Thus far, it had been one close match after another for Mikage. Even as a guest duelist, she found no ease among the many who fight at the Piffle Princess in the tournament. So, after a brief break to repair her angel, the White Storm finds herself once more at the layers. "They're getting harder these days, aren't they Rei?" She asks of her angel, straitening the metal pauldron that covers her angel's arm. She glances towards the layers, finding one just recently abandoned after a match between a young boy and girl. She steps over towards it and plugs in her headset, raising her hand upwards to signal to those around that she's available for a challenge. "But it certainly is a challenge, isn't it?" She smiles at her angel, and pushes her glasses up on her nose.

The last match that Akaki Miina had fought in this tournament had been against an older boy who's name she hadn't even caught. His angel was called Kamui, she remembers, but what really stuck in her mind was the truly impressive things that the angel had done. The strange appearance of a second angel, his speed and accuracy...she had been so far out of her league, but she managed to survive right up until the end. Thinking about all these things, Miina is rather distracted as she makes her way to another layer. She carries her own angel in her arms, blinking a few times as she looks up at the woman already seated there. "Oh...Hello," she greets, politely bowing. " waiting for anyone?"

Lowering her arm slowly, Mikage shakes her head slightly, a few white strands of hair falling into her face as she does so. "Just waiting for another challenge for the tournament. Would you be interested?" She asks, tilting her head in a kittenish fashion before returning the polite bow with one of her own. "I'm Aogiri Mikage, this is my angel, Rei." She holds the gargoyle out within her hand. Surely, the gargoyle would look familiar to one who had fought against Kamui. Her form appears to save the cat angel in his most dire of moments, just as the same favor is returned by the bond between them.

Miina gasps softly, then steps quickly closer. She blinks, leaning in a bit to get a better look at the angel. "That's...that's the angel who appeared in my last match!" she exclaims excitedly, then looks up at the deus. "How did she do that?!" Admittedly, she did sort of completely forget about the woman's question, but...she had good reason.
Surprise shows on Mikage's first, but it slowly becomes a chuckle as her mind fills in the gaps. "You played against Kamui?" She asks, nodding her head as she seems to understand just what that means. "His deus is my... beloved." She raises one hand slightly, showing a ring which rests on her left finger. Not a wedding ring, but an engagement ring. "I'm not sure I could explain the phenominon myself but... I think it has to do with the love betwen us." A bit of color shows on her cheeks as she shyly brushes a few strands of hair behind her ear. "I hope Kamui didn't give you too much trouble?"

Miina blinks a few times, then grins at the explanation and the question. "Well, he beat us...but I think we did pretty good. It was a lot of fun, and he said he had fun, too. That's all that's important, right?" the little girl asks as if positive that she already knows the answer. After another moment, she bows once again. "My name is Akaki Miina, and this is Chibi Usagi-tan," she says, proudly holding up her rabbit-eared angel for the older girl to see.

The smile spreads a little on Mikage's face, as if she were just getting used to the whole idea of the strange happenings between herself and her beloved's angel. "Hai, the whole point of playing is to have fun." She holds her angel to her chest in a slightly childlike fashion, giving a nod of her head. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Akaki-chan." She also gives a little bow towrads Chibi Usagi-tan, "And you Chibi Usagi-tan." The angel somewhat reminds her of one she had seen a long time ago, but it had been quite some time since she last saw Rabi-en-rose. "She's a very cute angel."

Miina giggles a little. "Thank you, Aogiri-san!" she replies. "Rei is really pretty, too." After another moment, she grins again. "Alright. I'll play with you next, if you want. I think it will be a fun game!" Again, just by her choice of words, she shows the way she thinks of Angelic Layer. It isn't a competition to her, it's just playing with people and their angels.

It's quite refreshing for Mikage to meet someone who actually sees Angelic layer much like herself. Far too many are so caught up in the wins and losses of things that they lose sight of the fact that Angelic Layer is a game and it is supposed to be a game. "Arigatou." She replies, settling herself into one of the egg-shaped chairs, motioning to invite Miina to take the one opposite to her. "I'm sure it will be fun. You seem like such an interesting person, I'm sure your angel is just as wonderful." She reaches for her headset and lightly sets it to her head, extending the transmittors. "Please, feel free to enter your angel." She flips a switch to power-on the layer. As the power comes up, it flickers through a series of sceneries, finally studdering to a stop on a bare and icey glacier.

Miina giggles a little, pleased at the older girl's words. She darts around the layer table and climbs into her own seat, resting Usagi in her lap as she pulls the visor into place. After turning the thing on, she raises her angel high above her head with both hands. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan!" she calls out happily. "Let's fight!"

As the rabbit angel passes through the barrier, twisting and spinning from Miina's rather bad throw. She rights herself with a flip, landing on the slippery ice in a crouch. As she stands up, she swings her massive carrot over her shoulder, resting it there as she smiles across at Mikage..

Mikage's eyes drift shut as she focuses on what is to come, but the smile just lingers on the edge of her lips. Then, taking a deep breath, the girl holds her angel out on her forearm. "Spirits of wind and water, soul of the binding storm, will of the earth, heart of my heart. Be my wings... Rei! Fallin!" She draws her arm back and then snaps it quickly, sending the small angel tumbling towards the layer. It takes barely a split second before the angel passes through that invisible barrier, flaring to life. Her eyes flash white for a moment as her wings flare out, catching the air beneath her as the bat-like appendages force her upwards. Two sweeps of those great wings bring her to a soft landing as her talons click on the frozen tundra of the layer's surface. Slowly, her wings fold back onto her shoulders, caping there as she flexes her legs, tail twitching. It seems almost as if she were checking the status of each system one by one. Then, her eyes pale back into their greenish tone, looking across the layer at this new opponent curiously. Mikage raises her head then, letting her eyes come open as she returns the smile across the layer.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan watches the gargoylesque angel as it descends, taking a moment to admire the wings. Those could give her a definite advantage on this ice, as could those talons. Usagi will have to really work at this one, but she's fairly adaptable. Taking the smile from Rei's deus a signal to start, the rabbit angel dashes across the ice, using the last bit of skid to aid her strike, adding a bit of a spin to it as she swings the carrot in an attack leveled at Rei's side.

As small as Rei may be, it's an easy guess that she has quite a bit of speed behind her. She leaps up into the air, a strange aura flowing behind her and lighting the semi-darkness of this frozen layer with a blue glow. When she lands once more on the layer, her talons do little to help her gain footing. There is a scrambling sound like cat's claws on tile as she slides for a moment, looking quite surprised. She ends up digging her hand talons into the ice to keep herself from sliding all over the place. Of course, once her footing is secure, the aura spreads further up along her legs, shifting like strange flame from blue to red. She sweeps her tail out low towards Usagi-tan's legs. The follow up comes a few inches higher as she swirls her wings about, trying to thwap them into the carrot wielding bunny-girl.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan loses her balance after the other angel dodges, having expected the impact to stop her slide, or at least slow it. Instead, she winds up sprawled out across the ice and unable to do much of anything at all to stop the incoming attack from the gargoyle. It takes her a moment, but Usagi-tan pushes up off the ice, bracing herself with her weapon to keep her balance as she sends a furred foot toward Rei's chest.

"Oof." For an angel known for making only beastial sounds, it's as close to speech as one might expect to her from Rei. The furred foot comes towards her chest, and seems to strike something solid. What it strikes, however, is an aura that hangs in the air. This seems to slow the strike, although not totally dissipate it's effecs. Rei ends up sliding backwards a few feet, raising a hand to her chest as the wind is knocked out of her, causing a little puff of air from her mouth to linger. Her eyes flash to the carrot, as if she were remembering something from earlier today. A little shiver runs through her, but it's difficult to tell if it is because of her thoughts, or because of the cold. So, to keep herself warm, she presses the attack again, trying to charge forward, although her feet continue to make that scratching, scrambling sound as they try to get a grip. Well, rather gracelessly, Rei ends up face-planting, her body heading towards Chibi Usagi-tan, her arm outstretched infront of her as she skids across the ice.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan seems almost impressed as Rei comes toward her. Even with the wings, she's struggling against the ice rather than simply flying above it. She might be naive, but she figures it might be an attempt at evening out the battle, making it fair for Usagi. But probably not. Either way, she's almost too transfixed by the skidding, sliding, face-planting angel to even realize that it's an attack coming. She does defend herself, reducing the damage she takes a simple scratch, but she'll definitely need to pay more attention in the future. For now, the lapine retaliates by stabbing her carrot's point down at the slipping gargoyle, trying to damage the wings before they can be used against her.

Well, Rei's speed comes in handy as she rolls sideways, the tip of the carrot nearly missing her as she tumbles into a snow bank. For a moment, it seems as if the gargoyle has vanished, but then her head appears and she gives herself a shake like some animal trying to rid themselves of moisture. It seems that her previously unused wings are put to use, finally as she flaps them twice, lifting herself out of the snowdrift. Unfortunately, what it shows is the reason why she hadn't used them before. Great winds whip through the upper portions of the layer, blowing her about in different directions as she glides into the sky. It's unlikely she'll stay up there long, but it gives her a moment to try to strategize and figure out what her next step will be.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan smiles a little as the other angel finally spreads her wings. For whatever reason, she just seems pleased at it. Of course, once the angel is high enough, she's more or less out of Usagi-tan's reach, and she simply watches Rei battling the wind. Pity, that. She'd have liked to see the angel fly gracefully, the way she's sure that Rei can.

With another powerful gust of wind catching Rei's wings, the gargoyle decides that enough is enough. She dives down towards the layer once more, this time landing on all fours and using the sharp edges of her talons to dig into the icy surface. A bit of snow has built up around her head, clinging in her hair and giving it an odd, clumpy sort of look. She gives her head another shake, and then blinks, trying to spot the bunny through all the blowing snow. It's the carrot she ends up seeing first, because it's all... orange. So, using the carrot as a guide, she starts to draw together her energies. The snow around her swirls and then extends out from her in all directions in a series of waves. Normally, these would be waves of water, but in these frigid conditions, they are waves of blowing ice.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan seems almost to be frozen in place by the first wave, not having seen it coming. She is hit by each one then in succession, though she makes an attempt at raising her arms to shield slightly from the last one. As soon as they let up, the rabbit charges across the ice again since her opponent is back down to her level. This time she slows before she gets too close, being careful to leave herself an opening should her strike not connect. The attack itself is simple, a one-handed whiplike smack of the carrot at Rei's shoulder.

Oh the horror, to be beaten with a carrot. Well, at least the shoulder the carrot strikes is her armored one, although it leaves quite a large dent in the metal. Reaching a hand up to grab at her arm protectively, Rei backs off along the layer, keeping her eyes on Usagi-tan. At first, it seems as if she were retreating, but there is a subtle change to the layer and to the angel as she makes this temporary retreat. Wind begins to blow with more power in the skies above. clouds obscure any chance of light, casting the layer into semi-darkness. Crackles of electricity seem to float in the air like static, and there is a distant sound like thunder. As for Rei, her hair stands on end, showing that she is the one who is channeling this force, summoning this energy. Her eyes flash from green to white as the power flows through her, tapping into the the very heart of nature.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan doesn't really know what's coming, but it can't be good. The only possible way to stop it is to attack her first, so that's what the lapine tries to do. Stepping rather carefully toward the angel, Usagi-tan tries another of the whiplike blows with her weapon, this time aimed at the gargoyle's neck.

The earlier signs of Rei's power aura only re-double at this moment, mixing colors flowing across her body and making her seem like some living form of the Northern lights. When the carrot comes towards her, the white eyes shift slightly, following the motion and her body follows in the opposite direction. There is an audible 'whoosh' as the wind blows between the two angels, and then begins to swirl more violently with Rei at the center of the vortex. Another crash of thunder, and then hell breaks loose on the layer. Frozen rain pelts the surface of the layer with sharp icicles. Lightning strikes across the frozen surface, making huge craters where it touches the ground. Winds swirl as if the small area had been entirely consumed by a frozen hurricane.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan gasps as the storm begins to really rage, lifting her carrot in front of herself to ward off the better part of the hail. Rather than trying to run away from the storm, Usagi relies on some quick thinking...eye of the storm. She moves closer to Rei rather than away, dodging lightning strikes even as she struggles against the wind. It takes all her strength to stay on course, fighting even against the slippery ice she walks across to get to Rei. As soon as she is close enough, the lapine angel leaps, twisting herself through the wind to land on the gargoyle's back, in the relative safety of the calm. She's out of the frying pan...but probably into the fire. Or ice, as the case may be. Either way, she makes her attempt at riding out the storm on Rei's back, clinging for all she's worth.

It certainly surprises Rei to see her opponent come out of the storm and walk right up at her. Her eyes flash green for a moment, and the storm seems to lose control for a split second as she stiffens, forcing herself to focus the powers of wind and water. But soon, the worst is over and the tempest blows away, leaving only a bit of swirling wind behind. Curiously, Rei glances over her shoulder at the clutching bunny-girl. Rather than try to attack her, she simply reaches a talon over and taps her on the shoulder, giving a little encouraging sound in the back of her throat. Her ears fold backwards as she lets her opponent have the opportunity to get herself situated once more before the match continues.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan flinches at the touch, burrowing her head into her furred hands as she still clings. It takes her a moment, but as she hears the sound, she raises her head up, blinking a few times as she looks down at Rei. A moment more, and the tiny bunny-girl giggles. Still in place, she closes her eyes, grins, and throws up the victory sign to Rei. "Bui!" With that, she jumps down from the gargoyle's back, darting off in front of her a bit and taking a loose, ready stance, waiting for a signal to continue. Alright, round two.

Rei simply offers the other angel a small, fanged smile. It's a rare thing from the normally bestial angel, but she seems to be amused by this particular opponent. So, when she gives her victory sign and goes darting off, Rei watches her with her head canted to the side curiously, ears twitching occassionally. When she is sure that Usagi-tan is ready once more, Rei gives a nod of her head and drops into her own 'ready' stance, half-crouching with her talons dug into the ice and armored pauldron facing forward. It's clear that she is going to let the bunny take initiative.

At the signal, it's officially no holds barred. They've both shown strength and resilience, and now it's time to get to it. Usagi-tan charges in once again, her ears flopping in the wind as she skids toward Rei. She's getting more accustomed to the ice, and able to control her strike a lot more easily because of that. As she comes in, she brings the carrot down in an overhead strike at Rei's head, but jerks it to the side and down before instead smacking it straight up at her chin from below.

Shifting her body weight, Rei opens her wings, letting herself slide backwards across the layer and out of range of the carrot-of-doom(TM). A moment later, those wings are closed once more, giving a sound like leather rubbing against itself. Usagi-tan isn't the only one becoming more comfortable with the layer. Rei steps forward, her toe-talons digging in as she moves. She brings a leg up, like a dancer breaking in to a spin. Releasing her clawed hold on the ground, the gargoyle allows her spin to gain speed, her tail lashing out and her wings extending until she's turning as fast as a top, heading in the bunny-girl's direction.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan just doesn't have the energy left that she'd need to get out of the way. The tail and wings connect again and again, battering the tiny lapine for what seems an eternity. Despite being so obviously beaten, however, for some reason she just doesn't fall. Her eyes were closed...but now they open again. Instead of their normal, cheerful brightness, they seem to shine with red. In her chair, Miina gasps, sitting up with her hands on the arms of the chair. "No!" She can't stop it, though. Once Usagi snaps, Miina's no longer in control, and the angel will stop functioning almost as soon as its rage subsides. The rage, in this case, doesn't come as a single strike. Instead, the tiny thing seems to go completely berserk, darting this way and that and striking out at Rei seemingly from all sides as she circles.

This rage is something that Rei certainly had not been expecting. Her eyes grow wide as the attacks start to come her way. It seems as if there will be no way for her to avoid taking the brunt of the damage. That is... until a black whisp appears at the edge of the layer. Like a flash the dark shape takes form into a shadow image of Kamui. The cat-boy angel races across tthe layer and barrels into Rei, knocking her out of harm's way and right into a snow-drift. There is a moment between the shadow form and the gargoyle angel where real affection can be seen. Kamui lowers his forehead to touch against hers, and then cheek-nuzles against his mate's face before the wind catches him. It seems as if the image wants to remain, but there simply is no energy to maintain the illusion. A second gust of wind returns the phantom to the whisp from which he came, eventually dissipating in a swirl of motion.

Rei, however, looks a little flustered. She scrambles with her claws, having to dig in to get purchase and not fall further into the snow bank. Finally, she manages a four-footed crouch, looking towards the bunny angel and her rampaging attacks of fury. Her ears fold back, but she's quite glad she is out of the way of such power. Still, the gargoyle tries some reasoning with the other angel, giving a creeling sound as she glances at her deus.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan stops dead in her tracks, not even sliding on the ice. Those wild eyes follow the black streak as it passes, narrowing once Rei and the phantom feline are safely out of reach. Gradually something seems to begin getting through her rage, but the red shine never quite leaves her eyes until the angel falls forward, landing hard on the ice and laying immobile. Miina, though she had seen it before, still shows a great deal of concern for both angels, and she quickly yanks the visor off to toss it into her vacated chair. She rushes forward to pick up her angel, and the carrot as well. " Rei okay?" she asks, looking worriedly at the other girl's angel.

Rei slowly stands up, shaking snow from her hair and body as she steps forward. Her nose twitches and her ears slick back as she looks at the fallen form of Usagi, bowing her head towards her opponent and her deus. There is a buzz of sound that shows the end of the match, and a small scoreboard above flashes Rei as the winner. Mikage slowly looks up from the layer, like a person waking from some deep-set dream. She lifts her headset just slightly to rub at one eye, and then smiles across the layer towards Miina. "Rei is just fine. Nothing to worry about." It had been a long time since Rei took any serious damage from a match, not since Miki's own rookie days some years ago. Her own worry echos in her eyes as she slips her headset off, Rei's head tilting forward in response to the loss of communication with the layer. "How is Chibi Usagi-tan?" She asks, looking over the layer as the glacier fades away, leaving a blank, white layer behind in it's place.

Miina looks down at the angel in her arms, noticing all the little scuffs and scratches. Most of it is cosmetic, just damage to her clothing and fur, which Miina could fix easily enough on her own. Smiling a little, she looks back up at the other deus. "She's okay, just really really tired I think. That was a lot of work for her." Shifting both Usagi-tan and the weapon into one arm, Miina gives Mikage the same, cheerful victory sign that Usagi had given Rei. "We'll have to play together again sometime, Aogiri-san. I've never seen an angel control the weather before. That was really cool."

"I'm glad to hear that." Miki reaches forward to take Rei from the layer, holding her angel lightly in her hand as she smiles to the other girl. "I'd love to play with you again sometime." She reaches for her headset and slings that into a bag at her side, along with her angel. Rei's tail slightly sticks out from beneath the flap, swinging as Mikage moves. The pale young woman gives another bow to Miina, "Arigatou, and good luck with the rest of the tournament. It was nice to meet you." There is enthusiasm in her voice, as if meeting someone like Miina had 'recharged' her own enjoyment of the layer just a little bit.