It has been a long tournament thusfar for Misaki Ryou, but he's had a good run. Some of the earlier matches were pretty tough for the boy despite his winning streak, however this one was another level all together. He sits in one of the seats in the waiting room, his foot bobbing up and down swiftly, a sign that he's either nervous or very excited. Perhaps it was a bit of both though. He grins down at Misakichi and nods a bit, "One more to go, let's do our best."

"Ah... we meet again mister Misaki." Using his best doomish and Yakuza-sounding voice, the Layer Phantom attempts to converse with Ryou, standing right besides him. "Last time was a fluke. This time, you are going down.. ... ... or something." During the transferal to those last words the tone of Ranmaru's voice quickly alternates and shifts into a silly one. "Hey Misaki-kun, how are you doing today?"

Ryou hadn't really been paying attention to his surroundings very much, so when the Layer Phantom addresses him he jumps a little with a start. After blinking a few times and turning his attention towards the masked man, he grins a bit at the challenge and then following change of tone. "Oi, Layer Phantom-san. We'll make you fight for every point." He offers an assured nod and then lets out a little sigh. "I'm excited actually, how about you?"

"Heh. I am always excited to fight someone of your abilities, Misaki-kun." The Layer Phantom replies, trying to give Ryou somewhat of an ego-boost. "And you better make me fight for every point, because this time I will not underestimate you. I will go all out against you." He grins, wondering if Ryou had seen his battle against Keiichi. Sure, he'd lost... but...

Ryou lifts one of his hands slightly and clenches it into a fist, "We'll do our best! Don't doubt that." He grins again and then hops to his feet while stretching his arms up above his head, "I'm sure it will be difficult though, you're pretty good. And if you're not holding back, I'll have to ante-up."

"Hai. Indeed you will." The Layer Phantom grins slightly before turnings his attention to the monitor on the wall. He tried to find out what was going out there. Waiting for this, he sits down right next to Ryou and takes a moment to fix his cloak. "Hmmm... this tournament has turned out to be quite tough."

Ryou nods a bit and lifts a hand to scratch at the side of his head a little, "I agree. A lot of people were a lot tougher than I'd expected them to be. I suppose that's good though, it presents a challenge." He grins a little and turns his attention towards the Layer Phantom, "If it was too easy, what fun would that be, right?"

Winding into the next match of the round, the intermission between matches was kept short and sweet this time around. The organizers of the event trying to keep things moving at a brisk pace as much as possible to make sure all the matches are fought appropriately. There had still been enough time to take care of things like using the restroom or getting something to snack on though.

The lights in the arena kick up once more, swirling and shifting about before they make their way over towards the Announcer. He's done a pretty good job so far, having run the gauntlet of matches without any signs of wear or tear, one had to respect the man's endurance, if not his fashion sense. He was still wearking that purple suit of his, with that giant red bow-tie and sunglasses and his spiky blond hair showed no signs of losing its wildness. Who could blame him for the glasses though, those lights were bright!

Now it was time to begin though, so he lifts the mirophone to his mouth and calls out in a loud voice, "Ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for another ANGELIC FIGHT?!" He pauses there for a moment, to allow the crowd to roar in approval and bask in the cheers. He then grins a little before nodding his head, "Excellent. Then without further ado, I will present to you a match that provided a big upset in crowd expectations last year."

He pauses for a moment to give the people time to mull that over, and then continues, "In the West corner a mysterious masked man and one of the stronger contenders for these games, the deus is The Layer Phantom with his angel, Kamui!" He lets the crowd give their cheers, pausing briefly before moving on. "And in the East corner, he's had a good run so far this tournament, the deus is Misaki Ryou with his angel, Misakichi!" The call was given, so the Announcer takes a little break while waiting for the chairs to be filled.

Ranmaru gets back up from his seated position and turns himself towards Ryou for a moment in order to give him a thumbs up. "One way or the other, let's do our best." A nod follows before he begins to wander off into the hallway and into the dome! Finally there he raises a hand and begins to wave at the crowd. Lenses in the mask, previously impossible to see, shift to a darker shade to protect him against the bright lights. The crowd goes wild seeing their only well dressed masked duelist and some stand up to get a better look at him. The young man continues on until he reaches his seat where he once again shifts about real quickly to make his cape flare up.

Ryou gives a nod and returns the thumbs up eagerly, "Yes, let's." With that he waits for the Layer Phantom to head out first, and then follows along. When he gets out into the arena, the boy offers a large grin towards the crowd and a big wave while holding Misakichi up in the air. A number of people cheer for him of course, but he doesn't really take note either way. After a moment he moves off towards his seat to get prepared for the match, setting up the headset and all that fun stuff.

After the deuses settle into the assigned seats, a click is heard beneath them and a smooth motion carries the chairs up high above the layer. This allowed a wider view of the layer than a normal piffle princess run, and it also made it easier to toss the angels in. When everyone was ready the cameras pan over towards the announcer once again.

The Announcer rises up in his chair, arms crossed over his chest as he peers down to the layer below, then nods approvingly. The microphone is brought up to his mouth once more, "And now it's time to set the stage! What sort of wonderful location will our battle take place today I wonder?" His arm flicks out in a flourish before pointing down at the layer below.

The glowy white layer flickers away and a vast array of different sceneries begin passing one by one, almost too swift to see. First is a boxing ring, a sea of sand, then a sea of rye, and finally it settles. The layer is battered by heavy gusts of wind, but the most interesting thing is the large spiraling tower of steel beams that extend way up into the sky. Certainly an interesting battle field, well suited to those with acrobatic abilities! If it weren't for that wind that is.

"A twisted tower of steel will be the stage for this fight! Can our angels keep their balance with such high wind velocity, or will they go tumbling to their doom at the bottom? It's almost time to find out, but first ENTRY ANGELS!" The Announcer calls out the final words very loudly, while giving a flourish of his hand towards the layer itself.

"Ohhh." Ranmaru lets out a sound of recognition. The last time he battles on this layer, it was against Kukai's angel. He won that match without too much trouble... "Alrighty then. Let's do this thing." The masked man reaches underneath his cloak, where there is some movement as he seeks to grab hold of Kamui: an action quite invisible to everyone other than Ryou. His fingers find what he is looking for and wrap around the lithe body of the lithe body of his angel, holding on to it in a most gentle manner. "Illuminate the darkness with your bonded soul!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel darts forth...

It goes head first, touching the bright light of the layer. The feline immediatly forces itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently due to the speed it had been thrown at! Its limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth, finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashes violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his own side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel... how could it, it was not even on the layer yet? Instead, it was directed at Ryou. Its eyes illuminated with that red hue, it was almost demonic: if not, at least feral.

This time around, Misaki Ryou has to wait for The Layer Phantom to fall in first, so he sits quietly during the course of that. Then he rises to his feet, and leans dangerously over the edge of the floating egg-shaped seat! One foot is placed upon the front edge as he leans forward, whipping his arm back behind his head. He then snaps it forward while calling out, "Reach for the top and never look down, GO GO GO Misakichi!" The little angel is sent flying towards the layer at potentially unsafe speeds!

The little angel twists and spins about recklessly before passing through the barrier and sending ripples out in a circle from the point of impact. A golden white light shimmers over her form as she twists about and then flexes in mid air while her eyes spring open, sending the energy off her form in every direction. She flashes a victory sign with two fingers while in the air, smiling happily, and then she tucks into a flip.

Despite the high speed gusts of wind, she flips towards the top of the tower and lands in a low crouch holding onto it. Then she rolls off and under, clinging upside down upon one of the steel beams before leaping off into another flipping motion towards one of the platforms. She lands in a crouch there, before rising to her feet and lifting her arms up to try and fend off a gust of wind that passes through the area. It seems she is set to begin though.

The Announcer grins his wide grin, makes another flourishing motion with his free hand before adjusting his sun-glasses. "Everything is set, so it's about time to begin! A fight to the finish on a tower of steel, and only one can come away victorious. Let's find out who with another, ANGELIC FAIT-O!" That was the queue, the timer begins counting down indicating that now was the time for action!

"Vee!" Kamui stands up and portrays a similar sign as which the female angel had just thrown. "~nyo!" He continues, standing on one of the metal beams and looks up at Misakichi. "Nyo!" The feline calls out to his opponent before he quickly begins to climb and jump up the big beams in order to get up to his opponent and attack her! And he begins big! Throwing a violent volley of attacks that are all aimed at causing her to fall off the tower.

As Kamui bursts into his swift movements, Misakichi's eyes narrow a bit and observe. They're both pretty fast angels, but for this particular instant Misakichi's awareness moves into the next level, causing all the movements to seem slower. This allows her to dodge about and avoid each of the swift attacks with blinding speed, before she twists around and then shoots out a side kick with that same speed she used in avoidance. Everything seems to shift back to normal from her perspective following the attack though. The crowd however, was probably wondering what the heck just happened between the two angels that had just been a blur of motion.

However, the speed of Misakichi would suddenly look..... reduced? A strange green glow spread across the layer and things seemed to slow down, everything... except for Kamui! The feline got out of the way of his opponent's attack by sidestepping. He then quickly blows a kiss towards her before trying to pat her on the head and use his leg to throw a simple attack! Okay... its not exactly simple. After all, nothing Kamui does is 'simple'. The sharp claws on its feet extend and he attempts to slash across Misakichi's chest with it!

On the layer, Misakichi blinks after she misses her target with all that green junk in the air. It was a little disorienting really, but she wasn't going to let that get her down too much. A small smirk is visible on the angel's lips when Kamui blows her a kiss, but she's already shifting into an evasive stance of sorts. Kamui does manage to get his paw onto her head, and push up, but with an impressive show of flexibility she manages to avoid the clawed foot attack of doom! When she wheels around she snaps another simplistic kick out at the kitty-cat. It'd be easy enough to avoid really.

The feline moves away from the simplistic kick, knowing full well that he should not tempt fate by taking any hits at this point. He tumbles backwards for a moment and ensures that the beams they are on get balanced on. Now, from his crouched position, he suddenly jumps straight up into the sky and begins to ascend to one of the large plates, on which battle could unfold a lot easier.

On the layer, Misakichi furrows her brows a little after her kick misses. She expected it to, but no attack came afterwards, which was a little unexpected. As Kamui launches himself away, she follows along more slowly and carefully. As a result she doesn't really have time to attack again once on that platform, but she had time to think about what to do once there.

When Misakichi arrives on the plateau, she finds a feline butt aimed at her! Tail up, face about and sticking his tongue out, Kamui is making fun of her! A laugh erupts from the crowd, who has by now seen this quite a few times. The feline continues by patting its butt in order to taunt his opponent... trying to get it to attack him!

On the layer, Misakichi settles into a defensive posture after she arrives but there is no attack coming in to speak of after a moment, causing her to relax a little. Instead it seemed that Kamui was intent on taunting her, to which she grins a bit. She ducks low and zooms in for the attack once more, sliding her arm out to try and send a karate chop towards the feline's neck.

It worked! The feline calmly observes her low-to-the-ground attack and analyzes it brilliantly as the moment she throws a karate chop, he has already ducked away and set both of its feet against the ground beneath him. From that position he throws his legs up into the air and pushes outwards, hoping that the momentum Misakichi has built will give him an opportunity to strike true to his target!

On the layer, Misakichi frowns a little when her attack misses, despite expecting it to anyway. Some sort of sixth-sense goes off in the back of her mind though, telling her to not sit idly because an attack was coming it! She flashes out of sight with near impossible speed and reappears on the other edge of the platform and away from Kamui, leaning over a little with her hands just above her knees. A little worn out from all that high speed movement.

"Nyaaa! Nya nya nya!" Kamui begins to jump about a little like a karate-practitioner, throwing some jabs and kicks into the air before getting low on its knees and speeding up towards Misakichi, getting him to her position with two powerful and low-to-the-ground jumps! And as soon as he gets close he places his hands on the floor before her and flips himself forwards, ready to use his leg to smash down on Misakichi's haed.

On the layer, Misakichi lifts her arm up instinctively as if she is about to block the blow, but ducks low and rolls away just in time to avoid it instead. She comes back up into a low crouch, and then leaps up with a slight spin while extending her fist upwards. She was trying to uppercut the kitty-cat, but it's a little slow of an attack.

Indeed it was a slow attack, and Kamui has no problem evading it. A quick movement to the left takes him out of danger, which he then uses to get through his knees and fling past its opponent... wait... past? Yes, he moves past Misakichi and in midair suddenly turns as he places his feet against midair and pushes himself off again to attack her from the back! Its an unbelievably impossible attack... seeing as there was nothing to push off of. But... somehow... Kamui did it!

On the layer, Misakichi lands after missing her strike, but Kamui is already on the move and rushing in for another attack that one wouldn't ever really expect. Unfortunately for him, Ryou could see quite easily what was going on though, and his brain was sending all kinds of warnings to his poor little angel. She lowers a little and then leaps him into the air, flipping backwards over the speedy-cat's attack. As he passes under she snaps an arm out mid flip, trying to catch him off guard before she lands off behind him.

In rapid succession, the previous attacks had gone off. Kamui had moved away from many attacks now, and this was no different. He skillfully rolls down onto the floor to get away from the opponent's attack and moves around a little before throwing a violent kick aimed at Misakichi's midsection. Or wait... he misses that attack! On purpose, at the last moment he shifts the entire attack away from the opposing angel and plants hs foot back onto the floor before turning about and patting his butt again. 'Catch me if you can'.

On the layer, Misakichi moves to avoid the attack despite the fact that it wouldn't have hit in the first place. When she wheels around to look at Kamui she smirks slightly at his antics and rises up to fold her arms over her chest. It seems that this time she wasn't going to fall into such a taunt, despite the urge to do so.

"Nyo?" The feline gives a confused look at Misakichi as she does not fall for the same thing twice. So the feline shrugs and quickly turns about to throw a pair of quick punches. They are not very accurate, but if they'd hit they could still do quite some damage due to the manner Kamui held his claws!

On the layer, Misakichi shifts to avoid the blows, just barely sliding so that the attack passes by her in each instance. Afterwards she snaps her fist out and forward towards Kamui's head, direct and simple with no fancy tricks or anything like that. The fight was going to be a while yet still, but it seemed it would be difficult to conserve energy for the whole thing.

The feline does like his little fancy tricks! He ducks away from the slap and then comes back to perform the exact same attack he just did seconds ago. However, this time there is a littlebit more oomph behind it! "So, Misaki-kun. How has life been for you until now? Entered any other tournament lately? Fought any other worthy opponents? Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to watch all of your duels." The layer Phantom begins to converse with his opponent.

On the layer, Misakichi twirls out of the way after her attack misses, allowing her to avoid Kamui's attacks easily enough. Her energy reserves were wearing down though, which wasn't good. She comes back around and closes in once more, twisting into a kick towards the feline's head. Ryou above though smiles as he looks over towards Ranmaru, "Pretty good, but this is the first tournament I've been in since last year. Some of my opponents have been pretty tough actually!"

"I intend to keep your competition hard then." Ranmaru replies, one hand to his cheek while smiling. He then raises his other hand and flails it out a little towards the layer. "Kamui, keep on attacking." The feline ducks away from Misakichi's attack again and throws a swift set of kicks again before quickly chasing past her and climbing up the tower, trying not to give her a chance to retaliate.

Ryou nods in acceptance of Ranmaru's words and grins a bit, attention turning towards the layer again. Misakichi sidesteps the swift attacks and then goes after Kamui in swift pursuit. She did not go directly after him though, and instead took a different route, leaping from beam to beam in an attempt to come around at him from the other side. If at any point she does manage to get close, she tosses out a punch towards his head.

Kamui stops at the very point end of the tower and balances on it with its both feet. It looks down at Misakichi as she chases him with those strange demonic eyes of his and sticks out his tongue while flicking his tail about, waiting for her to get up there. And when she finally does get up there, throwing that punch, he jumps up into the air! Coming down, he flails out all of his limbs and extends its claws, gathering a crazed look in its eyes... about to put some smackdown on his opposing angel in the form of a feline's clawed rage!.. ... .. of doom!

On the layer, Misakichi falls back and away just barely avoiding the attack. While doing this she grabs onto one of the steel beams nearby, and then shifts to flip around under it. She comes up around the other side, feet first in an attempt to smash them into Kamui who was still up above.

Ryou's attack does not touch Ranmaru's angel however! As much as it /did/ hit, it wasn't Kamui that had been hit. Instead, a leathery wing was in the way, protecting the feline angel. Behind this, Rei was staring straight into Kamui's eyes, holding him in a protective manner. The both seemed to float in midair for a moment, gazing at eachother almost romantically... until the both suddenly close their eyes and share a small kiss before Rei unwraps her wings and ensures that Kamui is safe near one of the beams and fades off like a mist into the air. A small blush can be seen on the feline angel as he waves goodbye to the gargess before turning his attention back to Misaki's angel and puts on the biggest grin possible. In the meanwhile, back in the audience there was a gentle 'awwwwwwwwww' as well as a few romantic sighs from some of the female audience-members. "Yush! Continue your attack, Kamui!" Ranmaru commands, and his angel quickly continues its attack by dashing straight down the line of the beams and throws a punch at Ryou's angel once more!

On the layer, Misakichi strikes something solid, just not what she'd intended. After the impact she rolls back around to crouch low upon the beam she'd used to flip around and watch as the gargoyle slowly fades away. "Hmm." The female angel's brows furrow slightly in confusion of this, but there isn't a whole lot of time to think about it since Kamui was on the move yet again. When he races in to attack she puts up a solid defense, and then throws her weight to move along with the attack. That movement causes the blow to barely graze her, and it doesn't seem to register damage on the screen above. At the same time she attempts to send a knee up into his gut, because if she didn't keep attacking this match was going to end badly for her.

The feline gets away from this attack as well, and quite well. He grabs onto a nearby beam and while showing a beautiful and captivating blue aura around him swings around it in order to throw a counterattack, continueing his assault. It is a last moment attack, but it should be able to connect. "Please... connect." Ranmaru whispers as his angel attacks the opponent. "Pleeease..." His eyes quickly shift to check the healthmeter, hoping that this will put a dent into Misakichi's health. If it did, he was sure he could win this.

On the layer, Misakichi gets a little distracted by the blue aura, enough that when the attack comes in she doesn't have time to avoid it. Instead she brings up her arms and tries to move with the impact to take some of the bite out of it. The hit lands, it's not completely solid, but it's enough to register a little damage upon her life meter. She grits her teeth in frustration before lashing out with another punch towards the feline's head.

"Nya! Nyaaaa!" The feline flings itself onto a plateau underneath, completely getting away from Misakichi's attack and begins to dance on it, throwing its hands in the air and jumping around. He hit! So the feline was all too happy! "Nya nya nya nyaaa-nyaaa!" He begins to taunt, flicking his tail at the opposing angel. "I win, Misaki. I'm sorry, but you can not hit Kamui."

Ryou furrows his brows a bit and bites his lower lip, he may not be able to win at this point but that didn't mean that he wouldn't try anyway! "Maybe. . ." On the layer, Misakichi rushes after Kamui after he avoids the attack, leaping high into the air and then spiraling down with her feet aimed at where the cat-angel was dancing around. ". . . but I have to try!" The clock was winding down quickly, it seemed this would be the last move of the match really.

"Nyo!" The feline jumps in the air and flings himself all the way to the top of the layer within a mere second! His movements are so rapid that it is almost entirely impossible to follow. He then suddenly begins to... pose. He is posing like one might have seen in the movie 'Titanic', as the king of the world! And then... the buzzer goes off and the announcer gets to do his thing!

Misakichi's kick impacts with the platform, but not the cat, the force of which sends her down into a low crouch. Her eyes shift skyward to peer at up at Kamui in defeat just as the buzzer sounds. There was nothing left to do here, so she slumps down into a seated position.

The Announcer, who had been unusually quiet during this match finally seems to wake up as the buzzer goes off. Maybe it was because it took the whole match for a single hit to land on either side of it. He blinks a couple times and peers at the board, then calls out through the microphone, "Kamui win!"

At this point Ryou's chair begins moving downward towards the layer, to retrieve Misakichi and shift the chair down towards the ground.

Ranmaru retrieves his own angel as well as the scenery disappears from the layers. "Thank you Ryou. It was a good match. To be entirely honest, Kamui was tired of attacking Misakichi. Trying to catch up to her is very winding for him." He holds his angel to his chest for a moment before hiding it beneath his cloak and waits for his seat to move down. "Thank you." With that he finally stands up at the ground floor and walks off, waving at the crowd!

Ryou nods in response to Ranmaru's words, "Thank you too, for giving it your all." He seems a little dejected, but still it was a fun fight none the less. With Misakichi in hand he dismounts his chair and makes his way off towards the exit into the waiting room.