Back at the tournament, and back to looking for an opponent. There was still much to try, and much to learn, and Tomoe's tests were not over yet. And so, she stands in the layer area. Chimera is resting over her arm and hand, his chest nestled in her up-turned palm. He's the best way she can think of to advertise her readiness for a duel - she hasn't really had much luck in challenging others. Her head is slightly bowed right now, hair obscurring her face and her eyes directed towards Chimera. Thinking again. And waiting.

Miina wanders about, looking for a match in a slightly more active way than her classmate. When she comes across Tomoe and Chimera, she grins. "Hello, Inugata-san," she greets with a smile and a little wave. "Are you looking for someone to play with, too? I'll play, if you want." She knows that Tomoe doesn't really like how talkative she is...but she also wants to try and make friends with her...difficult as it may be.

Tomoe looks over to Miina. "Akaki-san." She nods. "Deal." That said, she looks around for an empty layer. Finding one, she makes her way over to it, without looking back to ensure that Miina is coming. Straight to business. She takes a seat at the layer, setting things up on her end. The slips the headset on carefully, powering it up and waiting for Miina to prepare on her side.

Miina quickly sits in her own chair, putting her angel in her lap as she pulls on the visor and flips it on. She smiles across the layer at Tomoe, nodding once, then raises her rabbit angel above her head. Since Tomo doesn't like to talk much anyway, there's no point in waiting. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan," she calls out, grinning up at her angel until she tosses her at the barrier. "Let's fight!"
As she is sent flipping through the barrier, it takes Usagi a moment to redirect her fall, righting herself in the air before she lands on the soft sand. She straightens, holding her carrot horizontally behind her back as she watches for the other angel's entry..

Tomoe nods again, briefly. "It's rabbit flesh tonight. Chimera, fall in." With that, she throws the beast into the layer. As he passes through the layer barrier, Chimera's wing spreads wide, helping to slow his descent. He lands hard, forefeet first, and begins to sink a little in the sand. Another flap of that heavy wing helps to pull the beast free, but not for long. With Chimera's weight, this would be a difficult terrain..

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan blinks a little as she sees that her opponent is once again the huge Chimera. She had just barely won against him the last time, but she's sure that he's gotten stronger since then. She has as well, though, so we'll see what happens. Being that she's so much tinier than Chimera, when the buzzer sounds to start the match, her wide furred feet don't even begin to sink into the sand before she is moving fast over it, aiming to land a quick, whiplike blow on the top of Chimera's central head.

The blow lands pretty much exactly as planned, slamming over the muzzle and forehead of the central head. There's a low growling noise, then Chimera lunges a bit - a move that would be ever so much more effective if his feet weren't being sucked down into the sand. In the midst of the lunge, the cervid head bows low, then sharply twists, sending those massive antlers swooping towards Chibi Usagi-tan's cute little head.

The much tinier angel gets smacked solidly by the sweeping antlers, despite trying to block with her weapon. She winds up being sent sprawling across the sand, and takes a moment to raise herself up on hands and knees. She shakes her head, clearing away stars and sand alike, then rushes in again. This time, she darts around to the side of the beast, stabbing with her carrot's point at its side.

The carrot tip easily pierces Chimera's side - too easily, in fact. There's a sharp, popping noise, followed by a sudden jet of sticky, corrosive black goo. The stuff sprays a fair distance, hissing and sizzling in the air and eating away at anything it contacts. Even the sand below corrodes into a general muck, although perimeter sand quickly fills in as the added weight pushes those patches downward. Chimera rips his feet loose from the sucking sand, turning towards the bunny-girl before making a lumbering bound in her direction. That heavy forepaw is drawn back, then sent quickly forward - a powerful slap towards Chibi Usagi-tan's torso.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan should really have known that was coming..the same thing had happened to her before. The icky goo sticks in her fur, making quite the effective distraction. She doesn't even see the paw coming until she's knocked across the sand yet again. She manages to roll a bit more gracefully, not hurting herself in the fall, but she decides to keep her distance for a moment and regroup.

A successful strike. Chimera does not let up. That wing slaps down heavily into the sands, helping yank the beast's feet from the sand. It takes a lot of effort, but Chimera closes the distance to his opponent yet again. The two outter heads pull back as the beast pushes forward, the central maw opening wide. He lunges inward for a bite, those massive teeth aimed to close around Chibi Usagi-tan's tiny little waist.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan jumps to the side and out of the way of the deadly bite, ducking under the head on the beast's right and making it around to its flank. She crouches, then tries to stab her carrot up at the thing's hip, hoping to slow it down a bit and let it get caught by the sand.

As the carrot tip stabs deep into Chimera's hip, the beast's tail immediately whips around the vegetative weapon, encircling it with all three tips. It doesn't seem to do much, really - perhaps it's just some odd reflex? Regardless, all three heads turn to watch Chibi Usagi-tan, six dull red eyes locked upon the bunny girl. That massive wing shoots out again, then slams down towards Usagi-tan's head.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan :jumps back away from the wing, leaving her weapon in the grip of the tail. She skids along the surface of the sand a bit, but then runs around behind the beast to try and retrieve her carrot. With this thing's massive size, she won't be able to do much without it.

The moment the bunny-girl releases her weapon, Chimera's tail yanks the carrot out of his flank, tossing it into the sand with enough force to partially bury it. However, it does not sink very quickly - Chibi Usagi-tan should have plenty of time to retrieve it . . . if she can get around Chimera. The beast places himself between his opponent and her weapon, then lunges forward. The cervid head bows low, swinging those heavy antlers towards the bunny-girl's chest.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan slides completely under the Chimera, managing to scrape herself on the sand before she can retrieve the weapon. From behind the cumbersome Chimera, she strikes another whiplike blow at its flank.

Chimera turns quickly, following Chibi Usagi-tan. He lunges quickly, all three mouths opening wide. Suddenly, a jet of that black corrosive goo shoots out from the serpentine mouth, a cloud of frigid air and sharp shards of ice blasts from the cervid mouth, and a wave of intense yet brief flame erupts from the central mouth.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan is just sort of fubar. That's all that can really be said at this point.

Tomoe frowns a little as the bunny-girl goes down. She turns off her headset and pulls it off quickly. She stands and leans over the layer, plucking Chimera off of it. " . . . I expected better of you, Akaki-san." She immediately turns around, walking off while tinkering with her bestial little angel.