It looked like it was almost time for Misaki Ryou's round four match, and so far he's been undefeated! These last two matches would be against well grounded and powerful players though, so this was no time to let down one's guard. The boy sits quietly in one of the waiting room chairs, his right foot bobbing up and down as if he were nervous or excited. It was probably both, truth be told. His eyes stare through the fake glasses down at his little Misakichi while he grins a bit, "We can do it... I know we can." Now all he needed to do was make sure his confidence was up to backing up that statement.

It's about to be Kyousuke's fourth match as well, and well, his record hasn't been too good so far, having had only one victory under his belt in the last 3 rounds. But... at least that one happened a lot earlier than his only victory in the last Kanto qualifiers. Truthfully, he's losing a little confidence in giving a better showing this year, but that doesn't mean he's going to give up! He's still going to fight on. Now, he just has to figure out who this Misaki Ryou is.

Ryou's eyes remain upon Misakichi as he sits there, one hand lifting to push the fake glasses back up into place. The boy was dressed in a white lab coat as well, which would seem more odd if this weren't his third time in this particular tournament. His appearance mimiced that of the person he idolized most, even more than Misaki, Icchan. "Hmm." He ponders a bit while waiting for the call to come out for battle.

Even more of an oddity than Ryou's outfit is the pile of luggage that Kyousuke STILL has with him. In fact, he's often been seen in the arena, dragging it around, and as such, he's avoided the tournament stands as much as possible. It's tiring, taking it up and down stairs. Of course, that means he hasn't gotten a chance to cheer his friends on, but there's always tomorrow right?

The next match of the fourth round of this tournament was about to get under way, and as if on queue the lights of the stadium flash brightly once more and shift towards the Announcer sitting on high above the arena. He stands tall wearking his purple suit with giant red bowtie, sun-glasses reflecting the myriad of lights off in a gleam. Both arms are crossed over his chest as he poses for a moment, but they unfurl and finally bring the microphone to his mouth. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the next match of this round, are you ready?"

There is a slight pause given, to allow for the roar of the crowd to come and go before he continues, "Then I give you in the West corner, the deus is Misaki Ryou with his angel, Misakichi! Being true to their mimicry of the miracle rookie, they're coming into this round undefeated so far!" There is obviously more cheering and what have you, before he continues on, "And in the East corner, the deus is Sakamoto Kyousuke with his angel Kensei! They've had a rough time of it so far, but maybe they can turn things around." He pauses to let the crowd cheer and allow the competitors to come out into the arena and take their seats.

That was all the indication needed for Ryou, and he quickly hops to his feet while stretching his arms out above his head. He then peers at his angel one more time before getting ready to head out, "Looks like it's time, let's do our best. Misakichi." He grins a bit and then starts walking towards the tunnel, to prepare for his exit out onto the stage.

As he hears his name being anounced, Kyousuke looks over at the tunnel leading into the arena. Some other boy is already making his way through it... that must be his opponent then. He should get going too. The samurai obsessed teen stands up, plucking Kensei out from his pocket, then making his way out into the staidum as well.

Ryou makes his way out into the stands with a big grin on his face, waving out into the crowd that he can not see due to the blinding nature of the very bright lights in the stadium. He holds Misakichi up high so everyone can see her before making his way towards his seat, where he promptly hops in and begins making preparations for his ascent into the skies, as well as Misaki's descent into the layer.

From the other end of the stadium, Kyousuke is making his own entrnace, squinting his eyes slightly to deal with the bright lights. Kensei is settled in the palm of his hand, sitting in a seiza position. He gives the crowd only a slight wave with his free hand, but makes his way to his seat fairly quickly. He quickly settles down in it, but having not realized who it was he'd be facing this round, he should say a few words beforehand. "Good luck! Let's have a good match," he says.

Once they have both made it to their seats the Announcer once more rises up in his chair while he offers an approving nod and then brings the microphone up to his mouth once more. "Our players are in place, now it's time to set the stage! What sort of wonderful location will our battle take place today?" His arm flicks out in a flourish before pointing down at the layer below.

The glowy white layer flickers away and a vast array of different sceneries begin passing one by one, almost too swift to see. An arena of pillars of various heights with clouds below to drown out the ground, an endless sea of rye under a peaceful blue sky, the halls of a temple to a long forgotten god, and finally it settles.

The flooring is a green tile, with a few large gray urns containly ferns sprawling out of them at various intervals. In the center of the layer is a plain gray granite staircase that spirals up halfway through the layer, with ivy hanging down from the sides. Here though, layer becomes interesting. A myriad of identical staircases come in at every angel and intersect this way and that. Some of them are upside down, sideways, and any which way you can think of really, but it seems that gravity affects them so that when one is standing upon the staircase they will not fall.

"Ah, once more we shall witness a battle of grace and power executed on a stage where angels can show off their best agility! Now then, ENTRY ANGELS!"

Ryou grins over at Kyousuke as he speaks, and nods in return. "Good luck to you as well, don't hold back!" His eyes then fall to the layer when the scenery settles, this place again eh? Oh well. With that he is on his feet standing dangerously in his chair! One foot is placed upon the front edge as he leans forward, whipping his arm back behind his head. He then snaps it forward while calling out, "Reach for the top and never look down, GO GO GO Misakichi!" The little angel is sent flying towards the layer at potentially unsafe speeds!

The little angel twists and spins about recklessly before passing through the barrier and sending ripples out in a circle from the point of impact. A golden white light shimmers over her form as she twists about and then flexes in mid air while her eyes spring open, sending the energy off her form in every direction. She flashes a victory sign with two fingers while in the air, smiling happily, and then she tucks into a flip moving towards one of the stair cases. She lands in a crouch and then springs up into the air once more, twisting her body as she flips over the the edge and then comes to the ground below in a kneeled position. After her landing she slowly rises to her feet and looks up towards Kyousuke, flashing a victory sign his way while awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

Kyousuke grins back at Ryou, but nods. He never intended to hold back, not his style. That and he often forgets to do it even after he's agreed to do so. Either way, Kyousuke is taken in a bit by Ryou's theatrics, and in a slightly out of character move, tosses Kensei up, just slightly, his hand can come back around and snatch him out of the air, then the samurai obsessed deus winds his arm back and throws his angel into the air.

Kensei's flight is actually fairly controlled, barely twisting or turning around before he hits the barrier on the layer. Once he gains mobility, the samurai does a simple flip that brings his feet down first, and he lands nimbly, quickly offering a bow to his opponent, then turning to bow to his deus.

The Announcer grins his big grin and then makes another flourishing motion with his free hand before adjusting his sun-glasses. "Everything is set, so it's about time to begin! Who will come out on top in this topsy turvy layer? Let's find out with another, ANGELIC FAIT-O!" That was the queue, the timer begins counting down indicating that now was the time for action!

Ryou tilts his head slightly after Kensei enters the arena and bows to Misakichi, which is immitated by her as well. Then with a shrug of shoulders on both their parts, the little Misakichi returns the bow. As soon as the clock starts though, she blasts off in a fast forward charge towards Kensei. She blazes a trail over the green tile, aiming to impact her fist upon his jaw in a really obvious attack.

Kensei's eyes are good it seems, as he has no problem tracking her movements. Just as quickly as Misakichi moves in, the samurai has drawn both of his blades, and his kodachi is raised to allow the fist to impact against the blade. There's a moment of strain, but he quickly pushes upwards, aiming to throw Misakichi off balance. Then a bright aura flares up around him, just in time for him to step in and stab out with his katana.

Misakichi is successfully pushed, but it seems that it will take more to throw her off balance than that. Instead she takes the momentum of the upward push and turns it into a spin, that allows her to dance right around the stabbing blade and get right up in Kensei's face. While there she gives a little wink and a grin, before lifting her knee up towards his groin sharply.

Well, that's a dirty move. Kensei shifts backwards, just enough so that it hits him in the stomach instead of the groin. It seems he didn't take too well to that attempt though, as he immediately regains that aura of his, though this time it flares up even brighter and wilder than before. He blurs for a moment, moving off to Misakichi's side, and brings both of his blades overhead before trying to slam them down on his opponent.

Misakichi narrows her eyes slightly after Kensei backs away and sprouts another aura, keeping a wary eye on the samurai. As he closes in in her side she starts the motion of a forward roll, just narrowly avoiding his attack as it smashes into the tiles below, collapsing a few at the point of impact and sending cracks out into several surrounding layers. After rolling forward she shifts into a spin, attempting to connect a kick with the back of Kensei's knee while she's still crouched low.

Kensei isn't quite as quick or nimble as Misakichi is, but he's still able to avoid Misakichi's attack. The samurai simply steps forward once, and allows the kick to miss the back of his legs by just enough before he pivots. This time he's not attacking though, and simply stands there.

Misakichi comes about to face Kensei after her attack misses, but she's still crouched low. Her eyes narrow a bit as she peers up at him and then shifts backwards to plant her hands upon the ground before snapping her body up and over as well. As she does though, she attempts to catch the samurai under the chin with both her feet before coming back up into a defensive stance.

This constant close quarters fighting isn't that bad for Kensei. In fact, he's making the most of it now, bobbing his head back a little to avoid the kick, then shifting forward, winding both his arms back as he does so, and suddenly shoots his right arm forward, trying to impale Misakichi once again.

When Kensei's blade pierces through where Misakichi was standing, there happens to be nothing there any longer. Using blinding speed she had already moved around behind her opponent and was in the air spinning around with a kick towards the back of his head. It would be an impressive show of speed, if there weren't so many other prolific angels that showcased it around.

Kensei himself can move to speeds near to that, but he's always hated dealing with it himself. However, it would hit him quite hard if it hit now, so he'll have to avoid it. In a display of agility that he doesn't use very often, the samurai throws himself into the air, doing a backflip over Misakichi's head, moments before the kick would have struck him. Then... he stands still again. His opponent will circle around again soon enough, and he doesn't want to attack from behind.

Misakichi lands from her attack and realizes that Kensei is behind her now, so she ducks forward into a quick roll to attempt to avoid any sort of attack he might unleash from that position. It turned out to be a wasted effort, but better safe than sorry. She rolls back up to her feet while whirling around to face her opponent, settling into a defensive posture once more. For now it was time to wait a little bit.

Fighting quick angels like this is always annoying, and Kensei wonders how many of his attacks will actually hit. He's not going to lose hope though. If any of his attacks will hit, it would be that one. With that decision made... a sudden burst of raw anger bursts out from the samurai. Not that he looks angry. The sword saint, as usual, looks to be completely serene and calm. The red aura that's bursting up around him like a storm seems to indicate differently though.

Misakichi tilts her head slightly as she observes Kensei, who was obviously up to something. Unfortunately it was difficult to tell what just yet. Instead of walking straight into a potential trap, she instead opts to stand her ground for now, keeping an extremely wary eye upon her opponent. Since anything could happen, she would have to prepare herself for it.

The red aura continuously flares around Kensei and then... disappears. For a moment, the air hangs still, unmoving, as nothing happens. This was about as far as this attack got the last time he tried using it. But this will be the first time since this tournament starded that he was able to fully utilize it. Finally... it happens. The stone tiles around Kensei crack, just slightly, and a Chinese dragon, blood red in color, shoots out from around him and up into the sky. For a while, it just continually rises, breaking through some of the various staircases above them. While this happens, Kensei is in motion, dashing forward towards Misakichi, katana raised high into the air. The dragon recognizes this and it immediately shoots back down, crumbling more stairways as it makes his own attack at Misakichi, aiming for the same point that Kensei is now stabbing for.

For the moment of stillness, Misakichi simply blinks and peers at Kensei with that wary look. Was that really all there was to it? Nope. When the dragon erupts and flies up high into its destructive flight, her eyes follow the red beast while blinking a few times. "Ohh... pretty." There isn't a whole lot of time to stand around impressed though, as the dragon's descent tips her off that the opponent is coming. She crouches low and then leaps into a long backflip, just barely avoiding calamity as the attack smashes into where she had been standing. There is obviously little left of the layer itself where the impact strikes, except rubble, and even more rubble rains down from above due to the numerous destroyed staircases.

Misakichi lands a fair distance away and continues to slide backwards a bit from the momentum, eyes narrowing as she looks back to Kensei with a slight grin. "That was pretty impressive. . . but you'll have to do more." She lowers herself and charges forward once more, leaping up into the air before flipping about and then aiming her foot down towards Kensei's head while she flies back down towards teh ground.

Hm, it missed. Kensei isn't too surprised at that, but he's hoping it took a little more out of her than his other attacks did. And now, his opponent is counterattacking again. He watches Misakichi launch into the air, aiming a flying kick at him, but... the attack looks light, so he doesn't move. It seems that he's correct though, as the kick impacts right against his face, doing very little damage. In fact, it doesn't even cause him to flinch, and his calm gaze never leaves his face.

After Misakichi's foot connects with Kensei's face, she springs off him a bit while spining back through the air and landing in a low crouch a short distance away. That last attack didn't really do as much as she'd hoped, but there was nothing for it but to continue onwards. She lunges forward once more attempting to shift around his side and snap her arm out towards his neck with a chopping hand.

Once again, proving that Kensei's eyesight is quite good, the samurai tilt his head, just slightly, backwards. As he does so, he drops his katana down low, just enough that his katana's tip pokes against the ground. As soon as it does that, a spark seems to form, igniting the blade and the sword saint quickly makes his next attack while Misakichi is still chopping.

Misakichi was unable to predict this type of counter attack very well, but does her best to avoid it none the less! The attack itself is only glancing, but with the power behind it still registers a bit of damage. The flames flicker over her body, uniform sort of catching on fire. She staggers forward another step or too and then snaps around in another kick towards the back of the samurai's head.

Kensei doesn't let himself get confident. An attack finally hit, but it could've been better. However, he still has a few more chances. The dual wielding samurai drops low to avoid the kick, sliding his foot forward and entering the stance for the gatotsu. As Misakichi's attack passes overhead, he once again stabs out, hoping to catch her in the stomach or so.

Misakichi's kick misses, and she has the presence of mind to realize that Kensei went low and was about to strike out. Using her foot that was still on the ground she pushes off towards a backwards angle, just barely avoiding the blow. She hops back a few steps before stopping and crouching for a low rush once again. Another straight on attack, utilizing speed more than anything else to try and achieve a hit.

It's not hard to read the straight on attack, and once again Kensei glows white as he ducks under the strike. Of course, Misakichi being in midstrike is the best time to use his next attack, and he tries to be quick about it. Faster than ever before, his white aura is channeled into his blade, making the whole thing look fiery, though this time there are no actual flames. Then, he swipes it out. Even if Misakichi avoids the physical blade, the chi blade that launches out after it will hopefully strike her.

Misakichi once again is alerted by some abnormal sense of danger and in mid attack pushes off into a high flying backflip to get away from the blade and the resulting chi-blast that follows it. It takes a bit of energy to avoid though, and while she's in the air she flips about and happens to land upon one of the higher up sideways stair cases. She crouches there, fingers clutching at the stone below her feet while she is crouched low, pondering what to do next or what he is going to do next.

Kensei can't hold out for very much longer. Both he and his deus know that he's been pushed somewhat hard in this duel. He can't let Misakichi go. The samurai bends down, then kicks off the ground, jumping high into the air after Misakichi, towards the same staircase she's on. He doesn't even wait for his feet to touch the ground before he stabs out twice at lightning quick speeds, trying to catch both her shoulders at the same time.

Kensei's blades move at lightning speed, but Misakichi moves even faster and manages to somehow avoid the blows to her shoulders, with a little grin. The speedy little angel has come in from behind once more, and aims a swift kidney punch towards Kensei's back. He may be honorable and unwilling to strike someone's back, but that didn't mean she was.

Kensei probably could have dodged that attack, but he allows it to strike him, and it pushes him tumbling towards one of the damaged sections that his earlier attack had destroyed. As soon as he goes off it though... he falls up. For a few moments, the samurai doesn't seem to be returning, but then he leaps back up... or perhaps it's down now. His aura burning around him once again, though this time his eyes alight with an strange glow, and he runs towards Misakichi with both blades crossed at his sides, scissoring them out at her, throwing all his strength into this last strike!

Misakichi easily slides out of the way and watches as Kensei's attack destroys the area of stairs she had been standing on with slightly wide eyes. Her opponent's raw power was certainly impressive, and if this match were to go on for too horribly much longer she might be in trouble. Her brows furrow slightly as she comes in again, sending a kick out towards his head, hoping to knock him off the stairs and maybe down into the pile of rubble he's created below.

Well, it's over. But Kensei will try all he can before his power gives out! The samurai steps in towards Misakichi as she kicks out once more, ducking just low enough to get under it. His katana is raised overhead... but that's all he can do. Before he can even get another attack out, the sword saint just collapses.

After Kensei collapses, Misakichi crouches down and pokes him a little bit to see if he's okay or not. The buzzer going off just afterwards to indicate the end of the match answers the question though. She sits down and heaves out an emulated sigh before patting the samurai's head, "Whoo, you were pretty tough. I guess all that power comes at a price though." With that she leans back a bit and peers up towards the bright lights above the layer with a smile.

With the buzzer sounding, the Announcer calls out loudly over the microphone, "Misakichi, win!" The crowd of course cheers, not just for the fact that Misakichi won, but also for the fact that the fight was really fun to watch. I mean, Kensei busted up the layer pretty good, and who doesn't like watching destruction on that level?

Kyousuke is already taking off his visor before Kensei fully hits the ground. He had been fully aware of how much Kensei had left in him, and knew exactly when it was over. "Good match Misaki-han," the kendoist says, grinning over at him. It really looks like he'll have to work just a little more at accurate strikes.

Ryou heaves a sigh as well before pulling off his headset, the chair shifting and moving down towards the layer so he can pick up Misakichi. "Same, Sakamoto-san. You and Kensei are really tough, gave me more trouble than most of my other opponents so far." He grins a bit after he retrieves his angel, and takes his chair down to the ground before hopping out and offering waves out to the crowd.

Kyousuke also goes over to the layer and plucks his angel out. There shouldn't be any lasting damage, not after that kind of ending to a fight, so he doesn't even bother checking the samurai over before he's stuffed into a pocket, though Kyousuke did make sure to tuck the swords back in first. Then, with a last quick wave to the crowd, the kendoist retreats into the waiting room also, freeing the arena up for the next duel.