"All right! Round three; we have to win this time, Unmei no Tenshi. I mean, the first one was a fluke and the second one was /thiiiis/ close," she gestures with her fingers to show just how close that is, "so this time we gtta win, right?" She comes out of the waiting room, waving to the awaiting crowds.

"Wheeeeeeeeeee!" Suddenly running past Michi, hands up in the air, Yuji races out into the dome and begins to frantically move around while waving, thinking that he is the most awesome thing since chocolate and peanut butter. This massive waving earns some good laughs until he finally gets grabbed by one of the attendants and lead to his seat...

Michi, taking her seat, looks across the Layer at her opponent, and breaks into a fit of giggles. "Uwaaaa, how cute! Ne, ne, give me your best, all right, but let's try to have fun." She's clearly utterly enthusiastic with her opponent. Finally, soeone else who's trying to enjoy this as much as she is.

"YUUUSH!" Yuji pumps a fist in the air towards Michi and then shifts the fist to a thumbs up! "Will do!" He calls out, grinning widely. "Ne ne, hey you!" He suddenly turns towards the annoucer. "You!" Most accussingly he points. "DO-YA-THINNN!" In the worst Osakan accent he can munster, Yuji commands the man. The seats lift up to the height of the layer and soon there-after the announcer begins, "Okay then, EN~" Suddenly Yuji is heard shouting. "ENTERY- ANGEL!" And he throws his angel at the layer, already wearing his visor. The announcer... is stunned.

Michi happily follows suit, giggling. Seriously, this kid is awesome. "Unmei no Tenshi, FALL IN!" She holds her Angel high in one hand for a moment, and then tosses her towards the Layer. The Angel tucks into a ball as she approaches the Layer proper, uncurling just as she approaches the ground and landing nimbly on her feet...

Yes, Yuji is quite the impatient critter. He wiggles a little in his chair and seems to be running at full power... as he suddenly reaches into a little pocket at his chest and grabs what looks like the Japanese equivalent to a starburst pack and begins to almost inhale them... that's how fast he eats them. And while his angel is slowly falling towards the layer, the machine springs to live and quickly shifts its holographic scenery to show a ryefield. With things not going exactly like schedule, things look a little rushed. The buzzer even goes off, depicting the start of the match! "Ehh!" The announcer quickly tries to get in his say, but Yuji already screams: "ANGELIC-FIGHTO!"

His angel in the meanwhile shifts on and... lands faceforwards into the ryefield. Like an parachute opening too late, a faint 'plop' is audible as two blue holographic wings fluff out and flop down on its back. The rest of the rags that covers the entire angel however make it impossible to see the actual angel.

Unmei, meanwhile, wastes no time going on the offensive. Charging forward, skirt making a sussuration in the field, she leaps into the air and opens up with a trademark flurry of punches at her rag-covered opponent. Above, michi says, "Ne ne, do you go to Eriol?"

"Tink!" No, that is really the sound that attack makes this time. To be more exact, it goes 'tink tink tink tink tink', one 'tink' per punch hitting a forcefield surrounding the strange ragged angel. When Unmei finally shows a moment of stop in its attack, Ryu slowly lumbers up... although it is hard to see if it is using any limbs for this, especially seeing as Rye is covering most of this angel. The angel then shifts its attention upon Tenshi and suddenly rushes forwards, floating through the Rye. Its forcefield is still present, shown by the rye bending away from the attack. It is this forceshield that the floating Ryu intends to use as an offensive attack! In the meanwhile, Yuji answers. "I will be entering Eriol after this vacation! It'll be awesome! Are you from Eriol too? Do you wanna be friends? I have chocolate from Osaka!"

Not that she's maligning Tokyo: it just hasn't come up. Down on the Layer, her Angel is thrown off-guard by the unorthodox attack used by her opponent and is knocked back a little. Rallying, she spins on one heel and aims a kick at him.

The moment the opposing angel touches that shield again, two violent sparks suddenly shoot from it, connected to something that had just creeped out of the hood of the ragged angel... it looks like a tentacle of some sorts? No, it is an oldtyped angel antenna. However, those sparks had come from those antenna for sure! They rage across Tenshi's body for a while, damaging her, and then afterwards the long wiggling thing suddenly jabs out at this opponent to attempt to finish it off right there!

"He's fast!" Michi exclaims, as her Angel is again taken off-guard by her opponent's defensive system. Bounding away from the attack, she ducks low into the tall grass. Suddenly, the field is a burst of activity as Unmei begins dashing about the field, the grass waving and sighing in her passage. Out of nowhere she rises from the grass with a silent cry and a fist aimed for her opponent's backside.

The ragged being remains afloat amongst the rye and doesn't appear to bother attempting to follow the opposing, rather speedy, angel. Instead it just... stays there. And when Michi finally decides to have his angel attack, the beings wings suddenly flare out and try to catch Tenshi! Oh my, it appears that Ryu's wings are a weapon too! The attack hits the forceshield again and seems to create a rippling effect much like a pebble hitting a pond... however these ripples extend towards the wings as if powering them! Then suddenly... an icey mist appears between those wings, drifting rapidly towards Michi's angel, attempting to freeze her joints! "Yeah! You got 'em Ryu! Kick its ass!" Yuji routs for his angel in the meanwhile, totally ignoring Michi herself now it appears.

This is a first. In the history of... anything, Michi is getting flustered! (This kid's really good!) "C'mon, Unmei! We can do this!" Stinging from the latest assault, her Angel seems to be favoring one arm now. Not so many opportunities for attacks, makes them easier to dodge. Nothing she can do about that. With her good arm she drives forward another punch. Dodging this one is a tough task.

"No way!" Yuji suddenly shouts at Michi. "You can't defeat Ryu! Nor me! I am the best deus from the Osaka region! I KICK ASS!" He continues this with laughter as he watches his angel defend against Tenshi's attack with another forceshield. By now, Michi probably should have noticed that as much as his angel is hitting a forceshield, he is definately doing damage! Perhaps that thing is sapping the lifeforce out of Ryu?

Michi grins at her opponent. "Cocky, aintcha?" Another giggle. "Well, let's just see if you're right." Her own Angel backs off, eyeing her opponent warily and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"Yeah! I mean... no!... I mean... I'll show ya! Ryu! Attack his angel!" Yuji throws a hand forwards again to phyche up his own angel. The robbed being then suddenly shows its main source of power. Or... is it a source? The white bandages with the sealing Kanji that wrap around the being suddenly begin glowing, especially near the bottom right where one would expect its hand to be. The glow grows stronger and more eery as a sworling gust of ice picks up near there and begins to develop into a spear of ice! The spear begins to direct itself towards Tenshi and then... flings straight out at the offending angel.

Unmei manages to duck under the spear at the las minute, but it's a near thing. 'Wow, nice attack!" Unmei flips forward, cartwheeling towards her opponent and ending with her feet coming in at a downward arc towards her foe.

The arc seems to just barely come up short as Ryu moves slightly back, feeding away from the attack and uses this close encounter in order to quickly launch a counterattack! "Muhaaa! Yeah, asskicking time!" Yuji shouts. "Whooo!" Ryu lets a second tentacle suddenly come out from underneath the hood and begins a rapid assault of stabs and flails. These things are rather... able, aren't they?

They're able indeed, and Unmei simply can't dodge everything that's coming after her. Or at least, she can't do that and still get her own attacks in. Charging forward under the barrage, she leaps at the last moment, turning the arc of her ascent into a rising uppercut. "Go Unmei! Fight on! FAITO! FAITO!"

And the tentacles do their job, slamming into Unmei who falls to the ground. "NO! Drat, drat, darn! Mouuuu, an' I thought i had you for sure." Michi sighs philosophically. "Oh well. Good game, kid. Hey, y'wanna go for some ice cream? My treat!" Hey. The kid's cute.

"WOOOOOT! Yay! I won! Look Ryu! We won!" The layer dims and the announcer shouts out that Ryu has won this match, but Yuji has already grabbed said angel and is throwing it up into the air a few times... until... "Ice cream! Yeah! Awesome!" And thus... Yuji leaves the arena with Michi, for a well earned cone of icecream!