Another day of the tournament. Tomoe had spent quite a while working on Chimera the previous night - his first couple of matches had been brutal. Confident that she'd ironed out the kinks, Tomoe is ready for another match. She looks around for a potential opponent - anyone will do, really. She's not really trying to hide herself, either. Her hair obscurs her face as per usual, but she's making a point to stay away from the corners and out-of-the-way places where she generally lurks. After all, if someone were to notice and challenge her, it would save her the trouble of finding someone to challenge. Chimera is laying over her hand, wrist and part of her arm. Her palm is turned upwards, cradling the beast's chest, and his forelegs dangle down on either side of her fingers. Even if no one might be drawn to challenge Tomoe for Tomoe's sake, keeping Chimera so visible should help peak some interest.

"Oi." Konosuke arrives near Tomoe, and pokes her shoulder. He is standing straight behind her as he touches her shoulder. "Are you available for a duel?" Only just had he finished a duel with a plushie-loving girl, and he wasn't about to stop challenging people. His hat was hiding his eyes by casting a shadow over it, and his angel was being at his chest... though if it was truly an angel or simply a dead bird he had found somewhere on the side of the street wasn't clear.

Tomoe jerks away from the poke, but refrains from her usual response to such contact. Her jaw tenses very slightly when she turns to face Konosuke, but she gives a brief nod. "Yes." She recognized him - she'd fought this one before. He was the one who helped her figure out fire affects, although it may be somewhat unlikely that he'd realize that. But had she gotten his name . . . ? She couldn't remember. Without another thought to the matter, Tomoe turns again, looking for an empty layer, and spotting one. She heads in that direction. True, he hadn't technically challenged her - just asked a question, really - but she was taking it for a challenge.

"Yush." Konosuke does a pumping motion with his arm to emphasize his words and quickly follows the girl to the empty layer. The attendant that was looking over that layer was talking to the two duelists who had just finished playing there. "We'll be taking this one." He dashes past Tomoe for a moment and pokes the attendant before quickly settling into the empty seat closest to the attendant. He sits down and just begins waiting for the girl to sit down. "I won't lose this time!" He states firmly, having recognized Inugata-chan. "Me, Aoshita Konosuke will win this tournament." He laughs, knowing just how silly this sounds and then extends a hand towards the seat before him. "I will let you fallin first."

Tomoe arches a brow at the little scene, although the motion is well hidden by her hair. No matter. She takes her seat, and sets things up on her end. The headset is put in place carefully, her hair pulled out from beneath it at just the last moment. It is turned on, and she looks to the layer, waiting for a random scenery to settle into place. Roses. Again. Huh. There's a very slight shake of her head as she wonders what kind of luck that is. Ah, well. Tomoe looks over to her opponent before tossing Chimera into the field of flowers. "It's bird flesh tonight. Chimera, fall in."

With that, Chimera is sent towards the layer. As he passes through the barrier, his wing tucks in sharply, folding shut over his back, and all three head rear back a little. Forelegs are extended outward to slam into the rosey underbrush, and hindlegs follow soon afterwards. There's a very low growly noise, and the beast crouches a bit, slowly swaying his tail from side to side as he waits for the appearance of his opponent..

Konosuke takes what looks like a dead bird into his hand and raises it up into the air. "Ashes to ashes..." He begins, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then holds Fou near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moves his hand back for a sort second and then throws his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touched the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appeared! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil had fallen onto the ground and then was set on fire!

"Yush!" Konosuke grins as the roses begin to burn once again. "Again..." He says. "Lets not have a repeat from last time, Fou." Konosuke closes his eyes and waits patiently.

All six eyes watch as flames wash over Lord Fou and the pheonix comes to life. It had been some time since thier last battle - long enough for both of them to have learned a thing or two. Chimera's wing stretches out for a moment before folding back in, and the beast begins to walk, slowly - a slow stalking motion, in a wide circle. There was no water to dampen those flames here - he would need to be cautious. But then, Chimera's caution was severely limited - he'd be attacking soon enough. Just not now - now, he studies his prey, watching for the majestic bird's first move.

Fou however isn't about to wait anytime soon! Instead it immediately rushes forth with a loud shriek, forcing itself to move low over the roses in an attempt to sweep Tomoe's angel from the ground. "Don't let Chimera stay on the ground, take it up into the skies!" Konosuke speaks to his angel, betraying his own plan quite publicly without realizing that this might ruin the effect of suprise.

As Lord Fou swoops down towards him, Chimera turns, presenting his side to the pheonix. An odd move, perhaps - it almost ensures that the strike will hit, and that the powerful bird will manage to get an at least decent hold. The strike is strong indeed - the force alone manages to rip through the thin layer of skin and flesh-like material. There's a sharp poping noise at the blow and, suddenly, a jet of some thick, gooey liquid shoots out from the wound. The stuff is foul, sticky, and corrosive. It hisses in the air and eats into whatever it touches.

Tomoe makes no response, remaining calm and rather emotionless, her attention split between Konosuke and the battle on the layer. Lord Fou is easily able to grasp Chimera, but the beast is surprisingly heavy. Even such a powerful angel as the pheonix would nto find it easy to carry him. Still, Chimera makes to complaint on the move, and actually turns towards Fou, grasping with claws and talons and attempting to snake that tri-split tail around his abductor. He intends to hold on, tightly. Extremely tightly.

"Kggg..." Konosuke turns his head away from the battle for a short period of time before the angel darts into the skies again to make a come-around. It had not picked up Chimera after all after the previous retaliation from the opposing angel, and now that it was about to come about it once again planned on doing the same exact move! However this time, the flames around the angel seemed to burn brighter, as is it was charging for something to come!

Chimera watches as Fou circles around, tensing just slightly for the coming attack. Just as the pheonix slams into him, the beast turns, once again attempting to grab the powerful bird. Foreclaws and talons swing around to dig into Fou's fiery flesh, and that tail moves to wrap around the bird's legs and torso, two of the tips attempting to slip around his wings. Despite a wing of his own, Chimera could not actually fly - the next best thing would be to hold tightly onto something that could. Especially something that might be capable of baring his massive weight.

In his defense, Fou starts flying up far into the sky to shake of Chimera, flames begin to lick on the opposing angel, trying to burn its flesh. "Screeee." It lets out a warcry and a sudden burst of energy attempts to force Chimera to fall before the angel lets out a ball of fire into the sky which suddenly flies into the sky along side of Fou from its beak, and then races downwards to try and smack into Chimera... a pure ball of fire that, when it would impact, would encase Chimera in the air or against the ground, burning it!

A complicated move, but one that plays out just as planned. The energy burst pushes Chimera off of Lord Fou. The beast immediately snaps out his wing to slow his descent, but then is met with that fireball. The wing is pulled back in, sparing it from some of the flames, but the fire still scorches the fur, scales, feathers and flesh of the beast. Down he falls, back into the roses. The beast crushes many, and the flames obliterate many more.

Fou doesn't give Chimera much of a chance to recover. So the moment it begins falling, the Phoenix follows after it and lands right besides it before beginning to peck into its direction, trying to rip away its flesh. "Get him Fou! No mercy this time!" He comments, setting one hand to his heart. "Get him!" The bird answers with those fast pecks of its beak, wild and fast.

The fall did not manage to daze the beast much, although those lingering flames did help matters. Singled, bits of fur still smoldering, Chimera does little to evade the peck-peck-peck of his opponent. Little, that is, except to retailiate. The cervid head rears back a bit, then lunges suddenly forward, mouth agape, baring those jagged, sharp teeth. The plunge is directed towards Lord Fou's neck - a quick bite, little more.

The chomping jaws are caught! By... two talons! Lord Fou had allowed himself to fall over and set both talons against the jaws and keeps it from biting him! Though it was only just enough force to keep Chimera from biting him... he was able to hold it at bay most of the way. "Come on Fou! Don't let that big freak get to you. Burn him!" The bird screetches and another big ball of fire appears in its mouth. It looks like a big lance, slowly aiming at Tomoe's angel before darting out at an insane speed! The purpose being to pierce Chimera completely.

The pheonix catches the cervid head before it can bite, and the retaliation sears deep through Chimera's mane and flesh, scorching and burning the beast even more. It's a savage attack, indeed, but it's not quite enough. The bird may hold one set of jaws captive, but Chimera has two more. The beast lunges with a sharp, twisting motion, the great maw of its central head yawning wide. Brutal teeth gleam in the firelight, and the beast attempts yet another bite.

The bite gets blocked by Konosuke's wing. It bites down on the feathercushion and even ends up on its bones. "Get away from it, Fou-sama!" The angel quickly treds back, and ends up falling onto its back again. It begins to wave around its wings like a madman and... Konosuke smiles. "We can do this Fou, just a littlebit more.. we'll win this time!" He sounds so sure of himself. The angel itself begins to burn slightly, and the roses begin to move inwards towards Fou, like as if the air was being sucked towards him.

Enough. Really. Chimera is barely holding on to life, and his opponent . . . slinks away? And does some kind of bizarre fire-wind dance? The beast growls - a low, rumbling sound - and all three heads pull back. And then, suddenly, the plunge forward. Each maw opens wide, belching forth a deadly spray towards the pheonix. From the central head erupts a thin, clear fluid that combusts the moment it passes those massive teeth, creating a wave of intense, if rather brief, flame - it burns itself out mere moments from eruption, just long enough to do some damage. From the serpent head, that same corrosive goo that Lord Fou met with earlier is shot, clumps of the foul black stuff threatening to stick to feathers and flesh and eat away at whatever they adhere to. From the stag-like head, a blast of frost - air so cold it eats at flesh, and riddled with shards of surprisingly sharp ice. Altogether, it looks painful.

"Heh... burn." As the many attacks came in, each head throwing their attacks, fire... goo... acid. They all suddenly disappear as a high pitch shriek fills the layer. That same shriek had been heard twice already earlier that day. And now it would surely mean the end for Chimera. A orb of blazing fire forms and circles around Konosuke's angel, until suddenly dragons blast out along with a shockwave of energy. The roses get pushed away, and petals go flying ablaze. Konosuke slowly gets up as the fire begins to burn everything in sight, the dragons of fire biting at Chimera. And even though those attacks from each head of Chimera had hit, Fou remained alive. Slowly standing up amids the burning ruins of the rose-field.

There was little life left to hold on to, yet still Chimera fought. Even as those fiery dragons bit at him, the beast writhed and tossed, clawing the air, jaws snapping, tail lashing, wing beating. If any roses were left in the vicinity, the death-throws of the monstrosity ripped them away. And then, the last little bit of his life meter drained away, and Chimera grew still.

Tomoe had remained quite expressionless during the entirety of the match, and she remains so even after. Once Chimera is quite still, she stands, powering off and removing her headset in a single careful moment. Then, she leans forward, picking Chimera up from the layer, and looking over him. The damage seems minimal, really - certainly nothing compared to the previous two fights.

"Yush! We did it Fou-sama!" Konosuke pumps his arm again and shouts this out before becoming still and looking at Tomoe. The layer dies off in color and he too grabs his angel. He then quickly bows towards Tomoe and almost hits his head to the layer. "Thank you for the fight, miss Inugata! I learned a lot!" He speaks the truth before coming back up and giving a somewhat shy look at her. He realizes his behavior had been a bit eradic and bad and as he gets up he quickly tips the hat down to hide his eyes. He turns around, beginning to wander off. "Gomen."

Tomoe merely glances towards him, offering a brief nod. "Decent match." She seems neither pleased nor upset with the outcome - it simply is what it is. Still, there were a few things she'd gathered as well, and one might expect her to be a little friendlier. But then, one wouldn't really know her . . . Without another word, she wanders off, herself, tinkering with Chimera as she walks. These repairs would be easy. Routine maintenance would take care of most of them . . .