Over the course of the day, Tomoe had found opponents more and more difficult to come by. Not surprising, really - after all, she is who she is, and she's not exactly the type of person that others feel any need to be friendly towards. And, truth be told, she found it somewhat difficult approaching others to challenge them. She'd made a few additional attempts, but, as ill luck would have it, each of those had some other opponent in mind. So, she waits. There are a limited number of people registered - eventually, someone would challenge her, or accept her challenge. For right now, she's found a chair near a wall, and is resting. Chimera is in her lap, and her eyes are directed towards him. But she's not really looking at him - she's not really looking at anything, just now. Just thinking. Waiting.

Over the course of the day, Eisaku hadn't even had one match yet! He was initially having a hard time avoiding all of the people that wanted his attention, and none of those people actually played the game! It had become somewhat annoying. At any rate he recently managed to lose them in the main store area and was now approaching Tomoe, wearing some sunglasses and a fedora as a disguise. Since she seemed spaced out, he flopped down in the chair next to her before leaning upon her with his arm around her shoulders. Tomo-chan pillow, or so she would be until she freaked out anyway.

Tomoe managed to notice Eisaku as he sat down - she wasn't /that/ out of it, at least. "Yo, Sa-kun." She moved a hand to his wrist, gently pushing his arm off her shoulder. "Haven't seen you around at all. Was beginning to think you'd pull out of this thing." She looks over to him, canting her head slightly, a small, half-cocked grin appearing on her lips. "Don't see how that passes as a disguise, by the way."

Ah! The jig was up. Eisaku sat up as his arm was moved aside, chuckling a little as he does. "Oi Tomo-chan, you look bored." He grins her way a bit before folding his hands behind his head and leans back in the seat a bit. "I've had a few problems today, with people crowding me and making things difficult. They seem to be either eating, or have wandered off a bit for now though. I think I'm going to have to cut some things back next year."

"You're not admiting that you've bitten off more than you could chew, are you?" Tomoe's half-grin grows a bit, then she looks back over the layer area. "Had a few matches. Been a bit difficult finding more opponents . . ." There's a bit of a sigh, and her fingers trace over the boney ridge on Chimera's back. "You're not the only one I couldn't find."

Eisaku sighs in a dramatic fashion while lifting the back of his hand to his forehead. "I believe I've been overwhelmed." He chuckles a little after that and shrugs, "I just need more time away from most of those people I think. They're alright, but the clubs are a bit demanding." He then hops to his feet and stretches a bit before turning to face Tomoe afterwards. "Well, while we're waiting for Raien-san to show himself for you, perhaps we should have a match ne? I know he was about earlier, I heard he beat one of the guest people."

Tomoe bows her head slightly, just enough to better hide her face, and gives a very brief, cut-off laugh. "Did he? Good to hear." With that, she stands up as well, quite a bit more slowly than Eisaku, and gathers Chimera into her arms. She looks around for a moment, until she spots a free layer. Once one is noticed, she begins to walk over to it, just sort of assuming that Eisaku will follow. "Have you been working on the things we've been discussing?" Straight to business, it would seem.

Eisaku follows along of course, because she was heading where he wanted to go. "Oh... uh, well I tried it once more but it didn't really work out. I will have to try again after the tournament, maybe I'll be able to have some more freetime." He grins a bit as they got to the layer and he slips down into one of the seats and pulls on the headset before powering it up. "In the meantime, we'll just stick with the old tricks on this end."

Tomoe takes her seat, picking up the headset, but looking towards Eisaku before putting it on. "No reason to stop practice just because it's some sort of event." And then, the helmet is slipped on, her hair pulled away at just the last moment. "I know you can do it. You just have to perfect the technique. The more you practice, the faster it'll happen." Of course, he knew that already. But sometimes, certain things just needed to be said. "You can fall in first."

Eisaku grins and nods, "I suppose that's right." The layer comes to life at that point, the scenery shifting and phasing into view bringing out the temple of a long forgotten god. "Here we go. Unleash the fury of Heaven, Seraph!" The boy's hand draws back and Seraph happened to be in it, somehow, and was then tossed forward towards the energy barrier. Seraph spirals his way towards the layer and passes through the barrier with a golden white flash of light surrounding him. Springing to life all wings extend out to catch the air and allow him to float down towards the stone surface below. While this may be the temple of a heathen god, it was still a worthy battleground.

Tomoe turns her attention to the layer, although that half-grin remains on her face. "Show me what you've figured out, eh?" There's a bit of a teasing tone in her voice, at least for that moment. "It's angel-flesh tonight. Chimera, fall in." With that, she tosses the beast into the layer. As he passes through the layer barrier, Chimera tucks his wing in, extending his forelegs towards the stone floor. Forepaw and talon crash down hard, followed quickly by hindclaw and hoof. Tri-split tail sways slowly from side to side, and that large wing extends slightly. All six eyes peer directly at Seraph, watching for his first move..

Eisaku grinned a bit and shrugs his shoulders a little, "If it gets to that point, I'll certainly try." With that said, the timer popped up and started counting down. On the layer, Seraph stood silent and still for a long moment before drawing his sword and lifting it into the air. His head tilts back some and his eyes close as a golden-white glow eminates about his form. A halo-like aura appears around his head and he finally lowers his gaze towards the beast that was his foe, a white glow coming from his eyes. The area above Chimera crackled with energy, the sky phasing as clouds attempted to form there. Attempted was the key word here of course. Still lighting crashed down from that area and struck down towards the ground with full force, with bits of sulfer and brimstone coming down as well. It wasn't quite the right effect, nor the full effect that he was looking for, but it was some progress over last time. "Or, I suppose I could show you now."

As the lightning crashes down around Chimera, Tomoe nods. "Good. But you can do better." The attack sears and scorches Chimera's fur and feathers, cutting well through to the flesh below. But a little injury like that won't stop him. Muscles tensing, the beast rushes towards Seraph, leaping at him at just the last moment, that single wing beating quickly down for a little added force. Foreclaw and talon are drawn back, then swing forward as the leap draws Chimera closer to the archangel.

As Chimera closes in on Seraph, the angel raises his shield to block the blow. A white glow eminates from it and an invisible barrier helps to cushion the impact of the foreclaw. The force of the blow sending him to his knee, and once there he swipes his sword in an upward arc towards the central head.

The blow strikes rather well, slamming hard into Chimera's central face. It would cut deeply, if the blade were only sharpened. But sharpened, it is not. The blow manages to push Chimera back, and the beast hops back a bit more, tail swishing. And then, he turns, charging towards the altar, then leaping up upon that massive stone. With an odd, growling, purring noise, the stag and serpent heads looks back towards Seraph, as if daring him to follow. The central head, however, bows down, sniffing at the marble in a dog-like manner.

Seraph would not take the bait and follow Chimera to the altar, getting close to such a thing could have some type of adverse affect on him being a holy place for a heathen god. Instead he smirks slightly and then lifts the blade pointing into the air, that golden-white glow forming around him once more. The symbols along the central part of the blade emit a white glow as well, and that halo forms once more. The sky above Chimera phases once more, and a single bolt of lightning streaks down to strike at the beast and shatter the altar as well.

Tomoe's grin widens a bit at that attack. "A little better, but not there yet. Remember the positioning." The lightning strike crashes directly through Chimera's back, shattering the stone beneath his feet and doing no miniscule damage to the beast, himself. And yet, still he stands on the broken stone, six dull red eyes turning towards Seraph. Waiting . . . but for what?

"Thanks, still working on it I guess." Eisaku grins again, and Seraph doesn't approach. This time his arm draws back and then sweeps forward to send the blade flying straight at Chimera with a heavy throw. At the last moment though he tugs to the side and causes the blade to veer off course and come around to the side of the creature with a near invisible wire that had been attached.

The moment the sword leaves Seraph's hand, Chimera leaps off the altar, charging the angelic being. It seems the sword will smash directly into the beast's head, but the tug snaps it around to smash into Chimera's side, instead. At the blow, Chimera turns - a sudden, surprisingly quick movement, aided by a flap of that single, massive wing. The blade does not cut, yet, somehow, the flesh on Chimera's side parts - the blow shattered a thin shell, and the release of pressure from within burst through faux flesh, fur and feathers. A sudden jet of thick black goo is released, and the distance between beast and angel is small enough for the corrosive stuff to easily reach Seraph. And yet, the beast does not leave things at that - as soon as that jet of 'blood' is released, Chimera turns again, facing the seraphim once more. There's a brief intake of air, then all three mouths yawn wide, each vomiting forth their own foul fluid. From the serpentine maw erupts yet more of the corrosive black good. From the cervid head, a frigid blast of biting-cold air riddled with shards of surprisingly sharp ice. From the central head, a blast of that intense, quick-burning flame that Seraph has faced so often in previous fights.

The corrosive goo that Chimera loosed met with an invisible barrier, but it quickly melted away to dissolve the barrier. This left Seraph with little further defense against the stuff as it cakes on him and begins dropping his damage. The following onslaught left him sprawled with ice, and burns of various kinds searing over his form. He sat up slowly, barely able to move at this point and drew back his arm with a grunt. Energy flared up into a lance within his hand, and it was then heaved at the creature as best he could manage. This match suddenly turned around for the worse on his part. Eisaku shook his head a bit and chuckled, "Looks like I underestimated you this time Tomo-chan."

"The fight isn't over yet, Sa-kun." Tomoe tucks in her head slightly, peering over to her friend with that same half-cocked grin. "The minute you figure out that technique, you'll command tha layer." There's a hint of a laugh in her tone at that - but then, her attention returns to the battle. Seraph's lance cut directly between the central and cervid head, piercing between the necks and exiting through the beast's shoulder. Yet Chimera does not lessen his attack, He closes the distince to the angel, lunging at Seraph's form with all three maws still agape, jagged teeth gleaming in the temple light. The heads plunge forward, each attempting to deliver its own bite.

"No, I suppose it's not. We'll have to see about that last part there though." Eisaku chuckles a bit as Seraphs wings pull back and out and then flap down to create enough force to pull him out of the way, just in time too. Chimera would find only air to bite when he landed, and the angel was coming forward now with his shield, trying to ram into the creature.

Tomoe nods, briefly. "It you can't beat me, you've got a long way to go." Seraph's shield bash connects solidly with Chimera's central head, but it's not quite enough to do the beast in. Chimera roars, in three voices. There's a bit of a hiss in one, and a bellow in the other, but the third is pure and extremely loud, even on the other side of that shielf. The beast pushes forward with a strong rear, reaching his foreclaw and talon under the shield and attempting to knock it away from the central face. The two outter heads also reach around the shield, and the central head attempts to push through at the bottom edge. There's enough force in the combined move to damage the shield itself, but the shield is not Chimera's target. Claws, talon, and three sets of fangs are directed towards Seraph himself - a savage, brutal maul, to be sure.

Savagely mauled Seraph was, and after it was over he simply dropped to the ground no longer able to move or fight. It was over for him and nothing Eisaku tried would get him to move before he was repaired. The boy shook his head again and chuckled, "You're growing faster than me in this game I think, Tomo-chan." The buzzer goes off indicating that the match had indeed finished. "You win."

"First time for everything, eh?" Tomoe's grin widens a bit, and she lifts a hand to the headset, powering it off before carefully pulling it off. "You know what it'll take to remedy that, though." She stands up, and leans over the layer to pick up her little beastie. She looks him over carefully. Again, repairs and maintenance would be easy.

Eisaku slips his own headset off as well before getting to his feet and picking up Seraph from the layer. He would need a lot of fixing after the beating he just received. "Indeed." He lifts his gaze to Tomoe for a moment, and grins a bit. "But then, that's why the game amuses me so much I guess. Anyway, I'm going to get some food. Coming or gonna stick around here?"

"I'll join you. 'Long as you don't mind me tinkering with Chimera while we eat." Tomoe looks over at the battered little angel in Eisaku's hand. "Want me to look over Seraph, as well?"

Eisaku grins a bit at Tomoe, it's a little sheepish. "If you wouldn't mind, I'm not good with the fixing of things." With that he moves towards the stairs, the cafeteria would do. Maybe her friend would be there or something.

Tomoe follows behind Eisaku, her head bowed as she continues to look over Chimera. Even though he hadn't voiced that last little thought, Tomoe agreed with it - maybe he would be. Wouldn't know 'til they got there, any way.