Ishida was fairly fresh out of his second match only to find out he was the second battle in the third round. While he normally would spend the time between matches in the arena watching the matches, there wasn't enough time between battles this time for him to be able to do that. So instead he stands in the middle of the room, staring up at the TV as the previous match wages on the screen. "I feel like I was just out there not even five minutes ago," he says, yawning and stretching lightly. "No matter. This just allows me to get another match in while I'm still in the swing of things." It shouldn't take all that much longer from the look of things, so he doesn't want to wander off now. He can't help but wonder who he's fighting this time, however. Didn't bother to look.

Tomoe enters the waiting room not too long before her next match. There's no need to put herself through that awkwardness for any longer than necessary, after all. She keeps her head bowed, face obscured, as she glances briefly around the room, then makes her way towards a seat as far away from everyone else as possible. She sits down without a word, and settles Chimera in her lap. Time to wait on her name to be called . . .

The previous match ends with a tremendous blow to the other angel that took the crowd off guard, leaving the winner with the amusement of the crowd. The attendant steps into the room and looks at her list. "Can I have Nobuharu Ishida-san and Inugata Tomoe-san step over here please, your match is next."

Ishida looks over at her and nods, moving over. "Nobuhara, reporting for battle." He grins a little bit, looking around the room and trying to guess which of the people there was this Inugata person. Didn't sound like a male name, so that helped. "I guess it's about that time, then."

Tomoe rises somewhat slowly, clutching Chimera a bit closer to her chest. She glances around briefly, keeping her face obscured, then walks over to the attendant. She doesn't say anything, but gives a small nod - it ought to be indication enough. It won't be too much longer before she has to go back out to that ridiculous attention circus - but not long after that until she can focus on the layer. It shouldn't be too bad. And as for how much of a fight her opponent will offer? She'll see.

The young man watches as she stands and walks over, taking note of how timid and quiet she was. He smiles a little, nodding and speaking shortly. "Let's both have a great battle." He doesn't have time to say anymore before the attendant speaks again. "Alright you two, it's time to head out to the arena. They're ready for you." Ishida nods, taking another quick look at her before starting down the path. He had all confidence that she would follow. She wouldn't have gotten this far if she wasn't able to walk down the path.

On the wall monitor,
The arena was currently dimmed down, the large overhead screens playing various clips from the battles that have gone on so far this year in an attempt to keep people entertained. It took time to get things set up in between matches you see, and people could get restless if they were not entertained. Much like a Roman mob, only this wasn't really Rome and the people probably wouldn't really become a mob. In any case. . .

The dimness of the arena is finally cut by bright and blinding lights, causing the highlight reels that had been playing on the large over-head monitors to cut out. The lights dance and shift about swirling all over the place before a few come to settle upon a smug looking announcer, sitting high and mighty in his mechanical chair above the layer. His confidence in his appearance was quite evident, and he was still wearing his 'cool' purple suit with the giant red bowtie, and his nifty indoor sun-glasses. Down below, two two female appearing angels walked about the layer while holding up the cards with the battle number upon them, indicating the next match was about to begin.

The stage is set, so the Announcer begins by lifting his microphone to his mouth. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I have your attention please! The next match for this round of the Tokyo city games is about to begin, so grab your seats and peel your eyes in preparation for some excitement! Are you all ready for another ANGELIC FAIT-O?!" The Announcer pauses here to allow the crowd to offer up their roars of approval of course.

"Then without further ado I give you, in the West corner a deus who is no stranger to these games, currently with one win and one loss, the deus is Inugata Tomoe with her angel Chimera~! Can the beast take down another foe, or will he join his brethren in the underworld?" He lets the crowd give their cheers, pausing briefly before moving on. "And in the East corner, a newcomer to these games, also with one win and one loss, the deus is Nobuharu Ishida with his angel, Hiroto~! Can he keep up his stride from the last round, or will the beast knock him out of the sky? Come on out and take your places!" With the beckon call given, he slumps down into his seat for a quick breather while the cameras focus upon the tunnel from the waiting room out into the arena.

Tomoe says nothing as she makes her way through the ominous hallway. While she started out a bit behind Ishida, she somehow managed to get ahead of him, entering the arena itself before her opponent. She continues to move quickly, making her way directly to her chair, and taking her seat without any delay. It almost seems as though she's in a hurry - her headset is slipped on quickly, with her hair pulled and flipped back at just the last minute.

Ishida takes a hint and moves quickly as well. It was clear she wasn't enjoying this all that much, so he wouldn't delay it any longer than he had to. He slips into the chair, pulling his angel out of his pocket with one hand and slipping the visor on his head with the other. A quick flick of the button and he was ready and waiting for what came next, the excitement of the crowd once again stimulating him to work hard at this match.

After the deuses settle into the assigned seats, a click is heard beneath them and a smooth motion carries the chairs up high above the layer. This allowed a wider view of the layer than a normal day piffle princess would, and it also made it easier to toss the angels in. When everyone was ready the cameras pan over towards the announcer once again.

The Announcer rises up in his chair, arms crossed over his chest as he peers down to the layer below, the angels that had been holding up the cards now gone. He offers an approving nod and then brings the microphone up to his mouth once more. "Our players are in place, now it's time to set the stage! What sort of wonderful location will our battle take place today I wonder?" His arm flicks out in a flourish before pointing down at the layer below.

The glowy white layer flickers away and a vast array of different sceneries begin passing one by one, almost too swift to see. A peaceful grassy valley between a large range of mountains, a serene samurai village, the deep and vast emptiness of space, and finally it settles. The entire layer floor is covered in a thick mud, with a lone wooden chest the only ornamentation standing upon it. The whole layer was pretty much filled with water, and holographic schools of fish swim about as if they are completely unaware of the havoc about to be unleashed.

"A deep sea adventure awaits our two combatants, unfortunately scuba equipment will not be provided so they may want to finish this quick! What sort of fight will we witness in the depths of the abyss?" The announcer calls out, grinning wide. "And now, ENTRY ANGELS!"

Tomoe watches the layer as the scenery flickers into place, then nods slightly. This ought to be a interesting match, at least. Hopefully, her opponent won't disappoint. There's a deep breath, and Tomoe holds Chimera out on one hand, before lifting her voice to an appropriate level, and calling out. "Fight fierce, Chimera. Fall in!" A quick motion of her arm, and she tosses her angel onto the layer.

Chimera's flight slows as he passes through the layer barrier, and his wing is quickly tucked in along his body. He does not immediately fall to the mud and muck below, but his feet begin to move in a clumsy but workable-enough swimming motion, tri-split tail swaying in the water and attempting to keep him more or less level. The central head shakes slightly, apparently annoyed to suddenly find itself under water, and all three heads cast their gaze towards Ishida, awaiting the entry of the beast's opponent.

Ishida waits and watches the other deus as her angel falls in, trying to plan his strategy as much as possible. There isn't much in the way of air under the water, so that might complicate things a little bit. When his turn comes around he straightens, holding his angel above his head and chanting. "Look to the sky, ride the wind. The breeze carries all on it's way to a new day. Spread your wings and prove that the wind is more than just a breeze and blow down all in your path! Hiroto!" He throws the angel towards the layer, breaking the barrier and letting the little angel spring to life. He flips once, landing feet first in the wet and starting to slowly sink into the muck, not making much effort to stay above the water, instead keeping even with the beast the was to be his foe.

The Announcer gives one more huge wide grin, then makes another flourishing motion with his free hand before adjusting his sun-glasses. "Everything is set, so it's about time to begin! A fierce underwater battle is about to begin, only one can escape the clutches of the deep sea. Let's find out who with another, ANGELIC FAIT-O!" That was the cue, the timer begins counting down indicating that now was the time to bring on the violence!

All six of Chimera's eyes focus on his opponent as he enters the layer and begins to sink. There are a few slight twitches in the beast's flanks, and the that wing snaps out, slapping back as mismatched feet propel him through the waters. It would seem that he's going in for an immediate attack. Chimera's swimming is clumsy, and not terribly fast, with an excess of kicking, wing beats and tail swishing to keep him in a straight trajectory. As soon as the monstrosity draws near to the skater-angel, those two outer necks stretch out, and both cervid and serpentine heads attempt to land their own individual bites.

With a sudden burst of inspiration brought on by the fact that he can't move as well, Hiroto decides that the best way to deal with this particular attack is to befuddle the beast. He kicks his skates against each other, getting the motors moving and creating bubbles, then as the beast attacks he moves slightly, letting the attack pass by harmlessly through the bubble cloud. He wasn't going to let this advantage go away so easily, though. He works on keeping the motors going as much as possible, kicking out at the beast and letting the heat from the motors working help to cut through the water towards the opponent.

Chimera continues to pursue Hiroto, even as the humanoid angel doges and attacks. The blow lands, quite easily, and it surprisingly effective - the kick slices well into the beast's flesh, and yet Chimera continues to push forward - even to the point of deepening the wound. That central maw opens wide, and a sudden flash of flame is belched forth. The flame may not be as intense as it would be if the fight were not underwater, but the water boils in the fire-swath - hardly a strategic detriment.

Hiroto is left to be quite warm, though luckily not crispy thanks to being underwater. That isn't do say that he manages to avoid taking a lot of the damage, cause he doesn't. He's in pain, and it's obvious. Determination drives him to continue and he kicks out again, doing about anything and everything in his power in order to keep those motors running. Once they stop running, he doesn't have much hope in living. Let's hope this kick helps him out.

Again, Hiroto's kick connects, cutting deeply and easily into Chimera's matted mane and bleeding flesh. There's a low, rumbling sound - something of a gargled roar, before the beast's wing pushes forward, propelling him away from his opponent - and scattering a school of fish that seemed to have been attracted to the blood in the water. Still, it's a clumsy, slow maneuver - it'll take the heavy beast a moment to return to the offensive. He simply isn't made for the depths.

Letting the beast get away to regroup doesn't seem like a very good idea right now, so Hiroto flounders after it, managing to keep a decent pace in the water despite being weighed down. He moves in quickly, kicking out once more at the beast's head. It wasn't the most graceful of attacks, but it didn't have to be in order to work.

Another beat of that heavy wing pushes Chimera out of the way of the attack. The beast flounders in the water slightly, a few of those annoying fish attempting to nibble away at the deep wounds in his chest. The serpent head makes a quick snap, gobbling down one of the little fishies, as the beast attempts to move forward to attack. It's not terribly effective - the water is slowing Chimera down greatly, so it'll take a bit for the beast to reach Hiroto.

Once again the beast moves away, and once again Hiroto decides the best idea is to keep pressing the attack. Whether this is a trap or not he doesn't really care, but this area is not one that he likes at all, so he's not going to use any of his normal flourish or fancy moves. He wants out of here. He kicks out again, this time at an odd target. He hits one of the nearby fish at the large beast, using it as a distraction to move around and try to leave an imprint in the beast's side. What ever works, right?

The attack is quite an odd one - the fish smashes directly into one of Chimera's wounds. There's a water-muffled crashing sound, and the beast convulses slightly - before a jet of pressurized, black sticky, corrosive goo shoots out, completely consuming the poor little fishie. Chimera rushes directly after it, beating his wing and kicking feet to propel himself through his own the gooey 'blood' at his opponent. The central head bows down, attempting to smash those massive spiraling horns against Hirota - while the cervid head lunges in to bite.

Now that... was something not so much fun. He wasn't sure which of the two heads looked less dangerous, so he decides that the best thing to do is just get out of the way. He kicks up quickly, propelling himself up and over the attack. He comes back down quick enough, propelling himself downwards in about the same way as he went up, trying to kick whatever happened not to look like it had teeth, if there was such a thing on this beast.

The attack lands squarely on the beast's shoulder, between his spine and wing, and shoves him downward. That wing flaps erratically in the water, managing to turn Chimera in an odd vertical position - which just happens to line all three faces up with Hiroto. There's another of those gargled growls, and then both the cervid and serpentine heads lunge forward. The beast is too far to bite - but the two jaws open, without snapping down. Instead, another jet of that nasty corrosive goo shoots out from the serpentine head, and a bubbly blast of icy air from the cervid mouth. The water crystallizes from that frigid blast, sending chucks of solid ice along with the black goo, directly at Hiroto.

Now... Hiro's not exactly sure how it works. But the how isn't so much important as what happens when it hits. He takes acid on his front, just in time for the water to freeze around him, trapping him in with the acidic stuff. You don't have to be a genius to figure out what happened next. Suffice to say, Hiro isn't going to forget this battle, ever.

The Announcer blinks as the buzzer goes off and rises to his feet while pulling the microphone close, "Wow! When I said they should take care of things quickly I didn't think it'd actually happen! Both angels got pounded heavily, but in the end it looks like Chimera squeaks on by with a win! Congratulations, and well fought both of you!"

Tomoe slips off her headset as the layer scenery fades, lowering both angels on the layer surface. She's quick to move her hair back in front of her face, obscuring it. Her chair moves out over the layer, and she scoops up Chimera when she can, then waits for the chair to lower to the floor before hopping off. She nods to Ishida, almost respectfully, and speaks quietly as she passes him, heading back into the waiting room. "Well fought."

Ishida hops down from chair, moving over and picking up Hiroto. He glances up at the crowd, giving a wave and showing in the simplistic way he was able that he had fun. He quickly moves to catch up with Tomoe, walking along beside her. "That was a good match. I just wish we had a field where we both could have done more. Neither of us are that adept underwater. Perhaps I'll catch you in the Piffle sometime for a rematch?"
Ishida takes Hiroto from Layer.

Tomoe keeps her head bowed as she walks, looking over Chimera's damages. She does nod in response to Ishida, though. "I'm there often enough." Her voice is quiet, but not overly cold. "I'm sure I'll see you around . . . Nobuharu-san." It sounded like she needed a moment to remember his name, there. "If you'll excuse me, I need to see to Chimera's repairs." She's heading directly to the waiting room exit. No need to linger here.

Ishida nods a little bit, also heading for the exit but for a slightly different reason. "Alright. I guess I'll come find you there then, someday. I'm wishing you luck in the rest of the tournament." He smiles and nods, disappearing into the crowd heading towards the seating. He was going to watch the next matches.