Seated within one of the egglike pieces of furniture, Ranmaru watches as people walk about him. He had only just returned from getting something to eat, and now that he has returned an attendant soon dragged him over to one of the layers to make sure that he would be available to a duel. So the youth keeps watching, hoping that someone is to duel him. It is times like this where Ranmaru hopes for a big neon-sign above everyone that would indicate if they were available or not.

While he has here all day, Kenju has only actually made it into one match thus far. So when the chance for another battle presents itself before him he's more then eager to take it. The young male steps from the crowd, angel perched on his shoulder as his way of saying that he was free for a match. He nods once to the other deus. "Are you waiting for anyone specific, or just looking for a match in general?" he asks, wanting to make sure this was a fight he could walk in on. Whether he recognizes the person at the layer or not doesn't seem to effect his behavior any.

"Sit right down." He did not answer wether he was looking for someone in particular or not. "I'll fallin while you seat." Many people had bugged him to be fast about it, as there were many battles on this one day. So he raises one hand and reveils his angel from underneath his suit. Ranmaru's fingers wrap around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as Kamui gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth.

It's head first as it touches the bright light of the layer, immediately forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite soon thereafter. It's fur ruffles violently by the speed it had been thrown! It's limbs seems to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashed violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. A look that is directed at Miyazuki as he gets ready. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, a most feral hue.

Kenju does as he was told without thinking anything of it, only half paying attention to the other deus' entry as he slips the visor on and powers it up. Time is the most important thing right now as has been stated many times, so the moment the other angel touches down on the layer he starts his fallin. He lifts Benisato from his shoulder and tosses her towards the layer, "Strike like a snake from the dark, Benisato."

She breaks through the barrier and seems to hand suspended for a little bit before snapping to life and starting her decent. She doesn't do any special flips or anything like most angels do, just falling straight down, landing crouched but still standing. Her shinai snaps out and arcs around her body before stopping with the point directly at the other angel.

"Yush." Ranmaru smiles towards Kenju with a most gentle of smiles. A person most recently had equated the look on his face with that of the Prince of the Layers, Oujirou. Though Ranmaru had taken this as much of a just, it was not too far from the truth if one only took in regard the kind expression. He observes the fallin with those watchful eyes and when the opposing angel, which from this point on he will most likely refer to as snake-princess, finds her place on the layer, the scenery begins to skip and shift underneath their feet. What appears is a huge area of sand stretching all over the layer. "Oye..." Ranmaru lets out a distressed sound. "You may go first." He aims his gaze as Kenju.

Kenju nods once, "Fight well." After he says this Benisato starts walking forward slowly, sinking into the sand slowly though managing to stay close to the surface with the continual movement. This proves quite easily to both deus and angel that constant movement is going to be key in this match. She speeds up her movement, keeping an eye on the other angel as she goes, and once she's close she lunges in with her sword. It's little more then a simple thrusting attack aimed at the larger abdominal area on the angel.

"You too." Ranmaru replies and watches as his angel begins to tred in the quicksand as the swampy substance begins to move. Kamui soon finds itself stuck in the sand and unable to move much. So when the opposing angel, Benisato, comes in with her attack all the angel at that time can do is raise both of its arms and defend against it by raising its arms. He is able to block Benisato's attack and a blue hue starts surrounding the feline angel. The sand suddenly blasts upwards into the skies and there where Kamui had once been was nothing but a hole which was being refilled by the sands. Kamui floating slightly over it, glaring at Benisato before it suddenly darts forth from its slightly hovering position and deals what most looks like a soccer-kick in the snake-princess' general direction, trying to knock her further into the sands!

The kick catches her somewhat off guard with that whole exploding sand thing and the running on top of it so as not to get caught up in the sand. She gets knocked free of the sand and sent flying a few feet before landing back in the sand and starting to sink again. This doesn't make Beni very happy and she quickly gets back on her feet, rushing in as fast as she's able considering the quicksand, closing in even more then last time and bringing the hilt of her sword up at the other angel's chin. She wasn't going to mess with another one of those longer ranged attacks after being hit like that.

The hilt strikes hard, but instead of the soft thud that normally would be heard were it to hit Kamui's chin, it sounds like metal hitting rock. What looks like a gargess, a very angry gargess, looks around and gives Miyazuki's angel a big stare before cutely nuzzling her cheek against Kamui's. The two voice a purr at eachother before the gargess begins disappating in the form of mist. And through this mist, Kamui appears, with his claws stretched out towards Miyazuki and tries to swipe at her in an attempt to force the blade into the quicksand and with his other claw striking towards her face. Wether he'd get close enough however, was just about to remain the question.

The strike connects but Beni was expecting something this time and so gets a block up first. So most of Kamui's attack is soaked up before it can do anything to the angel in question besides make things a little harder with the sand. To solve that problem is simple however, she simply works her feet back up near the surface of the sand and jumps into the air, her sword coming up an a slash as she rises into the air. But from the lack of special effects like Kamui has, she does have to fall back down into the sand no matter whether the attack does anything or not.

The sword hits! The catboy angel seemed to not have expected such quick movement and ends up getting hit quite heavily by the tip of the blade. Ranmaru quickly glances at the opposing angel and smirks. He had at first anticipated a power-angel, but he realises now that this angel might just be as fast on her feet as Kamui himself. "Interesting." He states, placing a hand to his chin and getting more comfortable in his seat while his angel makes a few very quick backflips over the layer and gets to his side of the layer and begins to jump left and right to prevent himself from getting sucked into the maelstrom of sand once more.

When the cat boi angel backs away to get a better strategy the snake slithers off as well. While he might be doing little more then thinking up a new strategy, Beni actually needs some time to form up and get used to the feel of this layer again. Neither her nor her deus have had enough time to get familiar with near enough to be fighting someone of this skill level. But that doesn't mean he isn't going to give it his all. It's just going to take a little strategy and more then a little luck.

"Okay, enough resting for now. Kamui!" The angel turns its head towards its owner for a moment and shows a big pout before turning back towards Miyazuki's angel and getting into a 'starting' pose much like the professional runners. It gets ready, lifts up its rear end, waggles its tail a bit and! BOINK! It's one foot got too stuck in the quicksand, and as he tries to move forwards the angel bops its head into the sand and shows holographic stars above its head. "Oye." Ranmaru facevaults and shakes his head. "Baka-neko." He states while his angel gets back up and pats down its fur to get rid of the sand. It then begins to simply walk towards Benisato, the blue hue that had shown earlier once again reappearing. He hovers over the sand for a while until, when there are but a few inches in between the two, it darts straight forth and tries to catch the snake-princess off-guard! It moves to get just beside Beni and set one claw to her chest, trying to pierce its abdomen.

The distance lessens and the attack comes in, going right through Benisato... only not. While she appeared to be in that spot when the attack came in, it's quickly revealed that she's actually not there. As to where she actually is? You might want to look over you're left shoulder for the answer to that question. Benisato is there and already swinging her sword at the feline angel's skull. She knew how tough he would be if she let up on him, so she refuses to give an opening in her attack if she can at all help it.

Ever seen the movie Shrek 2, where the Puss In Boots shows its cutest look to stop the opponent dead in its tracks? Well that's exactly what Kamui pulls. It holds his hands together and gives not only the opposing angel, but also its deus the cutest look. Its eyes become big and it almost looks like the catboy is about to whimper. Aww, there he goes. Letting out a little wimper as the attack comes in... HARD! The angel seems not to have stopped, perhaps the sand was just in the way or someone was not paying attention. Or perhaps Miyazuki was simply not affected by the cute looks of this here feline angel. The stumb side of the blade ends up hitting Kamui's head and the angel goes spinning off like Midori hitting Sagara with a baseball bat. For those who don't know what that means... Take in mind a girl with much spirit during her period with a baseball bat, sending a guy flying half a mile over the beach with the force of said baseball bat. Kamui bounces a few times on the quicksand before finally coming to a halt. The angel just keeps laying there for a moment, its eyes swirling.

"Oye-oye-oye-oyeeee..." Ranmaru shakes his head as Kamui finally comes to his feet. "You okay there buddy?" He talks to his angel as if it were a seperate entity from himself. The angel dusts off its fur for a second time and seems to let out a sigh before dashing straight towards the snake-lady once more and throwing a hard kick at her side.

The force that she managed to hit the feline angel startles Beni and her deus a little bit. Both expected a defence, so when the angel tried to look all cute instead it kind of threw them off. But by that time they weren't about to let it off that easily. The angels aren't the only fights going on in an angel battle.

Beni slips into a more defensive stance to await the incoming cat, letting her feet sink into the sand enough to give a good solid something to brace against. As the kick comes around she shifts her stance ever so slightly, allowing her to get the shinai between her and the incoming kick. This does prevent her from being hit. This works well except for the fact that he hit higher then expected, causing the tip of her own weapon to smack her on the head with a surprising amount of force. She forces her feet free of the sand again and moves a little distance away so she can decide what she wants to do next.

Using the earlier force of his attack, Kamui forces his knee further against the Shinai to push himself back again and takes a quick rest. The angel seems to be slightly out of breath, standing still on the sand. Its chest seems to heave a little up and down and its eyes squint to little slits. A gentle tapping sound starts filling the tense air of the layer, as Ranmaru begins to tap his fingers against eachother, using both of his hands. He holds the hands before his face and just watches the layer as Kamui slowly begins to sink all the way into the sand.

The snake watches the cat for a short while before started forward again, moving in short fast bursts in a seemingly random zig zag across the field. It's target was clear, and it's intent was clear. After she's semi-close she stops zigging about the field and charges straight forward, trying to pass somewhere slightly to Kamui's right, slashing the other angel as she passes by.

The gentle tapping sound makes Kenju briefly look up from what he was doing on the battle and smile a little. He was making the opponent think, and that normally meant that he was proving to be a lot more annoying then it sometimes seemed on the layer. That was a good thing, but he doesn't leave his attention off of the layer for long. Anything can happen if you look away for even a second.

Kamui seems to struggle in the sand for a short moment before suddenly with a loud 'plop' sound he disappears into the sand! The layer becomes silent, only the sound of moving sand fills air like a stray echo. Yet, for those listening really well, one might hear that there was movement beneath the sand. Kamui was moving, tredding through it... until even that sound disappears for the shortest of moments.

A brilliant light then suddenly appears beneath the snakelady, and within a fraction of a second, the sand seems to violently explode upwards into the skies, hiding the true attack of Kamui lashing out its claws in an attempt to hit Benisato!

When your target disappears it's kinda hard to strike them. So Beni is forced to stop, but a sudden thought reminds her of how bad it is to stop in something like this when you don't know where the other angel is. Because of that she starts moving again, providing the other with lots of sound to track her but a moving target. So when the light bursts out around her she quickly leaps off to the side and rolls, leaving Kamui to attack nothing but air in his assault. That this was surprisingly hard to dodge however. Partly because of the sand, and partly because she had no way of knowing where the attack was coming from until it was launched. But despite that she stands and brushes some of the sand off her before forming up again and waiting to see what he was going to toss her way next.

Kamui dusts himself off as well and almost seems to spit out some sand before turning itself towards the snake princess. He just grins for a moment before running straight at her. He is not dashing at her with all of his speed, but instead uses his natural ability to be flexible and agile to make his moves more unpredictable and well aimed. So when he finally gets near enough to Miyazuki's angel, he begins to dance around her, just... dancing. Not attacking, but just dancing. He tries to make a couple of rounds around her before finally throwing a low punch at her with his hand flat, trying to pierce!

The dance of the feline angel keeps Beni on her toes and watching out for any traps, tricks, or other unpleasantries. She knows how tricky them cats can be, and they're about as bad as snakes, so when the claw comes in she gets the hell out of dodge. For all she knows he could have poisoned them or something, but that doesn't keep her from launching a spinning, sweeping counter attack with her sword. Feet dancing about on top of the sand in a little half spin to add extra force to the attack before swinging it out at Kamui.

Beni can see where this is going, right towards her face. So she does an awkward sort of back flip, taking the hit still, but reducing it to little more then a solid glance then a potential nose bleeder. This doesn't bode well for her and she backs up once more, keeping an eye on the feline angel in front of her and preparing to have to deal with something more potent that's inevitably going to be coming her way.

Something potent is certainly coming her way, inevitable in more ways than once as the angel dashes straight towards the snake-like lady and begins to unleash what looks like a series of lights. In truth, its the hue left behind by the diamond claws he wields, unleashed at such a velocity that they are no longer visable as he throws swipe after swipe at Benisato.

The slashes catch poor Beni all over the place and make her look so much like a scratching post it's almost kind of funny. The only thing that kept her from being worse off then just a multitude of small scratches is the fact that she's light footed and put herself in a position for minor damage on each attack. She was going to attack him there, but that assault makes her back off and ponder her options for a little bit. He was beating her up, but she was sure that if she thought about it she could turn it around, but would she think of it in time is the question.

Backing off was something a lot of angels did after seeing Kamui's volley of attacks, however most by now realized that that was the worst thing to do. For it gave Kamui more time to unleash more attacks! The feline angel follows Benisato as she moves away at equal speed and with a sudden burst of speed throws a quick and hard punch at her.

Benisato isn't most angels, and she was expecting this attack to come in, she just wasn't exactly sure what one it was going to be until he threw it. But seeing that it was a punch she shifts to the side and leaps up out of the sand, spinning and bringing her shinai at an angle towards Kamui's head.

The angel ducks once more, getting out of the way of the blade quite fast that way and then does a backroll, to get a little distance between the two again. What follows is a sudden blue hue that had been omnipresent during the entire match, one that now came in the form of a large lance, held in Kamui's hands. "Nya!" It screams out a feline warcry, which sounded more cute than anything else, before suddenly thrusting the lance forwards in a volley of rapid attacks.

The lance point connects right with Benisato's chest as she lands, giving her no time to put up any sort of block at all. She's sent flying across the layer in a tumble and finally tumbles off the edge, landing on the floor. Kenju just sits there for a moment before smiling and nodding to the other dues. "That was a surprisingly powerful attack, and a very good match."

"Hmm, thank you. Your angel was suprisingly resilient. I have learned a good deal of things." His improvisation of Kamui digging into the quicksand had been a up-or-over kind of thing. The young man slowly gets up and retrieves his angel from the layer, taking off his visor with his other hand while he is at it. "Thank you very much for this duel. Now I can go and take a break." He chuckles and looks at the attendant, who seems not to be paying attention, and begins to sneak off. Of course, he is not very good at this and ends up making a racket as he accidentally kicks against a nearby container before he goes running for the cafeteria.