The time for the second round was nearing and Ishida slips into waiting room. He had taken the suggestion of a particular deus and spent time in the stands instead of in the waiting room. He pulls his angel out of his pocket, nodding once and breathing out softly. "Second round now. We may have gotten beat in the first round, but we had fun and showed our skill." He grins, walking forward and holding his second round ticket to the attendant. "Nobuharu Ishida, I'm her for my match in the second round."

Michi stands up, smoothing out her skirt. "All right Unmei, let's do this." She does a few stretches, to limber up. Why? She really doesn't need a reason. As Ishida enters the waiting room she gives him a wave. "Nobuharu-san, right? Hey, good luck out there. I hope we have fun."

Ishida nods to the other deus. "That's right. Let's go have fun." He grins a little, looking up at the screen just in time to watch the previous contestants leaving the layer. "Our turn now, let's show them just how well we move, Hiroto." He looks down at Michi again. "Dance with me with all your spirit. I won't except anything less." He gives a thumbs up and starts walking down the hallway towards the layers.

Michi smiles. Wow, this guy's nice. "Me an' unmei'll give your our best, don't worry." She follows after him and then passes him in a jog.

The lights dim as the last two dues leave the field, a single spot light shinning down on the announcer. He holds the mike close to his mouth, talking loudly to get his voice to carry clear over the crowd. "What a great match, but the angelic fights aren't over yet by a long shot. Next battle in round two is pitting two new comers to this tournament to a one on one fight for glory. Who will be the victor?" He gestures dramatically towards one of the doors, a spotlight flashing on and whirling over to the door. "In the east corner, a school kid who leaves everyone guessing, Aomori Michi! His angel leaves things in the hands of fate, but that's not to say he doesn't know how to kick tail, Unmeo no Tenshi!"

and again there's the vague murmur of confusion as Michi enters the arena. A few people have caught on: some are laughing, others are cheering. As he enters the arena proper he flings himself into his chair, waving jauntily to the audience. 'Konnichiwa, Minna-san!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Do your best, Michi-chi!"

The announcer waits for the crowd to settle down a little bit before continuing on, a hand flashing out towards the other door, a spotlight trained where he was pointing. "And in the west corner, another school kid who has his head in the sky and feet firmly planted in sound, Nobuharu Ishida! His angel lives on wheels and is a child of the wind, blowing and growing into a hurricane, Hiroto!" Once again a cheer goes up from the crowd, as they await the other contestant.

The young man steps out of the tunnel, stopping as the spotlights hit him and giving his eyes a short while to adjust. He pulls one of his hands out of his pockets, waving to the crowd and walking over to the stage. He takes a seat in his chair, setting his angel on the arm of his chair and looking over at his enemy. "Let's go. I want to taste the sky again." There's no hint of malice in his tone, and he seems to be milking in the attention from the crowd, just enjoying being able to put on a show and not caring what happens anymore.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Woo! Yeah! Go Hiroto-kun~!"

Michi grins to his opponent. "Wow, you're sure ready for this. Gimme your best, all right? I only want to fight against someone with real passion.' With these words she straps herself in and tosses Unmei no Tenshi into the ring. As she enters the Layer she spins gracefully, landing on one foot with her arms held out to the sides and slightly raised. 'UNMEI NO TENSHI! FAITO!".

The young man grins a little, listening to the other deus with a slightly amused expression. "You don't have to worry about me not giving my all, not by a long shot." He sits back, focusing his attention and watching the other angel fallin. "My turn." He takes Hiroto in one hand, holding him high above his head and chanting. "Look to the sky, ride the wind. The breeze carries all on it's way to a new day. Spread your wings and prove that the wind is more than just a breeze and blow down all in your path! Hiroto!" He chucks his angel towards the layer, letting him break through the barrier and snap to life. He flips and rolls, seeming to hang in air on nothing before slowly descending down onto the layer below. He lands skidding a short distance and sending up grass and flowers in a spray behind him, stopping with his back facing the opponent. A sudden wind comes rushing in, seemingly from nowhere. It grabs the falling grass and flowers, tumbling it past Hiroto slowly, making it look to all the world like he caused that effect. Then again, who's to say he didn't?

On the layer, Unmei no Tenshi starts off quickly: darting forward over the blackened, ruined landscape she makes her way to her opponent, leaping at the last minute and twisting in the air to deliver a flying kick aimed at his midsection. Nothing fancy this early on, just probing defences.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Kick him into the fire! Burn!"

Hiroto slips to the side effortlessly, flourishing and sending more grass into the air. He flips back through the grass, landing on his feet as the floating bits scatter about wildly. He grins a little bit, standing straight up and giving his opponent a thumbs down. "Come on now. You tell me to hold nothing back, then you start with something like that? I thought this was supposed to be a dance, not a recital." He sticks his hands in his pockets, watching the other angel with keen eyes. "I'll give you another chance at that, I'm feeling rather happy today after all." His voice might be criticizing, but his eyes sparkle, giving away that he was looking forward to this match.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Oooo, don't take no lip Tenshi-chan! Kick him where it hurts!"

Michi grins. "You're really eager, aintcha?" Below, Unmei follows her opponent closely, keeping within arm's reach as he ducks out of the way of her attack. Smiling serenely, she crouches momentarily and then rises, her fist poised to tuck neatly under his chin. "Don't get me wrong. I'm just havin' fun here right now." She throws another wave to the audience.

Hiroto nods, watching the opponent closely. "As am I. But I want a real dance. I give my all, and you'll find out just what that is." He stops, rolling his head slightly to let the punch slip of without doing any real damage. The only sound that can be heard from the layer for a spit second is the sound of motors running freely. He steps back slightly, bringing his leg around quickly and unleashing all the built up power. A ripping sound can be heard as the air in front of Hiroto tears open by the force in the kick, a blade of wind clearly visible as the attack comes in quickly towards Unmei's chest. "This is the power of my wind, can you stand it? Or will you be torn asunder?"

Unmei no Tenshi cartwheels away from the attack, bending backwards at the last minute to allow it to go just over her. "Hey, neat trick!' Michi enthuses, as her Angel turns her momentum the other way: flipping forward, she lands on her hands and uses them to spring forward, aiming her feet for her opponent's chest.

The skater whirls about, kicking out and blocking the attack with his own leg. He doesn't stop there however, continuing to spin about and coming around at his opponent with another kick. This one is aimed high at the head and, luckily, doesn't involve any slicing air blades. "It's a useful trick, yes. But it's still only a small thing that I've picked up, trying to learn something a lot more deadly."

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Bash 'er head in!"

Michi hmms. "You know, I'm still learnin' what me an' Unmei can do together. It's a lot more compicated than I thought it'd be." Her Angel ducks underneath the kick, turns to follow his path and lashes out with a fist to catch him as he passes her. "Having fun so far?"

Hiroto nods, once again blocking the attack, and once again using a twisting, flicking kick to allow the armored leg to take the hit instead of something weaker. "I'm having fun, yes. You might not have the tricky attacks that some people do, but you're hard to hit." He ducks down, leaning back and flipping up, trying to place a foot firmly on the other angel's chin.

"Yeah, we'll you're givin' me an' Tenshi here a real workout, so I hope it's fun for you too." Down on the Layer, something funny's happening. Unmei jumps out of the way of the attack in what is her trademark fashion, but then she keeps jumping. Each jump seems to be with a random direction and distance in mind, and each time she leaps she seems to be gaining speed and becoming harder to track. "Is this your passion, then? To be the best on the Layer? I wanna see how good I am. Maybe this'll be what I do, yaknow?" Without warning, Unmei's last leap turns into the attack that's been building this whole time, as she attempts to land on her opponent's head from above.

Hiroto puts up his arms to guard. He had a hunch that it would be an attack eventually, but he had no idea when. It was only this hunch that allowed him to react in time for the little guard he did manage to put up. He rolls backwards with the force, tumbling a little bit but ultimately landing on his feet facing the opponent. "Who said anything about being the best?" He stands and points to the sky. "That's my target, not to win the tournament or even be good at the game at all. I want the freedom that only air can offer." He puts his hands in his pockets again, watching the foe with veiled interest. "It maybe an unattainable dream, but I'll dare to dream. Your move."

Ishida's statement earns an encouraging shout from his opponent, who raises a fist. "YES! Dream! Don't let anyone stand in your way! I applaud you, my opponent. If you win, I'm fine with that." Then she giggles, 'But don't think I'm not gonna try myself. I gotta see how far I can take this!" Unmei no Tenshi lashes forward at her opponent while he's reeling, aiming another punch at hihm.

He kicks up, catching the punch with his foot, but not nearly as well as he would have liked. This means that despite his attempt at a guard more damage get's through than he would have liked. He frowns a little bit, leaping back again and attempting to stretch a little bit. "You don't look like much, but you can certainly pack a punch when you try. Yet I can't lay a hand on you."

Michi grins again, that almost wolfish smile of hers. "People underestimate me a lot. It's funny how that happens all the time." Below, on the Layer, Unmei no Tenshi keeps on the offensive, spinning to deliver what she hopes will be the winning kick for this match.

Hiroto ducks low. He's starting to get the hang of the opponents attacks, though he doesn't particularly like the speed at which they're coming at him. He'll continue to focus on defense for right now, waiting to see what the other will do and not attacking. "I haven't given up, not by a long shot. You'll get to see us soar yet, or we'll die trying."

"I wanna see you fly. I wanna see you take to the sky an' never look back. Maybe that'll be today?" Unmei no Tenshi continues her offensive, leaping and twisting in mid-air to deliver another trademark spinning kick: she seems to be sticking to the offensive at this point, hoping to deliver the telling blow.

Hiroto buckles down and prepares himself. He kicks out, stopping the other attack in it's tracks. "If this isn't the day, it will come soon. Even if I don't reach the air, I will not get broken wings. Let's finish this dance, and I won't make it easy on you." He moves in quickly, shifting suddenly to the offense and moving towards the foe. He appeared to have known exactly where Unmei was going to be, or at least guessed correctly. He jumps up, sending a quick flurry of kicks the opponents way in hopes of making him back off some.

"I'm gonna be there when it happens. I dunno, I just get the feelin''." Her Angel leaps over the attacks, dancing away from her opponent, literally in this case. She lands after two more hops, holding out her hand to her opponent as if in offering, then makes a silent giggle.

He's glad for the little breather, even if it's only temporary. So Hiro doesn't attack again just yet, watching the other angel and grinning a little bit. Thinks were starting to turn around again, he could feel it. "There's a favorable wind today. You might just be right about that, but there's only one way to find out, and that's to push until you can't go anymore, and then to continue pushing even then."

Unmei no Tenshi bursts into another bout of action: leaping towards her opponent, she lands next to him and spins, thrusting out her leg at the end of her arc. "I wonder why you're holdin' back on me?"

Hiro leans back, letting the attack pass by his nose. "Who said anything about holding back? If you look at the bar up there I think you'll find that you've inflicted massive amounts of damage on me already, where I've done none to you." He flips backwards, landing on his feet and moving towards the opponent again, sliding a little bit, hand on the ground for balance. His target is the other angel's knee.

This is endgame time. Unmei leaps out of the way of her opponent's attack, fl;ips in the air twice, and then attempts once more to land, hard, on his noggin'. "Yeah, but you've heardly been attackin' me."

Hiroto slips out of the attack zone ducking down and waiting. Once Unmei starts nearing the ground, he winds up, bringing his leg around and kicking out with all the force he can muster at the falling angel. "Hit it out of the park!" Meanwhile, Ishida looks up. "You had me on the run for most of the match, but I don't give up, that's why it appears the way it does."

Unmei no Tenshi takes the blow carefully, trying to work with it as best she can. "See, that's what I'm talkin' about. I hate ta say it, but I think you've got me here." Indeed, Unmei no Tenshi looks worn out, but looks like she might be preparing for another offensive.

Hiroto leaps back again. "The wind favors me today, it seems." He flips back twice, placing his foot against one tiny city and pushing off, crushing the poor city but doing what he wanted. He leaps high into the air, smoke starting to come from the motors in his skates. "But it's about time to end this I think." He spins once, flipping through the air and heading towards the other angel. The same ripping sound from earlier is heard and that same blade of air is present. He drops like a rock then, bringing his foot and the attached blade down towards the shoulder of the angel.

"Never! I hate ta say it, but I ain';t sayin' die here. You might win this. Heck, you probably will./ But I ain't rollin' over. I wanna see you fly for ral today!" Unmei no Tenshi takes the attack but rolls with it: literally. She ips backwar along the arc of the tear, landing several (scale) feet away, looking haggard and beaten-up, but unbowed. Once more she holds out her hand to her opponent. Dance.

Hiro grins. He had managed to survive the onslaught, and now it was his turn to be the aggressor, only this time the enemy didn't fight back. "I will fly, though it might not be today. My wings can't yet lift me. I need to grow more, but that won't stop me." He moves towards the opponent again, bringing his back leg around and releasing the power in the motors. Another blade, weaker than the last and without the ripping, but blades of wind nonetheless. "Count on it," he says in a quiet voice, the blade once again rushing towards the foe.

"Let me show ya how you fly." Unmei no Tenshi leaps again, over her opponent andhis attack, and it seems for a moment that the leap might go forever, hurtling upwards into the air with her arms spread wide as though to receive the wind. Her ascent slows, however, and then she's falling back to the ground, where she lands lightly (or at leasshe doesn't show her grimace) and curtseys to her oponent.

Ishida shakes his head a little bit, pointing at the sky again. "Jumping and flying aren't the same. When you jump you're required to come down." He takes a running leap, placing a foot on one of the buildings and leaping high into the air. He twists, spins, and flips, sailing through the air and going much further than he should have from where he jumped. He lands, skidding a little but quickly changing direction and throwing a flying kick and Unmei's head.

And again Unmei no Tenshi flips out of the way of the attack, landing another few (scale) feet away. "It's not endin' like that. I'm gonna kep fightin' until this is over." Again Unmei no Tenshis stance shifts, preparing for another attack that may not have a chance to come.

Hiroto straightens, putting his hands in his pockets and viewing his foe. "You're very skilled at dodging. I Almost have to wonder if it's possible for me to take you down at all." He smiles and nods, looking up at the timer. "Our time to dance is almost over now, and I think the crowd has gotten what they wanted. I generally don't like beating up on someone who can't fight back any longer." He starts moving towards Unmei, not running, but not walking leisurely either. "Sadly in a tournament I can't do that, though." He breaks into a run, flipping forward and trying to impact both feet on the other angel's chest.

Unmei no Tenshi takes the hit ful-fore: she trie to roll with it but it's clear that this was the last straw. SHe goes flying and lands in a heap. "Hey. God shot."

Ishida stands, watching as the layer returns to the blank setting it was always on before taking Hiroto out of the layer lightly. He looks up at the other deus, smiling and nodding a little. "That was a good battle. I hope your angel isn't hurt badly from that last attack." He gives a wave to the crowd to appease them, but otherwise doesn't pay them much more attention than he did during the match. "We should probably clear the layer for the next match."

Michi grins. "Hey, no problem. I'm sure I'll se you around later, Noboharu-san?" She hops she's remembering his name right. "RIght now, I gotta go take care of Unmei here