His darker mood broken by Yuji, Tatsu smiles and waves back at him. "Hey Yuji-kun! This should be a lot of fun!!" grins and holds up Brozzel slightly. "Brozzel and I are looking forward to taking on you on again. Nice cape by the way!"

"Yush!" Yuji twirls around twice to show off the thing, letting it flare upwards before he faces Tatsu again and places his hands to his side and looks all proud. "Bow for me, for I am your king!" He puts on his most adult face... then suddenly loosens up, bends forwards and places a finger on his lips. He looks silly. "Isn't this thing cool!?" He then gets back up and grins proudly again. "Prepare to be beaten!" Again he poses, this time pointing at Tatsu in an accusing manner.

Tatsu grins widely, though tries to hide it and look intimidated. Says "Super cool!" when Yuji loosens up. Tatsu looks riled up and holds his fist close to his chest, then points back at Yuji "You can try Yuji, but Brozzel and I are coming at you with all our force!" Tatsu says, grinning. Tatsu takes off his school jacket and ties the sleeves around his neck, making his own mini-cape. "There! Now we can fight on even ground! Ready to duel?"

"Yush!" Yuji grins as Tatsu puts on his own mock-cape and pumps a fist into the air to show his excitement. "Together... we'll take over the world!" He then brings down that arm and flips up his thumb in order to give a cool thumbs up, then shifts it into a 'V' sign. "Veeeee." For victory, of course. "Now..." He suddenly turns about, dramatically still, and points at the monitor. "Let the announcing begin!"... ... ... crickets. "Ehh... seems the announcer is not ready yet. FOR OUR AWESOMENESS!"

Tatsu flashes the thumbs up, then V for Victory back. Points at the screen and says "FOR OUR AWESOMENESS!" Right as the spotlight flashes onto the announcer above the layer.

"Welcome! To ANGELIC LAYER! Todays two contestants promise to show an exciting match, and even as the tournament begins to wind down into its final rounds the adrenaline is still pumping hot!" The announcer yelled with perhaps too much enthusiasm, it did seem to rile up the crowd however, enough to send them all into cheers and hollering. "In the west corner we have a Rookie who has surprised us with a fairly good performance this year, Mokoshiro Tatsu and his highly adaptable angel Brozzel have proven themselves a capable pair... But... opposing him, we have the young, fearsome rookie.Kurosawa Yuji and his mysterious, deadly arcane Angel, the icy Ryu!"

Tatsu flashes another grin, it seemed to be sticking around a lot. Seems this energetic boy was just what Tatsu needed to get out of his funk. He looks down at Brozzel again, then at Yuji and points out the area entrance energetically, dramatically posing. "Ready?!"

"We shalt advance!" Yuji comments and begins to pace fowards proudly, but makes sure to let Tatsu go first. After all, it was their turn first. "Yo go first. After all, the best should be saved for last!" He stands proud, waiting...

Tatsu grins and laughs. "Alright Yuji-kun! But you better believe I'll do my best to take that position for next time!" Tatsu points forward as he paces energetically forward, marching, though making sure Yuji is still behind him.

Hooo!! Entering the field now are our two contenders..wearing capes!! Whether this is a tribute to the Layer Phantom, or maybe even some kind of Layer Phantom Brigade.these guys look pumped! Both Deus and their Angels are here to show their hidden power, the strength of their spirit, and now well begin our match and watch it culminate and explode!!!!!!! Standing up in his chair and pointing out the two contestants, the announcer seems extremely excited. Now, lets see where our battlers will be fighting!! The depths of the ocean? The heights of space? To worlds unknown!? Well just have to see! The announcer gestures energetically at the layer as it flickers inbetween various stages and videos of exciting past battles.

Oooh the steel mill!! The birthplace and the end of many Angels! Its time to see how are contestants will fare on this dangerous and tricky arena! Will the Angels defeat each other, or fall mercy to the heat of the magma? Will our contestants spirits burn brighter than the forges?! Its time to find out!!! ENTRY ANGEL!!

Tatsu, with a dramatic swish of his make-shift cape, tosses Brozzel towards the layer and, mid-descent, Brozzels eyes flicker to life. As Brozzel comes alive, Tatsu yells out Brozzel!! Proclaim your name to the heavens! After an acrobatic front flip, Brozzel lands on top of a steel girder, perched upon the tip. Smoothly putting on his back-pointing yellow glasses, Brozzel in the same motion brushes back his short spiky hair and then points up toward Yuji and his opponent, declaring his determination. Brozzels grin is identical to his Deus. Lets do this Yuji! Tatsu yells.

Yuji mimics Tatsu in that same way, or perhaps it was the other way around? The both of them had come in the same manner, and they had both did that dramatic swish of the cloak. Yuji's flared up a bit better, seeing as it was less makeshift, but it was still odd to watch as they both did it with the same timing. "Yush!" Then, as they get taken up to the layer and the scenery takes shape, Yuji purses his lips into a big 'o' shape. "Ooooh... pretty!" He mutters. "Yush! Then now..." He pretends to feel underneath his cape with one hand, but with his other hand is really grabbing his angel from the pouch at his belly. He hides this by grabbing the angel with both hands which hidden under the cape and revealing it finally into the light. He shows it off to the crowd, for once not being absolutely hyper about things... must have run out of sugar...

Of course there is not much to see. He is holding up rags to the crowd. "Now, Ryu!" Yuji looks all serious for a moment before he chucks his angel at the layer. "KICK ASS!" For the first time, the angel does not just plop onto the ground though. The deus looks all serious at the ragged angel, which begins to light up in that blue aura it shows around the bandages that cover him. Soon following that, a high pitched demonic sound screams to life, joined by gigantic blue wings spreading across half of this large layer! They flare magnificantly and keep Ryu within the air even as the sealing kanji light up violently and the wings shrink back to a more sensible size to match their owner. "Yush!" Pumping a fist forwards, Yuji cheers on his angel.

"Alright contestants!!! Show them your power!!!! It's time...to ANGELIC FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT-OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Pumping his fist with every repetion, the announcer and crowds both cheer loudly.

Brozzel remembers Ryu's ice powers well, and is eager to test them again. He gives a small salute to the opposing Angel, then crouches down in an animalistic fighting stance. Looking close, you can see Brozzel clenching and unclencing his muscles. Brozzel suddenly darts forward, trying to get in close and personal to Ryu and punch him.

Ryu awaits the attack patiently, hovering between a fair share of metal chains and eerily close to one of the pots containing molten metal. However, this all does not appear to phase the being at all! One would expect an ice elemental to be uncomfortable amongst such great fires, right? Then how come the being seems so... at home amongst it? Brozzel finally having come close enough to him in order to punch him, he meets the same forcefield that many other angels had faced before. A perfect sphere around Ryu protects him from damage! Little blue sparks jump from the spot where Brozzel had hit, showing that it was quite the powerful shield... and these same sparks suddenly appear to bunch up into a little ball right near that same spot as Brozzel retreats his arm, and then fires a bolt of lightning! Wait, what!? Lightning from an ice elemental?

Brozzel knew Ryu was a dangerous master of the elements, and as the sparks jumped from the impact of his fist, images of the offensive lightning power flashed into his mind, memories from their last battle. Tatsu tried to dodge back, but stops short as he sees a small flow of melting metal behind him. His hesitation causes the lightning bolt to graze him, and Brozzel grimaces from the electricity that temporarily courses through him, and static seems to spark occasionally from Brozzel's armor. Brozzel, watching his step now, jumps back and perches again on top of a wider metal bar. A slight sheen ripples over his armor, looking like a trick of the light.

The dim eyes beneath the creatures hood follow Brozzel's relatively fast movements, shifting around in midair in order to keep facing this armored foe. A little growl of recognition escapes the being for a moment while a second bolt of lightning begins to form. This one looks exactly like the previous had, only strangely enough, at the same time it seemed like Ryu's wings were growing smaller...

Brozzel sticks his hands out and takes the blast with his palms. He steels his expression as he's zapped and ignores the pain. Tatsu looks almost...confused, and intently watches his Angel. Sparks flicker between the two antennae cords dangling down Brozzel's back, aftereffects of Ryu's attack. Brozzel stoicly grabs a nearby metal chain that hangs down, backs up, then runs forward and swings forward, feet extended to kick Ryu, or knock him back into the molten metal.

The winged angel gets pushed back! When the foot hits the forcefield again, there are some sparks as well as some instability. The angel then suddenly flails backwards still in midair until he crashes right into one of the pots of molten lava. The forceshield flickers even more heavily this time, and there is even a moment where some of the molten lava gets through and lands on the angel's shoulder... burning away a piece of the robes. The blue aura that is the shield becomes smaller and smaller until it wraps closely around it, and at that same moment, the hood is forced to fall over, thanks to the hole created in the robes! Ryu's face is reveiled finally, for Tatsu. Probably because Yuji wanted to reveil it to him though, since he thought he was a cool kid!
"Yuji-kun!" Tatsu calls across, getting his attention "So this is what your Angel looks like!" Tatsu examines Ryu and grins "Very cool! Now let's see if his power can match his awesome appearance!"

Brozzel regards Ryu, interested like his Deus in the appearance of the Angel shroud in mystery. The Angel says "Show me your power Ryu!" and rushes forward again, pushing aside his feelings of friendship to throw a fist towards Ryu's chest.

"Isn't it!?" Yuji replied, giving his opponent a thumbs up, before turning his full attention back to the duel. After all, controlling his angel was hard. Very hard... so hard that his head would keep turning into a red tomatoe! "Go, Ryu!" Yuji shouts, at which point his angel suddenly defends by letting the two tentacle like objects appear from behind its neck, underneath the robes, and crossing the tips in order to block his opponent's attack! "Yush! Keep going, Ryu!" Yuji shouts, hoping his angel will do good this time around. "Attack!" And attack his angel would. Those same tentacles it had just used for its attack quickly shoot out in order to try and hit his opponent.

Brozzel nimbly ducks and weaves inbetween the incoming tentacles, then rolls and dodges around to the other side of Ryu. Unfortunately, he hit a few hot surfaces on his way there and singed himself moderately. He crouchs, a distance behind Ryu, but restrains himself from attacking just yet, sizing up his opponents new weapons

The weapons slowly wiggle around Ryu much like snakes to a trance, moving around the being in the shape of a helix, wiggling and turning. A little smile appears on the elf-like being, as its crimson eyes light up violently for a moment. He then mouths something, like a spell, at which moments the tips of the tendrils suddenly aim towards Yuji's opponent's angel and freeze over! And as soon as those shards of ice have formed, smaller shards begin to fire from their position! They glow a strange blue color... trapped within them is a diamon mist. If any of them would impact, they could very well freeze Tatsu's angel's armor, and more importantly, the angel's joints.

Brozzel suddenly realizes what it means when people describe slow motion-like experience in extreme situations. He seemed to take in everything at once: the trajectory of each dart of ice, the aim of Yuji's tentacles, the slow flowing molten metal, chains dangling in the background. Brozzel's sharp eyes spy an opening...a painful one, but an opening none the less. Brozzel runs forward into the spray of ice, ducking and dodging individual shards, and right through a small, burning river of magma that was inbetween the two angels. Finally slipping past the shower of shards, he reaches Ryu. Tatsu yells "Yuji-kun! We've been saving something for you!!!" Brozzel's fist crackles with electricity, stored in his body from Ryu's attack, and he sends it claw-like at the center of Ryu's chest.

In the audience, you hear a female voice shouting, "Go Tatsu-kun!"

Yuji grins, as does Ryu at that same momenent. The tendrils quickly retreat to their place behind the robed angel in order to be safe, and when Brozzel's electric fist comes in, he hits straight on against one of the upper bandages. Violent sparks however suddenly spring from it and begin to surge right through Ryu's opponent. "Grrr." A growl eminates from Ryu at this time, as it has apparently hurt him... and at that same moment the bandage seems to crack a little. It does not rip entirely, but there is a definate crack in it. In the meantime, the electricy keeps finding Tatsu's angel... but at the same time, Ryu can't perform any other attacks it appears.

Brozzel's body shakes violently as his limited capacity to store electricity is overloaded. He looks quite weary from damage, but his strength won't falter...not just yet. Brozzel roars in rage and pulls his fist back, his gauntlet still crackling, but also morphing to become a claw. He sends his now-sharp nails plunging straight towards the crack in Ryu's bandage. As electricity courses through his body, he attacks Ryu again and again.

Ryu's forcefield falters as Brozzel's claws strike true to their target! The elven looking being quickly tries to move away from his opponent's attack and seems to be able to 'save' the seal from destruction... or was it a forceshield that pushed it away to protect it? "Grr." The being growls as suddenly a white mist spreads from it. This white mist continues to go through the arena, seeping onto the beams and molten metal... freezing them! Whatever this was, this was something strong! The mist continues to flow throughout the layer, from underneath Ryu's collar, reaching for Tatsu's angel like little hands of thin mist, trying to grab for Brozzel... to freeze him as well.

Brozzel growls back, more savage from the intense damage he's suffering. He jumps back as the mist spreads, moving until he's trapped in the last area unmisted. However, Brozzel notices something about the frozen metal...it's brittle now, at least the thinner bars are. Brozzel quickly snaps a thin bar, making a short section about twice his arm length. As he was doing it, the first tendrils of mist were creeping to Brozzel and frost started to appear on his body. Brozzel raised his bar over his head and began to spin it, a rapidly twirling windmill which sucked the mist into the air, creating a small rising twister of mist, with Brozzel concealed in the center. Suddenly, piercing a hole in the mist, the metal bar flies swiftly through the air, wickedly sharp at the end and aimed right for Ryu's seal! This would most likely be Brozzel's final attack...and he would make it count...

STAB! The bar goes right through the robe, but misses any of the seals. Brozzel had stabbed low near the creature's abdomen and may actually have pierced him with the holographic makeshift weapon. Ryu slowly turns his eyes down to where he had been wounded, and then back to Brozzel. "Tis but a fleshwound." It states, before there is suddenly a tug on the metal bar as it grows... hot! It grows hotter and hotter until it is glowing, and at that moment Ryu suddenly 'flings' the bar straight back out at his opponent, hoping to hit its armor dead on.

The burning hot metal spear easily pierces through the fog, evaporating it into steam and fog in its wake. The spear flies into the heart of the whirlwind. A low thud is heard, and a gasp of pain, then a low roar that slowly peters out, filled with pain. The whirlwind calms and the mist disperses, evaporating and blowing away. The disappearing wind reveals Brozzel, on his knees, in the center of the low fog and streams of steam up into the sky. Brozzel's body is slumped back onto his knees; his eyes stare fiercely but blankly and emptily at the ground, unseeing. Through the screw-like mark on his armor, the mark over his heart, the end of the bar sticks out, the burning color slowly cooling. Brozzel would stand no more.

Even the announcer is silent as the mist swirls away around Brozzel, then, after a few second of taking in the downed figure, the announcer shouts into his microphone And thats it folks!! Brozzel is down.severely injured! Ryu, the mystical Angel of Death,ISOUR.WINNNER!!!!! The crowd roars and cheers for Yuji and his stunning finish. Good job both contestants and congratulations again Kurosawa Yuji! A stunning finish in the last round! The crowd continues to cheer loudly as the Deus seats swivel down to the ground.

Tatsu looks worriedly at his Angel, but also flashes a quick grin and a thumbs up at Yuji and mouths "Good job!" across to him, since he doubts he can be heard over the crowd. He gently picks up Brozzel and then circles around the layer to congratulate Yuji.

"Whooooooo!" Yuji jumps up in his seat and quickly grabs back onto the eggshaped seat in order to prevent himself from falling off and plummeting to the ground below. "Whooo!" He cheers again and pumps both arms to the air. "The best deus from Osaka!" He introduces himself again, proudly, before nodding at Tatsu. "You did a good job too. It was close, really!" He thumb-ups at his 'opponent' and partner in cape-crime. "Yush!" He finally gets himself standing on the seat, holding on the top with one hand, and waves his cape around all dramatically in order to make fun of a certain other masked person he had observed during the tournament. "That was awesome!" When he finally has retrieved his angel and lowered to the floor, he quickly makes his way to Tatsu, in order to give him a hug were he to wait.

Tatsu hugs Yuji back and grins at him, then ruffles his hair playfully. "Good job my caped-friend. That was definitely awesome!" Tatsu steps back and then gives a small bow to Yuji, to the audience, and to the announcer, then turns back to Yuji and points his thumb towards the exit "Shall we?" then turns and slowly paces out, looking back to make sure Yuji is following before he's gone too far.

Yuji looks proudly up at Tatsu as his hair gets ruffled, making it look more wild than it already did, and gets this big confident grin on his face that appears to spread across his entire face. "Yush! We shall!" He takes a few quick steps after Tatsu in order to catch up to him, and suddenly grabs one of his arms as if he were a girlfriend holding her boyfriend's arm... only... completely platonically. He was proud of having beaten this person, and that this person was acting ever so cool and did not seem to mind his weird antics. "Ah!" Still in the arena he suddenly throws off his cape and hands it to Tatsu. "This is yours now."

Tatsu looks surprised, and then slightly touched, when Yuji offers him his cape. He bows, and then takes it carefully, folding it over his arm. "Thank you Yuji-kun." Tatsu unties his makeshift-jacket/cape and shrugs it off. He places the relatively big jacket on the boy's shoulder and grins back. He grins back at Yuji and then quickly unfurls the small cape, snapping it open and then over his shoulder, no doubt looking a bit silly, but not caring. "Now, let's go get our Angels healed up. They fought hard today."

"Hai!" Yuji nods and makes a little jump before running in a circle around Tatsu, like a racecar making speed in a tight turn, and then shoots off to the waitingroom going, "Zoooooooooooom!". Aint he the adorable little kid when he is not being so hyper that nobody can stand him?
Tatsu laughs happily at the kid's endearing and funny antics, then nods and walks after him, still chuckling under his breath.