Hearing her name called once again, Akaki Miina pushes her way through the crowds until she finally manages to reach her assigned layer. After showing the attendant her registration card, she settles back into the chair, putting both her angel and the visor in her lap. She watches excitedly around the layer, not having caught the name of the person she would be facing. Would it be someone she knew again? Either way, Miina can't wait to play.

"Sorry to have you waiting." Ranmaru appears from behind the egglike chair opposite to the one Miina occupies now and raises a hand. "Yo." He does not expect everyone to know him, but the white badge on his black business suit shows that he is a guest player. The black suit however does not take away the effect of how young he looks. "Excuse me." He sits down into the chair and sits there for a moment without saying another word. He's just staring into space for a moment, at another layer where at that very moment another battle was at hand. He shakes his head seconds later and turns his attention back to the layer. "Right... will you fallin first please?"

Miina blinks a few times, tilting her head a bit to one side. The older boy seems familiar, but she can't quite place him as to where she might recognize him from. He seems a little distracted, though, and that's not really a good way to be for a tournament. Well, he asked her to fallin first, so here goes.

After settling the visor in place and turning it on, Miina holds her angel over her head. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan!" she calls out as she throws the rabbit angel high onto the layer. "Let's fight!" The girl smiles excitedly as the angel flips through the air, aided by the way she had thrown her. The rabbit lands in a solid crouch, not as lightly as one might expect from such a tiny angel, with one furred hand on the ground and her other holding her weapon over her shoulder.

Ranmaru reaches underneath his suit and takes out what looks like a catboy along with a visor which carries a white and a black wing. His fingers are wrapped around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. He uses the hand with the visor to slip the thing on and let the wings come up. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as he flings Kamui towards the layer with his other hand. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth.

It's head goes in first. The angel immediatly forces itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffled violently by the speed it had been thrown! It's limbs seemed to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finished by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashed violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocked slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel, it was directed at Miina. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, a feral hue.

"You may begin." Ranmaru raises one hand towards the girl. "Kamui, get ready." The youth nods for a moment, and gets a nod back from the catboy angel. "Hmm." His eyes make their way towards Usagi. "Ah, this is most... amusing." He states. "A catboy against a bunnygirl."

Miina nods to the other deus, giggling a little. "Yeah...they'll have fun playing together I bet. Usagi-tan might have to watch out, though. He looks a lot faster than other angels." She nods decisively once more, turning her attention back to the layer as the timer starts.

The lapine angel doesn't seem to care about the feline's attitude one way or the other. After all, all felines are cocky. It's in their blood. Whether he looks back down at her or not, Usagi-tan charges across the layer to try and land the first blow. It's not one of her strongest, but it's a little easier to control a weaker strike, and she wants to see just what this boy can do.

"Go, Kamui!" The angel looks up slowly as Usagi approaches and gets into a fighting stance. It waits patiently until Usagi-tan finally gets lose enough before it suddenly lashes its clawsout towards her and stops the attack dead in its tracks. Surely, it has to set its claws into the ground and the shock of the attack has its full effect. But the bunnygirl soon finds herself being attacked! Kamui tries to push her down before unleashing a sudden volley of claw-swipes and strikes. Each lashing out at her, trying to strike at her chest!

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan :somehow manages to read his movements, narrowly dodging each strike as she weaves side to side and gradually takes steps back. When he finally slows a bit from his offensive, Usagi-tan lunges forward again, this time thrusting the point of her weapon hard at the catboy's chest. She hadn't really expected her last strike to hurt him as much as it had, but that attack he pulled would definitely have made up for it if she hadn't gotten clear.

The attack hits! Well, it hits something. But whatever it hit, it surely was not Kamui. The time seems to stop for a moment... Chibi Usagi-tan had hit what looked like a stone wall, stopping her dead in her tracks once more. However, this stone wall came in the form of a statue, one that moves. Wings wrapped around the black-furred angel, and a head nudging against Kamui's cheek. Ranmaru looks into that same direction once more and then at his hand, which shows a blue ring. "Hmm. Arigato, Rei." He speaks to himself. He seems to still be somewhat distracted, but not as much as he had been before. His eyes turn and find Kamui on the layer, who... as the image of a certain Gargoyle angel begun to disappate in the form of a grey-blueish mist, lashed out towards the bunnygirl with its sharp diamond claws once again.

Miina blinks in surprise as she watches the layer. She's never seen anything quite like that before, and it leaves both herself and Usagi-tan stunned for a moment. As the catlike angel comes charging out from the mist, Usagi barely has time to raise her weapon in front of herself in a reflexive attempt at defending. She takes one quick jump back, then grips her carrot's stalk with both hands instead of just the one she had been using. As she takes that one step forward again, the lapine angel swings the massive thing hard at Kamui's middle, just like an oversized baseball bat.

Kamui watches the carrot come in and seems to explosively come to life! The angel jumps up, quickly extending the claws of his feet and grabs hold of the carrot. It holds on tight as it swings through and when its momentum finally seems to halt, Kamui tries his best to press it down into the ground. He does this by pushing himself up into the air and at the same time throwing one foot forwards to kick Usagi's head like a football! He follows this move through with his second foot doing the same thing and moving himself back... making it look much like a Rolling Thunder attack!

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan solves the problem of not being able to control her weapon by the simplest means available. She just lets it go, allowing it to fall to the layer floor. She raises her arms in front of her face, blocking both kicks with only a minor scuff to one wrist. Since he's airborne, she kicks the carrot out from under him, sending it rolling off to the side. Rather than trying to attack without it, she darts off to retrieve it again.

Kamui however tries to beat her to the carrot. He has the speed to back him up, so the moment he lands onto the ground he darts after Miina's angel and just as she is about to reach the carrot he jumps at her with a flying karate-kick. Ranmaru raises his hand to his forehead however, as if he could just picture Kamui missing that attack and smacking himself against one of the giant cogwheels which was what the carrot was now resting against. "Oye... Kamui, be careful." He whispers to himself.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan rolls to the side just before she reaches the weapon, not knowing when the attack would come but sure that it would. As it happens, the lucky little rabbit manages to pick just the right time, and scurries forward across the gear to successfully retrieve her weapon. Whether Kamui brains himself on the cog or not, now's he got another problem to worry about. Namely, a carrot coming in from above at his skull.

"Nyeeee!" Just as Ramaru expected, Kamui hits the cogwheel. It smacks against it will all of its body but does not take any damage. For a moment he seems stuck against it, like superglue was sitting between the two. But when the carrot went for its head, the angel suddenly looks up and sets its legs against the cogwheel. For a moment it looks as if the angel is defying gravity as he stands horizontally against it. He pushes off wildly and gets out of the way, soon standing a few inches away from the little bunnygirl and points at it with an outstretched finger. "Nya!".. "He's challenging you." Ranmaru translates.

Miina giggles at the catboy angel's actions. "Well, we accept the challenge then!" she replies happily across the layer. It's already very obvious to Miina that this boy is way better than she is, but he's a whole lot of fun to play with, so it doesn't even matter to her how the fight turns out. Usagi-tan seems to having fun as well, a little smile playing across her lips as she accepts the challenge herself, pointing the carrot's tip right back at Kamui's finger. "Let's play," the little angel says happily. Instead of attacking again, however, she puts the point down to the gear beneath them, leaning on it a bit and waiting.

"Yes, lets play." Ranmaru replies smiling and sends his angel forth! "Go, Kamui!" The angel jumps into the air and stretches its limbs out completely... a blue light suddenly envelops him and as he comes speeding down again he shifts his pose and gets ready to thrust his arm forwards into Usagi's side. "Don't you go anywhere, here we come." Ranmaru says, a passion begining to burn inside of him, showing to the outside how close he and his angel are.

Miina might be young and very new at this, but she's certainly not stupid. She's already learned from Zankoku that anything shiny or with any kind of weird energy is a /BAD/ thing. Usagi-tan dives under the feline angel, coming up on the other side of him and swinging her carrot at him as he still comes down.

The blue light however did not dissipate. So even when the bunnygirl dodged and launches a counterattack, he finds a way to get around it and continue his volley of attacks. This time in the form of rapid strikes almost so fast that it was impossible to see! Only the light left behind by the aura reflecting off of Kamui's diamond claws seem to lit up within that clocktower as he fights with all of its might.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan somehow manages to dodge most of the cat's wild swings, but gets caught by one and knocked flat on the gear beneath them. She doesn't stand up, however. Instead, she rolls onto all fours and throws a kick at Kamui's stomach from her powerful legs.

"Nyo!" Kamui seems to defy all physics for a moment as he comes near her and somehow suddenly jerks away from the kick! Its almost like he was on a bungee cord, and just when Chibi Usagi-tan was about to hit, it pulled him back! He jumped back and launched quite a few inches back, all the way to Miina's side of the layer, and gives the girl a quick playful glance before bowing over and raising his tail, wagging his butt at her and turning his head around to 'stick out his tongue'... even though he does not really have a tongue.

Miina laughs again, still having fun even though she's pretty sure there's no way she can win this one. The catboy is funny, and Usagi's getting a pretty good workout at the same time, so it's alright. Rather than rushing across the layer after the quick cat, however, the rabbit decides to conserve her strength and take the opportunity to recover her wits a little.

"Kamui..." Ranmaru chuckles, shaking his head at the feline's behavior. Kamui gives his dues a strange look for a moment before shrugging and getting back into a fighter-stance. One hand before the other, slightly through his knees he waits for a short moment before suddenly disappearing. The cogs he had stood upon start swirling like mad because of the sudden change in momentum, and the whole clocktower begins to squeek and groan in annoyance. Kamui gets closer and closer to the carrot-wielding angel and soon throws a strong punch straight at Usagi's head.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan raises her carrot to defend once again, managing to absorb most of the force of the blow with it. She slips up a bit, though, and the unwieldy thing snaps back to catch her cheek. Since he's already so close, however, she doesn't hold back from swinging the carrot at him, aiming her overhead strike down at Kamui's head.

The angel dashes to the side and grabs hold of the carrot once again, its claws settling into it with fierce power. It digs its feet's claws into the flooring and goes slightly through its knees before it pushes himself up again and tries pick up the large piece of vegetable and smush it into Usagi's face. Almost as if he was trying to force-feed her!

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan :braces the weapon as it comes up with her left hand, still holding the stalk with her right. Once back in both of her hands, she twists her arms and her body violently, wrenching the thing out of the cat's paws. It isn't without a bit of strain on herself, however, and the rabbit jumps backward off the edge of the gear, dropping down a ways to land on a metal beam below.

"Hmm." Ranmaru strokes his chin and watches as his own angel follows Usagi like a tiger hunting its pray. Kamui chases the bunnygirl on all fours and quickly jumps down after her, pushing itself off at the edge with both talons stretched forwards. Its claws shine for a short moment before a quick volley of swipes appears. Much like previous they show like lit lines in the air thanks to the speed at which they are unleashed, hoping to catch Usagi off-guard at least with one of them.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan drops off the back of the beam, grabbing onto it with one furred hand as she falls. She uses the momentum of the fall to swing herself under the beam and come up on the other side, quickly coming to her feet behind the catboy. He'll turn around to face her quickly enough, if he realizes what she did exactly, but hopefully by that time this thrust of her carrot's point will have hit its mark.

"Disappear, Kamui." The angel nods as it lands on the beam himself and... disappears? The area becomes hued with a strange green color and the angel disappears behind the scenery. Or was it inside of the scenery? It just looked as if Kamui completely disappeared for a moment as the carrot comes around and misses him completely. "Go, Kamui! Piercing Claw!" Kamui appears far above Usagi, nearly at the top of the layer and begins darting down like a meteor. The same blue that had shown at the start of the batte takes another appearance, and a fine blue line of light shoots straight down to where Usagi is. Its nothing but a light, nothing damaging. But Kamui seems to follow this line perfectly as he comes down, legs up in the air and one arm stretched out... ready to crash straight into Usagi. It lets out a wild and most feral meow, announcing its presence. The blue aura around its arm bulges up into a sphere before turning into what looks like a long outstretched lance... aimed downwards.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan seems almost transfixed by the light, unable to move out of the way or defend herself at all. The lance hits hard, and she falls off of the beam to land quite a way further down the tower. She doesn't stay down, however. She's resilient...persistent, if nothing else. Gradually she climbs back up, hopping from gear to gear and riding up one as it turns vertically until she can leap off of it, trying to knock into that feral feline with her shoulder rather than her weapon.

Kamui's face darts to the left and right, following the bunnygirl's movement like a curious little kitten. He stands completely still, and only when the girl finally comes forth and tries to shoulder him, does he get out of the way. He gets out of the way, twisting around on one foot and throws a quick pivotting-kick, hoping to catch Usagi-tan in the back, to kick her off of the beam she had been standing on previously before his lance-attack, which he now had been leaning on.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan doesn't seem to have the will to try and dodge the kick. But for some reason, despite it striking solidly, she doesn't falter. Instead she turns, rather slowly, to face Kamui. Her eyes shine wildly, and the smile that now creases her lips is not the same cheerful, happy-go-lucky one she had worn before. Now, it's twisted...sadistic. She takes one single step toward him, raising a furred foot to launch into his chest. Instead, however, she slams that foot back down on the beam, shaking the entire structure, and brings her weapon down in strike that holds so much more power than any of her others, one would wonder how a thing so tiny could contain it.

"Kamui!" Ranmaru watches his angel get hit... but it does not move. It just... stands there, looking at Usagi with a somewhat understanding look. It keeps standing, for just a smallest of a moment before the angel goes flying into a nearby beam, which breaks, and smacks into a gear. He slowly begins falling before finally the angel drops to the ground. It falls and falls into the abyss until at the last moment it grabs a nearby beam. It holds onto it for dear life and grimaces for a moment. Kamui keeps holding on until finally it pulls itself up slowly, back onto the beam and casts a quick glance at Usagi. "Nya." Soon he finds himself standing on the beam, glaring at her and then with one go he jumps straight up at her with one claw stretched forth. A same attack as the lance one, only this time instead of dropping, its a jump!

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan manages to stay standing, head tilted slightly and ears cocked at an odd angle as she looks down over the edge of the gear at the fallen Kamui. Slowly, her head straightens, then tilts to the other side as he begins to come back up. Before he can connect, just an instant before he comes over the edge, Usagi-tan totters back a half step, then sinks down to her knees. Her carrot falls from her hand beside her, and her head slumps forward onto her chest. Miina blinks a few times in her chair, but it's something she's seen Usagi do a few times before....go crazy, and then just...stop.

"Hmmm. That was... unexpected." Ranmaru loses his concentration for a moment and Kamui ends up with his head against one of the cogwheels just before the layer powers down. "Kggg-ggg-gg-gg." Ranmaru shows his amusement and gets up, retrieving his angel from the layer and takes it to his jacket's pocket. "It was most amusing and fun fighting you. Thank you, misses bunny-girl." He gives the girl a most kind smile, and then walks off as an attendant pulls on his sleeve and tries to drag him off to another layer. "Sorry." Ranmaru gives the lady a disturbed look before being dragged off. "Guest players have it hard!" He shouts after Miina before disappearing into the crowd.