Tatsu peeks into the room, then walks in, cradling Brozzel in his arms. He's grinning excitedly. After getting a taste of the adrenaline of his first two duels, he is eager for the next one.

Ryou was once again sitting upon one of the chairs in the waiting room, and again his little Misakichi was craddled in both hands. He was peering down at her thoughtfully while his right foot bobbed up and down, a sign of either nervousness or excitement. "Mmmn. Two victories down... time for round three. Let's do our best, ne Misakichi?" He was indeed speaking to his angel, though his tone was hushed and quiet, making it difficult to hear properly.

Tatsu spots Ryou sitting and walks over, looking a bit shy, but regardless smiles and bows. "Hi! I'm Mokoshiro Tatsu, and this is my Angel Brozzel" Tatsu says, regarding his Angel fondly during that last part.

Ryou's introspectivity lasts for a moment, even after Tatsu addresses him, enough to seem a little awkward at least. It wasn't too horribly long though before the boy's attention shifts towards the other, offering a little grin. "Eh? Mokoshiro-san was it?" He sizes the other boy up briefly before continuing on, "So, you're our next opponent. I'm Misaki Ryou, and this is Misakichi." He holds her up a bit so the other boy can see, "Do your best, ne?"

Tatsu grins. "I definitely will, and I hope you'll do the same." Tatsu sizes up his opponents Angel and regards the boy before him. Looks shyer suddenly and laughs nervously "Eh he heh, I guess we should wait for the announcer to start the match. You ready?"

The announcer is sitting on his big seat in midair, spotlights set on him. He has been announcing the this round's matches for a little time now, and is now going to announce Tatsu versus Ryou! "They layer is empty now, ladies and gentlemen. But now... we will have two players come up to bat! Our first deus, in the west corner, is a returning player who made their angel to look like the miracle rookie! It's Misaki Ryou! And his angel, Misakichi!" The crowd applauds! "And in the east corner, he's new to this tournament, but has been showing promise! It's Mokoshiro Tatsu, and their angel, Brozzel!" Although somewhat more quiet, the crowd continues to applaud, waiting for the players to enter the dome.

In the audience, you hear a female voice shouting, "Go Tatsu!"

Misaki Ryou grins in response to Tatsu and nods, "Always ready to play this game. Anytime, anywhere. . . provided there's a layer." His comment is then cut off by the announcement, "Time to go then." And with that he rises to his feet and makes his way down the tunnel, walking out into the blinding bright light and loud noise he lifts his hand in a wide and gleeful wave before adjusting his fake Icchan-glasses. He was still wearing that white labcoat of his, one might think the boy was suffering from an identity crises. He doesn't spend too much time showboating though, and promptly makes his way to his own seat before settling in and waiting for the call to fall in.

Tatsu enters the arena as his name as called, grinning excitedly and waving toward the audience. He walks over to his chair and climbs in, bouncing on the edge of his seat because of excitement. He pulls his visor on over his head as his chair moves into position

Now that both Deus's appeared to be ready to go at it, the Announcer again returns the microphone to his mouth. "And now, let's see what stage this epic battle for superiority will take place!" His free hand lifts up and then falls to point down at the layer, and as if on queue the sceneries start flashing by quickly. Finally it settles upon a barren grey surface, cracked and torn from medeorite impacts through the ages. "It looks like the moon is our battlefield of the day folks! With a total lack of oxygen and nearly six times less gravity than normal, how will our angels fare?" He grins a bit and then adjusts his sun-glasses, "Time to find out! Angels. . . FA~ALL IN~!"

Once more almost before the Announcer's words finish, Misaki Ryou is on his feet standing dangerously in his chair! One foot is placed upon the front edge as he leans forward, whipping his arm back behind his head. He then snaps it forward while calling out, "Reach for the top and never look down, GO GO GO Misakichi!" The little angel is sent flying towards the layer at potentially unsafe speeds!

The little angel twists and spins about recklessly before passing through the barrier and sending ripples out in a circle from the point of impact. A golden white light shimmers over her form as she twists about and then flexes in mid air while her eyes spring open, sending the energy off her form in every direction. She flashes a victory sign with two fingers while in the air, smiling happily, and then she tucks into a flip that is quite slow due to the lack of gravity and finally makes a very light landing upon the surface of the moon. A small cloud of moon dust kicks up from the point of impact and takes its own leisurely time coming back down too!

Tatsu activates his visor as his chair moves up into position. Tatsu, looking excited from anticipation and very determined, tosses Brozzel towards the layer and, mid-descent, Brozzels eyes flicker to life. As Brozzel comes alive, Tatsu yells out Brozzel!! Proclaim your name to the heavens! Brozzel lands in a lightly on his feet after several acrobatic forward flips, the low gravity giving him the time to do so almost leisurely. His eyes lock fiercely and excitedly onto his opponent. He slowly assumes a tight fighting stance, putting his center of gravity low. It almost looks like Brozzel is wearing a grin that matches his Deus. "Don't fall out of your chair Ryou-san!" Tatsu calls teasingly

With both angels ready to start, the Announcer continues to wear his grin and calls out, "And now, it's time, for an. . . ANGELIC FAIT-O!" As he calls out the words, the buzzer is heard and the timer begins counting down to indicate the start of the match!

Ryou grins over at Tatsu as he speaks, "Don't worry about me, keep your eyes on the prize!" And with that his attention shifts to the layer just as Misakichi bursts forward in an impressive show of speed! As she blazes a trail over the moon, a large amount of moon dust kicks up in her wake sort of akin to those old Road Runner cartoons! It doesn't take but a second for the distance to be closed, and as she pops up right before Brozzel her arm shoots across her chest before going up, out and then snapping back down towards the other angel's neck in a simplistic karate chop!

Tatsu turns his attention back to the layer as Ryou does and his expression becomes more serious. Brozzel shifts uneasily as the cloud of moon dust rises and Misakichi charges toward him. Brozzel simultaneously grabs Misakichi's wrist, pulling his hand and chop past him, as his his fist extends forward toward Misakichi's chin.

On the layer, Misakichi allows her wrist to be grabbed and attack diverted, because it allowed her to get in up close and personal-like with the other angel. She shifts her weight to the side a bit while tilting her head, causing Brozzels counter to go straight by without actually touching her, and with the continued momentum she lifts her knee up in an attempt to strike between his legs with it! Oh no! That wasn't very lady like behavior was it?

Brozzel grimaces as he sees where Misakichi's knee is aiming, and both he and Tatsu give out a dark chuckle at the unladylike behavior. Well, this /is/ a fight. Brozzel lowers his arms and takes a quick step back to block the blow, but is still glanced by in the stomach. Brozzel snaps a kick back at Misakichi in response, aiming for her side.

On the layer, Misakichi leaps backwards into a flip which carries her a little further away than intended due to the lower gravity! Slowly she comes down into a light landing, some distance away from Brozzel, apparnetly quiet content to keep the distance for now. That last attack on his part looked like it could have hurt if she hadn't gotten out of the way! She keeps a wary eye on him trying to anticipate his next move, but she doesn't make any movement to approach just yet.

Tatsu watches Brozzel warily and slowly begins to pace, and approaches the nearest pile of moon rocks. An evil grin crosses his face as an idea strikes him. In each hand, Tatsu grabs one of the larger rocks, enabled to do so by the low gravity. Brozzel draws back one hand and sends one hurtling towards Misakichi, right as he starts to charge toward her! As he gets closer and Misakichi handles the first (not hard since the gravity slowed it down a little), and throws the second right as he's closing in.

On the layer, Misakichi watched Brozzle with a bit of interest and wary caution. To her though, his movements appeared to be rather slow and very easy to read. She had hit a point of hyper attention, where everything seems to slow down around you and move much slower due to your perception. As the first rock comes sailing in, she lunges forward in what appeared to everyone else a near invisible flash and snatches it from the air. Before Brozzle is even halfway through his approach she slides to a halt to his right flank and brings the rock up in a snapping motion towards the back of his head, a little grin on her lips the entire time. At this point, time seems to go back to normal from her perception, and well she's no longer a blurry line of movement on the layer either.

Confusion crosses both Brozzel and Tatsu's faces as Misakichi seems to disappear. Tatsu yells out to his angel "Brozzel! Watch out!" Brozzel, unable to see his threat so assuming it to be behind him, purposely throws himself towards thr ground. Misakichi's rock misses the top of his head by a hair, and Brozzel glares backward as he falls. He twists, bring his fott around to hit into Misakichi's legs. She won't be so fast if he can take out her feet!

On the layer, Misakichi was a very fast angel you see, and as such manages to twist her sefl in a manner that Brozzel's kick only glances along her leg. The result is that the impact isn't enough to send her to the ground, which is good because who knows how long that would have taken under these conditions! She slides back and a way, settling into a low and loose stance, one that she could shift into either sort of defense as needed for the other angels next onslaught.

Brozzel flips himself back up, the move carrying him farther back and higher than he thought because of the low gravity. He lands on the opposite side of a crater from Misakichi, sizing her up.

On the layer, Misakichi peers over the crater towards her opponent, Brozzel, who seemed to be doing the same thing as her. Obviously a showdown staring contest probably wouldn't be very entertaining for the crowd to watch, so she decides to get things moving again. She crouches down low and then leaps high into the air, flipping a few times before finally hitting the apex of her flight, and then she comes falling down slowly towards her foe. When she's close enough during the fall, she sends a couple of kicks streaking out towards his head, to try and force him back and give her a nice place to land.

Brozzel grins and backs up a yard or two while Misakichi is in the air and kicking. Brozzel turns around from going back, then grins widely and evilly at the falling Angel. "We've got you now!!!" Tatsu yells "Send her into the void!!" Brozzel smirks and lowers his shoulder and then dashes forward towards the falling Misakichi, aiming to ram her with his shoulder mid-air!!!!!

On the layer, Misakichi twists her body about into a backflip while in mid-air! A feat that even impresses Ryou as he stares quietly onward. This movement causes her to shift just enough to avoid being smashed by that rather painful looking shoulder ram too, which was good because she didn't like pain all that much. As her body coils about, her leg snaps out to send another kick towards Brozzel, this time aiming at the back of his knee while he passes on by, finally landing whether she hits or not.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Brozzel, he's going too fast for Misakichi to hit...and too fast to land safely! He lands in the crater and falls forward into the moon dust. Brozzel, embarassed and covered in moon dust, turns back around glaring. He charges back towards Misakichi, channeling his rage into a straight punch

On the layer, Misakichi grins as Brozzel falls into the crater below, but she doesn't say anything or even giggle. There wasn't enough air to be talking after all (even if it was only simulated.) His following attack was easy enough to read, but she had been praising herself a little too much, and only caught on when it was almost too late! Avoiding the blow took a little more effort, sidestepping around and snapping her arm out to try and deliver another karate chop towards his neck!

Brozzel raises his arms to recieve the brunt of Misakichi's blow, redirecting it as he spings around to Misakichi's right side, and snaps his fist up to deliver a brutal punch to her ribs under he outstretched arm.

On the layer, Misakichi didn't really expect him to take the full force of that attack, and as such is caught a little unawares by the fact that he used it to maintain a close distance and send another attack at her side. Her arm slides down a little to try and block the blow, and while it's somewhat effective the impact still sends her sliding backwards through the moondust surface. There is a little grunt heard as she lunges back in for another attack, snapping a kick up at Brozzel's head in one smooth clean motion.

Brozzel grins in grim satisfaction as he feels his blow hit. At the last instant, Brozzel raises his arm, using the shield on his forearm to block the blow and otherwise not moving. Brozzel shoots an encouraging smile at Misakichi, one that says "Bring it on", then leaps backward and stands at the top of a small moon dune.

On the layer, Misakichi slides back a bit after her attack lands, settling into a defensive posture in case there is some form of retaliation. There wasn't though since Brozzel moved off to become king of the hill. Being a girl, she wasn't really interested in conquering that little moon dune, so instead she crosses her arms over her chest and peers up at him with a wry little smirk. He would have to come after her eventually, if he wanted to win that is.

Brozzel finds himself enjoying the fight with the sarcastic and teasing Angel and laughs happily at her posture. Then, he closes his eyes, collecting himself, and reopens them with a steely gaze. He crouches and charges in low, faking a hook with his left hand and coming up in an uppercut with his right.

On the layer, Misakichi is enogh of a veteran fighter to see through a feint when she needs to, and as a result she ignores the hook and shifts her head to try and avoid the uppercut. Brozzel's knuckles rap graze along her face though, still registering damage from the strike. She shifts her weight and slides one foot back, and then comes striking fowards with a reverse punch towards the stronger angel's abdomen, trying to widen the gap between their lifebars before time runs out.

Brozzel shifts to get out of the way of Misakichi's punch, but grimaces as it grazes his side regardless. Both Tatsu and Brozzel wear matching serious expressions at the slow cutting down at Brozzel's endurance. Things needed to be evened up, and it was time to settle the score. Brozzel sends numerous punches flying at Misakichi.

On the layer, Misakichi shows just how fast she can be, weaving and dancing between every single one of those puches. It wasn't entirely easy though, and it did take a bit of energy, but when all was said and done there wasn't a scratch on her as a result of the assault. She grins towards Brozzel and lifts up one of her hands to swipe her thumb just under her nose and above her lip, a look of confidence as if asking him to try again.

Brozzel narrows his eyes behind his yellow glasses then gives a smug grin. "I'm not done with you yet" it seems to say. Brozzel is enjoying this fight, getting a good challenge out of it. Tatsu yells "Dodge this!" as Brozzel launches himself through the air towards Misakichi, pushing off to gain extra speed and aiming at Misakichi with a flying spin kick!

On the layer, Misakichi steps in close to Brozzel as he launches his attack, and as a result the kick doesn't have anything to connect with, uh oh! While all up close and cozy she reaches her arms out in an attempt to grab the other angel, and if she manages to do so she then proceeds to pull him down into the ground from his lofty little kicking movements.

As Misakichi dodges and Brozzel lands next, to her, he opens his arms wide teasingly, looking all the world like he's going to hug her while she rushes to grab him and throw him down. However, at the last moment, Brozzel's legs tense and he jumps up and backwards, doing a neat little flip through the air and lands a considerable distance away. Brozzel flashes a sincere smile at Misakichi, then bows to her. As he bows and comes back up, he says "I concede. I'm all out of steam" and rubs the back of his head shyly (a habit he picked up from his Deus).

On the layer, Misakichi lowers a bit and furrows her brows as she tenses to launch another attack, but then the other angel actually concedes the match. She blinks and rises up a bit with a shrug of her shoulders and a little simulated sigh of sorts. Ryou of course, can't help but stand up in his chair and and look down, a little dejected that the match wasn't going to run to completion. Time was almost up anyway though, so he supposed it couldn't be helped.

The Announcer actually blinks and is taken aback for a second before nodding and lifting the microphone up. "It looks like we have a winner folks, Misakichi win!." It wasn't like it hadn't happened before, but it was pretty rare for someone to actually concede in the middle of a fight. Oh well.

Tatsu Tatsu shyly, in his classic habit, imitates the behavior of his Angel and bows and rubs his head. He shouts out "Good match Ryou-san! Your Misakichi-san is lightning quick!" as his chair lowers and he walks to the layer to retrieve his Angel
Tatsu takes Brozzel from Layer.

Ryou's chair lowers down towards the layer, where Misakichi rushes towards the edge and leaps up to his waiting hand for retrieval. With that he continues on down towards the ground before hopping out and smiling towards the other boy, "Well done, just need to learn how to pace yourself a little better. But then, a lot of people run into that problem with Misakichi."

Tatsu smiles earnestly. "I would imagine so." Laughs and nods. "Sorry to end our fight early but Brozzel was at his limit and I'd rather not see him get hurt. Let's duel again sometime" Tatsu grins "I'll make sure next time we fight to the finish."

Ryou grins a little and nods, "I'd appreciate that." With that he makes his way towards the tunnel back into the waiting room, it was time to eat again! It was time to eat after every match, a growing boy needs his nutrients!

Tatsu smiles at Ryou's reply and then nods and talks to himself and Brozzel as Ryou walks out "Next time Brozzel...next time." Then walks out as well.