Kokoro holds Katashi yup as her eggshell swings into place, her fingers come up and activate her visor the wings springing into place. "Gi! Yu! Jin! Rei! Makoto! Meiyo! Chugi!" she chants out the virtues of Bushido as she throws Katashi onto the layer. He slides through the layer edge, his hair waving with the curents of the water as he drifts to the mud, his shoulder lands stiring up a small cloud of silt before he rolls to his feet and stands, hands by his hips waiting for his oponent..

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Do it like a Chinese fighting fish!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Watch out for sharks! They BITE!"

Tatsu activates his visor as his chair moves up into position. Tatsu, looking excited from anticipation and determined, tosses Brozzel towards the layer. Mid-descent, Brozzels eyes flicker to life. As Brozzel comes to life, Tatsu shouts out Brozzel! Proclaim your name to the heavens! Brozzel flips forward in the air acrobatically, then sinks into the water with a plop, landing on his feet on the bottom and arms held out sideways. His head snaps up and his eyes lock fiercely and excitedly onto his opponent. He assumes a loose fighting stance, occasionally bouncing up to avoid sinking into the mud. It almost looks like Brozzel is wearing a grin that matches his Deus.

The Announcer grins as the angels make their way into the layer, and then adjusts his sunglasses a bit before pointing high into the sky. "Well now, at the bottom of the sea a battle for surpremacy begins! Who will take the lead and end in glorious victory? There is only one way to find out, soooooo ANGEL~LLIC FAIT~O!" With that the timer begins counting down, indicating the match has begun, all that was left now was to battle it out until a victor was declared!

Katashi's golden eyes flick to his opponent, at the sound of the announcers shout he charges forward, feet churning in the mud and causing a small cloud to puff from each footfall, his hands come in low then jerk up to grab for the other angels wrist, his claws attempting to dig and then continue his run pulling the arm around behind Brozzel's back to flip him into the silt.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Toss 'em like a salad!"

Brozzels eyes coldly watch Katashi's charge, seemingly unresponsive to the approaching threat. Watching Katashi as he grabs his arm, Brozzel's gaze seems to judge the threat and find it lacking. Brozzel turns into the flip and lands on his feet in the mud after.

After his landing, Brozzel seems to blur into action, turning around quickly. He let's himself start to fall back, capitalizing on the resistance of the water to slow it, then snaps forward and kicks off the mud, launching himself at Katashi with a fist aim for his face.

Katashi lifts a hand and catches the fist, redirecting the punch past his jaw. The motion does however cause some air to buble from the cheetahs muzzle. The heavy angel might be at something of a disadvantage on this layer but he won't let it stop him, he simply stands holding the other's fist as if taunting him to do better.

Brozzel angrily whips his hand away from the cheetah and grimaces. Perhaps he was faster than Brozzel first assumed. Brozzel jumps back and lands on top of the wooden chest in the arena and gives Katashi a glance that dare him to make his move

Katashi stands watching the other angel, certainly he could move in but instead he holds his ground, watching how the lighter angel moves in the water.

Brozzel watches the cheetah angel and decides it's times to get serious. He hops down off behind the chest, and then yanks it out the sand. Holding it in front of him, Brozzel charges toward Katashi, and throws the chest at him as he runs! Brozzel whips around Katashi in a flurry with a kick towards Katashi's side as Katashi handles the chest.

Katashi drops down to roll under the thrown chest, and only realises the deception just in time to get his forearms in front of him to take the brunt of the kick. More bubbles flicker from the cheetahs muzzle before his hands turn to grab the offending leg, duck under it and with a twist try to send the angel to the muggy bottom while wrenching his hip at the same time.

When Katashi tries to duck down under Brozzel's leg, Brozzel suddenly plants his foot in the middle of Katashi's back and uses it as a springboard to launch himself upwards through the water. As Brozzel sinks swiftly back down towards his opponent, he begins a kick downward guillotine-like straight towards the cheetah

Katashi turns to address the other angel, he doesn't dodge, he doesn't block he simply stands and lets Brozzel's heel to slam down into his shoulder. Taking the philosophy that simply shrugging off an attack can be far more intimidating than any display of aggressive strength. His lips pull back and some bubbles of air escape before he tries to dig his claws into the other angel's thigh. With a good grip he can pull down hyperflexing the knee.

Brozzel looks startled at Katashi's display of toughness, and fears creeps into his expression as he realizes what the Angel is about to do and how it will HURT. Brozzel manages to just wiggle out of the cheetah's grip at the last second, right as pain started to set in. Brozzel hops back and shakes out his thigh, then looks at his opponent and nods in acknowledgement of Katashi's ability. Brozzel suddenly steams forward, pushing off hard from the muddy ground and drawing back his fist for a punch

Katashi drops back, rolling with the hit. The exhertion does make him use up more of the air he's holding onto. His feet digging into the mud when he rolls back to them, he rushes forwards to send a scything kick at Brozzel's knee.

Brozzel sees the kick coming and turns into it, rolling backwards with the force to soften the blow. Though he managed to roll away, Brozzel was still hit rather soundly in the rib. Brozzel backs up and watches the cheetah from a few yards away, deciding his next move.

Katashi watches the other angels movement as he backs away, The cheetah digs his feet in takes the few sprinting steps it takes to close with Brozzel before diving in an attempt to tackle and pull the lighter angel down into the silt for the kind of beating only akibujutsu can really put on a bodies joints and long bones.

Brozzel sees the other Angels strategy and, seeing that he cant dodge out of the way in time, falls backward purposefully and tries to drive his knee into the gut of the angel trying to tackle him.look layer

Katashi takes the blow to his stomach forcing more air from his muzzle, he rolls back to try and reorganize and clear his head.

Brozzel rolls away from the cheetah and pauses, assuming a tighter stance and looking fierce. He attacks the Angel with a fury, throwing punches wildly

Katashi takes the hits the last of them not even iliciting bubbles from his muzzle, though he doesn't go down, a steely golden stare while he attempts to catch a hand, turn and then hyperflex the elbow over his shoulder.

When Katashi is no longer able to fight, the buzzer sounds indicating the end of the match. The Announcer stands up with a dramatic flourish of his hands and then calls out into the microphone loudly, "Brozzel WIN!" He grins a bit and adjusts his sunglasses some. "It was a glorious battle, but in the end the cheetah just couldn't outrun his hunter. Well fought, well fought!"

Brozzel sees Katashi struggling for air and knows that he's at his limits. Brozzel stolidly grabs Katashi around the chest and takes him to the edge of the layer to get away from the water and drowning

Tatsu looks happy yet also solemn at the same time. He removes his visor and calls across to Kokoro-san "Kokoro-san! It was a great match! You were unlucky with the map selection, but I'd like to duel you again sometime on even ground!"

Kokoro guides her eggshell down and pulls Katashi from the layer. She slides from the chair pulling off her visor before she bows to Tatsu. "Well fought, you and Brozzel did well. The layer selection is part of the tourney." she says hugging Katashi-kun to her chest.

Tatsu nods and bows back. "Good luck with the rest of your matches. I look forward to watching them"
Tatsu takes Brozzel from Layer.

Tatsu turns to the announcer and bows. "Thank you Announcer-san!", waves to the audience, then walks out

Kokoro makes her measured way out of the arena, she'll keep herself togeather until she can look at the playback and decide what she did wrong.

Tatsu calls out to Kokoro san before she leaves "Good luck with the tourney!