The roar of the crowd, the sights of the lights and smoke machines around the raised layer, the buzz of excitement in the air, the smell of spilled beverages and slightly stale snacks. This is what Angelic layer is, a way for people to get together, a place where people compete with their hearts, minds, and imaginations more than their stregnth and dexterity. Where the everyman can ascend into a state where people love and adore him, where rivalries are made, and friendships are forged on the layer.

"WELLLLLCOMMME TO ANGELIC LAYER!" The Announcer screamed out in his generally broken English. "Todays fight promises to be an interesting battle, two rookies facing off in hopes of reaching the next level, testing their resolve against eachother on the layer. They might be the a few of the underdogs of this tournament, but we've been surprised by underdogs before, so without any further hesitation lets bring our two contestants out. First we have Mokoshiro Tatsu, a young man with adaptable angel that you should all know by now, Brozzel! And finally, but certainly not the least in our eyes, a young lady who has swept our hearts with her chilling angels previous preformances Fukami Kikichi and her angel Jinto!"

Tatsu walks nervously but excitedly into the room. After the rush of adrenaline he got from his first match, he was eager to start his second match. As he walks in, cradling his Angel in his arms, he scans the room for his opponent. Spying her, he walks over, and with a small bow introduces himself "Hello. I'm Mokoshiro Tatsu, and this is Brozzel" Tatsu holds up his Angel. "What's your name?"

Kikichi looks up at the exuberant boy and coyly smiles. "M-my name is K-K-Kikichi. Fukami Kikichi. I like your a-angel. Brozzel did you call him? " Kikichi takes a large doll from off of the table next to her and shows it to Tatsu. "His n-name is Jinto" she says with a blush. Obviously really shy, she turns her head and looks at her hands.

Tatsu smiles at Kikichi. "Yes, Brozzel. Thank you" Tatsu smiles even wider. "And I like your Jinto too." Tatsu looks down the hallway toward the arena in anticipation, then back at Kikichi. "Are you ready? Let's have fun with this!"

Tatsu smiles again. "Sounds good! Let's go out and get this started!" Tatsu turns toward the hallway and begins to walk down the corridor, though he looks back to make sure Kikichi is following. When the attendant calls out his name, he walks out and waves to the audience, then waits for Kikichi to come on before sitting in his chair.

Kikichi can't help but smile as well. This boy was infectious. Much like the crazy Chiharu, this boy was pulling shy Kiki out of her shell. Running after her new friend, she walks out with him onto the layer smiling at the crowd, looking to see if Tatsu had any fans in the audience.

From the stands, a male voice yells out "GO Tatsu-kun! You and Brozzel kick his ass!"

From the stands, a female voice yells out "No way?! Jinto could never be beaten by that weak Brozzel!"

Before climbing into his chair, Tatsu gives one more polite bow to Kikichi-san and smiles and, in his typical goofy fashion, gives her a thumbs up before pulling his visor over his eyes and settling in his chair. He waves toward the voice he hears cheering for him and smiles.

From the stands, a male voice yells out. "Whoa! Dude! This is totally not the Foozeball tournament!"

Kikichi walks to her chair and pauses for a moment after hearing the tet-a-tet of the audience members. She turns toward the girl who cheered for Jinto and pulls out a scarf she had made earlier. Grabbing a piece of candy from her pocket, she wrapps it in the scarf and throws it at the female audience member. "Thank you! I appreciate it!" Kikichi walks over to her egg chair, sits down and places the helmet on her head. She closes her eyes and goes over her angel speech.

Tatsu raises an impressed eyebrow at Kiki's candy-throwing technique. Tatsu looks across at Kikichi, then turns his attention to Brozzel. "Ready Brozzel? Let's make this one ours." Tatsu waits expectantly for fallin.

Looking back and forth between the two dues's, the announcer adjusted his sharp looking glasses and raised his arm in the typical excitable fashion. "Now lets see what layer we're fighting on!" With that the white layer seemed to meld into a typical school auditorium, with a grand stage and chairs leading up from the stage to the auditorium exit. "Auditorium Fight-o! Now! ENTER THE ANGELS!"

Tatsu activates his visor as his chair moves up into position. Tatsu, looking excited from anticipation and very determined, tosses Brozzel towards the layer and, mid-descent, Brozzels eyes flicker to life. As Brozzel comes alive, Tatsu yells out "Brozzel! Proclaim your name to the heavens!" Brozzel lands in a crouch after an acrobatic forward flip, landing stage left. His head snaps up and his eyes lock fiercely and excitedly onto his opponent. He slowly stands up and assumes a loose fighting stance, bouncing up and down nimbly on his feet. It almost looks like Brozzel is wearing a grin that matches his Deus.

Kikichi looks over at Tatsu and gives him a smile before showing him a friendly but determined look. Holding up Jinto for the audience she gives her Angel a grin and then says "Jinto, show our opponent how cold you can be!" Kikichi launches the angel over the layer, Jinto falling directly into the center of the invisible sphere that encapsulates the auditorium. The air crackles around Jinto as he falls to the ground, looking like a frozen meteor. Jinto nails the ground with a shudder that shakes the chairs, making electrical wires swing back and forth. Ice shatters from the impact zone and Jinto stands from a kneeling position and faces his opponent.

Brozzel looks at Jinto with a healthy respect, impressed by his entrance. Rather than be intimidated though, he looks all the more eager to start mixing it up. Tatsu and Brozzel always did love a challenge. To test out his opponent, Brozzel kicks a folding chair up in the air, catches it, then wings it toward his opponent.

Jinto holds his hand out and the flying chair stops, suspended on a column of ice. Jinto grabs the chair, yanks it out of the ice, and lazily chucks it back at his opponent.

Brozzel knocks the chair out of the air, hitting it somewhere to the side, and gazes interestedly at the ice column, then smirks. His legs tense up and then he charges across the stage toward Jinto. Brozzel pulls his fist back as he approachs, then launches it forward to try and punch Jinto in the jaw

Jinto blocks the quick attack, the ice on his arm cracking, and then twinkles as it falls from his arm. He reaches for the glittering column of ice, plucking it from the ground and using it as a club, attempting to deliver a cold blow to the angels face.

Brozzel dodges to the side, barely escaping the brutal swing of Jinto's club. After he dodges, he uses his momentum to swing a sideways kick spinning at Jinto's head

The spinning kick aimed at Jinto's head was quick. Quick and powerful. Too bad Jinto decided to use his head, literally. Covering his cranium in a helm made of ice, he lowered his head to take the blow on the hardest spot on the body, the direct center of the top of the head. The helm shattered, scattering ice onto the floor of the auditorium. Jinto crouches down into a horse stance, his legs shoulder width apart, his elbows cocked back and his fists at the side of his torso. Concentrating, he conjures an aura of cold, electrical cords freezing over and snapping, sending sparks along the ground. The aura focuses and becomes a visible translucent blue. Jinto shoots the aura out all around him, disintigrating chairs and musical instruments as it finds it's way toward Brozzel.

Brozzel jumps back into the wildly swinging red curtains as the blue aura creeps towards him. He grabs it and tangles himself in them, disappearing from sight. When the curtains unravel as the blue aura reaches them, he is no longer there! Looking up, he is standing in the catwalk above all the wires and curtains and staring down at Jinto!

Jinto looks quickly around to see what he can do in his predicament. Seeing the scafolding of the catwalk, Jinto bearhugs the metal, sending ice deep throughout the metal all the way up and into the catwalk. Jinto then swirls his hands in the air, moisture crackling and forming a ball of ice in Jinto's large blue hands. The projectile is thrown towards Brozzel, aiming not exactly for him, but for the catwalk, attempting to destroy the catwalk and send his adversary crashing to the ground.

Brozzel sees his opponents plans, and grins at the good idea....but grinning even more because how he's going to twist it. Brozzel grabs onto two nearby electrical wires, then stamps hard down on the brittle catwalk, cracking the metal. As it begins to fall, Brozzel uses his grip on the electrical wires to try to steer the falling metal wreckage to land ON TOP of Jinto!

Tatsu's plan for Brozzel was genius. Kikichi grins at Tatsu and gives him a thumbs up. "Good move! Too bad I was two steps ahead of you!" The Catwalk does indeed crash down upon Jinto. It hurts a little bit, but the turtle-shell made of ice that he had created split seconds before impact sheilded him from most of the blow. Diving forward, Jinto pretended to be covered in the rubble. As the swinging Brozzel hangs from the electrical cords, does he see the white-ish blue creeping through them as Jinto holds the other end?

Tatsu smiles at Kikichi's compliment, then his eyes snap back to the layer alert and wary the second part of her comment. "Stay alert Brozzel!" Brozzels eyes scan the field, not seeing any immediate threat from Jinto, but at the last moment spying the blue mist. Brozzel quickly gathers his aura in his fists and packs it into a flurry of punches he sends at the mist, dispelling it while touching it as little as possible.

The creeping blue ice disipated, Jinto stands up in time to catch only a single light blow to the face. It ricochets off of his skull, leaving a small speck on the angels head. Seeing an opportunity, Jinto rears back, covering his fist with a ball of crystaline ice and sends it toward the gut of his opponent angel.

Brozzel ducks beneath the deadly ice punch from Jinto and sends his fist towards the Angel's now exposed gut.

The fist lands solidly into Jinto's exposed gut. A gut covered in a layer of ice. Jinto stands backwards, unharmed, thinking of how to defeat his foe. Kikichi stares at the layer for ANYTHING that she can use to get an advantage. Everything Jinto has thrown has either been dodged or blocked in some fashion and she was tired of playing games... What could she do? She looks up at Tatsu for some kind of clue on the deus's face.

Tatsu looks grimly at the layer, his mouth set in a thin, pensive line. This Jinto's ice shield had to have a weakness somwhere. This had to end soon, but he couldn't rush into into it...he'd just have to wait and see

Jinto collects and throws handfull after handfull of small icicles at his opponent, more to keep him dancing around and away from him than anything else, as he waits for Kikichi to think of a plan of action.

Brozzel gracefully sidesteps the icicles he can, smacking whichever he cant dodge to ice particles. Brozzel finally stands firm after the icicle shower, then cracks his knuckles and rushes toward Jinto again. Since he didnt know enough about the ice shield to counter it, he decided its time to make this close and personal.

Jinto refreshes his frigid armor, adding a layer of moving spikes. Hopefully Brozzel would stick himself on the constantly moving, sharp little blue shards of pain.

Brozzel hesitates as his fist grazes the spikes on his first blow. he decides to take the safer route and grabs a bar from the metal wreckage and swings it at Jinto.

The metal pole collides with the icy form of Jinto and his head rolls off, crashing to the floor into a myriad of ice shards which slowly melt into a puddle on the ground as the rest of him falls to the ground in a pile of icy particles. Kikichi smiles and hopes that her ice decoy tactic has worked as Jinto is takes an electrical cord and places it into the water surrounding Brozzels feet.

Tatsu goes wide eyed as he sees Jinto take the electrical cord towards the puddle, and jumps out at the puddle at the last second due to Tatsu's urging "Get out of there Brozzel!"

Kikichi, seeing Tatsu spot her tactic at the last second yells accross the layer. "DANG! I was hoping you wouldn't see that! Good eyes! This is a GREAT battle! Don't stop now!" Jinto stands back, evaluating his situation, hoping for an opening somewhere and hoping for the strength to carry him through this battle.

Tatsu grins across at Kikichi, though looking a bit stressed out from the constant pressure of ice and now near electrocution for Brozzel. He nods in response as Brozzel charges towards Jinto, deadset on hitting him right in the chest.

Jinto crouches into a defensive stance, his frozen armor gleaming in the light of sparks, audience member lighters, and the reds,whites,blues,yellows,and greens of the auditorium lighting. He angles his body at the last second so that Brozzels fist glances off of him rather than hitting him full force. After the glancing blow, Jinto attempts to kick the back of Brozzels knee, hoping to cause him to fall to his knees.

Dazzled by the light reflecting off Jinto's body, Brozzel doesnt see the blow until too late and takes the hit hard . Tatsu shouts out from his seat "Brozzel, take her down!!" Grimacing but managing to ignore the pain, Brozzel flips back forward and tries to tackle Jinto down to the stage!

Brozzel hits Jinto hard and knocks the wind from him. His right arm and leg joints were damaged in the fall, and Jinto cannot use them to attack back. He stands back trying to catch his breath and do his best to weather Brozzel's onslaught.

Brozzel stands and catches his breath, gazing fiercely at Jinto, then rushes in for the final blow, practically throwing himself at the angel

*buzzzzzZZZZZ* "Jinto Win!" The announcer blares.

Jinto catches Brozzel at the end of his charge and stops him with an ice-wall that turns into a throne of ice. Jinto bows to his opponent as Kikichi does the same. "That was a truly specTACULAR fight Tatsu! I very much look forward to doing this again!"

Brozzel collapses down on his rear in front of the ice-wall and concentrates on regaining his breath. Tatsu sighs, then smiles congenially across at Kikichi "Definitely Kikichi-san! I cant wait for our next fight!" Tatsu bows to his opponent, and steps out of his chair when it lowers to collect Brozzel

Kikichi hops from the chair, jumping for joy at her win. She grabs Jinto from the layer and waves at the crowd before following Tatsu into the waiting room.