The tournament arena suddenly grows pitch dark! A soft drum of music begins to fill the stadium, recognized by many as the 'theme' music of Angelic Layer. On the video, a small trailer begins to play. "One day, a game involving little dolls fighting eachother became popular... these dolls came out of eggs, and were customized by each and every player. They would fight on things called layers. And thus, Battle Dolls: Angelic Layer Was born." The video shows little scenes from the very first tournament in existance, before Misaki was even known of, as well as little promotional scenes of dolls in a CG manner. The screen then flips to a more recent image of two angels fighting on a large holographic ship. "After a short while, and with the help of the geniuses behind Angelic Layer Incorporated, the layers were given holographic properties. This brought a whole new aspect to the layers as angels began to fight it out in deserts... at beaches... in boxing rings... even on the Moon!" Pictures accompanied every single layer that was mentioned.

"And now, in this new age of Angelic Layer, angels have slowly found new abilities. Magic is being flung around, angels using holographic systems are slowly becoming more and more popular." Images of energyblasts being shared between angels get shown from different angles, each prettier than others. Some duesses may recognize angels being shown. Athena's beautiful wings are shown, an image of Mikage's angel performing her signature White Storm, and a good series of angels which most people may never even have seen. After all, Angelic Layer had grown to be very popular, and it had begun to spread all over the world. "And now... you all are present during this Tournament. The Kanto Qualifiers of 2007, also known as the Tokyo City Games! We hope you will enjoy your time here, and cheer for our duesses when they battle... in this game. Battle Dolls! ANGELIC LAYER!" Images of all the participants and their angels get shown. A lot of familiar faces, but also a few new. Then the music begins to fade off... and...

... The lights suddenly turn back on and spotlights all cross down onto one position. A familiar voice fills the stadium. "Welcome to one of the most widely anticipated tournaments in this part of Tokyo city!" The announcer with a funky hairdo, wearing blue shades and holding his microphone in one hand becomes visible as giant spotlights finally hit the craned chair the man sits upon. He throws his empty arm forwards and points at the people in the stadium. On the four big screens that hang above the tournament arena this picture gets magnified for all to see. "Welcome to the Kobe stadium! Audiance! ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOST COOL THING YOU WILL SEE THIS YEAR!?" This young man seems to be quite enthousiastic about all of this. Strobes flash here and there, and a few colorful spotlights are dancing all over the stadium. The announcer is holding out his microphone towards the audience now, <waiting for a reply from the audience!>

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Whoo! Ike~ Mikage-chan!"

"I CAN'T HEAAAR YUUUUU!" In bad broken English, the announcer shouts as the crowd begins to roar.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "GO GO GO!!!!! ANGELIC LAYER!!!"


In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Let's see Chimera! Chimera!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "I love you Mikage!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "YEA AGNELIC LAYER!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "MIKAGE!! HAVE MY BABIES!!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Miki-miki-yousofine~ my heart goes thumpity-thump as we go (silence)!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Do a barrel roll!!!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Blow them away!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Inugata-sama! *You* can contain the White Storm!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Start already!"

The announcer rubs his head as he watches a man get dragged off by security. After all, there are little kids around. "Alright then people! This will be the very first match of this tournament, and we could not start any better way! They say to save the best for last, but sometimes it is best to start off with the prettiest fireworks! We have a lot in store for you people today! Now, give a big and warm welcome to the first duelists of today!"

The man points at the entrance to the arena. "IN THE EASTO-CORNER! The White Storm, the champion of this arena for a few years on straight now, and a very familiar face to many! Does she really need more introduction? Say hello to our favorite albino! Aogiri Mikage!" The crowd goes wild as she gets mentioned, but the announcer ignores the rowdy crowd and keeps on going. "And, in the WESTO-CORNER! The daughter of a famous mangaka, deus of the mythical Chimera! Inugata Tomoe!!!"

The announcer continues for a moment to call out: "Come on out, deusses!" The spotlights focus open the entrance... also the announcer seems to insist on adding. "And for those who shouted that they wanted Miki's babies... she's taken you foos!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Darn!

Tomoe's head is bowed when she steps out onto the arena floor. She holds onto Chimera just a bit tightly - enough that the spines on his back are likely to leave little imprints in her hand when she releases him onto the layer. It helps to keep her mind off of the crowds and the lights. There's a small nod before she moves to her chair, and she speaks to Mikage, without looking to the young woman. " . . . Fight well . . ." Both a promise, and a request. And, with that, she moves to her chair, climbing into it while doing her best to ignore the fact that there are people watching her. It isn't easy.

Mikage steps out behind Tomoe, looking just as sheepish as her opponent under the lights and noise of the crowd. However, she manages to put on a small smile, giving a half-wave to some of those nearby the entrance. She nods her head towards Tomoe, "Good luck." Is her response, although it is nearly drowned out by the crowd cheering. She sighs somewhat, and then steps forward towards her own egg-shaped chair, balancing Rei slightly on her arm as she tries not to look towards the mass of colored motion that is the crowd. Sometimes, with her bad eyesight, these tournament matches could make her a bit sea-sick.

As the deusses come out from the waiting rooms and down the hallway into the large arena dome, the announcer shouts out once again. "Give them a welcome people! <Shout it out>!" He observes the deusses slowly getting into their seats, and when they are ready and well the layer suddenly lights up in a brilliant blue-white color. Its a little different from the normal white, implying that this layer was brand new. Nothing new had been announced technologywise however, so it was unlikely that anything new was going to be introduced this year. However, even shading something a little bleu could make the crowd go nuts sometimes. After all, a lot of fans of Angelic Layer loved to speculate where the game was going to go next. "Now, deusses! You know how this goes. Fallin!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Do your best!!!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "WOOOO! Go Miki-chaaan! Go Inugata!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Go Rei-chan! Go Chimera-eeh...-chaaaan!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "You can do it!!!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Screw this tournament! I have green hair!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Screw your hair, I have money!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "And hairgel!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "My hair approves of this duel!"
In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Oh bugger!"

Tomoe does her best to block out all the lights and the sounds as she carefully puts on the headpiece, keeping her face obscured as much as possible during the process. Focus. She doesn't move - for perhaps a moment or two too long. And then, with a small sigh and a little nod, she holds Chimera out on an outstretched arm, then closes her eyes again, before speaking in as loud of a voice as she can muster (which is still just a bit too quiet). "Fight fierce, Chimera! Fall in!" There's a quick movement, and she throws the beast onto the layer.

As soon as Chimera passes through the layer barrier, he seems to spring to life. There's a low rumble of a growl, and that single wing snaps outward, slowing his descent by just a fraction, before it's pulling sharply back in. The monstrosity dives downward, forefeet extended, before those feet pound down heavily on the layer surface, followed quickly by his hindfeet. He sinks into a crouch, that slow grumbling growl continuing, and all three heads turn in the direction that his opponent will approach.

As the seat rises up to layer level, Mikage lifts her specially designed headset, setting it in place and extending the transmitter wings. Unlike a normal deus, she needed a special headset that overlayed the angel heads up display as well as having a layer-level viewpoint. She slowly gets to her feet, Rei standing, folded in her wings on the young woman's hand. The microphone seems to pick up her voice after a moment of sing-songy-sound. "Powers of wind and water, spirit of heart, will of my soul. When all is lost, be my wings... Rei!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Woo! Chimera!"

The small gargoyle angel topples forward towards the layer, almost seeming as if she will collide with the empty surface below. As she passes through the barrier of the layer, though, the gargoyle springs to life, eyes flaring with light as her wings extend, slowing the angel's decent to land on the layer with a click of her talons. Those expansive wings fold back behind her, her body giving a shake as she seems to check that everything is still in working order. Then, she turns her eyes towards Chimera, bowing gracefully for a moment... but then as she rises up, she gives a challenging, beastial growl. It has been quite some time since the more demonic side of Rei found it's way out... and against Chimera, she could fight full force.

"And now, the moment we've all been waiting for!" The statistics of Mikage and Tomoe, as well as their angels respectively, switch onto the screen and a few spotlights settle on the layer itself. "Deusses, when you are ready!" The layer begins to grow different colors as a giant auditorium rises from beneath the angel's little feet... and wings... and paws... and a surely tails. Many tails. "Angelic! FIGHTO!" The timer is set, and the buzzer sounds! Its time! I hope you have your popcorn at the ready, because there will be no commercial breaks during this live feed!

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Take Chimera down!!"

Twitch. Rei's tail moves in a quick motion, reacting instinctively to the danger that Chimera poses to her. She crouches slightly, flexing her talons as she seems to consider the best course of action, especially with the strong, long reach of those three heads. As the buzzer sounds, however, Rei leaps into motion, showing the speed that many simply don't expect from her. Instead of rushing strait at the beast, though, she veers off at the last moment, trying to sweep her arm at the smallish, snake-like right head of Chimera. Click. As her arm sweeps out, a blade extends from the armor that covers her shoulder and arm, threatening to slice the serpentine head across the neck.

Chimera watches Rei approach with no more movement than the annoyed flicks of his tri-split tail. The gargoyless is fast, and her blow lands almost too easily, that blade cutting a nice little swath in the serpentine neck. Chimera growls at the blow, and the serpent head hisses angrily, but the head is far from severed. A series of small jerks move through Chimera's synthetic muscles, and yet still the beast does not retaliate. It would seem that he's content to just sit there and take the beating . . . but that can't be true, can it?

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Chimera what are you doing? Retaliate!"

As Rei lands from her attack, she turns and raises her arm in a block, seeming to have expected a counter attack. When none comes, her head tilts just slightly in an almost feline fashion. Her expressive ears fold downward as she seems, legitimately confused. She even does a quick double-take to make sure that she had heard the buzzer go off correctly. Yep, the clock is ticking, but what is going on. Puzzled, Rei takes a few steps back, leaving her armored shoulder towards Chimera, giving a small inquirey of sound, as if asking... 'is everything okay? we're supposed to be fighting now, ya know'.

The announcer picks up on a little of the audience's unrest. "Oh? What is this? The two angels appear to be taking a small break after the initial assault! Surely Chimera is just getting ready to attack!"

Chimera's growl grows just a bit quieter when Rei does not press the attack, until it silences entirely. And then, the beast rises, slowly - far too slowly for a fight, and begins to move in a wide circle around Rei, his footfalls steady and purposeful. And yet, it does not seem as though he's in much of a position to defend himself. Perhaps the crowds really have gotten to Tomoe? No - the beast's deus appears completely focused on the layer. There must be something else going on...

With Chimera beginning to circle, Rei seems to break from her confusion, realizing that there is obviously some sort of plan going on that she doesn't quite understand. No one ever claimed the gargoyle was the smartest creature on the layer, but she certainly has a hide of solid rock and a rock-hard head to go with it. So, seeming to accept that there is nothing wrong with her opponent, she grasps at her wrists with her opposite hand, seeming to summon up a ball of energy in the palm of her hand. Her eyes seem to shift into a bright light, as the power reaches even new, unseen before levels. Rei's 'Thunder Strike' has evolved... There is a blindingly bright flash of light, one that would probably give onlooker's spots in their vision, and surely enough to blind an angel close by. A split second later, a wave of sound energy ripples across the layer, shoving chairs in different directions, denting a few musical instruments, and moving with intent towards Chimera.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "GoooOOOOO!O!!"
In the audience, you hear a female voice shouting, "Look mommy! That angel just did that trick from that one movie with the lightswords!"

The sonic attack strikes solidly - although, with that flash of light, it's rather difficult to see precisely how it lands. A sharp shattering sound is drowned out by the thunderous roar, and, from somewhere within the flash, a wide spray of stickly black corrosive goo spews forth, coating and eating into the stage and everything else in its path - including Chimera's attacker. And, immediately following it, the beast lunges forward, charging at Rei and heedless of the spill of his own black 'blood.' As soon as he's close enough, those massive central jaws lunge forward in an attempt to bite down on stoney flesh.

The onslaught of Chimera charging through her attack catches Rei off-guard, sending the angel sprawling across the layer and right into the path of those chomping jaws. However, when Rei is down, she certainly isn't out. With a rolling motion, she barrels over two sets of chairs, knocking them off of the stage and into the orchestra pit with a clang that sounds as if someone just lost a very expensive musical instrument. She pants slightly, a glowing bit of blue lingering around her legs as if somehow this energy aura is what gave her the ability to not become demon puppy-chow. Flapping her wings once, Rei draws them inward towards herself, extending just the tips. She begins to spin in place like a top, but the boosted power of her spin begins to draw everything into the spin as if it were a cyclone threatening to steal everything, including your house, your dog, and your grandmother. It even threatens to draw the mighty Chimera into the dangerous heart of lashing energy at the core of the spin.

The cyclone seems quite impressive - and yet Chimera charges directly into it, flapping his single wing heavily as he follows his opponent, heedless of the danger. There's a low, rumbling roar, as the winds and debris from the stage slam into his matted hide, and yet, it seems as though Rei's tornado manages to work in Chimera's favor, flinging the monstrosity at the gargoyless. That talon and foreclaw are spread wide as Chimera flies directly at Rei, threatening to wrap her into a rather less than friendly bear-hug.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "WOHOOOO! Go Go Gargoyle-chaaaaaan!", in a most flaming voice.

Well, it would be a bear-hug, if a big, stinky, bleeding three-headed Chimera was your idea of a big cuddly teddybear. Luckily... Rei has just enough time to rally her defenses, sending her armored shoulder towards the beast's chest and absorbing most of the damage. Still, it sends the far smaller angel toppling backwards, to the edge of the orchestra pit. It seems as if she will fall right into the tuba when she manages to grab the edge with her talon at the last moment. Taking a single breath to collect herself, the gargoyle uses a flap of her wings to send her in a flip back onto the stage floor. There isn't much room between herself and Chimera, so she tries to make some by rolling to the side, lashing one leg, and her tail as a follow up, towards the antlered, stag-looking head.

Chimera pushes back from the impact against Rei and, as she collects herself, he crouches low, preparing for her next move. It seems like it's enough - for, when the gargoyle rolls into her attack, the beast leaps upward, evading it entirely. That single, off-balancing wing beats down heavily while Chimera is still mid-air, giving him a bit more airtime - just enough for the outter two heads to spew forth their special little attacks. A blast of frigid air, riddled with shards of glistening, deceptively sharp ice bellows forth from that cruel cervid maul, while the serpent head belches forth a blast of corrosive black goo, much like that already seen once during this match. Whether Rei evades or not, another heavy clap of that wing fails to hold the massive beast aloft, and he comes crashing back down onto battered stage.

Luckily, Rei has some sense of foresight, otherwise she surely would have been turned into an popsicle and then smashed by the weight of Chimera. For all her ability to read into a situation, she is only just able to avoid the blast of ice, leaving her tail with little icicles clinging to it. She frowns, and then shakes at her tail, sending them to the ground with a clink of sound. One even falls off into the orchestra pit, where it hits against two or three drums, making a 'Dun dun dun' sound. Seeming unperturbed by the drum's ominous sound, the gargoyle turns towards Chimera once more, seeming dig her claws into the floor, which makes a terrible sound like nails on a chalkboard. She dives forward, lowering her head, allowing the force of her horns to drive into the ... hopefully... exposed side of Chimera.

Chimera seems just a bit stunned by his sudden crash, and makes no move to get out of the way of Rei's charge. The gargoyle's pretty horns bite deep into the beast's side, complete with a rather unpleasant squishy sound. That's some pretty impressive pseudo-flesh and some almost disturbingly realistic gore . . .

At any rate, the beast makes little more than a shudder at the blow, and makes no attempt to break free. Instead, with abellow and a huff of visibly-cold breath, the cervid head snaps sharply around, attempting to drive its vicious antlers into Rei's stone back.

That sickening squish is enough to cause the normally impassive Rei to make a... expression of disgust. As she pulls her horns out, the black 'blood' of Chimera drips down the horns, down her nose, and across her face. She lifts one palm and tries to wipe it, which leaves a black smudge across her cheek. She's almost too distracted by the nausiating feeling of goo dripping through her hair... almost. At the last moment, she sees a shadow of the antlers swinging down towards her. She gasps and ducks down, rolling to the side and knocking a one of the few remaining chairs over. The effort of the dodge seems to have taken quite a bit out of her. Keeping up with Chimera was making it difficult for her to summon up many of her elemental attacks, so she seems to concentrate then on the physical. Flapping her wings, Rei takes to the skies, circling once through the lights above, and then swoops down for a quick rushing attack at Chimera's flanks, hoping to use the momentary safety of the air to regroup her thoughts and keep the beast at bay.

All three of Chimera's heads follow Rei's movements, and yet, he makes no move to get out of the way of her dive. The gargoyle's attack barrels into Chimera, pushing him back and cutting into his flesh. That should have done it - the beast should be down. But it seems no one told /him/ that. With a loud, tripple-voiced roar, Chimera chases Rei, leaping after her. The cervid neck swings 'round again, once more sending those antlers at the beast's airborne-foe.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Miki-Miki-Miki-Miki!"

In the air, Rei has at least some advantage against the horns of the land-based Chimera. However, the length of this match is clearly draining the speed reserves of the normally defensive angel. She seems to have to take extra effort in flipping herself mid-air, avoiding the raking reach of the antlers. However, that seems the end of her flying as she comes to land on the auditorium surface once more. It's difficult to tell if it is the angel wearing down, or the deus, but both seem a little bit tired even at this point in the match. Rather than pressing the attack, Rei only turns her armored shoulder towards Chimera, seeming to brace for whatever will come.

In contrast, both Tomoe and Chimera seem fiercely focused. Tomoe has blocked out all of the crowd, and the lights - there is nothing but the layer. Chimera charges forward, battered and beyond the point that should be broken, but still fighting. He doesn't even seem to be slowing - no, even as the beast draws near, he leaps at the exhausted-looking gargoyless, spreading both foreclaw and talon, and beating that lopsided wing. Hoof and hindclaws are brought forward, and all three mouths open - preparing for a completely maul. Should Rei neglect to get out of the way, it will most certainly hurt. Probably, anyway.

For whatever her reasons, Rei doesn't get out of the way. No, instead she lifts her head and takes the brunt of the attack head-on. Some can say a gargoyle is hard-headed, but this particular one surely has a will of sheer stone. Thus, even though the powerful attack hits her, sends her sprawling, and gouges a huge gash down her unarmored shoulder... her life bar only seems to lose about a forth of it's area. From the ground, Rei pushes herself with some effort, holding her injured shoulder and showing some signs of pain. Her eyes narrow at the bestial form of Chimera, but she still doesn't seem to be able to summon up any of her elemental powers. So, she simply steps forward and snaps her tail out towards Chimera's central maw. Bad puppy. No cookie.

Rei's tail slaps solidly into Chimera's jaw, snapping the massive head to the side, causing the beast to move back a couple of steps. It should have done more - it should have finished him off. And yet, Chimera is not out, yet. The response to the attack is a deep, loud roar, and then a blast of super-hot flames belch viciously forth from those assaulted jaws. Curtains erupt into flames and the boards of the stage charr and crack.

Rei seems to expect the belch of fire that comes at her, but rather than dodging, she simply raises her arms up and covers her face as the blast of heat hits her. It leaves the metal of her pauldron smoking and glowing faintly red, the heat of it causing her some obvious discomfort as it continues to burn the flesh beneath. Still, Rei may be singed, but she still stands. She seems to know what will come, and wants to face the monster head-on. So, Rei charges forward, once more lowering her head, aiming to slam into Chimera and knock him backwards into the auditorium curtains.

As soon as the flames have ceased to pass Chimera's maw, the beast pushes forward, meeting Rei's charge head-on. The gargoyle's horns sink easily into Chimera's flesh and yet, for a moment, it seems as though he will continue. But there's a slight twitch, the hint of a slump - and then a horribly dying roar. The monstrosity spasms, falling to the side as all four legs begin to kick and beat and scratch. That wing beats sharply against the stage and Chimera's flank, while the three-split tail lashes around wildly. All three sets of jaws snap and sway, and each neck spasms and turns. They're vicious death-throes - not something to be caught amidst. It takes several moments for the life to truly leave the beast, and then, Chimera is still.

As Chimera begins his flailing death motions, Rei is hit hard, smashing into the curtains which fall down onto the layer. This leaves the gargoyle out of sight, and the beast's twitching form still lingering on the layer. But who won? Both life bars are showing the words 'calculating...' even as the layer goes silent and Chimera goes still. Then, there is a twitch from underneath the curtains. Could there still be life in one of the two angels? The curtains shift again, and from underneath them comes the battered, bruised, black-bloody and quite weary form of Rei. Just at the moment that she staggers to her feet, the layer seems to finish it's calculations...

"OHHHH!" The buzzer sounds, and the board seems to take a moment. A little exclaimation mark shows that calculations are pending... until finally! Mikage has won, so says the billboard at the top as Mikage's photograph comes up along with an even bigger image of her angel in flight. "SUCH A SPARKLINGU-FIGHTO!" The spotlights immediately cross down onto the champion and winner of this game. "Winner, Rei-chan! And her deus, Aogiri Mikage, Tze White-O Stormemu!" Because english always sounds cooler! "But lets give a hand to both deusses, who fought so brilliantly in our first-o match-u! Aogiri-san and Inugata-san! Yaaa!" <The announcer moves his hands in order to get some good loud applause and cheers out of the crowd."

There seems to be very little reaction from Tomoe. She continues to watch the layer, even after the winner is announced. And then, carefully, she slips off her visor, immediately brushing her hair back over her face. Her expression is quite neutral - she's neither smiling, nor frowning. It's hard to see how she might feel about the results.

The egg-chair moves over the layer, until Tomoe can gently pluck the mangled form of her angel off the layer surface. Once the chair has neared the arena floor, the quiet girl slips eagerly out of it, and heads back down the hallway towards the waiting area. She says nothing to anyone, still doing her best to block out the crowds and the lights.

From the other end of the arena, Mikage slowly slips her own visor off of her head, sighing slightly as she places a hand on her chest. It's been a while since she's fought infront of this many people, and the toll of it shows on her face. A few strands of hair cling with sweat around her forehead. Still, she manages a small smile as she waves to the faceless crowd she can't see. She waits in the chair until it is lowered to the layer, and then retrieves her angel carefully, seeming to be looking her over for damage that might cause her problems in the rest of the tournament.

Then, the young woman simply takes her angel, and heads off following Tomoe towards the hallway. It seems that her 'game face' she normally puts on for the crowd is gone for now, and all the pale deus wants to do is get away from all the people and take a little bit to collect herself before the next match.