The waiting room is filled with the loud sounds of one particular young man running from person to person. Although he has now seen most of the angels, he is still bothering people by asking them if he could see theirs. It’s like this that he goes from an older looking man, to a man wearing a strange red cape with a wrestling mask on, to Nazo! "Hey hey hey! Can I see yoooooouuuuur angel!?"

"...You're Kurosawa Yuji, aren't you?" the mahogany haired girl asks, tilting her head slightly to the side and unconsciously clutching Mukuro tighter in her arms. Ever since the Missing Angel crisis, Nazo had been reluctant to let anyone other than those she knew and trusted hold her precious Angel. It took a lot of work getting and keeping her functional, much less the time she spent repairing clothes. She didn't want that work going to waste if someone stole her, again. Yes, Nazo was definitely in Subconscious Overprotective mode.

"Eh?" Yuji seems to freeze for a moment, not used to people suddenly stating his name. It has caught him of guard, and he just stands there staring Nazo straight in the eyes for a good while. "Oh! Hai hai! Yuji-deeeeesu," he announces himself. "Who are you?" Always energetic, he doesn't stop talking. He, however, realizes that Nazo does not wish to share her angel and puts his hands behind his back and instead just bends over forwards towards Mukuro. "Can I see, can I see, can I see?"

"You'll get to see her soon enough, Kurosawa-san. We have a match together in about two minutes," Nazo states, revealing how she knew his name. After the tough match with Kokoro (that girl's angel just didn't take damage!), she had learned to do a little research on her upcoming opponents. Not much was known about Yuji, however (she couldn't track down anyone who had been to any of his matches), so she knew little (if anything) about his playing style. What she did know, from experience and research, was that Yuji was terribly hyperactive. This was a vital flaw in any playing style (led to lack of concentration), but hyperactive people made Nazo nervous, so it evened out. Perhaps mentioning the match would distract him from her Angel for the moment being?

"Aweeeeeesooooome!" Yuji puts on his best Osakan accent. "Well, to introduce myself further, I am Osaka's top player!" That's a lot to suddenly blurt out, no? "Lets have a cool-u matchu-des!" Putting on his worst Engrish, Yuji throws a hand forwards and makes some kind of strange sign with his index and ring finger aimed down at the ground. "Yuuush!" He then finally steps away from the girl and runs off towards the hallway in order to bother the attending lady. "How much loooonger? Huh huh huh huh!?"

Sweatdropping as the boy runs off, Nazo stands up and walks over to him and the lady. "Don't worry, Miss, I know the way. Come on, Kurosawa-san, don't you read the board and monitor?" Nazo asks, heading off down the passage to the arena. The monitor read that Nazo and Yuji were to begin their journey to the arena immediately; their match was moments away from starting.

"You're on the left, Miss Tsukikage!" the lady calls after her, and Nazo raises a hand in response to show she heard.

"All right ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for the next match?!" the announcer yells, the crowd immediately going wild. No one knew who was playing yet, of course (well, not many), but that didn't stop them from cheering.

"Ohhh." No, Yuji had indeed not seen that. He flails his hands into the air and jumps a few times to celebrate this new discovery. "Wheee! I'm up soon, I am up soon!" he is shouting, following Nazo like a little puppy. "Faster faster faster! Announce my name already!"

"Take the right turn, Yuji," Nazo sighs out. At least the boy wasn't making her nervous anymore. He actually kinda reminded her of that one guy from that one show... Momiji, was it? Color scheme was wrong, but still. Perhaps she was simply getting used to this whole tournament idea. Beginning to hear the shouts of the crowd, she took back that thought in an instant.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen! The time is now! In the east corner, a newcomer with few previous matches, is a surefire /hit/, if you know what I mean. Give it up for Ryu, and his hyperactive deus, Yuji!" the announcer introduces the boy, pointing over at the door on his right; a cue for Yuji to enter whenever he was ready. The crowd, not even seeing the boy, was already going wild at the thought of the start of the match.

"Wheeeeeeeeeee!" Hands still up in the air, Yuji races out into the dome and begins to frantically run around while waving, thinking that he was the most awesome thing since chocolate and peanut butter. This massive waving earns some good laughs until he finally gets grabbed by one of the attendants and led to his seat...

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Don't ruin his fun!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Meanie attendants!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Look at that kid go!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Someone put that Yuji kid in a powerplant! He could fuel entire Tokyo like that!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Candybaaars! Get your candybars here! Just 500 yen a piece!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "I'll have what that kid is having!"

"See folks? What did I tell you?" the announcer says, sweatdropping while watching the kid run around. Once he's seated, he continues, "Anyway, Kurosawa-san isn't the only one playing on the arena today, let's not forget! In the west corner, we have a somewhat familiar deus, but only familiar because of her crazy-long hair and tendency for knocking off hats! That's right, give it up for miss Tsukikage Nazo and her Angel, the fiery and wiry Mukuro!" Those who had watched previous matches with Nazo playing probably wished Mukuro /was/ pyrokinetic. She wasn't, but it still sounds cool to say. Or perhaps it was a reference to her hair color? With this announcer, who knows.

No longer able to delay the inevitable, Nazo pushes open the door to the arena and enters once again into the roar of the crowd. She hadn't the heartache to sing this time around; she was too busy trying to figure out if her opponent simply had too much sugar or was actually ADHD. Or maybe a combination of the two. These are the thoughts that keep her busy until she reaches her egg-shaped chair, sitting down and trying to get comfortable. The crowd she was beginning to grow used to. The height the chair took her to, not as much.

Yuji shifts about in his seat while being taken up to the height of the layer as well and immediately grabs onto his angel, hidden in a little pouch at his belly, and puts on his visors with his other hand. He shakes his butt around a little in the egg-like modern furniture... which must have some kind of symbolic meaning to them. "Yooo!" His angel out and his visors now set up, he points at Nazo with his only free hand. "Awwe yuuu readiiieee to baatttule!?" Really bad use of Engrish follows as he continues to talk about how awesome it is to fight with little dolls on the layer.

Now that the two deuses were seated, the announcer wastes no time in sending the chairs up to their proper height; mostly so the hyperactive twelve-year-old couldn't jump out of his chair and run around causing the attendants trouble again. "All right, folks, you know what time it is. Let's see what scenery these two deuses will be playing on today!" Below him and the deuses, the layer began rapidly switching between layers. The selection process became slower and slower, until... "Yes, it looks like our deuses will be dueling on the arena titled Train, named after, well, the trains on the layer!" The announcer must have been running out of things to talk about. Clearing his throat, the announcer continues, "Well, with the layer set and the deuses ready, it's time for... ENTRY ANGELS!"

Nazo ignores Yuji because of the really bad Engrish she can hardly understand. Placing her own visor on her head, Nazo says, "Enough chat, Kurosawa-san. Now's the time to battle. Show him what you can do, Mukuro!" Throwing Mukuro downwards, the angel does a small spin before she hits the layer, and once she does the little Angel does two flips before coming to balance perfectly on the tip of the Christmas tree, much like she had done in the match with Gunslinger. As before, this was just for show, but it still looked cool. Crossing her arms, Mukuro waits patiently for her opponent to make its appearance on the layer.

Yuji flails his arms into the air as Entry Angel gets called out and almost loses what looks like a doll wrapped in simple rags. "Huh?" He then lowers his arms again and looks at Nazo with little confused eyes. "Isn't that what I just said?" he ponders for a moment. He knew his English wasn't that fantastic, but surely Nazo understood the word 'FIGHT-O!'? Right? Even the crowd had been chanting it across multiple tournament duels now. No matter! He just points at Nazo and calls out, "Yeah! Let's fight! Yo, Ryu! Wake up, you are needed to kick butt!" The youngster flings his angel directly at the layer and... doesn't concentrate. His angel goes bounding straight for one of the trains and crashes into one of the cars... and disappears inside. "Whoooo! Ehh... fallin!" He quickly looks left and right, as if making sure nobody had noticed his mistake of not saying 'fallin' in time.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Forget Tokyo! That kid can produce enough energy for entire Japan!"

"Now that both Angels are on the layer, I think..." the announcer starts, pausing to make sure Ryu /was/ actually on the layer and hadn't fallen off or managed to already be crushed by the trains. "Erhem, yes, now that both Angels are indeed on the layer, it's time for ANGELIC FAIT-O~!!!!" the announcer screams into the mic, pointing his free hand at the layer. It was finally time to start this duel!

There is a moment of blue eerie light suddenly blasting out from the windows of the train... followed by a now winged angel appearing, crashing out of the train by jumping out and landing on the rails behind. Well, that was really all there was to see. The angel was still covered in those rags, white bandages wrapped around him which showed sealing kanji in black paint on them... and then there were large holographic wings on its back. They were fairly large and seemed to match its humanoid size. This angel is hovering just slightly over the white snow, aimed directly at Mukuro. A faint growl can be heard emanating from this strange angel, announcing its attack as suddenly a cloud of ice appears above it showing little swirls within it at random places. "Yaaaay! Whooo, Ryu! Asskicking time!" Yuji calls out, at which point the swirls turn into little icicle shards, which then dart out at the opposing angel!

Mukuro jumps backwards off the tree so she can hide behind it, but one of the shards manages to catch her arm. She doesn't let it affect her, though, and she lands on the ground. Scooping up a handful of snow, Mukuro molds it into a snowball, but thinks before she finishes it. Implanting a few ice shards left over from Ryu's last attack in the snowball, Mukuro finishes it and momentarily ducks around her shelter, hurling the snowball in the direction of the cloaked Angel. Here we go again with the projectiles... But that's what you get for giving Mukuro something to use as a projectile. Who knows, this may even turn out one massive snowball fight!

The snowball flies straight towards Ryu and... splats before it even hits him. Apparently there is some kind of forcefield protecting the angel, because it never reached him. There was a little ripple in the air where it had hit, and the ball had dissipated almost immediately upon impact. However, on the life counter it showed that a tiny little dent had been made in this odd angel's lifeforce. The being shifts its glowing little eyes around beneath that hood and gazes directly at Mukuro before summoning another diamond dust, this time at its side. The sealing runes near his right side begin to glow, where one would expect its hand to be, as if trying to stop the attack... but failing as the dust quickly forms into a large icicle spear, which immediately darts at Nazo's angel. And this time, a tree may not be enough to protect her!

Luckily, the tree was large enough and Mukuro was far away enough that she managed to avoid the icicle spear. However, while she was running, she slipped as the snow crumbled beneath one of her feet and managed to partially impale her arm on one of the leftover ice shards from earlier, taking a point of damage, according to the visor reading. "Gosh darn it, thing misses and she /still/ gets hurt..." Nazo mumbles, cursing her rotten luck. Once again, it appeared Fate was determined to see her undoing.

Back on the layer, Mukuro was back to her old tactic of throwing projectiles. She had stuck a bunch of ice shards and rocks that she somehow managed to find in another snowball, but before hurling it, she dashed to the trains and climbed inside. Since the Angels didn't really generate body heat, and the snow was technically holographic, there wasn't the issue of the snowball melting. Maneuvering to the windows (all of which were open for some reason), she throws an extra handful of snow she'd picked up out one window, while she throws the actual snowball from another. Hopefully this would catch the ice Angel off guard and his shield wouldn't activate, but Nazo knew better than to expect that. Still, she had to try something, didn't she?

The forcefield appears again! Or... it never disappeared? The snowball splashes against the entity and for a moment there it looks like the rock inside may get through! But no such luck. It ends up falling to the ground instead of dissipating though! The being itself however doesn't seem to wish to pull another attack... almost as if it didn't think that an angel who was just throwing snowballs was worth his attention. Yuji in the meantime is having a great time pointing and laughing. "A snowball! Awesome!"

Time to see what this whole forcefield business was all about. Exiting the train and grabbing more snow, the Angel made it seem like she was gathering materials for another snowball. She continued to move around, continually closer to Ryu; probably trying to get a clear shot at him. Once she 'finishes' the snowball, she comes in close and makes a move to fling the snowball at the Angel, but what was mistaken as the windup was actually a kick aimed at the ice Angel's midsection. No better way to test a forcefield than hands - or feet - on, after all.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Wooo!"

The being doesn't seem to flinch, apparently sure that his shield will hold. And... it does! Violent sparks dart out from where Mukuro's foot hits the spherical entity, but it holds the angel away from Ryu's main body. "Whoo! You can't get through his shield. Don't even try! It's bad to try!" Yuji comments, pointing at Nazo's angel in a most accusing manner. "Quick, Ryu! Attack back!" The robed angel, now so much closer to Mukuro, uses this chance to force his hovering self forwards in order to knock down Nazo's angel!

"Woah, folks, it appears not even a direct attack can get through Ryu's forcefield, much less Mukuro's snowballs! How /will/ this match turn out?" the announcer yells his question after he finishes stating the obvious, probably just trying to earn his pay. This /was/ turning out to be quite an odd and interesting match, though. However, it almost seemed like... something was missing. Oh well, back to the violence!

Mukuro does indeed get knocked down, but she rolls to the side and gets right back up again, seemingly unharmed (or mostly so) from the attack. This time around she simply throws the snow she had collected earlier at the Angel, annoyed with him for knocking her down. Not terribly inventive, but there was still some time yet in this match for the inventiveness of the deus to show itself. Particularly once they started fighting on those trains, if they ever did...

The being's eyes suddenly light up brightly as the third snowball impacts on the forcefield. Apparently the angel is getting rather irate... as suddenly a violent volley of lightning zaps jump between its bandages, until they suddenly begin shooting out at Mukuro, attempting to hit her! If they'd hit, surely she'd find herself slightly less able to move her joints, specifically those of her arms. The angel however still has not actually moved from its spot... and Yuji doesn't seem to mind. As much energy as this kid seems to have, he actually is calmer this duel!

It took an amazing amount of effort, but Mukuro managed to dodge the lightning by dashing behind the tree and using it as a lightning rod. Most of the ornaments shattered and fell to pieces on the floor of the layer, but Mukuro managed to avoid getting hit by these as well. Grabbing a bunch of shattered pieces of ornaments as delicately as possible to not harm herself, she encases them in another snowball. The tactic was getting old, it was true, but she did /not/ want to go out and face an Elemental head-on. That was a /really/ bad idea. So, the plan was to stick with projectiles, and try /not/ to get owned, pwned, or murdered by ice and/or lightning. Easier said than done, though... Once the snowball is done, it is, as usual, thrown with as much force as possible towards Ryu, trying to get /something/ through that shield of his.

The projectiles shatter the moment they hit. However, what it hits is not the forcefield that was surrounding Ryu for the longest time. The angel has stopped hovering and lands onto the snow. A strange... tentacle... creeps out from underneath the hood. For those knowledgable of Angelic Layer, they'd recognize the old type angel antenna. However, seeing as it is showing to be quite prehensile, as it moves in to 'swat' the snowball away, one may assume that it is something else... "Yeah! Tentacle time!" Yuji calls out and pumps a fist to the air. "Quick, attack!" Ryu then suddenly rushes straight towards Mukuro. It is hard to tell if he is actually moving any limbs beneath those robes, but he is leaving rather clawed looking footprints behind in his wake. The actual attack is the angel throwing a violent sweep of the tentacle, trying to smash it into Nazo's angel!

Mukuro does /not/ want that tentacle near her, and Nazo shares the sentiment. It grazes her arm once while she tries to run away, but she manages to make it to the inner circle train, boarding it and disappearing from all sight save the first person view from Nazo's visor. She hadn't had enough time to make a snowball for a counterattack, and that wasn't the first thing on her mind at the moment. Hopefully the Elemental would keep away from the train and give the lighter Angel time to recuperate, but Nazo didn't believe in hope anymore. It didn't get her anywhere. She had noticed the shift in advantage, and knew that this was the point in the match where she and Mukuro started losing, badly. She had learned at least that much during her time at the tournament. She was getting better acquainted with the feeling of loss, and as of now was fine. She started eating more of her sugar disks, just in case she /did/ start feeling bad. Sugar solves everything emotional, don't you know?

The elemental, as Ryu is being referred to now apparently, remains still after his initial assault. He does not bother to follow his opponent, but instead stands still once more, watching his opponent from beneath the darkness cast upon his face by the hood. "Yooo! Hey yuuuu!" Yuji suddenly points at Nazo. "You have candy and are not sharing? That's not very nice!"

Looking up, Nazo asks, "You can tell that from all the way over there?" Obviously she thought she was being stealthier than she was. "Sorry, I thought you had sugar of your own. You seem hyper enough for it..." she continues, not trying to be rude, but she may come off that way. Heck, maybe this conversation would distract Yuji from the match enough that Mukuro could make it through the match just a little longer, if nothing else. But Nazo's not even thinking about that possibility; she just wants to know how he knew she had sugar.

Back on the layer, Mukuro hangs outside the train, her hand down scooping up snow. Hopefully being behind the tree from the Angel and deus would mean that they didn't see her prepare another attack. Dodging back inside, she molds the snowball, and tosses it at the cloaked Angel from a window as soon as she thinks she can hit him. She then tries to move away from the window and hopefully into another car, but she may have already been spotted, and it may be too late to hide.

Yes, Yuji had indeed noticed the sugar. He was like a shark smelling blood... very sweet blood... but blood none the less! "I don't have any more candybars left!" He then stands up a little on his seat and begins to wave at the man he had heard in the crowd earlier, selling the candybars. "Hey! Candybar vending guy! Hey you! Yeah you! Get over here and sell me some CANDY!" While he is distracted, his angel gets hit by the snowball! It smacks right against its face and knocks off its hood! There is a small gasp from a small set of people as Ryu's face is finally shown for the first time. It is... humanoid? Almost elflike. Beautiful red hair flows from its head in the form of a braid which lays along its neck like a snake. Two crimson feline-like... or is it more like a dragon... eyes peer straight at Mukuro. A small wisp of ice slowly seeps off of its cheek. Ryu's eyes turn towards its cheek for a moment to inspect the watery substance. "Hmm..." it hums.

Yuji in the meantime has turned his eyes back onto the layer and lets out his own gasp. "Ah! Ryu unmasked! Oh no!" He places a hand to his mouth, which only turns into a grin. "Heheeeee." An impish laugh follows as his own angel suddenly gets surrounded by a diamond-like dust, which quickly rushes out along the ground towards the train site where it finds Mukuro and rushes straight over it! Little shards of frozen ice form on its body and begin to fill its joints... and Nazo might notice that her angel's health is dropping fast in this condition!

"Get out of there, Mukuro..." Nazo whispers somewhat frantically, her joy from knocking off Ryu's hood - which had actually been the purpose for the snowballs all along - dissipating quickly. The Angel quickly complies and jumps to the other train heading in the opposite direction to get as far away from the other train as quickly as possible. She'd grabbed a few of the icicles that had formed before she left, for when she made her next snowball. Leaning out of the train car again (the outside, where the tracks weren't), she scooped up more snow and quickly padded it into a snowball. Entering the train again, she hurls the snowball out the window, as she'd done in the past. This one was a little smaller than some, so it may have been easier to dodge, but those icicles inside sure would be nasty if they hit.

The tentacles, apparently originating from beneath the visible neckline, shoot out and stab at the incoming snowball... catching it! With the snowball caught, the creature turns itself about and aims its eyes at Nazo's angel. "Yeeaaah! Snowball-fighto!" Yuji cheers as the snowball darts BACK at who had originally thrown it. Ryu's ears twitch for a moment as it hears its master and casts its eyes into the skies, giving him an... odd look.

Well, that was unexpected. The match seems to /really/ be turning into a snowball fight now (even according to Yuji). Interesting. Mukuro manages to dodge the snowball's return, but she moves too fast and winds up slipping and banging her head on one of the poles inside the train car, yet again managing to hurt herself. Nazo sighs; her angel was as clumsy as she was. She'd have to fix that later. In the meantime, Mukuro reaches out to the inner train - which was passing by again - and grabs a large icicle. Instead of encasing it in a snowball, she sends simply the icicle itself hurling towards the crimson-eyed Angel. It looked painfully sharp, but without the rounded sides the other ones had, the jagged ice cylinder has trouble staying the course; it's not very aerodynamicly shaped.

SWAT! That's the sound made as a second tentacle rushes out from behind Ryu's head and grabs hold of the icicle! The sharp end stops at a hair's width away from the angel's head before it gets turned around and flung straight back at Mukuro! "Hah! Backhand Volley Throw-edes!" Yuji mangles English some more while his angel slowly begins to walk into Nazo's angel's direction.

Not very aerodynamically shaped at all. The icicle misses the open window and crashes into - and through - the side of the train car, both Mukuro and her deus sweatdropping. And then the other train passes by again... Wait, the other train? Nazo saw what was going on now; the trains were slowly gaining momentum throughout the entire match. That gave her an idea. Exiting the train car she had adopted as a shelter, Mukuro ran quickly as she could without slipping towards Ryu, aiming first to trip the Angel, then kick him in the side and send him flying towards the train. Perhaps she couldn't do much damage by attacking with icicles and snowballs, but a speeding train might just do the trick.

Ryu is kicked! Or rather, his forcefield. It seems the large thing is still surrounding him, protecting the being from the attack. However, Ryu does stumble backwards a little. Clearly, the kinetic force of the kicks is getting through! It is just those white bandages that are getting protected by this shield! "Grr," it growls for a moment, but does not retaliate. Instead, it speaks. "I am too tired," he claims. "The sealing runes have weakened me too far to continue in this state." And with that, he suddenly falls down onto one knee, waiting for the second kick to come in.

Pausing for just a slight moment, Mukuro regards her opponent. It appeared Nazo had been wrong about the turning point in the match. It appeared, oddly enough, that the elemental Angel had accepted defeat. The Angel was certainly less hyperactive than his deus appeared to be. The mention of the sealing runes brought Mukuro's attention to the papers, noting the writing on them but not quite understanding it. Instead of going for the kick to his side, Mukuro rearranges her stance and aims a punch directly at his stomach, trying to see if the force of impact could break one of the seals the Angel claimed was tiring him (if she could get past that shield of his), as well as seeing if she could still knock him into the train. This was an odd Angel, and both deus and Angel had become absorbed in the mystery of it and the seals. They had already unmasked the being, so Nazo had little faith in breaking the seals; it would be too much revelation in one match. It didn't keep Mukuro from trying, though.

The angel remains completely still as Mukuro punches the forcefield. Quite the opposite; if she didn't put more force out, she'd never break any of those seals. However, perhaps by the little sparks suddenly appearing at one of the bandages she might notice that... there was a weaker area lower than the chest. In the meanwhile, the angel remains staring at his opponent, and speaks again. "You do not have the power to free me from this prison. Please just give up." The punch having been given, the angel suddenly stands up again and turns his back towards Nazo's angel, his wings flailing about rashly. Ryu approaches the edge of the layer, towards Yuji, intent on returning to his master.

Growing angry at being told she wasn't strong enough, Mukuro pulls her right arm back and holds her left hand over it, seemingly charging up for something. Nazo had no idea what the little Angel was doing; she'd never seen this attack before, nor had she told Mukuro to try something new. Angels were full of surprises, it seemed. After a few moments, Mukuro thrusts her right arm forward, a blast of slightly purple pink energy shooting out of her hand. Now Nazo knew what she had been up to, and was somewhat ashamed of herself for not noticing her own Angel's plans sooner. The blast wasn't terribly powerful or controlled, seeing as it was the first time this attack had been seen - or used, for that matter - in a match with Mukuro, but it was fairly large. She had indeed noticed the sparks earlier, but seeing as the elf-like Angel was facing away from her, she doubted the attack would deal any damage to that particular rune. Doubt had never stopped the little Angel from trying, though. Perhaps she felt she needed to prove herself...?

Indeed no damage gets done to the rune, nor much to Ryu himself. However, the force is enough to give him a good push into the right direction as he gets launched straight off of the layer and into Yuji's hands. The somewhat sugar-high kid immediately raises his hands and shows Ryu to the audience, as well as looking up at it. "You did well, my proud warrior! That fight was cool. Although..." He peers at Nazo's angel. "A few less snowballs would have been more cool, you know. Someone of your stature should not be throwing snowballs," he pouts for a moment, then moves his angel to his chest and points at the announcer. "Hei yuuu! Do your thing and wak-ue uppede!"

"Huh? Oh, what? Eherm, yes, winner is Mukuro by layer out!" the announcer calls out, drawing cheers from the audience. It appears he had become somewhat entranced by the oddities going on on the layer, such as snowball fights and tentacled Angels. "Let's hear it for both our deuses, folks!" he calls out once more to the crowd, trying to draw out more cheers than there were already. If that was possible, of course...

Totally ignoring Yuji's comment about stature and snowballs, Mukuro stalks angrily back to her deus's side of the layer, her fists clenched tightly. She sits down on the edge, awaiting her deus to come pick her up. Nazo slips off her visor and Mukuro falls limp. As the chairs bring them back down to the floor, Nazo finds herself wondering just what had gotten into her Angel at the end of that match. Mukuro was starting to act like the person she was modeled after, which shouldn't have started happening for a few months to come. Perhaps the tournament had stimulated her Angel's growth as much as her own. Time would tell, it appeared.

"Yush!" Yuji jumps off just before the seat returns to the ground level and makes a round along the dome before going through the gate back to the waiting room. He's done his thing, and now that the match is over, he is filled with even more energy and excitement than before. So what better to do and run this energy off outside!?

Picking up her Angel, Nazo also makes her way to the waiting room so she can go home. This energy blasting business had to be looked into, after all. Hopefully Yuji was done with her, and wouldn't try to steal any of the sugar she had left... Acquiring the disks wasn't easy, after all.