Naokirou is a polite young man and so, while he waits, he sits in silence comfortably on the bench, listening to his music player and likely trying to get himself ready for the oncoming duel. He has Yukino sitting neatly in his lap, hat at a jaunty angle, lightly tapping his fingers on the Angel's chest where he has his hand curled around him.

It takes a little while, in fact there are only a few more minutes before the duel starts, but Kyousuke does finally show up, and on time even! Oddly enough, the young teen is dragging behind him a suitcase, along with a backpack, and a case for his shinai and bokken. Not that he minds too much, the samurai obsessed teen just leaves them in a free place and walks casually over to an empty seat. He doesn't seem to recognize Naokirou, but of course that might have to do with the fact that the last time he saw the older boy, he didn't look much like a boy at all. "Are you my next opponent?" he asks as he sits down on the bench opposite from the one Naokirou sits on.

Naokirou doesn't respond at first, so busy as he is fidgeting with his Angel and listening to his music, but then he happens to catch sight of Kyousuke's foot and quickly lifts his head, blinking at the other boy curiously. He pulls out one of his earbuds, smiling at him lightly, "A-ah, sorry? Did you say something?" He sets Yukino down beside him for the time being, taking a candy bar out of his jacket pocket and peeling back the wrapper with neat, nervous fingers. He stares expectantly at Kyousuke while he nibbles on the edge of it, eyes big and curious.

Kyousuke grins over at Naokirou cheerfully. "I asked if you were my next opponent," he says. Truthfully, he's not sure who his opponents are at all, he hasn't had the time to check up on them yet, but well, he can try to handle them one at a time. And next round he'll have some time to watch everyone and try to get a grasp of everyone's strategies.

"Oh. Um. Possibly? You're... Sakomoto-san?" Naokirou asks curiously, tugging free his other earbud and rifling through his pocket so he can take out his music player. Pausing it, he arches a brow at Kyousuke, waiting for some kind of response, even as he adds on, "If you are, then yes. I'm Ischiko Naokirou. I'm waiting for the match to start..." He looks nervous, though, especially at the possibility of Kyousuke as his opponent. He's seen him duel, after all.

Hmmm, yes, Kyousuke always forgets the introductions, always. He can be forgetful like that sometimes. "Ah right, I'm Sakamoto Kyousuke, nice t' meetcha." The kendoist seems cheerful enough at least, even if he hasn't had a chance to see his opponent duel before. It can't be helped. He had a choice between watching the first round matches after his own or trying to get back into the swing of things, and he ended up choosing to get practice in instead. "So am I, let's have a good duel."

"LET'S GET READY TO DUUUEEEEELLLLL!" From the direction of the arena, and the speakers in the waiting room, the announcer's voice booms over, signifying that the duel that Kyousuke and Naokirou had been waiting for was about to start. "From the East! The deus of the angel Yukino. Ischiko... NAOKIROOOU!"

Naokirou smiles happily when the introductions are finally made, nodding in agreement as he says, "It's nice to meet you, too. I hope I'm a good opponent." Nervous. He fiddles with Yukino's jacket once more, pushing an earbud back into his ear and playing his music once more, though he's 'discreetly' eyeballing Kyousuke. Fear. The sudden announcement of his name, especially the long version of his first, startles him so hard, he jumps out of his seat and nearly falls over, scrambling to put his music away and then hugging Yukino tightly. He throws one look back towards Kyousuke before he heads towards the hall that'll lead him out to the arena.

There's a pause from the announcer as Naokirou walks out into the arena before he continues on. "Annnd from the west! The deus of Kensei, Sakamoto Kyooooousuke!" he shouts out, then once again pauses to allow the other deus some time to come out... if he's there that is. The kendoist is slowly starting to develop a reputation for being late.

Fortunately, Kyousuke is indeed there, and following the announcement, he steps out into the arena, hopefully killing any of that reputation that he's developed. With a casual smile to the audience, the samurai obsessed teen makes his way over to his seat and begins setting up there, offering a nod to Naokirou before placing his visor on.

Naokirou is, as usual, rather nervous, and so approaches his chair almost as if he expected it to bite him. He manages to keep somewhat cool this time around, though, nodding back to Kyousuke with a smile before he moves to sit carefully in his own chair, setting Yukino on the edge of the layer before he picks up his visor and slides it neatly into place.

Before the deuses fallin their angels, the layer begins it's randomization process, and when it finally stops... "It looks like these two angels will be dueling on the steel mill! Are you ready!?" With another pause, he looks at the two deuses before saying, "ANGEL FALL IN!"

"Kensei! Nitou Ryu! Mairu!" Kyousuke shouts out, tossing his angel towards the layer. Personally he imagines that something like that would sound more dramatic after kicking in a door, but he doesn't have that option here. And Kensei doesn't seem to care. He lands lightly on a safe steel plate before awaiting his opponent's arrival.

"Do your best, Yukino-kun!" Naokirou says excitedly before he picks his Angel up and drops him into the layer. It's dramatic, the angel becoming a glowing ball of light that strikes the ground in a flash, leaving him in his battle atire when he stands properly, golden orbs flickering about his wrists before dissolving into his wristbands. He stands on one of the slabs that has yet to begin rolling, just looking calmly over at Kensei.

As the fight starts up, Yukino takes off from his position, sitting idly on a piece of metal that will soon melt down, and takes off in Kensei's direction, bouncing lightly from piece to piece until he suddenly drops low in front of the other Angel and flings an odd weapon that looks like a yoyo straight for Kensei's sternum.

An odd weapon indeed. Kensei hasn't faced one like this before, but it seems like dodging might be the best plan... if only the floor wasn't so hot. The sword saint quickly sidesteps out of the way of yoyo, splashing some molten metal up and onto him before he charges in, careful not to splash up anymore. As soon as he gets close enough, his hand darts down to the katana on his hip, and it's whipped out in a battou jutsu style blow. Of course, the difference between this attack and a normal one is that the tip of his blade lights on fire as it leaves its sheathe.

As the samurai Angel comes barreling for the slighter one, Yukino's first instinct is to try to get out of the way but, as the molten metal splashes around their feet, he finds himself unable, and can do nothing more than hold an arm up and try to twist out of the way. Blood sprays from his arm while fire lights along the skin, flashing over it just long enough to leave the skin angry and red. Grasping at it lightly for only a moment, wincing the entire time, Yukino doesn't run but instead uses his uninjured arm, flinging it upwards so that his odd yoyo weapon hurtles up towards Kensei's face, growing as it does, trying to catch the other Angel in the chest or face.

Kensei knows that the hit will hurt much more than the burns, and so he twists out of the way, dropping low and hopping through a burst of molten steel before landing lightly on his feet. Of course, he hops right back as soon as the spray settles down, landing back on Yukino's platform. As soon as his feet settle, he's back in motion, the katana in his hand flashing out twice rapidly, each aimed for a shoulder.

With lightfooted dexterity, the smaller Angel bounces away from Kensei, flipping neatly from one slab to another only to crouch and flinch away from the metal that just barely manages to miss him. He doesn't come after Kensei immediately, though, lingering there to lick his wounds, as it were, and rolling his shoulder as he finally gets over the pain of his burn.

Kensei doesn't move from his spot, the samurai's body taking up a white glow as Yukino is recovering from his burn. The samurai isn't about to take advantage of a downed opponent though, and so he just prepares. The white aura that has wrapped itself around the samurai, a safer one than the red one that occasionally appears, gathers in his blades, and as soon as it looks like Yukino is recovered enough, he draws his kodachi, slicing that in the air horizontally, and slicing his katana down vertically, sending a cross of energy flying towards his opponent.

It's another rapid dodge, another flee across the shifting slabs, and another singing hiss as molten metal strikes the Angel's pale limbs with a moment of searing heat. He hisses through his teeth, and yet, it's become a running game, as he doesn't come after Kensei, only trying to put some distance between them as he takes off over the slabs once more, keeping his steps light and quick. One might almost think he's afraid - his deus certainly looks anxious.

Just as quickly as it disappeared, the aura reappears around the samurai, even brighter than before this time. For a moment, Kensei just continues to stand there, only watching Yukino between the bursts of molten metal and smoke. Then... he suddenly vanishes, kicking off of the slab he was standing on and moving rapidly at high speeds. When he reappears, he's right in front of Yukino again, katana gripped in both hands and raised high over his head. Then, he switches his grip and instead of swinging downwards, which could make things dangerous for him as well as Yukino, he swings it upwards, though the force is no less than before.

If it's Kensei's desire to throw Yukino upwards, he certainly succeeds, for rather than taking the hit, the Angel utilizes the force to throw himself into the air, twisting while there and throwing one of those yoyos out in a whipping attack that means to catch the samurai at about neck level. The string is silvery and likely to cause about as much pain as being caught by the yoyo itself, though it'll certainly be followed up as necessary. Unfortunately, the landing executed winds up with him getting hit once more by that unstable melted metal beneath them.

Kensei is a quick learner, and he shifts his stance, going low and hunched over his blade as the yoyo passes overhead. Of course, he didn't calculate everything well, and his foot preses up against a hot piece of metal. He won't let that bother him too much, he's watching his opponent fall and land, and when Yukino's feet touch the ground, he pushes forward, once again moving in an amazing burst of speed, bringing him almost immediately to the recovering angel, this time stabbing forward in an attempt to finish this duel.

Yukino is there for one second - and then he's gone, in a truly blinding show of speed that leaves a ghost image of him behind to receive that finishing blow. He jumps high, twisting his hips and bringing his leg down around towards the other angel. Rather than kicking him, though, he instead slams his bouncing yoyo towards Kensei's back, the glowing gold orb shooting towards it with a light spin to it.

For a second, the yoyo looks like it's about to hit, but right before it does, the samurai twists, drawing his kodachi again and partially batting it away, instead allowing it to clip his shoulder. The attack still hurts, but a little less than it could have. Kensei's not done though, his kodachi once again flashes out, tangling itself in the yoyo's string, and he attempts to pull Yukino towards him, stabbing out as he does so.

This attack is one the speed demon - er, Angel - is unable to escape. The attack catches him squarely in the chest, knocking all the air out of him even as he reaches out to grab at the dulled blade. He tries one last attack, but he looks pretty weak, considering the blow he just took, straight on and hard. He draws his legs up while using the blade as a catalyst and attempts to throw his leg over it, aiming for Kensei's head.

Kensei isn't going to let up, not a tiny bit, and he twists his head away, shifting his body at the same time, to avoid the kick. This time his foot lands on a heated plate, and with only the slightest wince of pain, he proceeds to use all his power to keep Yukino lifted on his blade, and then twists around, intending to bury him into the ground against his blade.

While the burying tactic misses completely, the momentum is enough to send the weakened Angel stumbling backwards against the heated metal of the river. He jerks and arches in pain, sparking brightly, before he passes out completely. It's sort of brutal to watch him get sucked into the hot metal, but once he's out of the game, the scenery soon scatters, making it at least a little less uncomfortable. Naokirou seems less interested in his loss and more interested in his poor Angel getting knocked into a river of molten steel.

The buzzer sounds, announcing the end of the fight, and the announcer, who had been giving a play by play up until then, can finally announce the results. "Winner! SAKAMOTO KYOOOUSUKE!" he shouts out, pointing his hand at the kendoist.

Kyousuke takes off his visor and smiles over at Naokirou. He's a little glad that it was the molten steel that had done Yukino in, rather than his stab. The attack, had it landed, would have been much more damaging than the hologram. "It was a good match Ischiko-han," the kendoist says as he retrieves Kensei.

Naokirou retrieves Yukino from the layer in something of a panic mode, fixing his jacket and patting his head in a worried fashion. He nearly gets whiplash for forgetting he has the visor on, and so much turn back to slip it off, blushing heatedly, but then he's trotting up alongside Kyousuke, smiling brightly, "Thank you, Kyousuke-san. It's too bad Yuki-kun lost, but your Angel is pretty tough." He peers curiously over at Kensei when he says this, twitching his nose in a moment of idle curiosity.

Kyousuke carefully resheathes Kensei's blades, he had learned his lesson about them last year, before stuffing his angel into his pocket. He does so almost carelessly, quite a difference from Naokirou who seems quite worried about his angel. "Thanks, Yukino is really fast though, Kensei had quite a few problems hitting him, especially that one time."

Naokirou is cradling Naokirou rather carefully, studying him intently and frowning at his apparent injury. He smiles up at the other boy when he adds on the comment about Yukino being fast, "Thanks. I'm trying to get him to go even faster, but it'll take a while, you know?" He picks up the front of Yukino's shirt, peering under it to see his chest, then adds, "Though it looks like I'll need to put him in the machine before I take him home." Thank goodness for the repair machine.

Kyousuke chuckles, though it sounds like it's more out of embarrassment than humor. "Yeah... sorry about that, Kensei hits hard." A bit of an understatement, but Naokirou probably has a good grasp of exactly how hard. "I don't think I hurt him too badly though." The speedy angel managed to mostly avoid his heavily damaging attacks after all.

Naokirou shakes his head and wiggles Yukino a little bit, "No, it's okay. He's a good Angel. It's not as if I could ask you not to hit as hard as you can, right?" He nods slightly afterwards as well, petting Yukino's hair absentmindedly as he continues with, "And no, I don't think it's too bad. He'll be okay."

Right, if Kensei did that, then his build would become quite useless, as he was made to inflict heavy amounts of damage on his opponents. Kyousuke can still apologize for it though. "Anyway, good luck on your future matches!" Kyousuke says as they enter the waiting room. Kyousuke makes his way over to his luggage and, with a wave, departs.