miina. "Konnichiwa Akaki-chan." The other two she's not as familiar with, at least not enough to greet by name. "Welcome everyone." She lifts her voice a little bit to be heard, although it is still quite soft compared to most. "The folks at Angelic Layer have asked me to debut a few new sceneries and storylines for Angelic Fantasy, so that's what I'm here to do tonight. Take a seat if you're going to play?" She looks first to Miina, motioning her to a nearby seat, and then towards the others, inclining her head politely in greeting.

On the layer itself, a wind rustles through a nearby tree, and a sound of a wolf howls in the distance. There is a knock, and a scream from within the mansion, and then all is quiet once more.

Given the abnormal amount of people sitting around that layer over there it must be the one. So given this newly acquired information Kenju walks over and takes his place at the table between Kyousuke and Ranmaru, listening quietly as Miki goes over her little introduction. He eyes the new layer scenery with no hidden amount of intrigue. "So from my understanding this is normal roleplaying except with our angels instead of character sheets, yes?"

Kyousuke looks over at Kenju when he sees the older boy and grins. "Yo Miyazuki-sempai," he says. He then notes Miina and Ranmaru there and adds a "Miina-han, Oi-han" to his greetings. Of course, he doesn't really know the last person, having only seen her a few times before, when she was dueling with people he knew back in the Kanto Qualifiers, but she gets a grin also, and a "Hello" even if he doesn't know her. The kendoist jumps a bit at the sudden scream that can be heard from the mansion, having not expected it. He then takes a seat at the layer, just listening now that the greetings are over.

"Kind of. Yes, I think that would be a proper comparison." Ranmaru replies, nodding at the young man who had spoken up after sitting down. His attention is then taken towards Kyousuke, as he greets him and the others. "Greetings..." He ponders for a moment. "Sakamata-kun?" He rubs the back of his head for a moment. Too many people to remember the names of, and it happends now and then that he would futs one up. "It would appear everyone here knows eachother at least a littlebit?" He raises his angel up with his right hand so that people could see him, and with his left hand he tips his sunglasses down as to get a good look at the group that had formed. He then turns his head to the left and the right, trying to see if there would be anyone else attending.

Miina happily takes a seat next to Mikage, and quickly pulls on a visor. She keeps Usagi-tan in her lap for now, however, waiting for more instructions. As Ranmaru raises Kamui, Miina of course realizes then who he is, and she looks back and forth between him and Mikage for a moment, grinning again and swinging her feet back and forth under the chair. "Yes, I think we all know who we all are. Right?"

Giving a nod towards Kenju, Mikage stands up slowly. "Correct. You'll be essentially role-playing your angels in this new environment, 'The Dark Mansion'." She picks up her headset and places it onto her forehead, flicking the wings upwards as her eyes shift to focus on the heads-up display instead of her normal vision. "Why don't we each introduce ourselves and our angels, even if we may know each other it's good to be polite, ne?" She suggestions as she inclines her head. "Aogiri Mikage-desu. People sometimes call me the 'White Storm'." She shrugs a little in her usual casual manner, not being one to boast over renown. "My angel is Rei, but she won't be here for tonight's events. I'll be acting as the controller for the world you'll be exploring." She then sits down and waits for the others to introduce themseles and set their angels into the layer. And of course, what comes after that... is the start of the real adventure.

Kenju takes a quick glance around the table, and seeing no one spring to their feet, he stands next. "I am Miyazuki Kenjutsushi," he lifts a hand to gesture to the angel perched upon his shoulder, "And this is Benisato." He lifts the small figure from his shoulder, setting her lightly on the layer before they both give a slight and formal bow. He pats Beni on the head once fondly before sitting back down himself, glad that that part is over and awaiting the next person's introduction.

The topic of self introductions is brought up by Mikage before Kyousuke can correct Ranmaru, which is probably for the better. "Sakamoto Kyousuke," he says using his typical Kansai accent. "Pleased t' meetcha all." That last part was more aimed towards Mikage, even if he addressed everyone in it. "Don't think I've earned a nickname or anythin' yet." Probably a good thing, considering his win to loss ratio. Losing doesn't normally give someone a good nickname, amusing yes, good no. He takes Kensei out of his pocket and holds him out. "An' This is Kensei."

"My name would be Oi Ranmaru..." He turns towards Mikage, then Kyousuke for a short moment because they both had commented on nicknames. "During tournaments, also known as the Layer Phantom. Former student of Eriol Gakuen." He chuckles for a moment, using one hand to pull on his now a tad bit too small uniform, though it was almost impossible to tell as he is wearing bigger socks and had rolled up the suit's sleeves. "And this is Kamui." He already was holding up his angel, so he soon after places it gently upon the layer near the gates that lead to the entryway that in turn leads to the mansion. "Hmm?" He turns towards Miina for a short moment while taking note that he had incorrectly pronounced Kyousuke's name. He was slightly confused about the grin, but in the end decides to discard it and simply nod and smile at her.

"And I'm Akaki Miina!" the last and littlest member of the group adds. "And everybody's already met my little thumper on the layer." She holds up the lop-eared angel and giggles once again. "Chibi Usagi-tan!" She sets the bunny down with the other angels, and the carrot-wielding menace spins a happy twirl as soon as she's released.
"Now that we've finished the formalities, let me welcome you all... to the 'Dark Mansion'." And with that said, Mikage closes her eyes and sits back in her chair. The layer seems to come to life with motion and sound. Wind howls, the gate of the mansion creeks, and a cold feeling hangs in the air. From out of nowhere, a voice acts as narrator, but the voice is very unlike the kind voice of Mikage. Instead, the voice comes with a dark tone and menace.

Game Master: "Welcome to the dark world. Before you lies the Dark Mansion, a place of great evil which has been seeping it's foul presence upon all the surrounding villages. Children have disappeared, people have turned into zombies, and there are rumors of vampires and strange demons that haunt the night. You have been brought here by the gods in hopes that your powers could put an end to this darkness. Welcome to the Dark Mansion... please... enjoy your stay."

Finally it all starts. Kenju settles back in his chair, getting about as comfy as can be expected for the time as he lets his mind mingle and combine with that of Benisato's.

Near the Dark Mansion something moves in the undergrowth, a moment later the snake mistress slinks out, slipping over to the rest of the group quickly and as quietly as she dares less they take her for one of the vampires. Stupid deus neglected to put her where the other angels were at, typical. Her gaze turns towards the black house, violet eyes seeming to reflect with the little light there was in this forsaken place. "The moon is hidden, no light can lead us. We must tread lightly in this blackest of nights lest we become prey for those that live here." Her voice is quiet, hinting that she doesn't dare break the overwhelming bleakness that hangs over this manor.

Kyousuke leans forward eagerly as the game almost starts. On the layer, his angel appears much less eager than he is, maintaining his normal stoic face. He simply does as his deus did and nods to the other angels, recognizing all of them from previous duels... all of them lost. Unlike Benisato, he doesn't speak up just yet, not finding it necessary.

Ranmaru's angel, when it finally gets energized by the layer gives a quick and confused look about. After all, this was a new layer to him as well as his deus, and he quickly turns about to get a good look on his fellow players. He soon finds the bunnygirl, and begins to cutely scratch the tip of his head while voicing a confused meow towards her. And when the snake lady comes out, his eyes turn along with his body, to get a good look at her. "Grrreetings~nya." The feline says, and quickly there-after greets the Samurai. "Kinda... strange group, ne?" The feline blinks excessively for a second or two and then turns towards Benisato. "Fear the dark?" He places his thumb against his chest and poses. "Darrrkness should be afraid of me~nya!" He grins so confidently.

The rabbit-girl angel, smaller by far than any of the others, gives the serpent woman a rather odd look as she speaks, tilting her head to the side. Wow...just a bit flowery, there...ah well, to each their own. She giggles then at Kamui, waving with her furry little left hand as she hefts her carrot up against her shoulder with the other. "Let's go in!" she says, not wanting to waste any time and stepping toward the gate.
Game Master: CreeeeeEEEEEEk. The sound of a rusty hinge sounds like some sort of beastly thing dying in the cold echo of the night. With a THUNK the door of the mansion swings against it's moulding. A chill wind blows from within as it seems that the mansion itself is beconing the strange travelers inward. Two torches light on either side of the doorway, the flames flickering in the wind. Above, in the highest room of the mansion, a glow eminates, and a shadow passes infront of the window before vanishing once more.

Benisato's keen eyes are focused, examining the manor with no small amount of dislike. But despite this throbbing dislike of the place she starts after the little Rabbit as she walks towards the house. "The lights welcome us, but tiss only a trap to fool those who would like to evict the denizens of such a foreboding place." Her hand impulsively rests on the shinai at her waist, staying loose and fluid for the black thing that tries to sneak up on her from the shadows.

Kensei lets a hint of a smile appear on the edges of his lips at Usagi-tan's antics, but it quickly disappears as he focuses his attention on the mansion. Unlike Benisato, the samurai does not drop his hand to the blades at his waist, which have changed to metal ones since his last encounter with the snake angel. "Does it matter what the building's purpose is?" he asks, walking up to the head of the group. "We're going in one way or the other." A momentous occasion, this is probably one of the first times he's talked since his duel with Seishiro back in the Kanto qualifiers.

"Yush~nya!" Kamui purrs and seems to intend to take the lead as he makes a tiny sprint to get in front of Miina and sets his hand against the gate for a short moment before giving the gate a good push with the intent of opening it. It opens with a violent creaking sound that is almost like nails scraping over a blackboard. But the feline doesn't seem to be bothered by this for some reason, which is something that probably had to do with Ranmaru grabbing a can of soda right at that moment out of his backpack and setting it to his lips. The feline makes sure the gate swings all the way open, towards the direction of the pathway, and then beckons the other angels inside in the form of a graceful bow. "Ladies firrrst~nya?" He mainly comments towards Benisato and Miina's angel, but also gives a joke-wink towards Kensei. "But note... ~nya." He suddenly comments. "Benisato-chan ish rrright, we needs to be wary~nya."

Wary, schmary. This is about fun! Besides, there won't be anything in there that a good thwack from a massive lead carrot won't take care of, right? As Kamui opens the gate for her and Beni, Usagi-tan bows her head to him with a grin. "We can handle it! Right, Kensei?" she calls back over her shoulder to the samurai as she walks up the path to the front door.

Game Master: Within the front courtyard of the mansion, there is an eerie movement like gray mist that seems to surround the broken grave-stones. It seems to grow darker in one area, surrounding a small circle of stones. Closer to the door, however, there is a strange, eerie sort of sound like music being played at a distance. The light in the upper room disappears in a blink, and the house gives a grumble, as if the ground beneath was unsettled lands.
Through the gate and up the path the snake mistress walks, eyes darting around quicker than something that we can't think of. "The phantoms welcome us with open arms and empty bellies. We must never stray from our goal lest they try and take advantage of our weaknesses whilst we are busy elsewhere." She makes particular note to stay away from that spot where the dark closes in to strangle the life from any who wander close enough for the shadow to grab hold. The disappearance of the light and shaking of the ground make Benisato crouch, trying her hardest to blend into the dark like the creatures she appeared so paranoid to find. No sound escapes her while she waits for anything out of the ordinary.

Kensei doesn't seem to be too affected by the comment, even if he's taking the lead after Kamui stated that ladies should go first. After all, if this place is supposed to be dangerous, then he should go in before they do, right? Usagi-tan's reply is a simple nod from the quiet warrior. He gives Benisato's words a bare grunt of acknowledgement, then makes his way into the mansion, though he doesn't rush ahead of the others. There's safety in groups after all.

Kamui follows quickly behind them and seems to be more in a playful mood than anything else. He seems to be just gasping around at the area around them and takes specific note of the misty area. "Anyone know Magic Missile~nya?" He mutters randomly, barely audible... it is as if he is testing a bad joke, hoping that nobody but him heard it. His attention shifts back to the snake-lady as she tries to hide and rubs his right ear. "Does the snake-lady rrrrequire a bodyguard-o~nya?" He offers and while apparently ignoring the door opening and the music pouring into the area, he prances towards the lone tree that perks up in the front 'garden' of the mansion and finds himself a sturdy branch and begins wielding it as if it were a sword, hoping to imitate Kensei.

Kensei pauses in front of the gate. "Be careful guys, there are some loose floorboards here."

Usagi-tan grins more at the stick wielding catboy, and steps up behind Kensei. "Oh, okay." She looks at the floor, carefully stepping around the ones that seem to be loose and peering around the room behind the door. "If there's any ghosts in here, us out! Yeah, that'd be good. Tell us why you're here!"

Game Master: Those close to the doorway or within the building can see that the inside is a dark and dusty place full of cobwebs and decaying wood. A layer of dust covers most of the floor. There are rooms to the right, and to the left, and a staircase that seems to climb upwards onto a second floor. In the center of the entry chamber, a golden harp sits, seemingly untouched by the ages that have ravaged the rest of this place. It's strings seem to be plucked by no one, playing an eerie music that echos along the walls.

Seeing as how nothing materialized out of the dark to try and eat her, Benisato straightens back up, making a point to pretend she didn't hear Kamui's comment. As cute as he was, she wasn't about to make herself look silly by responding. Seeing as how people were slowly making her way inside, and inside was away from that dark misty like area, she makes haste to follow them in. The harp gets an amused glance as opposed to the rest of the things which she was paranoid over. The squeaky boards don't go unnoticed however and she takes special care to go around them as much as she possibly can. Her eyes slowly scan the room, floor to ceiling, left to right and back again, making sure they were alone.

Kensei makes sure to step around the loose floor boards himself after warning the others about them, it would be foolish to step on them when he clearly noticed them after all. Looking around, the samurai quickly figures out that his eyes are not suited to the darkness. The catboy angel's might be, and perhaps even the snake woman, but his certainly aren't. "Be on your guard," he warns. "I'm lighting the room up." With that said, the samurai drops his right hand to the katana at his hip, then summons his chi to light the area up.

Ranmaru takes note of Kyousuke's angel's comment, but does not seem to require the information it contained quite yet. He shrugs as Benisato does not reply to his offer and begins to pace slowly towards the mist, holding out his stick in its direction, not wanting to be the first to get stuck in something if it were a trap. His deus knew of dungeon crawls, and was a little wary of what could possibly happen. "I will go defeat the monsterrrr of the mist!" He calls out bravely and <<casts an extra look towards the window that shone light before>>. He had feline eyes, so he figured he might be able to see something more than others. Afterwards he'd just return his attention towards the misty swirls and concentrates on that.

The playful bunny angel looks back at Kamui, then at the other two inside, and then again at Kamui. She makes a little face, then shrugs. "I'm gonna go with the cat. He thinks he onto something, so he shouldn't be alone." With that, she darts back outside and over to Kamui, moving cautiously toward that dark spot and trying to see what's in the mist.

Game Master: At first, it seems as if something might be moving in that upstairs window, watching those below, but then when you look closer, it seems to be nothing more than moonlight lifting off of the drapes that flap in some errant breeze. On the other hand, the mist seems to condense near one of the more intact graves. The ground trembles slightly, and a decayed, boney hand seems to sprout out of the ground suddenly, sending a spray of dirt upwards. The hand seems clenched into a fist, and once it emerges, it no longer moves, however the mist seems to be gone, leaving the gravestone exposed. The name on the grave? "Kuramori" The date appears to show that this is a grave of a young man who died some ten years past.

Interest starting to slow take over caution, but not by much, Beni starts slowly moving towards the Harp, testing every step she takes before planting her foot down firmly before repeating the process. Her eyes keep on the harp, trying to see if she can spot a outline of someone playing the harp who's, you know, see through or something. You can never tell with them ghosties, one minute they're not there, the next they're playing Devil Went Down to Georgia in A flat.

Kensei shrugs and follows after Beni. "I'll stick with you then," he says. Once again, safety in numbers. Besides, it seems appropriate that each group has its own heavy hitter. Usagi-tan with Kamui, and Kensei with Benisato. He lets the snake woman check the harp over though, and he turns his attention to a <<general sweep of the room.>>

The feline topples over backwards for a moment, surprised by the sudden appearance of the hand. He sits on his bum for a while and gives a dazed look at the moon above in the skies. It takes a small moment before he finally corrects himself and re-approaches the grave. "Kurrrramorrrri-kun~nya." Ranmaru reads off of the grave and takes a quick note of the style of the gravestone, as well as any markings other than the date that might be present on the dead earth. He eyes the hand for a short moment and then takes a quick look at the bunny-girl. "I think it might have something in its hand~nya." The feline comments and then reaches out for the hand, stopping at a few inches away from the palm. "Mister Kuramori, may I have what you possess within your hand?" He tries to ask as kindly as possible, not wishing to resort to prying and decapitating right away.

Usagi-tan isn't nearly as startled as Kamui, or at least not quite as skittish. As he speaks, she moves closer to the hand as well, careful not to step directly on the grave. That'd be dumb. The rabbit keeps a firm grip on her carrot's stalk, hoping it won't be necessary but keeping it ready all the same. "Be careful, nekomimi boy," she teases. "He might pull your tail."

Game Master: As Benisato approaches the harp, it seems to pause, hovering for a moment before one of the strings snaps with an audible *PLoInG*. The music that once filled the area goes dead, and the harp seems to lose it's inner glow. A *CliNK* follows as a small bottle seems to roll out from behind the harp and comes to a stop at Benisato's feet.

When Kensei looks around, he would notice that the floor is covered in dust except for a few areas. The stairs leading upwards show recent signs of use, including small footprints. However, there seems to be no such motion over the ground towards either the room on the right, or left. There does, however, appear to be scratch marks in the floor, as if something was dragged into the right room.

Outside, the decayed hand seems to tremble for a moment, and then opens, revealing a key and a small peice of paper. The paper says "My father is a monster. If you are reading this, I'm already dead, and he did it. This is the key to his chamber. Don't let my death be in vain." The writing sribbles off. Below the ground, though, there is a murmur, like something saying 'Bunny. Kitty. Mmmwerarrg.' But the hand only deposits the two items on the ground, and then withdraws back into the soil after giving a little 'byebye' wave.

Benisato almost instinctively ducks down to the side as the string snaps, preferring to look silly than to get hit by an unknown attack. When no attack comes she straightens up, taking one last look at the harp before turning her attention to the bottle that was resting against her foot. She bends down, <<examining the bottle carefully>> to make sure there wasn't anything potentially harmful before she reaches her hand anywhere near that thing. She may use poison, but that doesn't mean she wants to be a victim of it.

Kensei bends down and <<examines the footprints on the ground taking a look at the scratch marks on the ground, trying to figure out where they lead>>. "Benisato," he calls out to get her attention. If she chooses to walk over he'll motion towards his findings. Perhaps taking a look at hers if she shows it to him.

"He touches my tail, he dies~nya!" Kamui scoffs, pondering his words for a moment. "Well... he'll be more dead than he already is. If that is possible?" He scritches his hear and lets out a slight purr before taking the paper and key, and quickly reads the paper before offering it to Miina's angel. "I'll keep the key." He states before turning about and waving back at the retreating hand. "I'll... see what I can do, mister zombie-hand." He states, and begins wandering off towards the back of the house, wanting to be a rebel and trying to see if there is something else to be seen... perhaps a second entrance, or a cellar. He however does take note of all the other graves, to see if there were any that bore the same name as the young man's grave... as well as trying to see if the mist wanted to point out any other funky graves.

Usagi-tan takes the paper and reads it quickly, following along behind Kamui and thinking. "You know...if he had this paper and the key in his hand in his grave, then he had to have been buried with it. If what it says is true, then why would his father have let him be buried with the things? That doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's a trick?" she ponders out loud as she keeps up with the catboy. His eyes are probably better than hers, but since he's watching the ground, she'll keep an eye on the sky so nothing can surprise them from above.

Game Master: As Benisato examines the bottle, it becomes clear that it is some sort of potion. There is a cross on the bottle, and it appears to be very old. There doesn't appear to be anything dangerous about it, at least not dangerous to angels, that is. As for the scratch marks in the floor go off towards the room on the right, but even that is covered in years of dust. Only the footprints seem recent.

Outside, there doesn't seem to be anything else suspicious. The night is cold and dark, but the mist is gone and it seems that the world outdoors is no longer filled with much mystery.

Game Master: Also, before I forget... two little cards pop out of the layer infront of Ranmaru and Kenju.

Seeing as how the bottle is just laying there, and it doesn't look like it's going to explode in her face or anything she decides to pick it up and store it for later. Now, onto whatever Kensei is talking about. She walks over to him, taking a look at the foot prints and claw marks he had found. She peers up the stairs into the dark for a moment before looking back at Kensei. "Normally I would opt for not being found, but do you think you could throw a little of the energy you have up the stairs? I would rather not be surprised by beasts, but I do not think it wise to continue on until we are joined again with our compatriots."

Kensei nods. "I can do that," he says. The samurai gathers some of the chi he gathered for his aura, but not all of it, into the katana still sheathed at his waist, then in a iaijutsu motion, he slices out and returns it to its sheathe immediately, sending a quick arrow of chi up the stairs. Afterwards, the aura lighting up the room dims a little, but still provides enough light to see with.

"Trick? I think you are reading into it too much. I mean... he's dead, why would he lie, you know? Besides...~nya." He pauses for a moment. "I think we have to believe in a little mahou-nya. But ish will keep it in mind." He wags his hand and takes one last look before shrugging. "Nothing. You lead us back to the door?" He suddenly stops right while Miina's angel is still walking and gazing up into the sky and crouches down to walk on all fours. "I wonder how the people inside are doing."

Usagi-tan shrugs a little. "I don't know. It was just a thought. Let's go back to the others." She walks somewhat more quickly back toward the front door, once again stepping around those loose boards. With Kensei's light, they're fairly easy to spot. "Here, a zombie had this and a key," she says, passing over the note to Kensei or Beni, whoever will take it first.

Game Master: The spike of Chi-energy sent up the stairs seems to phase through something semi-present, which flickers and then disappears in a puff of dust and a ear-shattering scream. That scream, however, seems to wake something or someone upstairs. A light shows from a door at the top of the stairs, spilling out and downwards with a greenish glow.

That green light and the deathly scream make Beni decide that now isn't the time to be reading a note. She ducks down and to the side of the stairway, pressing herself flat against the wall and <<staying as well hidden as she can>> so that whatever is coming down those stairs should have it's back to her when it reaches the bottom. Perfect sneak attack for a snake. She'll let the others do their own thing, hoping that none of them do something foolish enough to betray her location before she gets the chance to have some fun.

Kensei isn't quite as willing to do a sneak attack as Benisato is, and stands right at the base of the stairs, looking straight up before drawing his two blades. He plans on meeting whatever it is head on, and in fact begins making his way up the stairs wary of any attack that may come.

"Someone get the lady a gag..." Ranmaru's angel tries to pick out wether or not the scream was male or female, and ends up shrugging. "So, we found a zombie and danced some disco~nya. What'd you guys do~nan?" He asks, cocking his head to the left to give an inquisitive yet somewhat confused look. But then, don't felines always look confused? This look gets directed towards the stairs as the green light spills towards them and the feline decides that for some reason, he should meet it head on. "HUMPH!~nya..." He states, placing his hands on his sides, and begins to climb the stairs. If he was going to get hit, he could take it. He also tried to concentrate well, so that if he believed he'd really be in danger, he could dart away. He stops in front of the door and waits for a moment, taking a look downwards. "Going to open the door... scaredy-cats." He chuckles, as he was the only feline around, and tries to open the door. It was locked! He boggles for a moment and then looks at the key that was still in his hand. He finally decides to use it to unlock the door. A loud click voices from it and he begins to open the actual door...

Usagi-tan darts up the stairs after the suicidal feline, ready to be both backup and beatdown. She gives a nod to Kamui, holding her weapon ready with her right hand and pushing the door open with her left. She stands her ground as the door, presumably, swings open, and waits to see what will come.

Game Master: As the door swings open, standing in the green glow is a man dressed in dark robes. As he lifts his head, his eyes show empty, vacant sockets. "How dare you intrude upon my home. Infidels. You'll soon join the halls of the dead." Like any good bad-guy, he has his bravado, raising a hand to laugh at the fools who dared tresspass. Drawing one decicated hand backwards, he lashes it out like a whip, sending a flare of green energy towards those at the top of the stairs.

Usagi-tan seems to have just been waiting for something for something like this to happen. Without even seeming to need to think about it, she drops low and manages to avoid the green energy by diving underneath it. This puts her in a position that some angels already know she jumps back up, she simultaneously thrusts her carrot, using the added momentum from her rising and guiding the weapon's point at the big bad guy's chest.

The feline seems to be quite able to get out of the way, moving down and away from the lashing energy. "You missed, nyaaa!." He turns around and wags his butt at the ghostly appearance and sticks his tongue out. "Nyeeeee!" He makes fun of the man. "Okay..." He suddenly jumps backwards to give Miina some room and poses! "You have killed your son and done unright to the villagers of this town. In the name of catnip and disco-dancing, I will punish you!" And suddenly from the ceiling, a discoball comes down and it begins to reflect psychedelic colors onto the room as Ranmaru's angel joins Miina in her attack, jumping for the man's head in attempt to scratch him bald.

Kensei steps aside and lets the catboy and bunny girl rush past him and open the door before he can. Since they've triggered his first attack, he might as well bring about his own. In a quick motion, the samurai blurs from sight, kicking up the dust around his feet as he does so. When he reappears, his aura is even brighter than before, and he slices his twin blades down in a downward cross. When the attack ends, his aura is still lighting up the room, but it seems some of it was used in his attack.

Well that's a fine kettle of fish that guy's got himself in. The energy blast did nothing to anyone, and now he's clogging up the hallway cause everyone decided it would be a good idea to attack him all at once. Benisato takes one look at that mess and shakes her head. "I think I'll let them handle it," she mutters to herself, taking a seat on the floor and pulling the bottle out of her pocket. The cross on this bottle sure is... cross like... why can't villains ever fight in big open areas where they can get mobbed from all sides instead of just one? Make things so much easier for the mobbers.

Game Master: It seems that our dark master was not expecting such a barrage. He gets knocked backwards by Usagi-tan's attack, then used as a disco scratching post, then slashed by swords... However, the undead are not always the easiest to beat. He growls, falling backwards as his dark flame aura surrounds him. "You may have won this time... but I'll be back, and you'll all pay!" Typical bad-guy bravado, right? the dark master disappears in a poof of green flame, leaving only an empty room behind. And somewhere, in the distance, someone's cell-phone plays the victory theme to Final Fantasy. Two more cards pop out of the layer infront of the remaining two participants.

With a small sigh and a smile, Mikage looks up and nods to each of those who attended the event. "And that's the first step in this story. It goes on for quite a while, but at least that's a taste of things." She takes her headset off and runs fingers through her hair. "Any items a character aquired can be used in later events." She nods to Miyazuki's direction. "I hope you all had fun?" She asks tenitively, rubbing at one eye almost sleepily.

Ranmaru smiles and nods while he slowly gets up, the layer reverting to a flat white layer and leaving the angels standing about in empty space. He reaches out and grabs hold of his angel and bows towards the other contestants while pocketing his 'card'. "I enjoyed spending time with you guys." He states contently. "Thank you." He chuckles and then turns towards Mikage. "Its kinda silly for me to say it to you, but I think you deserve quite some thanks too, for offering to do this for us." He bows to her as well and disappears a littlebit into the background. "See you at the car?" Are the words that linger.

Miina happily retrieves her valiant little bunny, grinning as she turns to Mikage. "Thank you very much, Aogiri-san! That was really fun! If we play again, will you be here? I liked playing with you, and with everybody. Kamui's silly." Almost as an afterthought, she plucks the little card from the layer and examines it curiously. "What is this, anyway?"

Kyousuke stands up from his seat and grins at Mikage again. "Thanks!" he says, adding his own few words. He stretches his arms over his head and looks down at his own card. "I enjoyed that quite a bit."

"I'm glad you had fun." Mikage replies, smiling towards Miina softly as she gathers up her headset and gives a nod towards Ranmaru. "Un. Let's pick up something to eat on the way home, ne?" She asks to him before looking back towards the layer and those who had played. "The cards are called 'Virtues'. They are given out to winners of tournaments and those that attend special events. They can have special effects when used during your duels." She flips the layer off with a switch, "And hopefully we'll all get to play together again soon. I enjoy running these games, even if Rei doesn't get much of a chance to participate." She gives a little yawn, showing how sleepy she really is as she glances at the clock. "But it's getting a bit late for us. Goodnight, everyone."

Watching the layer scenery fade out, Kenju stands, reaching into the layer and lifting up his little snake princess out, gently placing her on his shoulder again while both the card and the bottle make their way into a little bag with the rest of the things he has for Benisato. "That really was quite fun. Should we play again you can count on me being here." He bows once and heads off himself, letting the others go along their way as well.