Michi is stretching in one corner of the room. Nervous? Her? Not at all! Nervousness is a thing that happens to people who aren't Aomori Michi! She's also looking a lot less tomboyish than usual: her hair is combed out and she's wearing a rather fetching blue sundress. Apparently she wanted to look good for her first tournament bout against... "You!" Fancy that! She grins. "Hey, wow. Didn't recognize the name at first. Good luck, yeah?"

Wow, it has been a long time since the Layer Phantom has been refered to as 'You' or 'Hey You'. The young man blinks from behind his mask and stares at the little kid for a while. "Well, so it appears. Just... don't tackle me before we get to the layers, alright?" The young man lets out a playful whimper before stretching his arms a little in order to ensure his clothing is on correctly. This was his first duel this tournament, and it already promised to be fairly interesting.

Michi giggles a little. She picks up her Angel from the chair where she was sitting: a petite blonde thing in a white dress. An angel Angel, it seems. "Hey, I still say you're askin' for it. But I promise I won't this time, honest." Appropos of nothing, she continues, "I can't believe my first match is against the Layer Phantom. This is just like a story: brave rookie against the seasoned and well-known veteran of the game. I wonder if this is gonna be the one where against all odds I beat you, or the one where I lose to show where I'm startin' from so we can see how good I get later?" She pauses to consider this, putting a finger on her chin.

"I think it is going to be the latter, youngster. However, I have been proven wrong before. So do not take my word for it." The masked man replies and turns his eyes on the exit, or rather, at the TV screen which shows the current state of the layers out there. "Besides. I am not all that strong. Many have defeaten me before. So don't believe me to be some kind of top player or anything, okay? I am just another deus."

Michi grins as she considers his words. "Well, we'll just hafta see, won't we? C'mon, let's go!" With that she dashes off into the arena without waiting for a reply. Energetic, isn't she?

The crowd was cheering loudly, enjoying the thrill of battle after battle as the tournament continued. "What a spectacular battle. But we've got a lot more in store yet, and here come the deus for the next round." The crowd starts cheering even louder than before as Michi comes rushing out, anticipating a good match. "In the east corner, a new comer to this tournament and student at Eriol Gakuen, Aomori Michi! His angel isn't to be trifled with, an angel with the ability to prove that being new doesn't mean you're weak, Unmei no Tenshi!"

The crowds cheering turns to a confused murmur as the Deus in question comes charging in. Him? His? Michi does a good job with his major passion in life, and so to all outward appearances he is a lovely if rambunctious teenaged girl. Up in the stands, however, two boys keep cheering: one a serious-looking boy with thin spectacles, the other a slightly plump boy with amazing hair. -- "Gambarre, Micchan!" -- "All right, Micchan!"

The announcer continues, slightly confused himself but knowing that there was still another competitor to announce. "And in the west corner, a seasoned veteran by now. Few don't know the business like personality and future husband to the White Storm, the Layer Phantom!" The crowds cheering renews as the well known player makes his appearance. "His angel is furry and sure to please, quick on his paws with a wit to match. Kamui!"

Raising one hand, the Layer Phantom enters the dome and peers around for a short moment, trying to please the crowd for a short moment. However, he still isn't entirely comfortable with being the center of attention amongst so many people. Luckily, he had his mask to hide behind. The young man keeps on walking forwards until he finally flings his cape about and seats himself onto the open seat. He was clearly not as energetic as Michi.

Michi takes a seat, waving like a loon up at her friends. She had no idea they were coming! "Tarou! Densuke!" Realizing that she should be paying more attention to the layer.

With that, then, she turns to face her opponent grins almost wolfishly at him, one fist raised in a dramatic pose. "Good luck, my opponent! You are a worthy foe and I admire you, but so long as we are in this arena I will do everything in my power to defeat you. Face me with all your passion!" She holds out her Angel so that she's facing hersel: "This is our first tournament together. We must not fail! Gambarre, Unmei no Tenshi!" Then, with no further ceremony, she throws the Angel in a high arc into the Layer. As it passes the upper boundaries of the layer, it turns the freefalling tumble into a much more graceful spin, landing in classic En Pointe pose. "Unmei No Tenshi: FAITO!".

The Layer Phantom waits calmly for the crane to lift him up to the layer's level along with Michi and watches patiently as the opposing deus falls i his layer. The announcer had surely just called 'Entry-ANGEL' in bad English. "Hmm." He inspects the petite angel, and when he finally nods he prepares to fall in his own angel.

The masked man reaches un underneath his cloak, and there is some movement as he seeks to grab hold of Kamui: an action quite invisible to everyone other than Michi. His fingers wrap around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your bonded soul!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel darts forth...

It goes head first, touching the bright light of the layer. The feline immediatly forces itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently due to the speed it had been thrown at! Its limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth, finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashes violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his own side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel, it was directed at Michi. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, it was almost demonic: if not, at least feral.

Ranmaru turns his eyes from his angel to Michi, and a smile appears on his face while the layer begins to alter in order to show a... giant turtle! "Okay..." Ranmaru stares at it for a moment, seemingly not having seen this layer /too/ often. "Well, pets be careful of the fire shall we?" And with that said, the buzzer goes off! "Angelic Fight-O!" The announcer points at the deusses. "Gooo!" And the moment that buzzer goes, Ranmaru's angel has already shot forwards, aimed at throw a quick series of bunches straight at Unmei no Tenshi, the true intent between those punches being to distract his opponent and force him to fall as he'd pull a sliding attack with its legs in between!

On the layer, Unmei no Tenshi's appearance on this particular Layer, combined with her opponent, lends a dramatic feel to the whole affair. A lone figure of purity in a burning world, facing against a nightmarish opponent... perfect. Or so it seems to Michi. Unmei no Tenshi slides around the blows, dancing lightly on her feet. When the leg shoots out to catch her she simply leaps into the air, vaulting over her opponent and landing behind him, still not having left her pose.

Kamui seems to allow his opponent for a breather, seeing as they had just dodged one of his attacks, and Ranmaru was stopping him from crushing his opponent too fast. "Come on, your turn. Throw me an attack and show me if you can tackle Kamui as well as you tackled me." It appears the Layer Phantom is quite amused by what had happened earlier. "Come on. I dare you."

Michi chuckles. "So you aren't gonna forget that, are ya?" Above, there's a murmur: did the Layer Phantom get /tackled/? What's that all about? Down on the Layer itself, Unmei no Tenshi leaps into action. Literally: she crouches and springs off, not quite heading straight towards her oppponent but instead aiming at an angled approach. Her landing turns into another leap, and then another, and then she's flying past him with her fist outstretched, aiming for his jaw.

"Of course I won't. It doesn't happen to everyday that I get tackled by some random kid who thinks themselves to be a hero." The Layer Phantom is most amused by this. Yes, he is. "Anyhow. You need to concentrate on your attack a bit more to even come close to touching Kamui!" The moment Ranmaru says this, his angel moves to the side just outside of Tenshi's range and with a swipe in the air, a blue stream of energy links the two of the all of the sudden. The outcome of this 'defense' is that Kamui... looks completely revitalized after that attack and Michi is... well, a little less lucky. Followed immediately after this is Kamui lunging forwards at Michi's angel much like a big cat trying to get at its pray, attempting to set its nasty little claws on his opponent's chest!

Unmei no Tenshi manages to leap out of the way of the assault, but only barely: this thing is far faster than she was expecting. Frowning, she goes into another bout of leaping... and this one keeps going. Every time she hits a flat surface she seems to be gaining momentum and becoming that much harder to pinpoint, until finally with a resounding crash she attemts to plant both of her feet in her opponent's sternum.

The feline stands perfectly still where it is, following the angelic angel with its crimson eyes. When Tenshi finally gets close enough, the feline suddenly disappears from its position, and when he reappears, he is right above his opponent, claws aimed down and ready to strike! The angel attempts to throw a nasty kitty-jab at the angel and whether or not he hits, he immediately darts away again! Runaway kitty!

The sudden jab catches Unmei off-guard and she sustains a raking blow across her waist, shredding her dress. The crowd cries out appreciatively at the first blow landed this fight. "Unmei no Tenshi, fight on!" her deus cries, as the petite angel dashes forward in another attempted assault on her opponent. Her low, crouched run turns into another leap at the last moment, dovetailing into an uppercut.

The attack HITS! But... there's no damage!? What exactly did it hit? If Tenshi was paying attention, and had used most of her force, she'd likely hurt her hand on a big rock wing. Wrapped around Kamui is what looks like a pair of large stone wings, protecting the feline angel. The crowd goes wild as they get to see something which only two players had so far shown to them as being possible on the layer. The wings begin to disappate again, but not before a wispy form of a gargoyle angel moves her head past Kamui and kisses him cutely on the cheek. The feline turns his face about and shows his appreciation with a cute meow. The little ring on one of his fingers shines for a short moment until the visage of Rei disappates completely again. Ranmaru, in the meantime, has this cute little smile on his face. "Anyhow, Kamui, attack back!" The feline responds by raising a clawed hand and lunging forwards, trying to swipe at Tenshi before she can get away!

But his target isn't there! As the stone wings appeared to block her attack, Unmei no Tenshi leapt into the air once more and is only now landing, spinning on one foot with the other aimed at the back of her opponent's head. Michi giggles, "Neat trick there."

The feline quickly steps to the side in order to let Michi's angel move past and turns his body along with this same motion in order to keep up with her. He even attempts to draw a scratching line along her arm or anything he can get his sharp little nails on! Other than that, however, the feline does not seem to wish to put more effort into attacking, as his deus has noticed how taxing this fast volley of attacks had already been on his opponent. However... one should note that if those claws would hit... more would be lost than just some healthpoints...

Unmei is tagged once more with the claws, looking out of breath and harried. This one looks like it might be nearly over, folks. No fancy footwork, no crazy leaping. She spins again on one heel and throws out another kick, then backflips away from her target to give herself some space.

Kamui dodges out of the way most skillfully, and looks to just as energized as he was in the very beginning of this battle! He shifts to the left and the right, making a circle around the edges of the turtle before suddenly he launches straight towards Michi's angel... no wait. More than one Kamui? He had moved around the layer so fast that a set of afterimages had formed, and now Kamui seemed to be attacking from four sides! The moment he gets close enough to his opponent, a mad volley of attacks begins from all those sides, and the 'kamuis' keep moving in circles, trying to trap his opponent in, never letting go....

Reeling under the onslaught, Unmei no Tenshi does her best. She dodges under attacks as they come, but one tag becomes two, which becomes four, and before long she's taken the final blow, landing in a heap. Michi frowns. "We tried our best, Unmei." Looking across the layer at her opponent, she performs a jaunty little salute. "Hey, that was a great fight. You're gonna hafta show me how you got your Angel to do that."

"No no." Ranmaru wags a single finger about. "Its a secret. Besides, why would I tell someone who tackled me?" He grins while saying this, showing that he is playing about a little. "Either way. Its just a looot of practice." Sure, there was a littlebit more to it, but that was not for others to know. "BUZZZZZ" The buzzer goes, and the announcer calls out: "Winner, Kamui and his deus, the Layer Phantom!" The crowd goes wild and the spotlights settle on Ranmaru. The youngster stands up while the seat lowers back to the ground level and waves at them before he finally wanders off, carrying his angel which he had grabbed a little earlier just as the layer had deactivated.

Michi gives the crowd a final wave as she makes her way back to the waiting room. "Well, either way I'm lookin' forward to a rematch. Have fun with the rest of the tournament!" She gives her Angel a friendly squeeze.