Walking out from the waiting room doors, Fukata glances up once more at the crowds, the people here to watch him and his opponent battle it out, and he can't help but grin - a little nervously, but at the same time exhilerated at being the centre of attention. He pauses for a moment to wave up at the crowds, then continuing the long walk across the floor of the arena before climbing into his seat and reaching for the visor.

The announcer bellows out, "In the Wee~st Corner... Ito Fukata and his angel Yuki! These two have competed in quite a few tournaments now, and are getting higher placed each time - his angel is a fast little thing, and she sure can throw a punch! Let's hear it for Ito Fukata!" He pauses for applause, "And Yuki!"

"Now onto our second, but by no means least deus here in this match, in the Ea~st Corner, returning again to the layers, is Yamada Toko, and her angel Vasques!" The announcer points at the girl leaving alongside Fukata, "This is one of our longest playing deuses, and although she's not always here - she always creates a stir when she is. Her angel Vasques is one of the heavier hitters you'll see today, and is likely to make a hefty dent in Yuki's soft armour should she be foolish enough to stand still! This match is going to be all about one or two hits folks - but those hits are going to hurt!"

"Let's hear it for Yamada Toko!" The announcer waits a beat, then continues even louder, "And her angel – Vasques!"

Yamada slowly paces out into the large domelike structure and raises a hand for a very short moment before walking on towards the seat which has been appointed to her. She seems to be more interested in the match than anything else. She has her angel on one arm, which she has set horizontally across her chest and finally sits down in the seat, kicking her military boots against the ground two times before turning her eyes onto the layer above and waits for herself to be lift up to the layer.

The layer is crowded over with green hues. Trees, shrubs, leaves and other various herbs clutter up the space in front of the players. The upper canopy of the trees hangs well over the angels' heads, the lower canopy being at right about eye level, and an arrangment of middle canopies lying somewhere inbetween.
Under the dense foliage is nothing but shadows. The light from the outside world seems to be blocked out almost completely, making it hard to see the opponent, let alone aim. Every now and then, as if it were pinpointing a safe haven, somehow a beam of light has broken through the trees and rests on the bottom of the jungle floor, which just happens to be made out of packed dirt.

"Once again the jungle rears it's ..." The announcer stumbles, " jungle-y head." He finishes weakly. "But I wonder if this pair can do as much damage as the last pair did - trees destroyed, a forest- ... or jungle-fire, and generally not-so-good things for global warming." He says, getting back into the rhythm after his falter. "Will Yuki and Vasques choose to make use of the ample cover, and guerilla warfare each other to death? Or will they just choose to go *through* the trees and undergrowth, destroying all in their paths." He pauses for a moment then says with a grin, "With one quite strong angel, and one extremely strong angel, I know which one my moneys on!"

"It's that time, Layer fans..." The announcer raises his hand to the air and yells, "Ento-rii~ Angel!"

Yamada looks down at Vasques for a moment, then raises the large, powerful Angel. "Resistance is futile. Annihilate them! Vasques!" Yamada yells out as she flings the Angel at the Layer with a quick overhand. Upon becoming active, Vasques twists and executes several forward flips, showing a surprising amount of agility. It finally lands right within one of the trees which had just popped up as the layer had shifted itself to allow for one of its many sceneries... the jungle! The angel blends in right with the trees, only its red hair may be visible here and there as she begins to move through the trees, circling the layer, waiting for Yuki to arrive.

Fukata pauses, taking one last look at the crowd, looking for a few familiar faces - he can't possibly see them among the numbers here - too many bodies...with a shrug, Fukata focuses onto the layer, placing his visor over his head and taking a calming breath. He reaches into his pocket and takes out his small, grey-haired angel, and holds her to his chest - eyes closed. "Even in the impossible," he intones clearly and loudly, "let us not accept defeat. Ikke! Yuki!" and as he says the last two words, his arm snaps back and then he tosses his angel out onto the layer.

The small angel flies through the light barrier and wakens, her eyes flicking open at the same time as her deus, and she scans the layer quickly - looking for a safe landing spot. She drops onto a tall tree, it sways under the sudden pressure, and she stands on top - balancing while she tries to find the other angel
Fukata says to the other deus with a grin "I've never fought one of the players from the original game before, Yamada-san. Let's make this a fight to remember, ne?" His angel continues, "Let's flatten this place, between us, Vasques-san." Yuki pauses for a second before asking "Umm...can you actually talk. because otherwise it's going to be a boring conversation.".

The trees begin to heavy move, as Vasques begins her assault. "We'll see." Is all miss Yamada says as she directs her angel to the offensive. Soon it becomes clear why the trees are moving... they are begin displaced as Vasques is running straight towards Yuki, ignoring everything in her path. She has her hands open wide and spread out, apparently planning on smacking Yuki!

With both angels on the treetops, Yuki takes a single step backwards to where there is no branch, but only leaves, and disappears into the canopy. There is a great rustling as Yuki moves around among the upper branches, out of sight. "Gotcha..." says Yuki, and an arm snakes out of the leaves, a head not far behind it, and the arm grabs at an ankle, trying to pull Yamada's angel down from the trees, a fair fall to the ground.

The large rushing angel seems almost as if she is going to tear Yuki right along with it! The tree to which Yuki is holding onto groans for a moment while Vasques turns its head about and attempts to see what she has just been caught by. However, it is just then that the angel finally loses its balance and ends up dropping! It flails around for a moment, trying to get a smack in, but is unable to connect a single one because it can't move close enough to Yuki now that it is falling towards the ground. And PLOMP... with a big puff of dust, the angel finds itself laying on the floor. An annoyed look appears on Yamada's face, but other than that nothing much changes about her. Instead, she orders he angel to stand back up and find Yuki!

Yuki drops down a little, catching a branch low in the canopy so she can see Vasques for a moment before dropping with an acrobatic flip and a cloud of dust of her own, down to the bottom layer. "So far, one to me." Yuki says cheerfully, then charges at the other angel, leaping a few paces before Vasques and letting fly a double-footed dropkick at her opponent.

The attack hits Vasques' shoulders, one leg on each side of her head. However, the look on her face suggests that she had braced for impact already. "Stop playing around already. Vasques, show her what happens to little girls who are playing with fire in war!" And with that, the large military looking angel begins to flail around her, trying her very best to connect a good punch with Yuki!

With a smile, Yuki ducks and weaves through the blows as if the kicks and punches were still in the air, "They get to watch pretty flames?" Yuki asks, hopping back out of reach of the attacks for a moment to wind up her own,she asks "You don't happen to have any fire with you, I hear this layer is a little volatile, and I like the sound of that." and then she twirls forwards, throws a leg up into the air, then pulls the heel downwards at Vasques' head.

"No, they get to be defeated!" Yamada guides her angel to get out of Yuki's attack. The angel heeds her command and even extends two hands, trying to catch Yuki's leg in order the grab it and smash her into the ground. Of course, seeing as her speed is going into getting away from Yuki's attack already, that may be a little harder to do, but it is still a good try!

With a twist, Yuki's legs brushes the tips of Vasques' fingers, and then is pulled out of reach. "You really are a quiet one, Vasques-san. I don't understand why your deus never taught you to speak, is it just that she likes to talk a lot herself?" Yuki asks, feigning innocent questioning. She suddenly gives a burst of speed and runs straight at Vasques - going from stationary and defensive to all out attack in moments, one fist is pulled back and Yuki lines up to punch Vasques headfirst into a tree.

“There is no need for Vasques to speak on the battlefield. It only slows one down." Is all Yamada has to say to this, further ignoring Yuki and letting her angel crouch down into a full guarding position. A little 'blib' sounds to indicate that a littlebit of damage had be done, but not much! "Punish! Vasques! Don't let this little worm escape you!" And with that, the flailing commences once again as the large hulking angel attempts to lay a finger on Yuki.

Yuki evades one blow, then another, not quite as smugly or gracefully as before, because little by little, Vasques is wearing her down, but she leaps backwards, catching a tree with a hand, and swings herself into the undergrowth, her grey hair flickering in tiny spots of light as she moves away to prepare a proper counterattack.

Yamada does not seem to plan on giving Yuki very long to rest. Vasques immediately storms forwards and runs RIGHT into the tree Yuki is sitting in and... bearhugs it! She warps her huge arms around it and begins to pull on the thing... its roots slowly come loose until the tree is floating in the air. "SMASH!" Yamada calls out, just before her angel uses all of its strength to smash it to the ground.

With a smile, Yuki awaits the tree to come down on her, and she still hasn't moved when the tree blocks her from sight, a cloud of dust and leaves exploding outwards - but standing, smugly, on top of the tree is Yuki, undamaged. "Big things, like you, are slow. Slow people don't hit me." Yuki says, enjoying the fight all the same, knowing that quite a few of her opponents attacks would have seriously damaged her if they'd landed. She takes a step forwards along the top of the tree, then vanishes, a blurred grey streak all that signifies her passage from one side to the other side of Vasques. She reappears next to another tree, one of her hands held out in a blade-like fashion, but she doesn't turn to attack, because she already did.

"Hey! You! Get off, that's Vasques' tree!" Yamada calls out, forcing her angel to move the tree sidewise in order to block Yuki's entire attack while jumping back a little to get out of range... and then she begins to rampage the tree through the entire jungle, trying to swat at Yuki as if she were some kind of annoying fly!

With a laugh at Yamada's response, Yuki ducks the first swing of the tree, then moves to cover, while Vasques smashes up things behind her, Yuki realises that cover isn't much help and just keeps pace with the slower angel, staying just out of reach until the other angel's rampaging relents. With a sigh of relief, Yuki looks back at Yamada's angel - "You seem to have done the destroying thing we talked about quite well." Apart from the tree Vasques uprooted - there are several trees now someone off-balance, and one crashes to the ground, having been swatted harshly. "Now that's power!" says Yuki with some awe, taking a dash forwards, and leaping up to rebound off of a tree here and a branch there, she throws herself at the other angel, and arms and legs reach out to entangle and constrict.

Vasques seems to really like using this tree! Its like a dog having found a new toy! She holds the tree right in front of her to block Yuki's attack and stops it almost completely cold. A few splints end up hitting the angel, but other than that she is perfectly fine. The only thing Yuki gets to hug is the tree. Unfortunately for Vasques however, one of Yuki's legs has trapped one of her hands, and she is quite busy now glaring at the opposing angel and trying to get loose.

With a groan, Yuki peels herself off of the tree, her foot dislodging from the tree and Vasques' arm, she hops back to continue the offensive, this time on her opponent, not the greenery. She flips over the tree to where Vasques stands, "Time to move this up a notch, eh?" Yuki's form blurs, her edges become indistinct, as if she was moving very quickly on the one spot, then she throws a fist out at Vasques, but instead of looking like a single punch, the punches simply meld into one another, the one punch landing in a seemingly everywhere at once.

The punches hit straight on. Vasques tries to protect itself with the tree once again, but it simply gets crushed by the rapid attacks of Fukata's angel, until it breaks and the buff angel has to take the attacks dead on. "Don't let her pin you down, Vasques! Retaliate!" Yamada calls out.
Vasques, when the attacks finally have died down a little, quickly looks around herself and tries to find Yuki, concentrates... and then with a loud yell, throws a nasty punch into one direction, asuming that according to some kind of pattern, Yuki will be standing there!

And for a moment, she was, but not for long - Yuki spins out of the way, and rebounds off a tree, bouncing up into the air, she grabs a nearby thick-looking branch, and drops at speed down towards Vasques - "I'm sure Fukata's seen this in an anime somewhere - Ryu Tsui Sen!" and with that she slashes downwards with the branch - aiming at Vasques' head.

BUZZZZZZZZZZ! "What!?" Yamada looks at the layer with wide eyes. She had underestimated Yuki's attack and had ordered Vasques to counter the attack! Her fist had connected with Yuki's face... but the big branch had knocked Vasques on the head in such a way that it had done critical damage... The angel wobbles a few times before finally falling down on its back. The layer deactivates...

Yuki flicks her sword in the air, to clean off imaginary blood, and places it by her side, bowing to Vasques who lies nearby. She then tosses the sword away, her act complete.

Fukata grins, "Good match, Yamada-san." He calls out across the layer, "Your angel sure can take a beating, I was sure Yuki was going to get too tired to fight before the end of the match for a bit there."

Fukata's angel walks over to the fallen Yamada, and picks up the larger angel with some visible effort, and carries her to the other deus before bowing to Yamada "Thank you for the match." Yuki says, politely.

"Grrr... I should have seen this coming." Yamada takes her angel back to her side and puts it away before letting the crane-seat take her back down. She finally gets up when at the ground floor and nods towards Fukata... as a courtesy... before walking off towards the waiting area again. Stuffy military lady is stuffy.

"Hey..." Fukata says weakly, wondering what he did wrong, and he reaches out and catches his angel who throws herself out of the layer towards him, before turning to wander out to the waiting area himself. "Yamada-san..."

And a few minutes ago, unnoticed by people who were watching (or participating in) the drama at the layer, the Announcer shouted "Yuki Wins!"