Opening the door, and stepping inside quietly, Fukata spots Ranmaru and greets him with a nod "Ossu, Ranmaru-kun." he still hasn't dropped the -kun from Ranmaru's name yet - he's still not quite comfortable with it, maybe later. "How have your matches been going, I see you've been doing quite well - and no match against Mikage-chan for either of us this year." Fukata leans against the wall beside the door, not taking a seat, whether Ranmaru notices it or not, he's giving off subconcious signals that there's something bothering him.

"Hmm?" The Layer Phantom slowly turns about, aiming his masked face towards Fukata. "Oh, greetings Fukata. Yes, it would appear so indeed." He puts on a small smile, which quickly turns into a questioning one. "Hmm? Is there something wrong?" Yes, Ranmaru does have a knack for noticing such things. The question on how his matches had been going gets tossed aside.

With a sigh, followed by a grin, Fukata says, "That transparent, eh?" He looks at himself for a second, then finds a seat across from Ranmaru. "Hmm..." Fukata says, as if considering if he should share his thoughts. Ah well, Ranmaru asked, so Fukata says, "Just something you said yesterday that I was wondering about." Fukata pauses again, wondering how to word his question, "It sounded a lot like you were chiding me for ... being a bit absent lately...?" Leaving the implied question hanging, Fukata can be a bit straightforwardly honest at times, whether this is a good or bad thing he's not quite sure yet.

"A little, I guess. We were kind of worried that something had happened to you seeing as we hand't heard anything from you." Yes, the Layer Phantom is using the word 'we', suggesting that Mikage also worried. "Besides..." He suddenly shifts his serious look to a most light one. "Kamui missed fighting against Yuki. Its no fun that the only chance we get is to fight you at the tournaments, ne?" He chuckles a little before turning his eyes towards teh wallmonitor to see what the status at the arena was.

Fukata gives a simple and clearly heartfelt apology "I'm ... sorry. I didn't mean to make you both worry, I was partly just busy, and partly -" Fukata sighs, "I'll be around here more often now, I'm nearly finished the purely university part - I'll be doing some practical work soon." Fukata says, assuming that Mikage has already told Ranmaru what he's signed up to do, he glances at the monitor himself for a moment. "I hope you've been practicing, I'm on a roll." he says, returning to a more cheerful disposition, back onto stable ground, "And we don't intend to stop our winning streak just for you and Kamui." he says and fixes Ranmaru with a confident grin.

"Its okay." Ranmaru wags his right hand about in the air to 'shake off' the topic. No, he had not heard from Mikage yet what Fukata had signed up for, but he'd probably get to know at one point or another. "Anyhow. Yes, I have been practicing a little. So you better no expect to see the same tricks over and over again." He turns about for a moment and winks at Fukata and then turns back to the monitor.

On the wall monitor, As the audience quiets down in the lull of inbetween-battleness, the announcer, clad in a vibrant purple jacket, yellow hair slicked back, and shades gleaming blackly in the stark white of the layer, pokes his head into the arena and yells to the audience as his egg-chair circles around the perimeter of the layer. "WAKE UP FANS! We have a battle on our hands! As a message from me to you, let's see how our deus's do!" The strange rhyming announcer continues spinning around the arena, his large grin unnerving the audience. "Our deus's are about to come out, so let's give them a scream and a shout!"

The announcer is about to continue his rhyming rant, when suddenly a strangly familiar man with short black hair, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers comes running into the arena. "STOP!! IMPOSTER!!" The unclothed man rubs a large bump on his head and then runs at the man in purple. The new guy collides with the announcer, sending the man soaring over the arena and into the waiting arms of two security guards. At the point of collision, his purple jacket, slacks, socks, shoes, and blonde wig, flutter momentarilly in the air in a vague resemblance of a human shape before falling to the floor in a pile. The black haired man grabs the pile of clothes, spins quickly and is garbed in the regalia of an announcer once more.

"SORRY ABOUT THAT FOLKS!! Now we can get this next fight going! Tonight, we have a very anticipated battle. We've seen these two deus's battle time and again. Both of these deus's angels are known for high-octane battles, racing accross the layer! Our first deus is known for being the fiance of Aogiri Mikage's! Let's hear it for the Layer Phanom, and his catboy, Kamui! Our second deus is a finalist of the God of the Layer tournament! He has participated in several tournaments and has 8 wins under his belt. His angel, a kimono-wearing female with steel gray hair is a fierce fighter and knows her way around the layer! Let's hear it for Ito Fukata, and his angel Yuki! Come on out you two!"

"Ehehehe..." A sweatdrops appears at Ranmaru's forehead as he gazes at the display on the monitor. "What the heck." He mutters before shrugging and motioning Fukata to come along. "Come, Fukata. To the arena we go." That said he begins to walk through the hallway and into the light.

Arrived in the dome-like structure, the lenses inside of his mask shift to a crimson color to protect against the light as Ranmaru raises his arm in order to greet the crowd! And he continues to wave until he reaches his appointed seat and settles down, moving in an exagerated manner to let his cape flare up.

With a chuckle, Fukata says "What was *that* all about..." and follows Ranmaru, a few strides behind him, so each get their moment in the spotlight. Fukata glances at Ranmaru's outfit - having not really taken it in with his half-attention before, he thinks to himself "Some people like the spotlight more than others." then "I want a cool cape, dammit."

Fukata waves to the crowds as he passes by, taking in the huge audience and revelling quietly in the temporary star-hood. He climbs into his egg-chair and reaches for his visor, smiling to himself as he settles into the familiar rhythm - one which will be leading to an exceptionally difficult battle.

The announcer points to the center of the arena and a white spotlight hits the layer. "While the deus's are getting set up, let's see what scenery the layer has in store for the angels!" The layer sceneries randomly flash through until it settles on a barren red plain. "MARS! We have a planetary battle ahead of us! This layer is going to be a problem for those speed angels. We'll just have to see how they handle it!"

"Ahhh! Here they are folks! Give them another round of applause" The crowd cheers and then quiets down so that they can hear the entrance speeches. "If both deus's are ready, EEEENTAARURI AAAAAANGEEEEEERU"

Risen up to the height of the layer, the masked man reaches underneath his cloak. There is some movement as he seeks to grab hold of Kamui: an action invisible to everyone other than Fukata. His fingers find what he is looking for and wrap around the lithe body of the lithe body of his angel, holding on to it in a most gentle manner. "Illuminate the darkness with your bonded soul!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel darts forth...

It goes head first, touching the bright light of the layer. The feline immediatly forces itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently due to the speed it had been thrown at! Its limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth, finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashes violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his own side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel... how could it, it was not even on the layer yet? Instead, it was directed at Fukata. Its eyes illuminated with that red hue, it was almost demonic: if not, at least feral. "I am ready." Ranmaru chants.

On the arena, Fukata waits while the egg chair rises up into the air next to the layer, and takes the time to glance around the arena stands, knowing Mikage would almost certainly be watching - Fukata has always been aiming for the number one spot himself - and with Ranmaru here his main competitor for that this year - that means playing at his absolute best. Fukata nods to himself, "This time, victory."

He reaches for his angel, and lifts the steel-grey haired doll from his pocket, giving her an appraising glance before holding her to his chest and intoning "Even in the impossible, let us never accept defeat. Ikke! Yuki!" and with that he looses the angel towards the layer. She tumbles down towards the martian surface, preparing for a dusty landing, and a small cloud of dust billows out as she hits the ground, bending into a crouch. She stands up, to face her opponent, and then looks down at her left foot, it appears to be in a small puddle. Fukata says with a little confusion, "Huh, water? Must be a bug or something..." and then refocuses on the battle ahead, replying to Ranmaru "So am I."
On the layer, Yuki echoes simultaneously, "And me, Kamui-kun.".

In the audience, you hear a female voice shouting, "Ganbatte Kamui-kun! You can do it!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Kamui is dooky! Go Yuki!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Kick the Layer Phantom's butt!"

"Oooh, looks like there may be some hostility between these four! That should make this fight all the more interesting. On the count of Three.... Two.... One.... ANGELIIIIIIIC. FIGHT!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Hostility smoshtility! Get to the bloodshed!"

"Well, you better be!" Ranmaru laughs as he inspects the scenery. "Ohh, the Mars scenery. Luck is something we'll need this time." Kamui goes down to all fours and suddenly speeds forwards towards Yuki. His speed grows and grows, and even has grown since Fukata and Kamui's last match. The feline makes a few pawing motions while dashing towards Fukata's angel until he stands close to where she last had stood when he begun this attack, and pushes himself up with his legs, his claws violently lashing around in order to try and pin down Yuki to the surface of this red planet.

With a sudden kick, Yuki throws some martian dust up at the catboy angel, distracting him for a moment while she ducks the first clawswipe, then she flips backwards, clearing some space between them and continuing to move away until the cat's furious attack had subsided. She stops, looking at the other angel, "Don't hold back, Kamui-kun. I'll be giving you everything I've got." and with that, she lunges back at him, pulling a fist back as if to attack, but instead she simply barrels into the cat-angel, trying to force him to the ground and with a little luck hold his dangerous claws at bay.

With a sudden kick, Yuki throws some martian dust up at the catboy angel, distracting him for a moment while she ducks the first clawswipe, then she flips backwards, clearing some space between then and continuing to move away until the cat's furious attack had subsided. She stops, looking at the other angel, "Don't hold back, Kamui-kun. I'll be giving you everything I've got." and with that, she lunges back at him, pulling a fist back as if to attack, but instead she simply barrels into the cat-angel, trying to force him to the ground and with a little luck hold his dangerous claws at bay.

The feline falls to the ground, but not due to Yuki's attack. He slips down and presses all of his limbs as close to the ground as possible. He crawls left and right like a lobster to evade Yuki's movements and when he's ready enough he quickly lunges back at her and tries to hop onto her! Bunny hop! Whether or not he ends up hopping on Yuki specifically, he quickly hops on further along the planet, in order to get away again! Run Kamui run!

"Huh?" says Yuki as Kamui launches at her in a move that's a lot less cat-like, and a lot more like Usagi-chan. She ducks and dashes under the leap, letting the angel's momentum carry him over her, although she is a little surprised and frowns as he bounces away. "You'll not be getting away." she protests, dashing after him at high speed.

"Nyoo?" As if saying 'no?', the feline gives Yuki an confused look. He was getting away alright. Sure he was not technically as fast as Yuki, his skill and stamina was slightly higher. Or so Ranmmaru thought anyway. Kamui keeps running about in circles along the layer until he sets his eyes on Yuki once again and rushes straight at her, throwing a nasty pair of flat-handed strikes towards her shoulders.

Weaving through the attacks, Yuki evades them with ease, smiling confidently, she spins on the spot and brings up a cloud of dust - partially obscuring both angels from view from the crowd, and from their deuses. Within the cloud of dust, one vague form moves back, then flashes out of the dust cloud, passing the other angel and the swipe of an attack is heard. Yuki bursts free from the cloud and turns to face her opponent as the dust settles, did he evade?

Yes, he evaded! Kamui is nowhere to be seen when that attack hits! The feline is speed on its feet. However, within the dust, there is movement. And soon a nice extra cloud escapes it, the catboy following it. And with a quick turn, in a nice half-moon line, he approaches his opponent again and opens his hands in order to attempt to grab onto Yuki! Of course, with this feline pawing all about, it is hard to judge what he is going to grab. But with his claws extended, it can't be a happy feeling!

Diving aside at the last second, it's clear Yuki wasn't expecting to have her trick turned against her, and she looks more tired than she usually does this early in a match. "You've improved a lot Kamui. I can see this is going to be even harder than I expected." and with that she takes a defensive pose and tries to catch her breath - the catboy angel would probably attack, but she could handle that much. It was how he turned her attacks against her, that was *her* trick!

The feline indeed pushes his attacks further! He gets closer and closer with big lunging steps and seems to be quite able to keep up with her. For the crowd however, it may be going a littlebit too fast for their eyes to follow. The cameras at least are having the greatest troubles keeping a good eye on thing and are almost zoomed out all of the time. So the next attack may also be hard to follow for them. The feline approaches Yuki as far as possible, and then lunges past her position, pushing one arm down towards the ground, digs it in and uses the momentum to sweep both of his legs around along the horizontal axis in order to sweep her feet from beneath her!

Yuki reacts to the blow - but not in the expected way. She relaxes her body suddenly, and when the kick hits the back of her legs, she flops to the ground with a slight bump, and lays still for a moment - it didn't seem like it hit very hard at all. Then she kicks her legs into the air, and with a sudden arch of her back, flips very quickly back to her feet, a neat martial arts trick. She wastes no time though, taking a step forwards and sending a heavy kick right at Kamui's chest.

Yuki says, "Hey!" when the cat-angel grabs her leg, and tugs to get free, suddenly arching backwards to evade the seeming swipe, and she pulls away in time to stop her recently mended (again) dress from getting sliced up. Just as she's about to turn and maul the other angel for trying to damage her yukata, the spinning kicks start and she has to backflip quickly away, and she rests on one knee, panting and exhausted. "C' many attacks at the one time!" she mutters. She waits for a moment, simply to tired to press on, and trying to come up with a plan to get around the defences of this angel - not so fast as she is - but where does his energy come from?

"Nyaaaa!" The feline runs after her while she is still backflipping. He loses some ground for a moment due to Yuki's faster movement, but catches up again pretty fast and from a distance leaps forwards and begins to... spin? Yes, around the length of his body, the feline begins to spin in midair with one claw out much like a drill! One never would know what was coming next out of this feline!

Standing up quickly to hop out of the path of the attack, Yuki looks like she's nearly out of energy. She's going to have to be careful with her remaining energy if she wants to last for much longer. She dashes towards the other angel, and unleashes a hail of punches, but believe it or not, this isn't the main attack - one foot snakes out and she tries to whip Kamui's heel out from underneath him, so she can pummel him good.

Another hit! However, once again not quite the way it should have gone. Yuki managed to sweep away Kamui's feet, but the feline instinctively grabbed onto her leg and is now... kind of... attached it it. Kamui is holding on for his dear life, hoping not to get kicked away in this position, and has a look on his face which can only spell doom for his opponent. Right? Well, in all honestly, he is just hanging on, looking up at Yuki's face, sticking out his tongue.

Limited dodging capabilities? This is Kamui we are talking about! The moment Yuki attempts to grab onto him he darts right to her back and gets off of her, and from that position immediately throws a nasty lash for her back, claws out and glowing in an eerie green light! "So, Fukata! It seems you have been slacking off huh? School got you busy?" Ranmaru asks, trying to get his opponent's attention. On the layer, whether or not Kamui has hit... which could possible have ruined that clothing again, he runs right off towards a crater!

Always willing to take up some banter with the other deus, Fukata looks up for a moment "Ah, but last time I fought Keiichi-kun, it didn't end with a 'Zankoku wins'" he says, counter-taunting. "Plus the match isn't over yet - I assure you." Fukata subscribes to the belief that to fail to believe in your angel's ability to win is to guarantee it will lose - so even though the odds against his angel winning were increasing with every successive step and attack - he still searched for an opening in Kamui's defences - and still willed Yuki to push herself that little bit further to succeed.
Yuki stoicly awaits the attack, taking it full on her back, and she stumbles forwards, dropping to one knee for a moment before forcing herself back up. She turns to face the fleeing Kamui and throws herself into a run after him, catching up quickly in spite of her fatigue and lowering her body into a full on shoulder barge that would hurt if it hit.

With the previous attack having hit, Kamui looks at Yuki with an impish grin. Just when she is about to hit, a violent spark of lightning originates from where his claws had hit! It is this moment that the feline darts away from the attack which has now been reduced to a mere stumble! "Nya!" Sitting now slightly to the side he waves cutely with one pawed hand as she paces past him before his eyes suddenly light up violently and the feline lashes out with one of its legs, trying to scratch Yuki's side along with her clothing again! He figured, if he caused the clothing to fall in some way or another, or make the obi which tied it together break, Yuki's movements would be reduced along with that.

Recovering slowly from the sudden unexpected pain, Yuki shakes her head for a moment while Kamui leads up to his attack, and by the time she realised she was under attack - there was only one way for her to evade the attack. Yuki snaps her fingers audibly, and from her perception, and perhaps from the deuses too, Kamui's attack slows as if moving through treacle, whereas Yuki's slow movements have sped up to a more reasonable pace. She runs to the edge of the layer, then turning to run back, the movement on the layer begins to speed up again as she leaps horizontally at Kamui, spinning in the air like a drill and aiming two spinning fists square at Kamui's chest.

The feline is nowhere nearby as Yuki's attack creates a new crater to the martian layer! Kamui is up in the air, moving away from Yuki's position and lands quite close to the edge of the layer near his deus' side! "Nya!" The angel then turns about, rears up his buttocks and lifts his tail as he begins to pat said butt and wiggles himself about a little in order to taunt Yuki. "Nyaaa-nya-nyanyaa-nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" "Nyaaa-nya-nyanyaa-nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Getting up slowly from the trench she dug in the layer, Yuki locks her eyes onto Ranmaru's angel, there's a definite "One more shot" look in her eyes, she's not willing to go down quite yet. "You fight very well, Kamui-kun. I look forward to making it a closer battle next time we play." and with that she steps forwards, and with her full speed, near-teleports across the layer, and places all that power into an upwards kick to the chin - the attack that had beaten him last time they fought - but last time he was exhausted and she was the stronger.

Again dodging the attack, the feline hits the dust by flopping onto his belly! The entire thing passes over him, and during this moment where Yuki's momentum is aimed forwards, he springs right back! He plants his both hands to the ground and digs his claws in, then... RUSH! With a beautiful and graceful move, the feline does something he had shown during the match against Keiichi as well! However, this time it is many times more destructive and prescise! Kamui had just performed the Rolling Thunder! Sure, it was not as good as the original, but with enough training it was not extremely hard for Kamui to nearly copy such a move! The finesse and ultimate power was not there... but boy did that thing go!

In the manner of all people who are hit by that move, Yuki barely sees it coming, one moment - a glance of surprise - then the attack lands, and she is flying through the air, unconcious and defeated. Yuki clatters on the layers surface, disturbing some dust that rises from the martian rock, and she lies still.

The announcer calls out - "Kamui Wins!" and the crowd roars with a deafening applause and cheering, "What a fight, but the so far victorious Ito Fukata is outmatched by Oi Ranmaru's fighting prowess and sheer stamina

Fukata raises a single eyebrow in interest "That was quite a move." he says with a grin, a little frustration showing in his face, but definitely not more than the excitement from the fight.

"Yush!" Ranmaru mutters under his breath as his angel strikes true and hears the buzzer shortly after. His training had paid off! It was a shame he had not gotten the chance to use the full power of that attack against Keiichi. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, no? "Thanks for the match, Fukata. And I hope to see you around." The youngster grins and grabs his angel from the layer before he lets himself be taken to the floor and begins to take off, waving around at the audience.