Stepping into the arena, Fukata waves to the crowds, and grinning, walks the distance to his egg-seat. He rides the chair up to the layer level, and before the announcer has a chance to bellow over him again, Fukata smiles at his opponent and says "Good luck, and have fun."

The deus reaches for the visor and places it over his eyes, flicking it on - he takes his angel out of his left shirt pocket, and holds her to his chest, intoning with his eyes closed "Even in the impossible, let us never accept defeat. Ikke! Yuki!" and with that, he throws the angel at the layer, her steel grey hair flowing behind her inanimate form.
The angel breaks through the light barrier around the layer, and immediately her eyes flash open, her deus's as well. She looks down, searching for a place to land on the auditorium's surface, and she latches onto an electrical cable as she falls, her downward speed ripping it from one wall while she swings across the stage to land with a flip on the opposite side of the stage from Tenshi.

"And it looks like the stage is set for this battle: literally! An auditorium is an excellent place for such dramatic angels to do battle with each other! And it looks like challenger Michi is wasting no time in going on the offensive: it's characteristic of her style, from what we've seen in the tournament. Maybe it'll go better for her this time." Indeed, Unmei no Tenshi leaps from her landing pose towards her foe, landing on and hopping from chairs as she approaches her opponent, only to spin at the last minute and lash out with a foot as she goes sailing passed.

Not usually one to start at full speed, it's perhaps a surprise that on this occasion Yuki chooses to hold back nothing - well maybe a little - at the start of this match, she seems to move instantly to the side, and nearly as quickly, she slides her foot forwards and spinnging backwards, slams a kick out at the vulnerable back of her passing opponent, Unmei no Tenshi.

"What a start to this match! Two angels with incredible speed facing off: always a treat. Or a headache if you can't follow it, right? What will challenger Michi do about this?" What indeed? Unmei no Tenshi cartwheels forward, putting herself outside the reach of her opponent's assault, then spins about to face her and charges again. At the last moment she leaps forward, throwing out a fist.

Taking a quick leap backwards, Yuki evades the fist and then smiles at her opponent. "I'm Yuki, nice to meet you." she says, giving a bow instead of moving forward to attack, then she steps sideways and begins to circle the smaller angel, not *quite* predator-like, but not quite not, either.

Unmei no Tenshi giggles silently in response, curtseys, and then holds out a hand as if to offer a dance. And then she's on the offensive again, dancing her way towards her foe and throwing out another brief flurry of punches as she comes into reach before darting away.

A smile answers Unmei no Tenshi's silent offer of a dance, and Yuki replies, bringing up her arms to absorb some of the blows and getting pushed back and on occasion hit directly, "Who needs to dance to formal steps, Unmei-san. When our battle is already a dance?" and with that, she takes a step forwards and sneaks out a foot to snatch at the angel's heel and try to trip her. At the same time, Yuki's reaching out with a hand to capture an arm of the other angel, she's trying to get an unpleasant and constricting grab.

Unmei no Tenshi does indeed lose her footing as her opponent lifts her legs, but it just means that she winds up doing an imprompteu handstand. Blushing a remarkable shade of crimson she flips away from her opponent and then flips again, landing on a nearby chair. Michi is giggling watching it all happen. "You've got a neat angel, Ito-san."

Yuki smiles, and replies for her deus, "Thank you."
Fukata nods and says, "Your angel is interesting too, does she speak as well as dance?"
Yuki moves forwards, not satisfied yet with her attacks failed so far, and she nudges up her speed a little again, she pounces at the smaller angel and again tries to gain enough hold to pin the other angel down so she can hit it, this time just using her weight and speed to bowl the angel over.

"Oh, she's pretty quiet. I think she's makin' up for me."
Meanwhile, said angel sees the attack coming and so goes into one of her more classic routines: timing a careful crouch she pushes off into the air once more, extending one foot further downward than the other so that her landing will put her onto her opponent's back, using the recoil of the impact to leap off again and catching one of the rafters. She's gonna hang there for a moment, it seems.

Moving forwards at the same time as the other angel's kick lands, Yuki evades the force of the blow and the takeoff is a little less forceful than intended, this gives Yuki the time to spin around and launch herself after the other angel and catch her as she reaches the rafters. Yuki grabs on a little further along, and while hanging with her hands, she pulls her legs up to try to grab the other angel's head with her feet, and at the same time lets go with her hands - if she gets a hold, she intends to pull the other angel down and give herself a soft landing on top of Unmei.

Unmei manages to break out of her opponent's reach again, but it's a close thing. Her intended grab for the rafters is aborted as she tucks into a ball and hurtles downward towards the 'audience'. Holographic people cry out and run out of the way of the petite cannonball flying their way, and she untucks just in time to land safely. Another moment passes as she waits for her opponent to come nearer.

Yuki simply vanishes from the layer, there is an empty stage, and Unmei stands amongst the crowd that is the audience. A moment passes before the announcer cries out - "She's in the audience!" and Yuki's grey hair gives her away as she bobs her head up from beneath the crowd to attack. She leaps straight upwards, throwing a uppercut that seemed to come from nowhere, and the force of her leap is enough to carry at least one of them high into the air - two of them if she hits.

And carry one into the air it does: by the time Yuki would realize that her attack didn't hit her opponent is already out of the way of it. Not without effort, but the petite dancer has managed to once more evade the assault, leaping back onto the stage and curtseying to her foe. "Hey, wow! That was awesome!" Her deus seems unusually enthused about the attack, but then, that's Michi for you.

Fukata grins in his seat beside the layer, "She's a nimble one." he says, glancing up for only a moment.
Yuki isn't finished yet, though, she lands on the stage, and as she takes a slow step forward, it's clear her form is flickering, is she moving on the spot so quickly she seems to disappear for an instant - or is the layer just representing this using visual effects - in any case, she waits for Unmei to finish her bow, before she flashes forwards, appearing back to back with the other angel, her hand held out in the pose she used to attack during that move - fingers outstretched to form a more focused edge, and hand held out at chest height.

Unmei cries out, flying away as she's struck and landing in a heap. She stands up, realizing that once more it's come down to this. Ah well. She charges her foe, darting forward in little leaps and makes another attempted attack.

Yuki waits on Unmei to come at her, saying "Our dance has been fun, but it has come to an end." Then, seeming to teleport to the side as the attack flies past her, Yuki takes advantage of the closeness and her opponent's miss - she twirls very quickly on the spot and bringing one foot up as she comes around, aims a roundhouse kick at the fast moving Unmei's head.

Unmei's smile is brief as the attack comes to her. Without time to dodge she is sent flying off of the stage and into the crowd, powering down. Michi sighs.
"I guess this wasn't supposed to be my round either. Good game, Ito-san."

The announcer yells out "Yuki wins!" and the crowd cheers.

Fukata's angel leaps from the layer, and he snatches her from the air. He says to Michi "You fought a good fight, Aomori-san. You and your angel should be proud of that." he says, with a friendly smile. The egg-chairs descend down to the platform where Fukata waits on Michi to chat to him when they head out.

Michi follows Fukata out of the Layer. "Yeah. We're gonna be somethin' to reckon with once I get this all figured out."